Translated by: Futaba(Navi)
Edited by: GM_Rusaku

Episode 147: VS Greater Demon

(Ohー. The next guy seems to be a little honest)

Yuuto held such impression toward the Greater Demon who just appeared. The Greater Demon was boasting of it’s humongous body that exceeds the length of 3 meters, a strong aura can be felt from it. It was convenient for Yuuto as it had 3 unique abilities. If he defeat this demon, 【Ability Skill Looting Taker will activate and he can plunder the opponents unique abilities.

「Oi oi. Isn’t that the Greater Demon?」

「This must be a lie……!? Why is someone with a big name in such a place……」

The Greater Demon who can skillfully use 3 unique abilities had slaughtered 100 of the kingdoms knights was quite famous among the demons.

「Hey kid. I don’t like grudges though it’s my fault. I’ll be going with full power from the start!」

After Greater Demon gave its introduction, it had activated its unique ability 《Enlargement》 onto itself. Following that, the Greater Demon’s body expanded to 10 meters in just moments.

「Now Die!」

Moreover, the Greater Demon started to use two of its unique ability 《Mana Compression》 and 《Physical Reinforcement》 at the same time and then steps on Yuuto’s body.


Yuuto’s body who took the assault head-on gradually sank into the ground. The Greater Demon’s power was not based on the number of its unique abilities.
The real terror was that all three unique abilities it possesses are all unified to increase its head-on assault.


Sylphia who saw her master’s appearance that was about to be crushed tried to rush toward Yuuto.

「You must not! Sylphia-kun! If you go there right now, you’ll forfeit your life!」


Lassen was not underestimating Sylphia’s abilities. She is strong. However, in the end, that is only at the level of being human. No matter how many training she have piled up. Lassen realized that Sylphia was powerless in a battle outside the level of a human.

「Master! Please be safe!」

Sylphia who received Lassen’s advice was biting her lips in regret and decides to cheer for Yuuto. Her cheers surely have reached Yuuto who was under the Greater Demon’s feet.

(I can’t let a cute girl worry and I can’t lose this!)

Yuuto then used his own trump card 《Ogre Fist》[TN#1] there. It was much advantageous to win without resorting into using 《Ogre Fist》 if we look at the following battles――. But there’s no time to think back in this situation.

「Wh-what!? He forced it back……!?」

Immediately after that the Greater Demon’s body was forced back a little bit by Yuuto’s herculean strength. The Greater Demon’s feeling of crushing an ant with its feet was suddenly lifted up.

「Shit! You worthless piece of shit!」

The Greater Demon executes the skill 《Mana Compression》 and had put more power into it’s feet, it step’s onto Yuuto’s body while grinning. However, it wasn’t able to match Yuuto’s geared up 《Ogre Fist》 to it’s maximum in a competition of strength.


Yuuto the lifted Greater Demon’s body whose size was over 10 meters, made it float up to the air an then started to quickly counterattack.

《Destruction Ogre》[TN#2].

The art of kenjutsu with it’s status raised by the ogre fist, it was not an exaggeration to say that this is Yuuto’s only possessed skill that was simply based on power. While Yuuto strikes his fist at high speed, he rotates his arm like a screw at the moment of impact and thus spreading the impact inside the Greater Demon’s body.


Looks like 《Destruction Ogre》[TN#2] was too much of an overkill for the opponent. After the Greater Demon received Yuuto’s 《Destruction Ogre》[TN#2], it’s body turned into pieces of meat that was put into a blender.


「What the hell is that monster…… Isn’t this different to what I’ve heard!」

The Demons who had witness Yuuto’s battles was trembling with absurd strength. A hundred of these demonic beings, even if a thousand of them come they won’t be able to possibly win. The Demons who realized the hopelessness in the power gap scatters like baby spiders.

「Now then…… Seems like you’re the only one remaining……」

「M-my bad! It’s out defeat! That’s why my life…… Please spare my life!」

In this situation Marduk realized that nothing he could do to turn things around, he did a dogeza and rubs his head to the ground.

「Be at ease. I won’t be taking your life. Just promise that you’ll cherish your life」

「Yes. Just ask anything your want. I’ll tell you everything I know!」

「Do you know a Demon named Mammon? I’m looking for a guy named Mammon for a reason. If you know about his whereabouts then do tell me」

Marduk starts to worry when he heard Yuuto’s question. Marduk knew where Mammon was. However, there was no soul who would dare to sell information about Mammon to a human. In Marduk judgment, he decides to throw a lie to Yuuto.

「Mammon? Wh-who is that guy…… I don’t recognized a demon with such a name ze. Do consult about other things」


Yuuto dropped his shoulders when he heard the answer. He considered the possibility that Marduk was lying, but in the end Yuuto has no way of proving it. On the other hand, the act of torture toward an opponent with no fighting spirit was against Yuuto’s conduct.

「That man is telling a lie」

If front of the puzzled Yuuto, Lassen spoke of such words.

「Why you! Woman! Hey! What the fuck are you talking about!」

「My condolence. But you can’t lie in front of me. I can see what you’re really thinking with my skill 《Mind Reader》」

Mind Reader

Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆☆

(A skill that makes it possible to view the target’s state of mind)

The existence of the unique ability 《Mind Reader》 that can find the lies of another person, Marduk also aware of what it was. Marduk’s expression who fears for his life went totally pale.

「Is that so. Hey you…… Did you just lied to me?」

「Hahaha…… That’s not it. This was just a cheeky joke from us…… Gyabaaaaaatsu!」

I have some conditions when forgiving my opponents. As Yuuto had judged, he decided to tear off Marduk nose piercing.

「If you lie next time, be prepared for all your pierced earrings on your body to be tear off」


After that when a lie is exposed it will endanger his life.Marduk decides to spill everything about the whereabouts of his boss Mammon.

Translator’s Notes:
1). I don’t know if this skill appeared on the past translation and when I ask Rusaku-nii, he couldn’t find it on the past translator’s site so if any of you readers know if there’s a past translation for 《鬼拳》 the do tell me here. Thanks to crywolf641 for pointing me to the chapter which proves that 《鬼拳》 was translated to 《Ogre Fist》 by the past translator.

2). I mistranslated 《破鬼》 as 《Destruction Fist》 but the real translation was 《Destruction Ogre》. All are now fixed, wasn’t able to notice it if it wasn’t for crywolf641 helping me on TLnote#1

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