Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Episode 138: Message

「Goshujinsama. The tea is ready」

「Thanks, Spica」

Now then. When Yuuto set Lassen free and gave her clothes back, he decided to invite her inside the house.

「Are? That reminds me, where’s Luna?」

「Well. If you’re looking for Luna-san, she has some business with Ririna-san so she said that she might get delayed」

「Is that so. Oh well, their discussion seems to had piled up[TN#1]

As of now, Yuuto and Lassen were in the guest room that was boasted to be the biggest room in the mansion. The luxurious guest room, a huge chandelier and a table to match it was prepared.

「By the way, Yuuto-kun. As for your house, just what is that……? There are monsters, some strange never before seen plants are planted, and there’s also an hot spring. Good grief, I don’t understand it at all!」

Yuuto decided to receive Lassen’s unreasonable lecturing for a little while. Of course he can’t afford to frankly speak everything, so he deceived her carefully. It was a secret that he has 《SkillAbility TakerLooting》 a skill that deprives the opponents of their skills and that he was summoned from another world, it was a secret that not even Spica and Sylphia knows of.

「By the way Lassen-san. Did you have any business with me?」

「Excuse my rudeness. That’s right! I was entrusted a letter that was addressed to you」

Yuuto received the letter that was entrusted to Lassen.

「The Guild’s Chief Director seems to have wanted to meet and talk with your or something」

「Chief Director……?」

「Well, there’s no need to be on guard. Because they’re an ordinarily good-natured person, so you can be frank without reserved」


There was something about that talk that Yuuto can’t be gratefully honest with. It’s good to hear that some big-wig favors me but―. Considering the standpoint of a summoned being from Japan, I don’t want to do conspicuous action as much as possible as a reason.

However I can’t just ignore the Guild’s Chief Director just before I had decided to seriously work from tomorrow onwards.


And then, while we were pleasantly chatting on the guest room for about an hour, Lassen slowly stood up from her seat.

「Our talk had taken longer than expected. Well then, I shall take my leave」

「Well. Why won’t you stay in for the night as it is getting late? There are plenty of vacant rooms here」

「No way. I cannot depend on you who are my kouhai」

「The at least…… I can send you off」

「There’s no need to. It’s not that I don’t have any trust in you…… Just that when I was still a novice adventurer I’ve had various bitter experiences」

「Bitter experiences……?」

「Yeah. When I was heading home from after completing an expedition…… Those men who were together with me turned into wolves. Since then, I try to be absolutely alone when going home」

「Is that so… That was such a misfortune……」

「Because they were companions whom I’ve trusted that’s why my shock was great back then. Well, in order for those men to never again do such deeds I’ve turned them black and blue.[TN#2]

When Lassen left those words, she gathered her stuff then left the mansion.

As Yuuto had guessed. Being a single woman to became an adventurer, there are problems that can’t be imagined from a man’s standpoint.

(That person is a man-hater…… The root of that is very deep in various ways.)

Yuuto was thinking of such a thing while gazing at Lassen’s plump ass that was sticking out from her short pants.

Translator’s Notes:
1). Meaning the two girls have a lot to talk about.

2). In other words, Lassen beat the shit out of those shitheads

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