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Title: 無能と呼ばれた俺、4つの力を得る
Romanji: Munou To Yobareta Ore, Yottsu No Chikara Wo Eru
Translated Title: I Was Called Incompetent, But I Gained 4 Arms
Author:  松村道彦 (Matsumura Michihiko)
Translated By: GM_Rusaku
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I’m aware of despair, however forgiveness saved meー!

“Incompetent”ーーWhen God bestow you “Magic” but you can’t use it, you’ll be the object of contempt and the outlet of malice. The family-less youth Roudo was called “Incompetent”, and for some reason he chose to end his life by his own hands.

But from the bottom of that despair, he had a fateful meeting with the Ancient King “Crown” and the demon girl “Levi”, Rhode then learns of the real “Magic” given to him. And by conversing with the two who had lived for a long time, the concept for “Incompetent” was really nonexistent and he noticed that someone may have planted the hatred for the “Incompetent”.

After separating from Crown, Rhode advances to his new life with Levi.
He had decided to fight the malice that is objected to the “Incompetent” without shedding any blood.It was gentle but long ragged method, to make the people understand by themselves that each and everyone of themselves are also “Incompetent”.

A young lad who was called “Incompetent” challenges the world, the heroic tale of forgiveness and salvation now beginsー!

Volume 1
Episode 1Episode 2Episode 3Episode 4Episode 5Episode 6Episode 7Episode 8Episode 9

Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Episode 01: Incompetent

「Your magic is “Manipulation Magic” as I can see. It’s a wonderful magic that you can use to manipulate something and move it as you please. Cherish it」

「OK! Thank you very much!」

On the 15th birthday.  At that day, everyone receives one magic from God in the temple. There’s no retry, you’ll be using that magic for the rest of your life.  There are various types of magic, from magic that’s suitable for work to a battle-oriented one, it has reached to that magic is indispensable in life. Those who received amazing magic are naturally given preferential treatment , it goes without saying what will happen to those who are not.


My dream was to become a brave hero. I wanted to defeat lots of monsters using awesome magic and to be also helpful to others. But reality didn’t even permit that.

「Until how long will you be done! This trash!」


「Good grief…… Because you’re someone who can’t even use magic…… You “Incompetent” start moving those hands!」


I strike the hoe onto the ground. I haven’t slept for three days already. I don’t have the luxury to afford rice, so I just kept on my clearing work.

All the workers with the exception of me was taking their break. I was working for three days non-stop without any wink of sleep while they are only doing it for an hour, my body cannot keep up. Even hiring an “Incompetent” like me was a miracle, I won’t be able to survive if I get fired.

Anyone who cannot use magic in this world was labeled “Incompetent”. The probability is one of several million of people. That’s why an “Incompetent” is not regarded as a person, it was viewed as something only human-like. Looks like for them, there’s no value for defective goods who can’t do anything.

By the way, it’s not that magic was unusable. It was imply that the magic power was weak. Any magic can be used for something, but in my case no matter how much I trained, my magic didn’t became any stronger. Even if I desperately try to manipulate something, it will only slightly move. That was the result of my everyday training for the past three years. That’s why I can only desperately swing the hoe.

「Oh! The incompetent is doing his bestー」

「Ah, yes sir!」

No one remembers my name and the word “Incompetent” was labeled at me.
It was sad and frustrating but I can’t say anything in return.

「Hnn then do itー. Heave-ho」

The one I’m talking to was a person perfect for this job, he’s using earth magic. The people who hire me undertake a wide range of work with reclamation, roads and house building. Earth magic is a very useful magic. Of course it also usable in battle, when a monster appears this person can get rid of it.

「Yes’ it’s finishedー. Well then, keep at it…… you incompetent」

「Ah……Yes sir」

He had finished the work in minutes that will took me several hours. The other people seem to be almost similar to him. The blister in my hands was crashed and blood then drips out. To the desperate me, reality would each and every time hits me.

「Hey incompetent. When you’re done, go back home」

The person in charge suddenly said that to me which surprised me.

「Eh? Is that fine?」

「Yeah, because you’ll just get in the way. You can take the rest off tomorrow」

「Tha- thank you very much……」

According to the present conversation, honestly I do not seem to be hired as a labor force. The important thing just looks something like mere lesson. By having someone below them, the others can continue working comfortably. I was used for that exact purpose. And their actual performance seems to have increased. Of course, there is nothing in for my salary, I will only be given enough money to survive. But I have no choice but to work here to live my “Incompetent” life.


Although I was walking unsteadily from my work place to get home while I was about to collapse. Since I came back while it was still daytime, I should go to bed for today and the go shopping tomorrow.

