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Edited by: GM_Rusaku

Episode 157: The Way of ShinMindSoIntermentRyuuStyle

「What the hell is this……? Is that really…… a human?」

When they saw 『it』 appeared from the dimensional crack, Mammon had a dubious expression. At first he was wondering if he summoned a ghoul or something by mistake, apparently that’s not it. The things that the creature wore was a sign that it was different from a demon. Anyways, it was better for them to be cautious.

Mammon then took an item called a 《Jewel Lens》 from his chest. It’s an item that grants the effect of 《Demon Eyes》 to the person wearing it and was a valuable item without any copy of it in this world.

Konoe, Aina





Unique Ability:


As expected, it seems that the creature in front of him was not a ghoul but a human being. The unique ability possessed displayed as 『None』 but it’s hard to think that a person who was summoned using a rare magic stone does not possess any skills. There may be a high possibility that it possessed a rare unique ability that has an 《Details Unknown》 rarity that cannot be seen even with the Demon Eyes skill. However what caught Mammon’s attention the most was her surname rather than the 《Details Unknown》 Unique Ability.

「Maybe this creature is someone who is closely related to Konoe, Yuuto?」

The moment when Mammon the name of Yuuto. Aina’s body which was unmoving began to move with a twitch.

「Do you know something about Onii-sama?」

It changes from the state where no life can be felt from a while ago. Vitality returns to Aina, a violent aura rises up from inside her body.

「Mammon-sama! Please move back!」

The first one to notice the change on Aina was was 《Seiryuu》 who was the strongest among the four beast.

「Within this human…… Some kind of strange devil is hidden! Mammon-sama Please be careful!」

Seiryuu was standing in front of Mammon while unsheathing his rare equipment, his beloved Rank 8 《Swift Black Demonic Sword》.

「Wha? What are you doing Seiryuu?」

The one who complained about this strange situation was Byakko. As a demon race, for the prideful Byakko, seeing the situation where Seiryuu was cautious of a human girl was unbearable.

「Are you sleep talking in your sleep? For us, to such a dirty brat……」

「I have no business with you bastard desu. Please be quiet」


At that instant when Aina mutters something. Along with Seiryuu’s roar, his body crashes to the bastment wall with a loud hitting sound. From more than two meters long, the internal organs from Seiryuu’s body was scattered. All that could be seen was a pile of meat.


The remaining members of the four beast in the surroundings couldn’t comprehend what happened and could only stand still. If there’s something to know, the girl murmured something before Seiryuu lost his life.

「You bastard! What did you dooo!?」

Byakko’s roar vibrates through the basement. The death of Seiryuu, his natural rival, it was totally unacceptable for Byakko.

「I am the shadow…… The crawling shadow……」

The next instant Aina murmurs something. From Mammon and the other’s point of view, Aina just disappeared.

「「「……She disappeared!?」」」

Aina who adapted her body as a 『shadow』 in the room, appeared behind Suzaku who was the nearest.

「I am the spear…… a sharpened spear」


The next moment, Suzaku has her heart stabbed from behind and was soon killed after a single breath.

「Impossible!? Her unique ability hasn’t been activated!」

The oldest of the four beast Genbu was trembling. Suzaku posses a unique ability 《Ultra-Restoration》 with a rarity of 《Details Unknown》 and can be called the strongest among the existing skills.

Suzaku who owns this ability would never loses her life by any means other than her lifespan. Even if the body was torn into two, it is possible to recover to the original state in just seconds.

「Be careful! Byakko! To defeat this girl…… It will be disadvantageous if we don’t cooperate together……!」

「Understood! old geezer! I’ll let you borrow my body for a while……」

Genbu and Byakko who realized the threat of the girl in their view was mutually looking at each other. They thought that it was a priority to close all their blind spots in order to oppose the invisible enemy.

「I am a titan…… a cloud piercing titan……」

「Whaー Above……!?」

At the moment he felt the opponent’s bloodlust and raised his sight, Genbu was speechless. That was becauseー at that time, what was reflected in Genbu’s view was not the figure of a girl whose height was 160 cm――.

It was a huge 『sole』 that exceeds the diameter of 5 meters.


On Aina’s turn, Genbu was stomped into a miserable meat lump like a frog being ran over by a truck.

「Uwa…… Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa」

Byakko who lost his companion lost his will to fight and runs up to the stairs that leads above ground. That was―― a very daunting end to the four beasts that had continued reigning at the apex of the demon race for a long time. The four beasts, each possessing unique abilities of 《Details_Unknown》 and maintained their place on the strongest seat, suffered defeat by the hands of a lone girl.

(What…… What the hell is going on!?)

Mammon who lost his subordinates one by one was confused because it was impossible to understand the situation he was in. Aside from the situation that unique abilities does not activate, Mammon was more afraid of Aina’s mysterious martial art.

As expectedー, the martial arts of 《ShinMindSo IntermentRyuuStyle》 was acquired by Aina in modern Japan. It had a rare characteristics as if it was created to match the 《Konoe Ryuu Taijutsu》 . If we express the nature of ShinMindSo IntermentRyuuStyle in a single word, it is a martial arts of 『belief』. The human mind still has many parts that are unexplainable by science. For example, there is something called the Placebo Effect. For example, there is something called the Golem Effect. The human 『feelings』 sometimes have a great influence on the physical phenomena.

The reason why the four beast cannot visually recognize the existence of Aina was because she thought of herself as a 『Shadow』. Genbu was stomped down to death by a girl who weight just less than 30 kilo was because she thought of herself that she was a 『Titan』. With ShinMindSo IntermentRyuuStyle, it was possible for Aina to interfere with the physical law of the world.

「Please answer me. All that you know about Onii-sama」


Aina who had removed the hindrance was walking towards Mammon. Mammon was overwhelmed by the wicked aura coming from Aina, he fell on his butt on the floor while his teeth was clattering.

「Ba-bastard, just…… what the hell are you……?」

Mammon rises up and tries to resist his fear, finally he was able to put words on his mouth.

「……Konoe, Aina. Just you ordinary female highschool student desu」

Aina who unexpectedly receive a question earlier answered with grinning smile.

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