Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Episode 139: Doubt

After that. Yuuto who escorted Lassen off the entrance visits Ririna’s room to see how things are with Luna. Half-opening the door and peeking inside, a pink scene was in full view.

「Ririna…… Ririna…… I wanted to see you……」

「Geez. There’s no helping you Luna」

Just now. Luna put her head on Ririna’s lap while behaving like a spoiled child. It’s a complete change from her usual unfriendly attitude. Luna who was with Ririna seemed to give out heart marks from all over her body.

(Is it possible that Luna……. Likes Ririna?)

Seems like Luna’s reason for drawing a line with men is different from Lassen’s.[TN#1] Being a remarkable long-time adventurer, Luna’s behavior is girlish in many ways. While having the all-mighty housework skills, Ririna has a strong-minded personality. When thinking carefully, the two of them suits to be a couple.

「Nee. Ririna. I have something serious to discuss」

「Hmm. What’s the matter, you’re being so sudden?」

「Did Yuuto do something ecchi with you on places that I don’t know? If Yuuto is doing something terrible to you I’m going to give him a beating!」


Ririna who just receives Luna’s questioning eludes her gaze awkwardly. To tell the truth, her body is undergoing development with Yuuto’s 《Tentacle Magic》 almost every day. However Ririna know that it will make her unhappy if she ever tell the truth, so she decided to deceive her properly.

「Ahaha! What are you talking about? There are lots of other attractive women around Yuuto. It’s impossible for me to be his partner」

「I-is that so, it’s good then」

Luna who was able to confirm the words she wanted to hear from her close friend own mouth, was able to pat her chest in relief.

「Mu〜. However, that make me somewhat angry. Ririna is so charming and cool but…… He didn’t even notice her」

「What’s with you〜 Which of the two are you really agreeing too〜」


(The way I see it, this make them look like real sisters)

Ririna is the eldest daughter, Luna is the second daughter, even if Sanya is the third daughter there seems to be no sense of incongruity. Yuuto then suddenly remembers his imouto whom he had left at his previous world. The imouto was named Konoe Aina, it was the existence which can be called a natural enemy for Yuuto.

She was good-looking. Her grades was excellent. In addition to having excellent talent for martial arts, she was a perfect girl at first glance. To simply word it, her inner surface is heterogeneous. Her existence implanted many traumas in Yuuto till now.

(……Maa, fortunately this is a different world. As long as I don’t return to Japan, I will never see her again.)[TN#2]

Yuuto who sense the mood made it difficult to enter the room, he then quietly closed the door as to not be noticed by Ririna and Luna.

Translator’s Notes:
1). Thanks to PaulNamida for the much understandable correction. RAW TEXT:今回のこともそうだが、LunaはLassenとはまた違った理由で男と線を引いているように見えた。

2). Everyone! The flag has been raised!

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