Because I wasn’t able to get back home in the past three days, I bet the food I bought then are already spoiled. Seems like I’ll be spending time with water alone.

At that exact time, Asna a childhood friend of his came out of her house. She had excellent magic and she’s also cute and popular towards the townspeople. With her sudden appearance, as soon as our eyes met, she then ran up to me. She was the only person who worries about me.

「Rhode…… Are you alright?」

「Ah, yup. I’m fine……」

「Do you have something to eat?」

「There is…… it’s alright」

「You’re lying. Please wait a moment」

She returned home and then came out again in a matter of minutes. She has some bread, ham, and cheese on hand.

「Here. It’s no good unless you properly eat right?」

「Thanks Asna…… But you better shouldn’t talk to me. Although I already said it before, it will cause Asna inconvenience if some strange humors spread」

「That’s nothing to me. Childhood friends should be helping each other right?」

「Haha…… thanks. Well then, see you later」

「ok…… See you later」

She was looking with such sad eyes but I shook her off and went inside the house. Every time I return into this dark house where there is no one, my chest tightens each time.

To be honest I was at my limit. There’s no day that I wasn’t thinking how many more years will this continue. Tears spontaneously falls down, only the sound of someone sobbing echoes within the empty house. When I calmed down a little, I washed my face and wiped my body and then fell to the bed.

It was already about three years since I worked over there. Immediately after my age turned to 15 and my magic was given, my parents were attacked by monsters and died. Suddenly my parents ceased to exist and this house and some money was the only thing left behind. Naturally the money soon ran out and I managed to find a job and somehow manage to live.

I don’t know how many times I thought I was going to die. I owe it all to Asna to why I am still alive now. If she weren’t there, then maybe I already gave up living.

「Being with Asna…… so stupid…… It’s impossible」

She’s the only one who is gentle to this incompetent. The people in town that had been in contact with us for so long changed attitudes as soon as they realized that I was incompetent. Perhaps my parents death to have encouraged it.

Because I have no guardians, I was the outlet of stress even in town. As for people of the town, They’re thinking 「Ah, I’m glad I’m not like that」 using be as a base.
Asna as expected openly protected me at that case, same as today like always, she always have supported me.

「Someday…… I’ll use my magic…… Surely」

I didn’t give up yet. Someday a day will come when my magic can be used. I stretch out a hand, I tried manipulating the thrown clothes, it only slightly moved. But someday for sure. With that my consciousness broke off.


The next day, I came to the store gallery in town to shop. To be honest I don’t want to go here that often. My face is quite famous and with my tattered clothes it’s like a criminal being obviously exposed to the public. But still, I’ll die if I don’t eat.

I’ll just purchase a minimum amount of vegetable, meat and rice. Just by me being there everyone was sneering at me, it seems like they’re looking at dirt when their eyes meet with mine. As usual, I have to go there even though I don’t know why they go that far. Is it so much of a problem if one can’t use magic?

「This please……」

「Tsk…… 1500gold. Quickly get out of here . You’re making my costumers go away」

「Excuse me……」

I was abused even while shopping. Just why me, each and every time. What did I do to you……

「Hey, if it isn’t Rhode the incompetent」


When I finished shopping and was walking down the street, I met some detestable guys. We where in the same age and I used to play with them, but our relationship completely turned sour when we turned 15yrs old. Ever since then we had not played together, sometimes when we met they were pleased make a fool out of me, they’re the lowest kind of people. Well, almost everyone here is like that.

「What’s up after not seeing for such a long time. So what have you been doing?」

「……Working. I’m doing reclamation works」

「Ah, is that so. We’re gonna be leaving soon. We’ve became an adventurer. So for various reasons…… Lend me your money」

He stretched out his hands while grinning, I was surrounded so escape wasn’t an option. There’s no point in resisting here. I had lost count on how many times I was injured with magic. I have no choice but to offer the money I currently have.

「What the hell, only this much? Alright then」

After he said that, the gold scattered on to the ground. But at the time I noticed what his intentions are, it was already too late. When I tried to keep silent and just bit my lips, I was blown away by the wind. This is bad……!

「Get blown you incompetent!」


With a *bang* I was blown off a few meters while my face was still in shock. I slammed into the ground and kept rolling until I finally stopped.

Crap…… Suddenly being shoot by magic. Somehow I was able to get up, when I saw those guys they were already walking away at their backs while laughing. There were always guys and girls with him.

While I was picking the scattered gold on the ground, tears of vexation and anger swells up. The passersby was also laughing while looking. I wanted to die, my heart was at it’s limits but at that time Asna came in to my mind.

I wonder if she’ll be sad when I die. Even if I die, there is only a few who will mourn for me. I still clings to the hope that I’ll be able to use magic someday.

