Translated by: GM_Rusaku
Edited by: GM_Rusaku

Episode 165: A Wholesome Late-Night Time

While I was doing some testing with the magic, the sun already sets down and night time had arrived.

「……Yoshi. Spica and the others are already sleeping」

Carefully… I should suppress as much noise as possible. Yuuto went out of the room as soon as he had confirmed that the girls had already gone to bed.

「……Fufufuf. The time is just right. It looks like I will finally be able to try 『THAT』 tonight.

With a fearless smile, Yuuto was able to snuck out of the mansion safely without being noticed by any one. What I’m going to do should be never be known by the others. Yuuto was looking forward to the plan tonight for quite some time now.

「Everyone gather around!」

Yuuto then called out to the skeletons who were guarding the mansion. Due to the effect of the『Bath of Evolution』 that came from the garden’s onsenー Each and every one of the skeletons had successfully obtained a body of woman.

「「「Honeー! Honeー!」」」


Threat LV 18

Is it having a body related to it? Their threat LV seems to have risen even more comparing to what we saw before. By the way, they are all dressed with the clothes custom made according to Yuuto’s likings. It was a little disappointing that there was no progress on their level of intelligence, but if you were to describe the skeleton’s appearance, you can only see a bishoujo maid.

「Oahー. If you arrange them this way then there’s incredible impact」

Yuuto who just succeeded in gathering the skeleton maids in the mansion’s hallway makes him raise his tone in excitement. All in all, their number was not less than 60. To gather these bishoujo girls, it was as if I had gone into an idol event.

「All of you, take off all your clothes and lie down the floor!」

「「「Honeー! Honeー!」」」

When the skeletons heard Yuuto’s command, they took off their clothes without even hesitating. The skeletons whose personality was obedient, they had listened even without the use of the Authority to Command from the Slave Contract.

「Yoshi! Let’s play all night long!」

Spreading in front of him was a overwhelming scene of a flower garden of women. When Yuuto took his clothes off and came only with his underwear, he then rolls toward the bodies of the skeletons.

(Oah……! This euphoria……! This is the best……!)

Large, medium, and small. All the skeleton’s breast size was varied. Every time Yuuto caresses all the girls inconsistent body sizes, he felt as if he was in heaven.

「Overー here!」

Rolling. Rolling. Rolling.

He didn’t get tired even how many times he had rolled over. Yuuto’s newly developed 『Women Mat Play』was jam packed with a man’s romance.

「……O-onii-chan, What are you dong desu ka!?」

My eyes turned toward the direction of the voice. And over there was Sanya standing in her pajama.

「Ano…… Sanya is…… Sanya is…… Gomenasai I heard skeleton-san’s voices that’s why I came but……」

Apparently for the young Sanya, the 『Women Mat Play』 seems to be too strong of a stimulus for her. Sanya’s eyes was staring at me as of looking at a suspicious individual.

「Onii-chan was 『pleasuring』 himself no desu ne! It’s all right nano desu! Sanya hasn’t seen anything, I assure you no desu. That’s right!」

Yuuto who got a gaze of contempt from an innocent girl remembers the time when Sanya suddenly appeared before Ririna who was doing a double V sign before. At that exact moment, Yuuto had understand Ririna’s feeling from that day even if just a little bit.

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