Translated by: Futaba(Navi)
Edited by: GM_Rusaku

Episode 150: Stage for the Decisive Battle

The following day.

At last, the day of the Battle with Mammon had arrived. Yuuto got up early in the morning, went out the mansion to get the aerobike that was in the garden.

「Good morning, Master」

When I was about to reach my destination, Spica was there polishing the aerobike with a cloth. The aerobike runs with the use of the wind as it’s power source, but because mud tends to stick easily on the body so Spica decides to regularly maintains it.

「Are? Spica, so you’re already up」

「Yes. Considering that master will be going to an important fight…… I want to be of help even if I am to stay here……」

Why can’t I participate with master in this fight?

After being troubled with that question Spica arrived with the best idea, and it was to polish my bike turning it shiny.

「Are? Somehow, the seat feels strangely warm」

When Yuuto touched the bike, he felt a sence of incongruity. When leaving a bike in the garden, usually the seat will becomes very cold――. But for some reason, today it was very warm.

「Etto…… To tell you the truth, I have warmed it up using my body」

「Eh? Spica did!?」

「Yes. ……was my action too forward? I cannot let master’s body feel cold. And I also thought that might influence your fight」


(This girl…… Are you Hideyoshi Toyotomi……)

Hearing Spica’s words made Yuuto tsukkomi in his mind.

「No. Not at all. Thanks, Spica」


I patted Spica’s head as my sign of appreciation. She did everything that she could. The only thing she could do now was to pray for her master’s safety.

(Master…… Please take care……!)

Spica prayed hard in her hart while burning the view of Yuuto’s back in her heart.


3 hours later.

There is a building called 《Tower of the Four Beast》 located approximately 200 kilos away east of Rhonas plains. On the top floor, there was a figure of a demon who was reading elegantly in the 《Golden Room》.

「……Mammon-sama! There is a report of concern!」

The Imp spy who was Mammon’s subordinate knocks on the golden room’s door.

「Can’t you see I’m busy with my research time? Be brief on your report」

「Ha! The woman that accompanies the adventurer named Konoe, Yuuto that was of topic before, she has the same motif with the territory that we had invaded. And it looks like that they had found the location of our base」

「Fuun. And?」

「……Ha. Apparently, their group does not seems to have the means to oppose the barrier we had spread. But there is nothing wrong with being cautious. Just to be sure, we should raise the level of your barrier」


Mammon who received his subordinate’s report begins to think. The fact that Yuuto had reached here meant that the assassin Greater Demon who he had sent secretly, had already been defeated.

(Fumu. Seems like Thanatos’s defeat was no coincidence at all)

The curiosity within Mammon starts to get excited. On earth how did a Demon get defeated by a mere human? He find it purely interesting.

「It’s the other way round. Release the barrier, I’ll show my territory to him」

The Imp suspected his own ears when he heard his master’s proposition.

「Yes!? No, but…… that is too risky……」

「Cease your complains. Do you want to die? All of you should just stay silent and do what you are ordered you to do」

「……Certainly. By the entire will of the master」


If this was the usual Mammon, he definitely wouldn’t lower down the barrier and let the adventurer inside, but――. It was different this time.

The demon called Greater Demon who can freely manipulate three Unique Abilities, he was among Mammon’s men who was also his masterpiece that ranked 15th in the rankings.

Having the achievement on defeating Greater Demon, Mammon had judge that Yuuto was qualified to be powerful enough to challenge the 《Tower of the Four Beast》

(It has been a long time since a challenger last appeared. Shall you entertain me for a little while……?)

Mammon has spilled dauntless smile while looking down upon the scenery from the top floor of the tower.

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