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Episode 154: Epilogue ~Starting a Mixed Bath Harem in a Different World ~

After that, Yuuto who defeated the Demon Lord of Greed in a while ago.

「Yuuto! The onsen has been completed at last!」

While Ririna’s lively voiced called me to the garden, a splendid bathroom stall has been completed.


Yuuto who saw the completed hot spring leaked emotional voice. Stones were surrounding the onsen, it was made simple to make the ambiance of a 『Japanese style』.

「Heee. How’s that. Yuuto. For an amateur’s work isn’t it nicely done?」

Ririna continues with a boasting expression on her face.

「In my opinion, I was concerned about the wooden fence around the onsen. As expected, some would like to relax and calmly enter the onsen alone right? So I securely surrounded it with a fence as a countermeasure for peeking!」

The fence that surrounds the onsen was firmly made, the request of Spica, Sylphia & Ririna was strongly applied. These three people are not hesitant to see Yuuto naked. Thinking that they are being seen naked by the other party, they won’t enjoy the onsen out of nervousness. It was a special onsen, so he was thinking he’d like to calmly take a bath.

「Indeed. Got it! In that case, let’s start the Kon’yokuMix Bathing Party today!」

「You completely don’t got it!?」

However, he was oblivious of such circumstances――――.[TN#1]  By the house head’s suggestion that night, it was decided that they’ll do a Kon’yokuMix Bathing Party.


(This is…… Such an amazing view……!)ur people fascinated Yuuto who entered the onsen by the nakedness of each of the girls.

「Haa〜. The troubles on making this was worthwhile. The hot water is really good isn’t it〜」

First was Spica. Recently because of the sword training her body was tense compared from before. Her breast that was bowl shaped that fits just right into ones palm has a cute ambiance rather than being sexy.

「Funyu〜! Panai no desu![TN#2]  There’s a warm pond inside the house!」

「Kora! Sanya! Swimming in the bad is bad manners!」

Next are the Foresty sisters. The body of Sanya who’s swimming in the onsen was still smooth as usual. Although it it a little worrisome that the development of her breasts was unnoticeable at all in her growth period, this is also good because it has a maniac charm in this. On the other hand, Ririna ‘s body became maturely feminine with the passage of time. Was it because that they had nutritious meal compared to when they were in the Cait Sith’s village? It feels like her breast and hips are getting bigger and bigger than when I first met her.

「……Master. I’ll be bothering your for a moment」

Finally is Sylphia. When I compare it again hers are still overwhelmingly big. Sylphia’s chest was floating at the hot water as if showing the difference in level with other female members.

「Ano…… Isn’t the distance between goshujin-sama and Sylphia-san shortens since that day……?」

Spica gives a white gaze toward Sylphia who was monopolizing Yuuto who was next to her. It’s not unreasonable for Spica to be dissatisfied. After the battle with Mammon was over, Sylphia’s skins hip was getting bolder with the passing days.

「……Oi. Sylphia. This is bad. Spica is beginning to suspect」

「My apology. Master. But, I don’t want to leave Master’s side even for a second」

Sylphia grasped Yuuto hands secretly. It’s fine because of the hot water’s steam, I don’t know what to say to Spica it it were to leak out.

(What’s that desu ka! Sylphia-san…… You putting of airs like the legal wife while ignoring the rest of us desu ka!?)

Spica who witnessed the appearance of Sylphia leaning happily next to Yuuto seemed to bear some dark emotion.


「Funyu〜?! This is terrible nano desu! Onii-chan!」

And then, Sanya suddenly raises a loud voice when he was enjoying the onsen for about 30 minutes.

「Hnn. What’s the matter Sanya?」

「Etto. Because I can’t explain it well, I want you to come with me over there!」

The onsen Ririna made incorporated Yuuto’s request that 『It can accommodate 100 bishoujo』 , so it had became a terribly huge size. As I was taken by Sanya, I turned to the other side of the onsen, and an unbelievable scene was over there.

「Wha- what the hell is thisー!?」

「honeー! honeー!」


Threat LV 16

There were more than 50 skeletons…… not, but 50 bishoujo passes by. Their rich figures are varied from the big breasted like Sylphia to the alluring flat chest like Sanya. The threat Lv of the skeletons that have transformed into a bishoujo was rising.

「Sanya. Can you explain what’s happening?」

「Funyu〜. Sanya doesn’t understand it well but as soon as the skeleton-san enters the onsen, they all turned into a person nodesu!」


(Well is this onsen also suspicious after all?)[TN#3] 

Putting aside Sanya’s words, Yuuto activated his 《Demon Eyes》 towards the onsen.

Bath of Evolution

Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆

(A bath that evolves a specific monster to a different figure)

Yuuto who read the explanatory text displayed above the onsen roughly understood the change of the skeletons. Everything seems to have been the cause of the 《Bath of Evolution》 with the effect of 『evolving a specific monster to a different figure』. There’s one thing he don’t understand, why did the skeletons became a bishoujo? At that point, Yuuto decided to stopped thinking deeply. Perhaps Kami-sama had fulfilled his wish.

「All the Skeletons!【Gather around me!】」

「「honeー! honeー!」」

Seems like monster with a slave contract are regarded as a subordinate. Looks like it’s now verified that the 『Authority to Command』 of the Slave Contract also extends to the skeletons.

「Ohhー! Amazingー! Their breast are naturally soft!」

Because they were former skeletons, they have pile of scratches and they lack expressions, never the less their body seems no different from a normal girl. Due to this case――. The women in Yuuto’s mansion exceeds 60 people including Spica, Sylphia, the Foresty sisters and the skeletons (bishoujo). At the start, it seems like the ambition to create 100 slave harem has become quite realistic.

(At this rate…… I may be able to achived the 100 slave harem sooner that I though)

Yuuto felt a certain response to the realization of his goal, they enjoyed the moment of rest while he enjoys the body of the skeletons who became a bishojo.

●Authors info

This is the end of Chapter 4.
Thank you very much for sticking this far.

For the next episode I’m planning to change the MC count into 3.

Translator’s Notes:
1). RAW TEXT: そんな事情があるとはツユ知らず――。

2). Dunno what is this “パナいのです!”

3). RAW TEXT: (となると怪しいのはやはり温泉か……?)

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