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Episode 169: Those Who Hits On A Woman Are Human Trash

「It’s an Imp. If these things are here then that means that Byakko is also near here」

「Please be careful. Even though its body is small, the opponent is still a monster who inherited the blood of the demon race. If you make light of it then you’ll go through a bitter experince」

The two people accustomed in fighting with the demon race had remained calm at the appearance of the Imp. For the monster called Imp, it often takes the task of being a 『familiar』 that is under the orders of the demon race. There are also individuals that was categorized as a lesser demon race because they have intelligence but――
Many of them were categorized in between a monster and a demon race.

「Sophie. Leave this to me」

Michael stood in front with a cane and created innumerable ice bullets that appeared around Yuuto and the others. A water attributed magic ―― 《Aegis》 , only Michael can used it throughout the world. One by one, the ice bullets deployed by Aegis are being controlled by an advance control magic.
It has a function for it to automatically flies toward the enemies that Michael had recognized.


The Imp’s last moments echoes throughout the cave. Although it was the Imps who initiated the attack by making use of their numbers, they had died honorably without being able to capture Michael’s Aegis.

「Amazing desu……! I have never seen such a high-level magic before……」

「As one would expect to the person worth calling the world’s strongest magician. They are moving as if every one of those ice bullets have a will of their own……!?」

Spica and Sylphia who just witness Michael’s magic for the first time held a surprised voice.

「Were you hurt somewhere? Oh beautiful ladies」

Michael who have been convinced that the battle with the Imp had ended stand in front of Spica & Sylphia while smiling and showing his pearly white teeth.

「Even so it was surprising. It a real shame that a lovely ladies such as yourselves belongs to a barbarian of a man such as Konoe」

「Eh. Eh, eh!?」

The confused Spica was leaking out a voice of discomposure. To the inexperienced Spica being coaxed by a man other than Yuuto, it was understandable.


On the other hand, Sylphia who saw through the ulterior motive of the other party replied with a cold gaze. Sylphia, who often attended a noble’s parties when she was young, also had many experiences being squatted by frivolous men.

「Sorry but would you cease on hitting others? We had already gave out oath and mind to our Master. It’s absolutely impossible to change my heart to another man」

「Th-that’s right desu! Please hit on other ones! All of us already belong to goshujin-sama nandesu! I cannot imagine myself following another man!」

Michael’s smile did not collapse even though his invitation was magnificently refused. It’s all going according to the calculations. If it’s not a devoted woman then it’s not worth of being hunted. Michael of Legend Blood was a self proclaimed lady-killer, he was the type who enjoy the process of winning over a woman’s heart then anything else.

「Iyaiya. Don’t say such a harsh thing. Because I’ll never make you regret it. You all will be craving a place without Konoe……」


Michael who just felt a danger for his live wasn’t able to spin any more words. When he looked at where the bloodlust was at, it was Yuuto’s whose appearance was leaking a silent pressure.

「Michael. I advise you only once」

Yuuto spoked while placing his hands onto Michael’s shoulder.

「……There will be no exceptions. A man who hits on a woman is a human trash. It may be poor-looking but I will be merciless toward my trash opponent」

From the end of Yuuto ‘s words, it contained a nonexistent pressure.

「I-It was my bad. Hohoho, I intended that to be just a joke. Th-that’s why, hey don’t get so angry at this」

If he turn upon here―― I’ll be killed. Michael who judged that, speaks words of apology while trembling with fear.


It was at such time that the remaining Imps attacked Sophia who was at the edge of the party. Michael’s Aegis has an excellent property of fighting in battle, but at the same time there was a drawback that it would not activate unless he was at perfect concentration. Therefore, because of Yuuto’s overwhelming pressure it was impossible for him to protect Sophie. However, for Yuuto who already fought numerous demon race, the Imp’s speed was akin to a fly that had stopped.


Yuuto had repelled the charging Imp holding a small spear by poking it’s forehead.


The imp who received Yuuto’s forehead flick that can even possibly mow down big trees send it flying a straight line――. It sunk itself on the cave wall and instantly died. Yuuto then checked his status screen.

Konoe, Yuuto

Unique Ability:

Skill Taker

Slave Contract
Magic Eyes
Growth Promotion
Magic Power Refinement
Soul Creation

Mana Compression


Fire Magic Lv4(12/40)
Water Magic Lv6(10/60)
Wind Magic Lv5(4/50)
Holy Magic Lv6(37/30)
Curse Magic Lv6(6/60)


Fire Resistance Lv3(19/30)
Water Resistance Lv3(0/30)
Wind Resistance Lv4(6/40)

It seems that the skill aquired after defeating an Imp was Curse_Magic+3 This rude magic can amplify the target’s sexual sensitivity, it is something that is indispensable for Yuuto. To acquire experience for the curse magic on an unexpected place was a pleasant harvest for Yuuto.

「Unbelievable. To defeat an Imp with just a finger……」

Despite the its small appearance, the monster called Imp was not something that can easily be defeated. There’s even a story of an run of a mill adventurer party that was almost wiped out without winning against a single Imp.

「Is there any injuries Sophie-san?」

Yuuto asked her while having a crisp appearance and a gallant look.

「I’m fine. As expected of Yuuto-san desu. You so different from some piece of junk ramen」

「Then that’s a relief. So how about it. After this battle is over, can I take you out for some dinner to deepen our friendship with each other……」


It was Michael who cockblocked Yuuto’s words of urge toward Sophia.

「Oi! Damn you! The person who hits on a woman is a human trash was it!? What you’re doing totally contradicts to what you just said!?」

Accurately speaking, Michael and Sophia isn’t in a romantic relationship. However, the person himself never realized anything about it――. That in fact Michael has a faint lover for Sophie.

「Hm? Ah, well this is this and that is that right?」

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a woman of another person. What belongs to me is mine. And what belongs to others are also mine. For Yuuto, 『Getting angry for your woman’s hand』 and 『Making a move at another man’s woman』 were not contradictory at all.

「Your cr-crazy. Really how does inside head works……?」

Michael who was in front of Yuuto have developed a mystery theory without showing any violent behavior at all, it was accidentally taken for granted.

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