Translated by: Futaba(Navi)
Edited by: GM_Rusaku

Episode 148: Mana Compression

「Yuuto-kun! Because of my selfish reasons, I’ve gotten you into a dangerous situation! I’m really sorry! 」

And then Yuuto decided to return toward the Adventurer’s Guild to inquire about Chief Director Ozwan’s circumstance in detail. Yuuto who obtained intel about Mammon has also been looking for the coins requested by Ozwan. Somehow a human girl and not a coin were hidden behind the mine.

「You even saved my daughter’s life, I don’t know to thank you」

This was the story I’ve found out after cross-examining Marduk but――. Seems like the demons was intended to fight Yuuto and the victor will devour the daughter. Coincidentally, the Chief Director’s daughter narrowly escaped death because of the demon’s fondness of gambling.

「I can at lease say some apology…… To atone for my sin, you can ask for anything. If it’s a thing I can give to Yuuto then I will offer everything」


If this Yes-man was only a bishoujo, I would have surely ask 『Is anything ecchi OK to ask?』. As expected Yuuto can’t involve himself to an old man with a beer belly.

「Erm. In that case then, can I just ask you for one thing?」

Yuuto had ask Ozwan for funding the necessary materials for 『Building the Onsen』at his home. When I went shopping before, I was able to obtain most of the materials but――. With Yuuto’s authority alone, he cannot procure some of the specialized materials.

「I understand. I don’t know your reason…… But this is a small price to pay!」

Having the position of the guild’s Chief Director, Ozwan has some extraordinary friends and acquaintances. Ozwan who kept bowing to Yuuto had accepted the job to procure the suggested materials willingly.


After that when Yuuto got home, he decided to inspect the unique ability he had obtained from the greater demon.


Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆☆

(A skill that compresses mana inside the body)

That moment when Yuuto evokes the skill Mana Compression. He felt his internal mana gathering toward his palm.

(What’s this…… My body is steadily getting hotter……!?)

Normally, mana is spread among every corners within the body. Within Yuuto’s body, the mana begins to be drained out as all mana are compressed around his palm. He then used his energy to produce new mana.

(If I use magic at this condition…… Then what will happen……?)

The impression within Yuuto’s mind wouldn’t go away, it’s the magic that Michaelーー A member of Legend Blood had numerously used. In terms of simple power, Michael’s magic was boasting a power nearly a dozen times greater compared to Yuuto’s magic.

(If I can only use that powerful magic, then will the subjugation quests be a piece of cake?)

Yuuto has been thinking this from long ago.

(If…… I compress my mana to it’s limit……)

The concentrated mana on Yuuto’s fingertips was ten time more higher than the usual.


When Yuuto thinks he can’t compress the mana anymore, he used the water magic towards the trees in the garden. Immediately after that, being shot out like a shotgun from Yuuto’s fingers was an ice bullet


In comparison with a normal water magic, it’s power was five times more powerful. The trees was turned into honeycombs by the ice bullets, it made a *gugigigigi* sound while it was falling down.

(As expected of this…… No it’s more than my expectation……)

The magic power is much higher compared from before. If I had to point out one weakness on this, the skill is extremely worsen the fuel efficiency. I wouldn’t get tired even when I’m shooting a normal water over a hundred times, but just shooting one of this magic makes me dizzy. However I might improve the problem if I practice on my spare time. Yuuto has then decided on this and thus resumes his practice on using Mana Compression.

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