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Episode 167: The Second Meeting

The next day. Yuuto went to Richard’s Flower Garden like the day before.

「U~n, We overkilled too many of them at once, I think? There’s no signs on any monster for a while now……」

They have been exploring for about 30 minutes already. It’s totally different for yesterday when you encounter something by just moving a little bit. There are no signs of the target monsters at all.

「This is strange desu ne. The scent of the monsters seems to have disappear」

「That reminds me, I heard about such story. That Fairy type demonic beast will always have several nest in different places. So when a monster such as a dragon that is their natural enemy starts living here they will flock and move to another nest」

「Wait a minute! There were originally just fairy types in this area right? There fore that story has no relation to this is is not?」

「Well. To make it short…… What Sylphia-san wants to say is this. All the fairy type looks like they had made a run away from Richard’s Flower Garden because they recognize goshujin-sama as one of their natural enemies isn’t that right?」


If you look at the conclusion, Sylphia’s guess was right on the mark. The fairy types monsters had feared Yuuto’s very existence, 『Staying in Richard’s Flower Garden is dangerous』 and with that they had judged to run away overnight. By the way, it is unheard of for fairy type monsters to recognize a human as one of their natural enemy and make them move away.

「……Well, we already came this far so let’s try looking around for a little bit. There’s also a possibility that we just haven’t seen them by some chance」

I had spend two hours to come here that’s why Iwouldn’t go home empty handed. Yuuto thought so and started to search again.


And then… Yuuto had patiently walked around but having to encounter a fairy type monster didn’t happened. Is 『Overdoing』 something will yield an opposite effect? At this time, Yuuto just learned various lessons to be experienced.

「Y-you……! Konoe, Yuuto……!」

I wasn’t able to find the monster I want but instead I was able to unexpectedly re-encounter this boy. The Mage of the Legend Bloodーー Michael raised his voice when he saw Yuuto’s appearance.

「It’s you again. What do you want? I forgot to hear it from you yesterday but what are you doing thin this area?」

「Ha! Who would tell it to you! It will be unbeneficial for us to tell you that we are doing a secret mission in secret……」



Immediately after Michael had his careless mouth slip it. A terrible sharp dropkick had hit Michael’s back.

「Gobah…… Why you…… this muscle brained sage! Are you trying to kill me!?」

「Of course I kicked you with he intent to kill. There’s no problem because I can just revive you if you die right desu?」

The sage of the Legend Bloodーー Sophia suddenly appeared in front of Yuuto. Sophia’s strike attacks as usual packs a hidden dreadful power.

「Solving everything with violence. then you always give that reasoning. Because you’re a woman that’s why you have to be a little more modest!」

「……Yes? The gender doesn’t matter anyways right?」

「It has a huge matter! Bouncing around with a *pyonpyon* while wearing a mini skirt. What if the Konoe guy looks at you with lustful eyes!?」

「Where do you think you’re looking at desu ka!」


Sophia’s axe kick hits Michael’s face.

(Looking at this, seems like these guys aren’t such bad guys after all……)

Yuuto who was watching the conversations of these two decided to frankly ask a question.

「Is that something confidential? Maybe you came to Richard’s Flower Garden to do some important work?」


When Yuuto ask them, Michael and Sophia had an awkward silence.

「Is there anything I can do for you? I came here to hunt some monsters, but the fairies disappeared as if those fairies had run away somewhere」

「……Are you fine with that desu ka? If you come with us there’s a risk that your safety will be jeopardized arimasu ga」

「That’s no problem for me. I have confidence at my own strength if you look at me」

I won’t go empty handed after so much effort of coming here. If I give a favor to the members of Legend Blood right here, then it will probably useful in the future.

「Ha!? You……What the hell are you talking about! You’re Legend Blood’s enemy!」

「Nn? When Did I became your enemy?」

「……Do you think that I had already forgotten? You are humanity’s enemy! You’ve been on the Demon race’s side when I fought with the Demon Lord of Gluttony, Beelzebub!」

「Ah. Such thing did happened. Michael. You are misunderstanding something」


「Humans, Demon race, I don’t care of such trivial things. I will always be the ally of cute girls」

Yuuto who received Michael’s suspicions was answered neat and dignified face.

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