Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Episode 142: Wormwood Path

The Wormwood Mines were located 20km east of the city of Expein. Apparently this mine was valued by the merchants on Expein because valuable magic stones were excavated but――. The mine was abandoned after all the magic stones exhausted, and then it became a den for monsters.

「Still…… It’s been a long time since Master and I had gone out with just the two of us!」

Sylphia muttered it in a good mood while while sitting at the back of the aerobike.
In this expedition, Spica was left to house-sit the mansion. The reason was Ririna as the leader reached the most important part on the 『Onsen Hot Spring Construction』, and they really need more helping hand. As for the Wormwood Mine, It was the first time for Yuuto to hunt on a Silver Ranks’s hunting grounds, and the treat level of the monsters that will appear there will also rise. With that circumstances in this expedition, it will be carried out by both Yuuto and Sylphia.

「I will show that I can protect Master this day! Master should feel glad that I’m reliable」

「Yeah. You’ll have my expectation」

Sylphia was thinking of it. She had been protected by Yuuto this recent days and that’s no good. Today with just the two of us, we will be heading toward a high-difficulty hunting ground. It will be the greatest chance to appeal to Master with my capability.。 Sylphia’s mood was at it’s climax, she then tightly hugged Yuuto who was in the front seat.


「You finally came. I got tired from waiting」

When Yuuto reached the Wormwood Mine’s entrance, a familiar woman was standing there.

(Whー Why are you here……?)

Sylphia had a displeasured look when she saw that woman―― Lassen Cigarette[TN#1] Her feelings was like being thrown some cold water even though she expected that it will be an expedition with just both Yuuto and her.

「How come that Lassen-san is here?」

「Fufuh. I hope to help you in your promotional test. Yuuto-kun, I heard that you’ll head for Wormwood Mines so I went on ahead」

「Impressive…… To think of me to that extent…….?!」

「Stop saying it like that, it’s disgusting. It’s just because I have a debt to you on that last dungeon expedition. From here on, I just want to clear that debt off 」


(This person doesn’t waver as usual…..)

Lassen’s behavior of 「It’s ok to raise a flag then?」 betrayed all of Yuuto’s expectations.

「Be that as it may, Yuuto-kun is really lucky. You’ll be protected from any kind of threat because I’m here. You should feel glad」

The cheeky words Lassen spouts rubs Sylphia nerves up the wrong way.

「……That is unnecessary at all」

「Hn? errr…. You are……?」

「My name is Sylphia Rougenberg. I am a knight born from the proud house of Rougenberg!」

「……kuku. Ahahahaha!」

Hearing Sylphia’s words, Lassen starts laugh abruptly.

「Is something funny?」

「No, well〜. My bad. Yuuto-kun. Your slave just said some very interesting joke」

「When did that became a joke……?

「Because it is so? You a follower of Yuuto is claiming to be a Knight, that’s really funny isn’t it?」

「Yo-you bastard……!」

Sylphia who’s irritation had reached it’s limit walks toward and grabs Lassen.

「Yare yare. Yuuto-kun being Yuuto-kun. If you can’t properly educate your slaves, you can’t become a 《Silver Rank》 adventurer」

Lassen probably means no harm to what she had said. Don’t be too depended on a man 『Live as a woman who can stand on her own』. It wasn’t a speech one can’t understand if you take Lassen behavior despite looking down on Sylphia was holding up her pride.

「I’ll let it pass if it was only me…… but it’s different if you make a mockery of my Master. Ready your weapon this instance! Let’s have a duel!」

「Hou…… Interesting. With your position as a slave, can you really win against me?」

「Oi You two, settle down!」

Yuuto got in between Sylphia and Lassen to mediate.

「But Master! To withdraw while having made a fool of……」

「It won’t do any good if you argue with your comrades right! Our opponents are the monsters that are in this mines……」

「But Yuuto-kun. I also can’t back down easily because of that big bragger over there. I also have something that is called pride」


Lassen’s remarks were reasonable. Although it’s easy to use my authority to command Sylphia to apologize, but if I do such a thing then it will result that will leave some lasting effects. It’s necessary to have a counter suggestion that can replace the 『Duel』 in order for the situation to quite down.

「Let’s do it this way! While searching, I won’t engage into any fight until I’m in a pinch. Let’s have a game that which of you 『Can protect me』….. How about that?」

Yuuto toss that suggestion in desperation, it was accepted unexpectedly by the two.

「I’ll take up this match!」

「I don’t have any objection. I’ll let you regret mocking my Master」

Lassen and Sylphia both faced each other, they were giving off sparks with a *bachi bachi* Like this the Silver Rank promotion test completely changed, it developed into a fierce battle between two women.

Translator’s Notes:
1). Andrew9495 translated Lassen’s surname as 『Sigurd』 but the raw was 『シガーレット』(shigaーretto) so I’ll translate it to 『Cigarette』 instead.

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