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Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Episode 02: Darkness

On my way home, the town entrance was somewhat noisy. There’s a lot of crowd on the street and they seem to have been waiting for something. I would like to ask someone but no one will do something as to answer me. The loud cheers can be heard from the back, well it has nothing to do with me. When I looked back, to my surprised there was a crowd cheering for the rumored brave heroes.

「Ah, So that’s it」

It was the brave heroes that I was aspiring to be. Their face was full of confidence and the they were walking with an attractive figure. They seems be use their amazing magic on everything. Their companions seem to be quite excellent as they are also currently attracting attention. The brave hero were asked by everyone to a handshake, and they were responded with nonstop cheering.

To be frank, I didn’t want to see it. Because I’ll just feel miserable. I wish I knew it from the newspaper, I thought like that while they stayed in front of my sight.

「Why am I……」

I guess it’s because I’m incompetent. I cannot be a brave hero. At lease make me able to use magic normally. Maybe, perhaps Asna too……

At that moment, the brave heroes stopped suddenly and talked to a single woman. For some reason I wasn’t able to understand it. With a obscured uneasiness, I had a strange premonition. That’s why, when i got closer to hear the conversation I was shocked. The one the brave hero was talking to…… Was Asna.

「I knew it, it’s you…… I apologize for being sudden, won’t you be one of my companions?」

「Eh? Yo-you’re talking about me?」

「Yeah, that’s right. I could feel some amazing power from you. We came here because we were lead here by that power. Come with us」

L-lies…… Why is it Asna……? Certainly Asna’s magic is amazing, she’s the best user in this town. But why do they bothered recruiting her all away from this town? How did they know about Asna?

The brave hero and Asna talked intimately. I never seen Asna with such a happy face. B-but Asna was suppose to worry about me…… And she said that she like this town, and didn’t decide to leave here. It’s aright, everything’s alright.

However, contrary to my feelings, Asna who was staring at the brave hero has her cheeks blushing. Stop it…… Don’t look at that brave hero with such face! If Asna is gone then I’m……!

「Y-yes! Please take good care of me!」


「Alright! Lilith’s detection magic is amazing as always. We can encounter someone with awesome magical capabilities」

「That’s only natural. Who do you think I am?」

「Haha! That’s right. Ah, sorry about that. We haven’t done any introductions. My name is Roy. Though I’m being called a brave hero, I’m still at tranning. Let’s do our best together!」

「I-I am called Asna! Please take good care of me! E-erm! I have to meet my parents first……」

Please stop it……

「Of course. We have to tell them first」

「It will be alright. If something happens I’ll protect you」

「Thank you very much! This is like a dream…… I’ll do my best!」

Such a happy look……

「Well then, let’s go. Everyone, later!」

The whole town gave their blessing. The applause and cheers were nonstop. I could only just stood there on the spot.


Before I noticed it, I already arrived at my house.  Apparently it seems like I was walking home until before I knew it.  I don’t care about anything and everything anymore.

If this is a dream please wake me up, At that exact time Asna came out of their house with the brave hero beside her and they look like they’re having a enjoyable conversation.  I knew it…… It was the read deal.

「Well then, we’ll be departing tomorrow. Do prepare」

「Ok! Understood」

「Then, see ya」

The brave hero then leaves.  Asna was staring with glittering eyes.  I have never seen her with that king of expression.  She never shown that king of smile to me, please don’t show that some to some guy you just met today……

I was staring at Asna, our eye then met and noticed me.  She rushed up to me as usual.  She was smiling different from before.

「Hey Rhode! I’m going to tell you something amazing! I was invited to brave hero-sama’s party!」


「A-ah…… Is that so. That’s amazing, aren’t you glad」

「I was surprised! They suddenly stopped in front of me! Won’t you be our companion? Becauseー! He’s so coolー!」

Forgive me……

「Congratulations Asna. If it’s Asna then it will all work well…… Good luck」

「Yup! Thanks Rhode! Ah, Rhode good luck too.」 Well then」

After saying that, Asna went home.  She didn’t looked back at all.

Ah…… I just noticed. I’m such an idiot Regarding Asna, I’m such……


I lay in a bed and looked up at the ceiling.  My mental support will disappear tomorrow.  I’ll surely forget this all soon.

「I don’t wan this…… but……」

It was sad, it was agonizing, it was mortifying, my life was dominated by these emotions, she made me feel glad that I’m the only one she cared.  Up until now, I was was glad that she had supported me, but it’s fine now.  God have her the reward she deserves for being gentle toward me.  Therefore I’ll see her off smiling.
And then, someday I will master my magic……

「Asna, congratulationsー!」

「Take careー! But I think you’ll be fine because you’re with the brave hero!」

「Ahaha! That’s true!」

「Everyone thanks! I’ll do my best!」

When I opened my window, I heard everyone’s blessing on Asna’s house next door.  It seems like it was a farewell party.  Let me participate too.

