Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Episode 145: The Demon’s Trap

And after that.
Yuuto had successfully settled the conflict between Sylphia and Lassen, then they went back at Ozwan’s quest to search for the coins inside the Wormwood mines.

I check the status while walking.

Konoe, Yuuto

Unique Ability:

Skill Taker

Slave Contract
Magic Eyes
Growth Promotion
Magic Power Refinement
Soul Creation


Fire Magic Lv4(12/40)
Water Magic Lv6(10/60)
Wind Magic Lv5(4/50)
Holy Magic Lv3(12/20)
Curse Magic Lv6(3/60)


Fire Resistance Lv3(19/30)
Water Resistance Lv3(0/30)
Wind Resistance Lv4(6/40)

Holy Magic Lv3

Available Magic:



(A magic that illuminates the surrounding area with sacred light)

A new magic will be added as the Lv of the Holy Magic rises.

The newly learned magic 《Flashlight》 is just what Yuuto needed. They had been using a manastone to light up their surroundings until now, but now that they got 《Flashlight》 they don’t need to rely on such tools.

「If we move to this inner part, we’ll arrive at the depth of the mine. And be on your guard because the level of the monsters will increase in this area」

We were guided by Lasses while walking, Yuuto then arrived inside a room.

「Kuhahahahawa! Welcome! To my castle!」

A rough voice of a man echoes inside the mine. And when we notice it, we were already surrounded. What surrounded Yuuto was the army of Mammon’s subordinate, Marduk. I immediately noticed from the surrounding that they’re not an ordinary human from their strange appearances.

「Demons……!? Why are there Demons here!?」

Lassen was trembling with fear. To an Adventurer such as Lassen, it was her first time encountering a demon. After the demon race lost against the human race in the war, they had severed any kind of contact with the humans and went into hiding. There are some occasion that they had contacts with humans to commit crimes but such existence was quite in the minority group.

「I’ll then tell you. Ojou-chan. Our immediate goal…… Is to kill that man over there!」

Marduk keeps on while moving quickly by jumping onto the rock faces.

「Konoe Yuuto. We prepared this game for you so do keep us company for a while」

「A game……?」

「Yes. You are quite a celebrity on our society. Every demon gathered here wants to defeat you in order to raise their ranks. That’s why we…… suggest a 1-on-1 fight with you! However the victory condition for you is to defeat all demons here in this very place」

「That’s preposterous……」

To Sylphia who heard Marduk’s suggestion was in despair. And with a little estimation, the demon gathered here in the mine was over 30. A demon and a human born have some differences on both physical and magical powers. Furthermore, we’re at a hopeless disadvantage even at the numbers.

「We~ll I can go along with it however, What do I get by winning this game of yours?

「Kihihi. That would be impossible! Because you will die right here!」

Marduk continued to let out a jarring laugh.

「Well if you’re that motivated then why not give something out? Because surely the one who will defeat you will gain some prestige」[TN#1]

「Is that so? Fine then, I’ll honestly answer one of your question on anything if you win」

「Oi oi. Are you fine with those conditions!? Why not suggest a reward that’s more a lot more dreamy」

「……Unnecessary. I’ll keep my promise without any hindrance」

The conditions Marduk gave out was convenient for Yuuto in various ways. Yuuto was looking for the whereabouts of the Demon race. Particularly the Devil called Marduk was most important person who might hold the information about the 《Summoning Manastone》――. Yuuto had been looking for their existence for quite a time.

「So who will be my first opponent? I still have lots of things to do so I would like to start the fight as soon as possible」

「……Hey wait a darn minute. I’ll decide the fight order by using a card」

While Marduk was wearing a vulgar smile, he hurried toward his comrades.

「Master. Are you fine with it? Your opponent is a Demon…… And they had such numbers!? As one would expect, Master is the one that’s on disadvantage this time……」

「It will be alright. There’s a certain way to win in this game」

Sylphia’s expression brightens after receiving Yuuto’s reassuring words.

「My apologies! I were curious why you accepted the enemy’s suggestion easily…… You’ve properly thought about a strategy right. So can I hear the details on this sure fire way to win strategy of yours?」

「Ah. To put it simply , can I beat the Devils here? Defeating the appearing Devils in this circumstances, I’ll absolutely won’t lose!」

「You didn’t think of anything at all!?」

Sylphia had doubled her anxiety after hearing Yuuto’s strategy.

Mad Lobster





Unique Ability:


「Hiyatsuhatsuー![TN#2] Your first opponent is this great me!」

A few minutes after that, what appeared in front of Yuuto was an enormous lobster.

Translator’s Notes:
1). Really not sure if I translated the first line correctly: 「ただまぁ、そっちの方がモチベーションが上がるっていうなら何か用意してやってもいいぜ? こっちとしても本気のお前を倒した方が箔が付くからな」

2). This is how Mad Lobster laugh

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