Translated by: Futaba(Navi)
Edited by: GM_Rusaku

Episode 146: VS Mad Lobster

Mad Lobster who appeared before Yuuto was a demon that was a fusion between the disposition of a man and a prawn.  The total length reaches 3 meters including the head and the tail. The demonic prawn’s whole body was reddish brown. The two humongous claws has the power to even cut rocks.

「Oi oi, Suddenly, a Mad Lobster for the first match……」

「That human is so unfortunate. As if a human can win against a Mad Lobster」

The surrounding demos was confident on the Mad Lobster’s victory and no one gave a second thought.

「Kukuku. Human. This great me is at a good mood from the lottery. So if you start begging for mercy while crying I might specially kill you quickly to spare you from feeling the pain」

「Ah. I would like to move ahead now if you wouldn’t mind」


Mad Lobster who personally witness Yuuto’s attitude that didn’t break his calmness was reddening his face with anger.

「Fufufu. Impudent human. Who do you think this great me is? Listen well. The great me is famous among the demons…… Gyaba!」

Mad Lobster’s view suddenly tuned upside down. It was until that moment that it realized that it’s head has separated from it’s body.  The surrounding demons was frozen on the spot with their mouth half open from the feat just now.

「Yoshi. Beat the first one! The who of you is the next I will fight against?」


The demons was frozen with fear due to Yuuto’s invitation. That was becauseー. Mad Lobster who had two powerful claws as it’s weapon was also a well known demon among them. It was fast even with it’s huge body, he was called as 《Crustacean Red-card Shrimp of Quick Foul-out》 of the other demons and was feared of. For the other demons to see Mad Lobster being taken down, though it was kind of late they had notice Yuuto’s fighting prowess.

「Move! Yer smallfries! I’m gonna do this!」

Greater Demon





Unique Ability:

Mana Compression
Physical Reinforcement

Mana Compression

 Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆☆

(A skill that compresses mana inside the body)

Physical Reinforcement

Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆

(A skill that raises ones physical ability)


Rarity ☆☆☆☆

(A skill to make oneself larger)

The compose behavior from a while ago made a full turn around. From the demons who were frightened, what came out was a demon with a sheep’s horn.

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