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Episode 155: Mammon’s Revenge

Meanwhile, at that same time. Mammon who was seriously damaged by Yuuto’s attack was able to escape death by using an expensive secret medicine that he had kept in his treasure box.

(……Konoe, Yuuto. I’ll never forgive that bastard)

While being assisted by a cane, the place where Mammon was headed to was the underground facility of the 《Tower of the Four Beast》. Mammon was trying to gather a new power on this place by gathering the his strongest subordinates the 《Four Beast》.

「Fuofuofuofuo. Since when was the last time that we have to gather Byakko?」

「Aan? Have you been getting senile? Old geezer. We were gathered since the Legend Blood war 50 years ago」

Currently the 《Four Beast》 who received an urgent call from their superior had gathered under Mammon.

《Genbu》 the guardian of the 10F stratum had arrived earlier then 《Byakko》 the guardian of the 20F stratum and both was mutually checking each other.

「You’re so noisy. We are in the presence of Mammon-sama…… Have some shame」

「Hold it Seiryuu. As Genbu just stated, it’s been a while for us to gather together so don’t be too hard〜」

When their leader 《Seiryuu 》came later had their attention, The lone female in the group 《Suzaku》 had join then.

Among the Demon Race, the 《Four Beast》 who had the power comparable to the Seven Deadly Sins had gathered in the underground facilities of the tower, it has been decided that the ultra high concentration of mana had to be filled.

「Ahー. Today you are gathered here for other reasons. I want to use a 《Magic Stone of Summoning》 after a long time, so I want you to guard me until I’ve used the 《Slave Contract》」

Mammon told to the four beast that had gathered. Mammon who was born and unaware of defeat had received humiliation from Yuuto, it was something that he could just disclosed. Summoned humans from a different worlds often have powerful Unique Ability. Mammon wanted an otherworlder to become a slave as his fighting force to surely defeat Yuuto.

「Oi oi. Mammon. Are you joking? There’s no way you called us for just a single human」

The first to object among the four beast was 《Byakko》.

「Byakko. Your reaction is as expected. But first of all I would like you all to see this」

As soon as Mammon’s preface, he took out the 《Magic Stone of Summoning》 from within his bosom.

「Ohー. what, what the……」

「Fuun. So that’s the reason. Say it from the start!」

「That’s really surprising! There is such a beautiful stoneー」

「As expected of Mammon-sama. To be able to prepare such magic stone……」

Each of the four beasts who saw the magic stone of summoning leaked out their voices of admiration. The reason why isー Mammon’s 《Magic Stone of Summoning》 was shining so brightly that it illuminates the dark basement. It’s the 《Magic Stone of Summoning》 that can summon humans from a different world, and one should be aware of the correlation between the ability of the summoned person and magic stone’s purity. But there are cases in which this example does not apply to. In general, people who was summoned with a high purity 《Magic Stone of Summoning》 often have a powerful unique ability.

「Certainly…… If we use this stone then we might be able to summon an interesting person. But, Mammon. Isn’t gathering the 《Fout Beast》 too much? No matter how strong the unique ability is, the opponent is just a human right?」

「I admit that it is too much. But we shouldn’t take chances. And the reason is also because it’s my first time using such magic stone」

While it may be true that the opponent is just a human, but compare it to a hawk and they might get scooped up in unexpected places.

This is what he has experienced after the fight with Yuuto. According to Mammon’s judgement, Yuuto’s fighting ability is equal to or greater than the 《Four Beast》.

We will never be defeated if we put our men together at the same time, but we will also suffer a big damage.
For that reason, Mammon wanted a new subordinate even if he suffered some risk.

「Now then. Either a snake comes out or an Oni comes……[TN#1] 

While expecting a new war potential, Mammon adds his own mana to 《Magic Stone of Summoning》. Immediately after that the magic stone crumbles with a *parin* on his palm and a dimensional door had opened.

「What the hell is this……? Is that really…… a human?」

Mammon was at a loss for words as soon as he sees 『IT』 that emerged from the inside. It was something terrible―― It was like a being that’s able to embody every 『Despair』 on this world.

Translator’s Notes:
1). This means that they’ll never know what might happen.

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