Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Episode 144: Dere Lassen

After defeating the orcs and pixie, Yuuto then confirms his status.

Konoe, Yuuto

Unique Ability:

Skill Taker

Slave Contract
Magic Eyes
Growth Promotion
Magic Power Refinement
Soul Creation


Fire Magic Lv4(12/40)
Water Magic Lv6(10/60)
Wind Magic Lv5(4/50)
Holy Magic Lv2(8/20)
Curse Magic Lv6(3/60)


Fire Resistance Lv3(19/30)
Water Resistance Lv3(0/30)
Wind Resistance Lv4(6/40)

Because Yuuto have the unique ability 《Skill Taker》, it has been already proven that allies who are connected to him via the slave contract will have it’s effect displayed when they defeats some enemies. In this case, the skill taken from the pixie was Holy Magic +3.

(Are…… There’s no skill stolen from the orcs……)

On the status screen nothing had been raised except for the Holy Magic. Looking back, when Yuuto was summoned he had defeated many orcs, that’s why no skill was obtained. It’s probably rare for those type to exist among those monsters. When Yuuto confirmed the battle’s result, he pulls himself together and then move forward toward the depths of the mine.


After that, Lassen and Sylphia continues to steadily advance.

The the orc vanguards against Sylphia with her sword and the rear pixie against Lassen and her gun――. With that combination the two kept defeating the enemies, their brilliance doesn’t cease to grow while moving toward the depth of the mine.

(……Unbelievable. This girl’s capabilities rivals a Silver Rank adventurer)

The more they continue to fight, the more Lassen’s evaluation of Sylphia rises.

「Sylphia-kun……a moment. Can I ask you one question?」

Lassen who took Sylphia’s silence as a ‘Yes’ then continued.

「Why are you content on being a slave if you have such capabilities? I think you can live by yourself without depending on a man if you wanted to」

「……Such a foolish question. My master have saved my life many times. My life will be forever with Yuuto-dono」


Lassen wants to use that refined power for oneself while Sylphia want to use it for others sake. Both girls sense of value are the complete opposite of each other. When Lassen had a look of not being convinced, Sylphia then begins to talk.

「Besides, this power isn’t mine alone. As for my sword arts…… I have learned it because I was always watching my master closer than anyone」

The main origin of the idea on utilizing 《Wind Magic》 with her own sword arts that supported Sylphia’s rapid growth was inspired by Yuuto’s 《Leopard Gait》[TN#1]. However《Leopard Gait》 was a skill that uses wind magic for high-speed movement, it was created because Yuuto owns an innate disposition of dynamic vision――. It was an impossible feat that no one can imitate. It was simply not a borrowed idea from Yuuto. To Sylphia, by adding the Wind Magic to a women’s 『lightness』, she was able to create an original sword art.

「……Sylphia-kun. It looks like that I owe you an apology」

Lassen faces toward Sylphia awkwardly touching her western hat’s visor.

「I take my past remarks back. From what I just saw, you are a splendid knight. I apologize for those rude remarks a while ago」

Lassen spoke some words of apology while extending out her hands toward Sylphia.

「……I also apologize for getting worked up. We did some needless quarrel. Your skill with a gun was also amazing」

Sylphia who received Lassen’s words replied while shaking her hands.

A bond of friendship was created between the two girls who had recognized each other’s abilities.

「……Lassen-san. Can you also turn Dere for me?」[TN#2]

Translator’s Notes:
1). Raw was 《飆脚》, if anyone remembers what Andrew9495 translated it as then do tell me. Thanks to “crywolf641” for the name.

2). LOL Yuuto also wants Lassen to show her Dere side for him.

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