Translated by: GM_Rusaku
Edited by: GM_Rusaku

Episode 156: The Most Unfortunate Assassin

Yuuto had an imouto who was a third year junior high this year. Her name is Konoe Aina. She has an attractive face and figure. And also have good grades. In addition to having humility for not boasting her talents , the boys on her class cals Aina an 『Angel』 and worships her.

『I want to be Onii-sama’s bride when I grow up desu!』

That was the only downside of this gentle and bright imouto――.
It was a severe case of being a bro-con that affects her everyday life.

Yuuto had been laughing while hearing her saying the lines 『When I grow up, I will become Onii-sama’s wife』 that was like a child’s nonsense words――.

Her feelings are being amplified every day and there are no indication of it disappearing. Everyday Yuuto was flinching in regards to the the good will directed by his blood related imouto.

「How can I be received to be Onii-sama’s wife masu ka?」

「To be honest I…… I only like girls that’s stronger than me. So I’ll marry Aina if Aina becomes stronger than me then」

Of course that was a lie. Yuuto, who knew that his imouto’s feelings would never be realized, tried to give Aina an unreasonable conditions so she’ll give up.

「I understand! Well then I, Konoe Aina…… Will absolutely become strong…… in order to become Onii-sama’s ideal woman masu ne!」

Thus Aina started to practice martial arts when she was in the third grade of elementary. Having told a lie, it was of Yuuto’s kindness to wish for his imouto live a honest life――.

Several years later there’s no way to believe that his imouto became the strongest martial artist of the 《ShinSoRyuu》 that remains on modern Japan, to obtain power as if to put oneself in peril. Yuuto never dreamed of it at that time


This is a room of a certain apartment building in Ota district, Tokyo. On this apartment room, alone there lives a popular good-hearted girl. After Yuuto got summoned onto a different world, the environment surrounding Aina changed completely. As of now Aina had completely lost her lovely appearance that everyone looks at.

Her body is eerily losing weigh, her large chestnut colored eyes looks like it will pop out off her face at any time. It was a result of discharging without eating or drinking anything, her lower part was covered with feces, her unkempt hair had grown thick at the extend of large numbers of lice living on it.

「Onii-sama…… Where are you……」

The reason why Aina was like this was because of the disappearance of her brother, Yuuto. At the time she was aware of her surroundings, Aina had embraced romantic feelings that can be compared to paranoia-like to her real blood related brother. For Aina, Yuuto’s existence was the 『world』 itself. To Aina, losing Yuuto was akin to the world’s extinction.

「Onii-sama…… Onii-sama…… I want to see you…… I really like to see you……」

While in a trance state, Aina was staring at Yuuto’s picture that was decorated on the apartment’s wall. Inside the apartment, in addition to the photographs, a doll that was a complete copy of Yuuto’s figure, a muffler knitted with Yuuto’s hair, a tissue paper from the trash can in Yuuto’s room…… Such treasure of hers was lined up.

「Just let me die…… It’s useless to live in a 『world』 without Onii-sama……」

Aina, who was born with a sharp intuition beyond normal, had understood that Yuuto wasn’t in this world. There’s no reason to live here if her brother is not there. Training her body to become strong was meaningless. The world was just empty for Aina who lost her most beloved person.

(Ah. I wonder if they came to pick me up at last……)[TN#1] 

A dazzling light came in front of her suddenly. If you think about it, it’s already been a month for her without eating nor drinking. No matter how much you practice martial arts, is not that you can overcome starvation right? Aina with an empty gaze was entering the light as if was inviting her.

Translator’s Notes:
1). She meant that if death came for her at last

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