Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Episode 140: Kimashitawa☆Revision

After that Yuuto who had dinner with Luna is getting ready for bed after taking a bath. I would also be glad if I was able to see my best friend again after a long time don’t you think? Unlike Lassen, Luna had willingly accepted Yuuto’s 「Won’t you stay for the night?」 suggestion. As of now. Yuuto arranged various conditions for Luna to stay in the Foresty sister’s room.

「Yuuto. Can I come in?」

A while later, a familiar voice echoes in the room with the sound of knocking. When I opened the door, it was Ririna who was wearing a very sexy negligee.

「What’s the matter Ririna?」

「……Are you making me say it with my own mouth? The usual…… I came for the night service!」

「Ah. That reminds me, today is Ririna’s turn」

Yuuto has a strong awareness of sexual desire compared to other boys of the same age, still everyone enters the same futon everyday and is hard at work. With that reason for the girls that had slept with Yuuto, they had adapted a day by day rotation system.

Namely that is――

1st day, Spica.
2nd day, Sylphia.
3rd day, Ririna.
4th day, everyone.

Just like that.

Although Sanya is still a littel girl, I think that she will be joining the rotation in the near future. There will be changes depending on the day’s mood, but I basically kept in mind not to break this line-up.

「Isn’t it a relief? Your friend is stayed for the night, can you take a break from your duty? I know even Ririna has some piled up stories to discuss with」

「Don’t be stupid! If I miss my turn today it will take four day to monopolize you. I can’t possibly…… bare to wait that long」

Ririna said that while wriggling the sides of her thigh. These past days my tentacle magic bore fruit of it’s development. Ririna seems to have completely became a very lewd girl.

「Is that so. Ririna can’t be helped then. If you say it like that, then we’ll have plenty of love for tonight」


Ririna that was stroked on the head by Yuuto had an expression of intoxication on her face.


Meanwhile, at that time. The nekomimi ninja girl ―― Luna Honek, suddenly woked up from her bed.

「……Sanya-chan. Do you know where Ririna is?」

She probably wanted to go to the toilet. But when she opened her eyes, Ririna who should had been sleeping next to her was nowhere to be found.

「Funyu~ Sanya too thinks it’s also strange. Occasionally the night, Ririna Onee-chan sometimes suddenly disappear at times」


Luna who heard Sanya’s words had an ominous feeling on her mind. There is only one cause she can think about that caused Ririna’s disappearance. Luna who left the room heads to Yuuto’s room with great haste. Luna who was guided by Spica beforehand was able to easily reach Yuuto’s room.

(Ririna…… Please be safe……!)

Luna while praying to God in her heart opens the door. Immediately following that.
Was the appearance of Ririna sticking out her ass with her hands on the wall jumps into Luna’s view. For some reason Yuuto was hitting Ririna’s ass with a whip-like thing. Obviously Luna doesn’t know the real identity of the whip is Yuuto’s special made 《Tentacle Magic》

「Wha, wha, wha…… 一What…… the hell……!?」

She cannot overlook that her childhood friend was being hit by a man. So Luna decided to take courage and step into the room.


Author’s note:

I cut the sentence because of various circumstances

The cut part is maintained on the published book.

This is the flow of the talk on the cut part

Luna which notice something odd in the middle of the night went to Yuuto’s room.

When she opened the door, she saw the figure of Ririna that was being whipped on the butt with the tentacles.

Although Luna condemned him, she still falls victim to Yuuto’s poisonous fangs.

The two was stuck in magic training together.


「……Hey. Yuuto. Can Luna play magic training with us this evening?」

Yuuto was caught by surprised by Ririna’s proposal.

「I don’t mind, is Luna alright?」

「……Yuuto-san, please do as you like」

Surprisingly, Luna accepted Yuuto’s proposal that was a question he though will be absolutely refused. Since her life was saved on the battle with Thanatos, Luna swore in her heart that 『If it’s an order from Yuuto, I will listen whatever it is』.

「I am in debt to Yuuto for saving my life…… I don’t have any right to veto」


When I heard it I half joked 『Can I make an ecchi command?』I thought that the question is effective.[TN#1]

It seems like taking advantage of the other party’s good will made me fell ashamed but―― Mine hasn’t withered and had stood up to endure for the two beautiful girls who were making a tower by overlapping their bodies on the bed.

(It was my dream since I was in elementary school… to receive two yuri couple together at the same time)

Thus Yuuto started fun “magical training” with two beautiful girls.

Translator’s Notes:
1). RAW TEXT: まさか冗談半分で聞いた『エッチな命令をしてもよいか?』という質問が有効だとは思わなった。

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