It sounds like they’re having fun, Asna’s joyful laughter echoes.  Gradually it became harder to hear, seems like the party had finished. One by one, Asna’s friends went home, she was talking something with the last visitor at their door. Looks like it’s her bestfriend. I wonder if she regretted being separated from each other.

「Still it was fortunateー before that guy could do anything weird」

That guy……?

「If you’re besides an incompetent the incompetence will move to you right? You didn’t know?」

Ah….. So it’s about me…… The incompetence will be transferred…… There are such talks like that. That’s right…… Even if everyone knew it didn’t matter to me. Asna really helped me well. Thanks.

「Hnnー I just considered that incompetent just because of how he looked. It’s like feeding a pet I think? If you looked down on someone you’ll be ready motivated, I’m glad I’m done doing that! Just look at the result? I got blessed with such a reward!」

……Eh? Ju-just now, Asna…… Eh? Ju-just wait the damn…… minute…… My heart is full of pain. What is this….. What the hell is this! I don’t understand it I don’t understand it I don’t understand it!

「Ahー…… Now I see. If you faced the incompetent then you’ll be more motivated. But it’s impossible for that incompetentー. Because that’s not even considered a person」

「I knew it! Well I won’t ever see him anymore so I don’t even care. He’ll die if I leave. Well, will anyone even mourn, if such an incompetent disappear」


「That’s obvious! I wish he dies soon. I think I’ll do my best because I don’t want to turn out that way, he was really an eyesore」

「Surelyー. Ah, will he really die? His face looks deadー when I told him that I’ll go with brave hero-sama. I was desperatelly trying not to laugh that timeー! He seems to have misunderstood me」


「No, I’ll laugh if it was me. But if brave hero-sama didn’t stopped in front of you then it will all fail right?」

「I fully understand thatー! Ah, which reminds me after……」

From the very start, there was no such thing as salvation.


Let’s do it right here. This abandoned old well hasn’t been used for decades. If i enter through here, no one will surely noticed that I’ve died. She said that nobody will mourn even if I die. That’s why from the start, I want to die without anyone noticing. I just want to die without being bothered that someone will find my body.
Because in this world, hope is nonexistent.

That sad expression she showed to me. I could have hide it in my mind if I didn’t noticed it, but because I did noticed it that’s why I can remember it well. Certainly it was such a sorrowful sight. But…… her mouth slipped a little. I was being scorned. In her eyes, I was a pathetic creature. I cannot bare the truth any longer.

I placed the dagger on my waist and then I entered the well. Even though it was said that this have been an abandoned old well, water may begin to gush out again. At any rate, I definitely want to die. I’ll take my life silently at the bottom of the well with this dagger.

I proceed towards the bottom with both my hands and feet supporting my body. No light shines inside the well, the darkness was pitch black similar to my life. This is the most suitable place for me to die.


The rock my hand was holding on to suddenly broke off, my feet slipped and I then lost my balance thus falling down to the bottom of the well.


It seems that I certainly fell at a high point, although I fell down on my feet my head hit the ground really hard. Even if I try to close then open my eyes, all I can see was the same darkness. I can feel the blood flowing from my head. The sensation on my arms and legs are gradually disappearing, strength was also gradually weakening.

Ah…… So this is the feeling of dying. It was a really meaningless life. It was futile, there’s no salvation……

「It’s…… so frustrating…………」

Tears and blood soaked my face. As my consciousness gradually fades away, I assimilated with the darkness.

Character Illustrations

Rhode Irvine

Asna Lindtale

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Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Episode 03: Salvation

My body was very warm and it felt quite pleasant. Ah…… Is this heaven? At last, I’m glad that I’m in a world where I hate nothing. I feel like I’m so light, as if i can fly up at any moment. So without thinking, I tried to raise my body and then pain surges allover my body.


「Muu, have you come around now? You shouldn’t get up as of yet」

「Eh……? I……?」

Am I alive? Apparently, I’m sleeping on a bed. When I looked around, only the light on the fireplace was illuminating the dim room. And a single woman was watching over me. She has a long white hair, tanned skin and was wearing a maid outfit. She was half amazed while looking at me

「Good grief. I didn’t think that there’s anyone who will think of entering that well. I’m really amazed desu」

「I am…… Alive?」

「Yes, you’re alive masu. You seem to have hit your head hard desu ne. Well we haven’t reach the important matter」

I see….. I didn’t die. I wished I could have died while sleeping. Well then, where in the world is this?

