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Episode 168: VS Imp

And then, Yuuto who heard the present state from Legend Blood then decides to cooperate with them. Sophia had said that,
there seems to be a big shot from the demon race hiding inside Richard’s Flower Garden. And this information was due to her unique ability with unknown details――《Prophetic Dream》.

Prophetic Dream

Rarity Details Unknown

(A skill that enables the user to see a scene from the future through dreams)

A demon race named 『Byakko』 was the target to be subjugate, he was the Demon Lord of Greed―― Mammon’s subordinate, it was said that they have top class skills among the other demon race.

「I see. So that means, that we will look for this demon race who’s named Byakko here in Richard’s Flower Garden」

「No. That isn’t needed anymore. Because the whereabouts of Byakko was already confirmed using the oracle this morning desu」[TN#1]

The downside of Sophia’s unique ability 《Prophetic Dream》 was that it is completely impossible to control the flow of information even if the aim is defined to some extent.

I want this to be settled within the day, even if the area was provided by the dream’s content the target is still hiding within the whole Richard’s Flower Garden.

(But then why? Yesterday and today was good, but why didn’t my Propethic Dream caught the information about him?)

To begin with the existence of Konoe, Yuuto was incomprehensible in various parts. Even in the previous battle with Beelzebub. According to Sophia’s Prophetic Dream, the Demon Lord of Gluttony, Beelzebub should have been subdued with Michael’s trap. The skill Prophetic Dream is not the type that has a 100% accuracy in acquiring the information from the future. Conversely speaking, Sophia had thought that it was valuable because she can change the future. But still. If this continues then it will be a fact that occurring irregular events indicates that the past is unprecedented.

(Konoe, Yuuto…… Today I’ll apprise your real value here masu yo)

I though of letting Yuuto help with our work, it is not because I judge that Legend Blood’s strength was insufficient. Sophia then smiled while heading toward the cave where Byakko was hiding. [TN#2]


「I get it! That means that Sophia and Michael are the so called childhood friends relationship」

「Yes. It is indeed unwilling for me de arimasu, but I cannot deny being called so by that. Michael and I became mutually aware of each other because of our relatives mingling together in the past」

「Hey〜! I somehow adore that kind of relationship. It’s like the relationship of lovers that appears in stories desu ne」

「I won’t deny that either. If the partner is not that Michael the the story will……」

Yuuto and the others had reached out to the inner place of the cave Byakko was hiding. The three people, Spica, Sylphia, and Sophia was walking in front as they’re having a lively girls talk.



In contras to the liveliness of the girls, the combo of Yuuto and Michael was dead silent. Originally Michael does not have favorable feelings toward Yuuto. There’s no helping it even if Yuuto talks to someone who bores hostility directly at him, there was a gloomy atmosphere between the two boys.

「Goshujin-sama! I can smell monsters in the inner depth!」

Immediately after Spica raised her voice.


Threat LV 19

In before their eyes was a midget who had grown wings on their back was found. Inside the cave, they had encountered a monster other than fairy type monsters at Richard’s Flower Garden for the first time.

Translator’s Note:
1.) Here Starts Sophia’s POV

2.) Sophia’s POV ends.

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