Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Episode 143: Sylphia’s Sword Arts

「Beforehand, shall we review the rules of the game. After going in 『Wormwood Path』 , we will defeat any monsters that will approach Yuuto-kun. We will compete for who ever can defeat the most monsters」

「……Yeah. There’s no objection to that」

「Hou…… Such confidence you have there. Do try to amuse me even for a short while」

To Lassen who was one of the top adventurers of Expein, Sylphia was just a worthless existence. I myself am also an independent adventurer. So in one’s mind, it’s impossible to be defeated by someone who has a slave status. At this point, Lassen didn’t doubt her victory even by just 1%.

「Now then, let’s move forward. As I lave already used this hunting ground in the past. I’ll be the one to guide you」

Lassen then took out a magic stone that can light up the dark area from midst of her back which was a necessity in a cave expedition. Yuuto and Sylphia followed Lassen at the rear.



Threat LV 15


Threat LV 13

We immediately encountered enemies while walking. For the enemies’s formation, 3 orcs was acting as vanguards while a single Pixie was the rearguard. The monster called orc is a race of a humanoid figure with a pig’s head. For Yuuto ,he was well-acquainted with this kind of monster as it was the trigger that summoned him to this world. The monster called pixie was a monster that has an appearance similar to the fairy he had met before, but just a bit larger. But because it has a bow on hand, being similar to a fairy that only has recovery magic i guess that’ not the only merit of this monster.[TN#1]

「Now then. First of all, show me what you’ve got. I’ll make you do the first move」

Lassen draws her 《Mysterious Flame Gun》 from it’s holster, she then fix her western hat in place.


While Sylphia silently draws her mithril blade, she rushed toward the group of orcs.

(She is an amateur as expected. To fight the combination of orcs and pixie head on…… It’s already too late as we’re already been exposed)

As an adventurer according to theory, in this situation it is better to sneak around the back and knock the pixie down. If the pixie isn’t defeated first, it will then give some recovery support to the orcs that is fighting as vanguards. Fighting the orcs that was the vanguards, it’s the most elementary mistakes made by rookies.

「Waaaaaa! Taaah!」

However just seeing the result, Lassen’s prediction was greatly off the mark.
As for Sylphia, when she nimbly evaded the orc’s spears, with the mithril blade she had activated 《Wind Magic》 and then she greatly leaped.


Immediately after that a decapitation strike traveled toward all the orc’s necks, then their death cry as heard.


Lassen was lost in words for Sylphia’s display of her sword arts. The reason why is becauseー. That sword art, it was the most beautiful sword art Lassen has ever seen compared to the one she had seen before. Sylphia’s sword art slashes as quick as the wind, it didn’t gave the orcs any time to react.

(……Nowadays, this kind of thing in order to grow takes time to be practiced)[TN#3]

Yuuto was impressed. Yuuto’s evaluation regarding to Sylphia’s sword arts was something like 「It’s too faithful toward the basics that why it leaves a large opening」.However Sylphia’s sword arts is rapidly developing while also adapting 《Wind Magic》. Sylphia runs after the pixie who was trying to escape. Sylphia raised her movement speed with the use of wind magic, the speeding pixie that’s saying 「You can never catch up to me」 was then surpassed.

「Over there!」


The outcome wasー. It was a successful suppression on a pixie that was said to be hard to suppress even by an active Silver Ranked adventurer.

「I-I see. You were called Sylphia-kun right. Seems like you are enjoying this aren’t you……」

She can’t afford to be defeated even if she was the one who stirred it herself. To Lassen who suddenly lost her composure in this matter, begins to sweat from her forehead.

Translator’s Notes:
1). RAW TEXT: しかし、手には弓を携えいることからフェアリーのような回復魔法だけが取り得の魔物ではないことが推測される。

2). Lassen was trying to say 「What!」 here but she shuttered cuz of being surprised

3). RAW TEXT: (……最近、何時にも増して稽古に時間をかけているのはこういうことだったのか)

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