Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Episode 141: A New Request

The following morning. When Yuuto woke up, there was the figure of Luna who was fixing her clothes on the bed.

「Yuuto-san…… I was under your care yesterday」

Turning her back on Yuuto, Luna was telling him to clap the hook of the underwear. Her back appearance has a superb seductiveness.

「Are you perhaps angry?」


Luna that was unexpectedly questioned by Yuuto trembled.

「I-I’m not mad! What gives you the idea that I’m angry?」


It was a question Yuuto have difficulty answering because of excessive ideas.

「Saying this much, I can’t thank Yuuto enough. Certainly, what triggered this all was quite forceful…… Last night was the first time I was able to spend time with my beloved Ririna…… This will be an irreplaceable time in my whole life」

「That was unexpected. I have the though that Luna possibly might have disliked me」

I have had the slightest though of appreciation being born from being resented. Isn’t it being stabbed at night while on the road the worst case? For Yuuto who thinks of that, Luna’s remark was unexpected.

「……What are you talking about? There’s no way I’ll dislike someone Ririna have loved」

Contrary being forced to be serviced at night is to Ririna’s intention――[TN#1] Luna will never permit Yuuto.

However when Luna found out that Ririna loves Yuuto, her evaluation of Yuuto completely changed.

「Yuuto-san. If Yuuto-san is fine with it, do you want to do three people at the same time?」

「Yeah. I’ll welcome it anythime」

Yuuto believe. The figure of a human love is definitely different from person to person. For Luna to be able to 『love』 a person her beloved have loved, she might be more of a person with a high caliber than I thought.


After that. To Yuuto who had received Lassen’s message last night, he visited the appointed bar in order to complete the meeting with the Guild Chief Director.

Ozwan Martinez




Guild Staff

Unique Ability:


「Konoe, Yuuto-kun I presume. I heard about your achievements」

Just as he heard from Lassen―― The Guild Chief Director Ozwan, was a very ordinary ojii-san you can see anywhere. But it seems like in the past, he was a Silver Ranked adventurer who had his name become well-known on the City of Expein, but it’s traces was now completely disappear. His hair has been lost form his age, and his stomach has bulged out of old age.

「My bad for being hasty, but I want to discuss why I’ve summon you today. Yuuto-kun, I was thinking of letting you take the promotion test for Silver Rank by all means」

「A promotion test…… is it……?」

「Yeah. It had reached my ears that you were able to conquer a very difficult dungeon all by yourself. To leave such talented person being a Bronze Rank, it will be the Guild’s total loss. That’s why the guild has a special promotion system to be able to maintain people with excellent talent like you. I want you to take this and work as a Silver Rank by all means」


For Yuuto, Ozwan’s proposition was quite attractive. If he was able to be promoted to Silver Rank, the reward will be 50% higher compared to a Bronze Rank. Up until now, the only way to raise ones guild rank was to steadily accumulate points, It’s fortunate that they have a bypath like this.

「So…… Specifically, what the heck should I do?」

「To make this story simple. First of all, I want you to show me your capability. Did you know that there’s a hunting area for Silver Rank adventurers called Wormwood Mine[TN#2]?
Deep within, I had hidden some coins as a substitute for a qualification certificate. I want you to find those coins」

「I got it. I only need to find those coins right」

As far as the story goes, it doesn’t seem to be a difficult test. If some problem do happens, it would be great if I turn back at that moment. Thus Yuuto decide to take the silver rank promotion test on Ozwan’s recommendation.


A while after Yuuto decided to heads toward the Wormwood Mine.

「Kihihihi. That human had successfully gone ahead」

At this moment. A demon was leaked a fearless laughter inside the Guild Chief Director’s office in the Adventurer’s Guild. The name of the demon was Marduk[TN#3]. Those long forelocks and the pierced earrings on his nose are this man’s characteristic.

「……Ah. I kept my promise. Konoe Yuuto-kun should be heading toward the Wormwood Mine as originally planned」

「It appears so. My comrade just contacted me a while ago」

「That’s why please…… Even if it’s only my daughter! Please save my daughter’s life!」

Ozwan begs Marduk with a sorrowful expression.

「What’s that? Worry not. We will keep out promise. If we can kill Konoe Yuuto, then by all means your daughter will be released」

When Marduk properly replied, a wicked smile was expressed within his heart.

(……Tsk. Shut up you. By now, your family must be probably already inside my comrade’s stomach)

Almost a week had passed since Yuuto defeated the worst named monster ever in history 《Undead King Thanatos》. Yuuto who had defeated 《Undead King Thanatos》 who once reigned as a tri-wide ruler, has gradually increased his presence among the demons. Marduk regarded this situation as the biggest opportunity to raise his name.

(Kihihi! If i kill this single human, I’ll gain 20,000,000 rea and get a hold of distinguished military service. This situation is so delicious!)

It’s impossible for me to fail against a human but I should still prepare. In other to achieve absolute victory, Marduk took the Guild Director’s daughter as a hostage and lured Yuuto toward the 《Wormwood Path》.

(With this even Mammon-sama…… I’m sure he will recognize me!)

Marduk, for the sake of serving of The Devil King of Greed Mammon, grins a fearless smile.

Translator’s Notes:
1). RAW TEXT: 仮にRirinaの意思に反して無理やり夜の営みを強要しているのだとしたら――。

2). The raw is Mimizuku no Kouzan(ミミズクの鉱山) if anyone can give some alternative then please do tell me.

3). Raw name was Amaruda (アマルダ) and can be read as Amar.Ud and by research this is what I found out. From the book 『Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible』, (Page 543) 「Marduk was the god of Babylon the supreme ruler of the Mesopotamian verse. Normally, the name Marduk is written as AMAR.UD. The name has been treated by some as pre-Sumerian and the Writing understood as a folk—etymology, whereby an unintelligible name is rendered understandable in Sumerian. It seems better, however, to treat the name as an original Sum: name: amar.uda.ak.」 With this, I’ll be using Marduk

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