Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Episode 137: The Captured Female Adventurer

That night. Yuuto came out to the garden when he heard an uproar, he then saw the figures of Lassen and Luna wrapped up with the plant’s vines and has various wounds all over.

「Um…… what are you two doing?」

The figures of Lassen and Luna hanging nakedly on the treetop was the thing which aroused a man’s heart very much.

「Kiー…… Kill me」

「No. I won’t kill you」

Yuuto calmly tsukkomi’ed Lassen’s words. Lassen’s plump body has a sex appeal that differs from Spica and Sylphia. Lassen’s breast and ass are like being dug onto by the 《Tree Incarnation》[TN#1] vines, it is bringing an unspeakable feeling again.

「Whaーwhat are your staring at! This pervert! Pervert Hentai!」

Luna who was upset from being seen naked was struggling from being bind by the vines of the tree. However. Her actions were fruitless. The tree’s vine had covered a part of Luna that resembled a pleasant feeling, her tears can be already seen.[TN#2]

「Nn… Noooooooo!」

If this were an anime a mysterious light would cover it, but this is reality so it wont be happening. Luna who’s various parts was seen was confused, furthermore she struggled by moving her hands and feet butー. As she struggles more, for Yuuto it was a sight for the sore eyes.

「Well… I can imagine what happened in this situation…… You got caught by the monsters guarding the garden right?」

To the monsters that guards Yuuto’s house 「When locating a suspicious person, neutralize then restrict them」 was the order that he gave them. Yuuto didn’t really mean to harm them butー. Maybe they took 『Neutralize』 and interpreted it into 『Undress then restrict』.

「……Fufufuf. Ahahahaha!」

As for Lassen who received Yuuto’s words, she started to suddenly laugh loudly.

「Is there something funny?」

「Yuuto-kun. I’m bothered that you’re taking me so lightly. I’m contented at getting the title of Bronze Rank, but they said that my abilities are comparable to a Gold Rank adventurer. I…… there’s no way that I’m falling behind a low-class monster such as those skeletons right?」

「Eh? The why are you in that situation then……?」

「Because this is my hobby」


「……I get aroused when getting restricted while naked in the garden of another person. Do you have any complains?」

She’s completely changed from the strong-willed attitude before. Lassen said it while diverting her eyes and her cheeks were red. Naturally, those words of hers are all lies. For Lassen, it’s better to be considered a perverted exhibitionist rather than confessing the fact that she was defeated by the guards of my garden.

「Se-sempai! What are you saying!? We don’t have such hobbies……」

「Hahaha Luna-kun. What do you think you’re saying! Aren’t we comrades that share the same hobbies together?」

「Yu-Yuuto-san! This isn’t what you think! The things Sempai was talking about are all nonsense[TN#3]! Please believe me!」


Luna who was supposed to be suspicious was appealing to me with innocent tears on her eyes.

(This person…… Just how high is your pride!?)

Yuuto tsukkomi’ed in his heart toward the sempai adventurer who was acting strangely.

Translator’s Notes:
1). Can’t remember how Andrew9495 translated this, if you can check it for me then please do.

2). RAW TEXT: せっかく木の蔓によって良い感じに隠れていたルナの局部は、ポロリと見えてしまうことになる。

3). (テキトー) If any has some clues for this then do tell me Thanks to Kahzel for the correction.

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