Translated by: Futaba(Navi)
Edited by: GM_Rusaku

Episode 149: Sylphia’s Wish

The sun had set down, I was completely absorbed in training 《Mana Compression》 while having dinner in between. Today, a full-moon floats within the night sky.

「……Excuse me. Master. Can you spare me a little of your time?」

When I looked toward the voice, the one there was Sylphia. Her expression seems to have been more serious than before――. From within her eyes, one can see the appearance of her resolution.

「What is it? You’re being formal」

「Is Master going to where Mammon is tomorrow?」

「Yeah. That’s what I’m planning to do」

「I understand that I’ll be just a burden. However, this will be my lifetime request! Would you consider taking me with you?」


Tomorrow was the decisive battle for Yuuto and he planned to not take any companion with him. He understand from his past battles that the Demons who’s members of 《Seven Deadly Sins》 has powerful abilities. Tomorrow’s battle against Mammon will surely become severe. As Yuuto has thought that it will be a dangerous place so he didn’t want to bring any of his companions.

「I know how you feel. So can you tell me your reason?」

When Sylphia was asked, she begun to talk while wearing a sorrowful expression.

「I have talk it with Master before right? That the Demon Mammon had come into contact with the King of Luhmer which was my hometown……」

「Yeah. I heard of it」

Luhmer which was Sylphia’s hometown, was defeated in the war and now was at the Rodhran kingdom’s hands. Mammon had contacted the King and tried to sell the 《Magic Stone of Summoning》 just before the war broke out.

「This just bothers me a little, why did Rodhran have to fight against Luhmer?…… Many parts of the real reason is still shrouded with mystery. I, by all means…… Want to reach the truth. There’s a possibility that we might learn something if Mammon was involved with our country. That is why, by all means, I have to talk to Mammon!」


Yuuto was racking his brains when he heard Sylphia’s words. The best course of action is to decline her if thinking about her safety. But, when Yuuto saw Sylphia’s serious eyes he then changes his mind.

「Yoshi, Understood. However, just promise me one thing when we get to Mammon」

「……Really!? Aah. Tell me whatever it is!」

「Don’t hinder yourself of your self-depreciation. The Sylphia next to me is my Goddess of victory. So don’t think about those difficult things…… Just stay by my side forever」

Those words were Yuuto’s real intentions and there were no lies with it. Yuuto was able to defeat the greater demon in today’s battle just because of Sylphia’s cheering.


Sylphia who heard Yuuto’s words was deeply moved. That is becasue――. Sylphia always says 「Is it fine for a weak person like me to be beside my Master?」, it was because she was always anxious. Sylphia who’s existence was acknowledged was beginning to accumulate tears on her eyes.


Sylphia who was embracing Yuuto was stuffing her face to his chest has a childish atmosphere unlike the usual.

「……Good grief. Sylphia’s really can’t be helped」

「Uu…… What’s with those overemphasis words……! For someone such as I, to serve a man like Master, I’m such a lucky fellow…… I will never forget this kindness throughout my life! I will definitely never forget it!」

Sylphia’s wailing echoes through the night sky. At the very same day Sylphia carried on with her night duties, it was more intense as usual.

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