「Where are we……? How did you find me? How did you carried me out of that well?」

「Muu, you sure have lots of questions desu ne. This is his majesty’s home hidden inside the well desu. Instead of finding you, it’s more like you fell here nodesu. In this house」

The things I don’t understand keeps piling up. Inside the well? His Majesty? Fall down?

「Ju-just what do you……」

「Ahー Yeah sure. I understood. Will you sit down for a moment masu yo? I’m going to slowly give you the explanation masu. This will be a special treatment desu. Ah, can you give me your name first?」

「Ye-yeah…… It’s Rhode……」

「Rhode-san desu ka, such a good name desu ne. I’m called Rebecca. Nice to meet you. And this is the house inside the well you just entered nano desu. Do you understand until that part desu ka?」


Of course I can’t still understand it. But I’ll listen to her explanation for the time being.

「So the master of this house is his Majesty, Crown Vaendemion. He was a legendary gentleman who once unified the world desu」


Vaendemion was the name of a country from a long time ago. I don’t understand a thing at all. Then did that king unified the world?

「Muu, what do you not understand? I’m kinda troubled here」

I’m the one who is troubled though. I manage to think with my head that still can’t function well yet. Something like that is too absurd!

「In other words, there is a house inside the old well, and…… that king from the ancient time is still alive, and I fell right in this place…… Did I get it right?」

「Muu, so you do understand. Wonderful. Good job masu」

Rebecca applauded with a clap. I thought this was all a dream, but when I move my body the severe pain taught me that this was reality. There’s a lot of things I don’t know, but I’ve decided to what should I do.

「For helping me back there, thanks. But, I really wanted to die back there」

「Muu, Why desu ka? You’re still young, and you have such an incredible power noni」

「Haha…… There’s no incredible power from an incompetent like me. Being consoled is pleasant. But that’s not the reason I wanted to die」

「Hou, well then, can you talk more of this with me?」

「AH, your Majesty」

An old man suddenly appears from the dark that scared me. Apparently this person was named Crown Vaendemion, the legendary king who once unified the world…… it seems. I don’t believe it.

「You don’t believe it just yet. Ah, calling me Crown-san is fine for now. Because I’m not the king anymore and it was from a long time ago」

「Eh!? Ah, ok……」

It seems like he had read my mind. No way, mind reading magic? Crown-san slowly sat down on the chair and then stared at me. Long blond hair, and quite well-built. And surely that appearance, but still I can’t believe that he was alive for so long.

「Well let’s hear it. Is it fine for you to just die?」

「……It’s fine. It’s a dull story though」

I told them everything. Without any exaggeration, just the straight fact. Crown-san kindly listen in silence. He was listening to my story seriously while occasionally nodding. No one has ever listened my story this way so far.

At first I was talking calmly, but the emotions I was gradually suppressing exploded. The overflowing tears and emotions wouldn’t stop, I vented everything to a person I just met for the first time.

「That’s why…… Damn! *hick*…… I want to die!」

「I see, I see…… That was really harsh on you. You did well hanging on. You’re incredible」

He put his hand on my shoulder, with a gentle voice Crown-san put up some good words for me, I clung to him and then cried my eyes out. Crown-san tapped my back with a *ponpon*, and then he comforted me.

When I calmed down I saw Rebecca, she seems to be moved with tears, she then noticed that I was looking at her and she quickly wiped her tears with her sleeve. Crown-san too seems to have noticed it.

「Hnn? Why are you crying Levi?」

「I-I’m not crying. I’m really not crying! I just have something in my eyes……」

Both of them are good people…… I just met this people much sooner, my life might have changed for the better. Rebecca was rubbing her eyes for quite a while now, but after she was finished, she had a strange expression while her hands was on her chin.

「Even so, something seems wrong desu ne…… Because I saw it, you are not a manipulation magic user desu」


「Levi…… Ah, that’s Rebecca’s nickname. Her magic is called appraisal magic. It’s a magic that can see everything」

I haven’t heard of appraisal magic before. In someway I don’t know the current situation, I had researched lots of things about magic but I knew nothing of such magic.

「Hou, is my magic really not a manipulation magic?」

「Yes. Your real magic is existence magic. It’s a wonderful magic that can give life to any matter desu. I have seen the world for a long time, it’s a rare magic that is rarely seen desu」

Existence magic is it? I have never heard of it either. Then at that time just why……?

