Translated by: GM_Rusaku
Edited by: GM_Rusaku

Episode 158: Changing the Unchanging Days


One morning. A boy woke up from the sunlight shining from outside the window. The boys name was Konoe, Yuuto. He was you average highschool student who lives in modern Japan till a few days ago.

「U〜n. still sleepy……」

Lately Yuuto was thinking of many things that he cannot sleep for days. That was because Yuuto recently got a certain item from the stronghold of the Demonlord of Greed, Mammon.

Magic Stone of Return

Details Unknown

(An item that returns a summoned person from a different world back to their original world. The Dimensional doorway will open by filling it with mana. Up to only 1 person can return to the original world using this item)

This was the item Yuuto was looking for, 『A way to return to the original world』. Yuuto then looks at the two girls who were casually sleep on the bed dressed in negligee.

「munya…… munya…… Master. it became so small…… it’s so cute desu. I’ll give it some hug ne」

The girl’s name who was sleeping on his right side was Spica. Spica’s race was a Lycan, she have dog ears on her head and was the longest companion of Yuuto.

「suu…… suu…… I’m feeling uneasy…… Giving out this much lust will wear me down…… My lord’s libido is as much as a horse……」

The girl sleeping on his left was Sylphia. Sylphia was an outstanding styled female knight.

「You guys…… What kind of dreams are you two having……?」

Is it because we had magic training till late last night? Spica and Sylphia were sleeping defenselessly, they’re sleep talking not knowing that Yuuto had already rose up.

(……as expected I cannot think of going back to Japan)

I cannot leave these girls in the house until I find a reason to return to Japan. It was a matter of prioritizing his present life rather than returning to his original world.
He has only one concern.

(That Aina…… I wonder if she’s doing just fine)

His imouto called Konoe, Aina, she was the natural enemy of Yuuto. She has an attractive face and figure. And also have good grades. In addition to her having an excellent martial art talent, at first glance she may look like a bishoujo without any fault but to sum it in one word, her inner appearance is heterogeneous. Her very existence until now had planted many trauma on to Yuuto.

(Well, it’s no use worrying about it. I’m a resident of this world now)

Yuuto concluded at that moment, renew his train of thought and went back to bed.

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