「B-but the priest in the temple said that it was manipulation magic……」

「This is only my guess…… Maybe there is no concept of existence magic in this era. So that’s why they’ve decided that it was closer to the category of manipulation magic. Manipulation magic is a magic that can manipulate matter after all」

「For such a stupid reason……」

「By the way, the usage is completely different between manipulation magic and existence magic masu. So that’s just natural that you can’t used the magic when you’re convinced that it was manipulation magic desu ne. Such a sad misunderstanding desu」

The what was my life then until now. All those pain were futile pain, all those days were all in vain…… Are you saying it’s like that.

「Rhode. Your painful feelings were fully transmitted. But, you can still start over. You are still young. Even now, it not too late」

「Crown-san…… I……」

Crown-san smiled and strongly nodded while holding my shoulders.

「It’s alright Rhode. I understand how you felt. But from now on, you’ll start your new life」

「That’s right desu. Furthermore you have such incredible skills de arimasu. God doesn’t give humans two gifts ii masu, but it seems like you are an exception desu ne」


「It is somewhat like a talent desu ne. Like me desu, I have the skill as a maid that can accomplish all my entire housework flawlessly masu. It’s absolutely perfect desu」

Is that also a kind of skill? Seems like it’s isn’t some kind of special power.

「Everyone posses a skill, but without appraisal magic you cannot know of it. Most people live their lives without knowing their skills. Those skill that match your work can be indispensable in that field. But unless the skill and your line of work match the you wouldn’t get good results」

「I see…… Then about magic……」

「Yes, magic is a visible talent. That’s why skill is a kind of support. Magic and skill, people who’s blessed with both of these can reach a new heights」

Crown-san probably was blessed with both. That’s why he became an amazing king.

「So Levi. What is Rhode’s skills?」

「Yes. Rhode-san’s skill is all martial arts. It’s an outrageous skill that can make the user handle any and every weapon perfectly desu」

Character Illustrations

Rebecca Dei Almorond

Crown Vaendemion

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Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Episode 04: Separation

A skill that can make the user handle any and every weapon perfectly…… I had such a power. I held the dagger that I brought that time for the first time in a while, I wasn’t in the know because I never really used any weapons.

「Even without any training, you can master a weapon that even experts who trained their entire life cannot hold a candle to you desu. Such incredible skill is very unique desu yo. I think that Rhode-san is very blessed. You should be really glad desu」

Rebecca was smiling with a grin, It made my heart unintentionally stomp a little. That smile without a doubt is a foul. Crown-san who also heard about my skill was very pleased.

「You have such a wonderful skill as Levi had said. To tell the truth skills are complicated in many ways. For example, you can speak louder than a person or you might have a strong resistance against the cold. But Rhode’s skill is no longer at a magical level」

I there such a questionable skill…… I’m glad mine isn’t like that. But rather than that, I’m glad that there are two other people who are also pleased about it. I’m thinking from the bottom of my heart, I was really glad that I didn’t die back then. I’m grateful for the magic and skill, but I’m more grateful that I came across these two people.

Talking about my circumstances had calm me down, in addition I also want to know something. While I was thinking on what to ask about, Crown-san nod with a smile.
Somehow it looks like as if it’s ok so I decided to ask without hesitation.

「Crown-san, Umm…… How can you still be alive? Even though you’re a king from the ancient times. And who is Rebecca? Why are you in such a place?」

「Fuahahaha! You have more question that I though. Well then, we should talk about it. Levi, can you explain about it. She can explain it much better than I can」

「Understood your Majesty. Ah, and Rhode-san. Can you also call me Levi desu ka? I’m much accustomed at being called by that name」

「Ok, I will」

「Well then, Where should we start? This is for the first question desu ga, this is his Majesty’s magic ability desu. As his name suggest, he has an enormous power for manipulating time ii masu. It made the flow of time in the body to move very slowly, so that’s why he can live for a long time as a result desu. The second question is about me desu ga, in reality I’m not a human…… I’m a demon nanodesu. Because a demon’s lifespan is eternally long, that’s is why I have been serving his Majesty for years now in other to return a great debt desu」

It’s like a fairy-tale that my mind cannot keep up with it. I have never heard such magic and those effect is out of this world. And Levi’s a demon? No matter how you look at her, she looks just like an ordinary cute girl. Levi continued talking to me who’s mind was already ready to burst.

「And finally desu ne. In fact, this basement is the actual basement of the former Vaendemion castle nanodesu. I just did something to the interior design so it will have rooms and a fireplace. Because his Majesty wanted it by all means. And his Majesty…… Came to this place in order to end his remaining life here nodesu」

「eh……? Wasn’t time being manipulated here? The he can live as much as he want……」

「No, time is just moving very slowly here nodesu. If time is completely stopped here, then his Majesty himself won’t be able to move masu」

「So that’s how it is. So his remaining life already gone. I now understand…… He probably doesn’t have much more time left」

「That…. Is right desu ka……」

Although I could finally meet a person who could understand me as a human being, that person’s life is almost at its end. Of course I’m glad about knowing my magic and skills. But the lonesome feeling was larger that that. When Crown-san saw me at that state, he gently smiled.

「Cease making that face. There are still some time remaining, so let’s talk a lot for the duration of the time. And train under Levi on your magic and skill after your injury is healed. So you can triumph over those who had made a fool out of you up until now」



And with that this is how my life started to move for the first time after these past three years. The dining table which was used by three people while having a pleasant conversation, and the various things I learned from Crown-san and Levi. Each and every one of them was a treasure to me. I never saw the day when I could talk with so much fun with someone.

I was taught the ability and the uses of the existence magic by Levi, she also kept me company thought-out my training. Crown-san desperately moves his body which has stopped moving, the taught me the fundamentals in fighting and how to strategize in battle. It was such a blessing, the genuine happiness made time pass in no time and a month had passed since I came here.

And then, the unexpected arrived.



「Your Majesty!」


Recently Crown-san’s physical condition was getting worse and worse. Even standing became difficult for him, and the days that he lied in bed continued. And today particularly he was panting violently. While we were sitting and having a meal, his breathing became painfully hard.

I had a bad feeling. But, I thought that he was still ok…… That was that I thought. However, when I thought and stared at Crown-san’s face, the vitality was fading. Then he smiled while he realized something.

「Apparently…… My time has come……」

This is the line that I didn’t want to hear most of all. As it’s a sad words that will end the pleasant time.

「Crown-san…… As expected…… It’s useless after all」

「It’s fine……. I had lived for too long. That’s why it’s alright. But Rhode, you must not die. Your life has just begun. Perhaps it was my fate that I had met Rhode. At my final days, it was really nice that I was able to save a future of a promising youth……」

「Crown-san…… If it was just sooner! If I meet you sooner……!」

Again my tears will come gushing out. Even though we meet after great pains, is it no good anymore? I still want to talk more and I still want to learn a lot. As if sensing my feelings himself, Crown-san gently smiles.

「I feel the same thing too. I though that I already lived long enough, then after meeting Rhode I though that I want to live a little longer. I had such a feeling for a long time. But as expected the shine in my life is at its end. I’ll be deadwood throughout eternity. Levi, can you bring me that please」

「Your Majesty…… Will you be giving it no desu ne?」

「I considered sleeping together with it, but I’ll entrust it to Rhode. I thing they will be very pleased」


Levi then went into the room at the back then returned after a few minutes. She was holding an old notebook in her hands. Crown-san received the black leather notebook from Levi, he then stared at it with nostalgia.

「Thanks Levi. Well then, Rhode. This is one of my magic tool, in this…… are…… there are 100 types of legendary arms. This…… I will give to you. It is a perfect for for your skill right?」

「Legendary arms? I have heard of stories that those were lost from the great war…… They’re all here?」

「Yes. The remaining ones…… I have gathered here. Well, it was just my hobby. Do accept it」

The black notebook Crown-san handed down was quite heavy, all it’s pages are made of metal. When I turned the pages to see it, in the metal page was the carving of the weapon’s image with the weapon’s name.

「Remember this Rhode. These legendary arms have tremendous power. Never use them in the wrong way. Open the page and call its name, and that arm will appear from the notebook. Each one of them has their own special abilities…… Ask Levi for further details」

「Your Majesty, I……」

「Levi…… Regarding the debt of gratitude you are giving me, you have already returned every bits of them. Support Rhode for now on. I will not permit you to die with me. This is…… My final wish before my eternal rest. Please」

「……I understand. Crown-sama」

「Thanks Levi…… Well then, I’ll be sleeping now……」

「Crown-san…… Your hand」

Another person is needed to support and accompany Crown-san who cannot walk anymore. When I met Crown-san, he was still had a well built body, but before we knew it it became really small. It was really painful to see, my eyes begin to cry again.

When we reached the bed, we lied Crown-san down. When i put the sheet over Crown-san’s body, He again game me his thanks.

Each time he talks, I cannot hear his kind voice anymore, I tried stopping my tears but it wouldn’t stop falling. Crown-san looks at the two of us with his gentle eyes.
And then he slowly began to talk.

「Levi, until now I thank you. Because you where there, I was able to last without any inconvenience. So this time try to enjoy more of your life. Is that fine?」

「Yes, Crown-sama. I was happy…… That I could meet you」

Tear begun to fall on Levi’s eyes. She was looking at Crown-san without wiping her tears this time. When Crown-san puts out his hands, she covered it with my own and nodded many times. Crown-san gently gazed at Levi and after that looked back at me this time.

「Rhode, I leave Levi to you. She had accompanied me for a very long time. Let her enjoy more of life…… I entrust her to you」

「Yes I will, And if Levi wishes for it…… I’ll keep that promise without fail」

「Good…… To tell you the truth Levi is my final regret.[TN#1] It was really nice that we met Rhode. Thanks」

「That’s my line…… Thank you so much……!」

「Good good. Rhode, enjoy your life. The world…… Looked down at you……. You…… Surely……」

Crown-san then finally fell to his eternal rest. Really…… Is as if he was just sleeping. In the sadness inside of me, I imitated the smile of the legendary king.

Translator’s Note:

1). Crown meant that he regrets that he can’t give Levi the life she really deserves before his final days.

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Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Episode 05: Excalibur

After a day of mourning we left the room where Crown-san took his rest, we were walking through the secret path that only the royal family had knowledge of.

「I want this to stay as it is. I don’t want to proclaim these imperial lands somehow」

I don’t want anyone disturbing his slumber. I want him to rest at ease.

「Yes. I also wish that it stays as it was. Crown-sama himself has said that I should follow you, but the truth is that it’s the other was around nodesu. I cannot bear to be alone. Originally I should have died much sooner, maybe I was probably living for this day desu. That’s why Roudo-san…… No, Roudo-sama. Thank you very much for dropping down here」

While saying so, Levi bows her head down. That’s kind of a strange was of thanking someone, well it was certainly as she had said, it was good that I fell here.

「What a way to say thanks. And, there’s no need to use -sama……」

「I humbly refuse shimasu」

I was instantly rejected. Well that’s fine.

「Besides, when Rhode-sama leaves here, we’ll severely punish those trash who made a fool out of you……」

Kukuku….., Levi expressed her wicked smile. Ah wait, she is a demon after all.

「Suddenly getting violent even without being stirred up……!」

「You are too soft ne…… Rhode-sama is way too kind」

「Because it’s pointless to pay them with violence right? Well of course I’ll retaliate if they do try to start a fight with me. I will not tolerate something like that」

Just recalling the things that was done to me in those three years do makes me angry. There’s no way that I’ll tolerate it. Of course the most aggravating one was Asna. Pretending to be gentle but was the exact opposite from behind…… Only her I’ll never forgive, even if she begs for a hundred times, no not even for over ten thousand times.

「Muu, Well then what do you intend to do now desu ka?」

「I’ve decided. My final aim is to be a brave hero. I’ll be a brave hero and will triumph over the world」

Crown-san’s last words. I’ll absolutely triumph over the world.

「I see. Now that we know what to do. So what should we do first masu?

「For starters let’s go back to my home for the time being. I can use and practice magic, but I want to hear more about skills and magic. And, to tell me more about this」

I then took out the black notebook. Although it was large enough to fit in to the pocket, it was massively heavy, there are a hundred kinds of legendary arms here. I have not yet know what kind of weapons are in here.

「Certainly. Let us confirm our current situation again. If we are in Rhode-sama’s home, then we can slowly discuss things right desu?」

「Yeah that’s right. By the way Levi…… What’s with that large baggage?」

Levi was carrying a backpack that was bigger than herself. It was already light brown in color as if showing it’s long service, I don’t know any of it’s contents but it was bulging. It looks quite heavy but it was being carried by her slender body. It seems like the fundamentals of a demon’s physical strength is much too different than a human being.

「Rhode-sama’s clothes and my clothes and some miscellaneous things are in here ii masu. The rest are things that can be sold for money. It cannot be help if we don’t have any money right?」

「Well that is right. I mean you even had our clothes in mind?」

My tattered clothes before were now changed into a clothing made of leather which was coordinated with black colors. It looks similar to what the guys on a thieves guild would wear, but it’s something Levi had chosen with special care so I will wear them with appreciation. Well I do like cool looking clothes.

「When I went to buy food, I choose something that fits Rhode-sama’s black hair. Did you like it?」

「Yes, Thank you. I’ll treasure it」

「I’m glad. Ah, in addition, we’ll be soon leaving masu. It will be exactly at 12 noon desu ne…… So please keep your eyes shut at that time. Rhodo-sama, you hands please」

「Ah, ok…….」

I grasped her hands tightly, I was getting nervous. It’s the first time for me to hold a girl’s…… Ah, no no. To be frank, What I’m mostly afraid of was going outside.
I wonder if I will surely recall everything so far. I now understand that I have a magic and skills, but can I really use them well? That’s what I’m worried about. I cannot erase the unpleasant image of me failing and be made a fool of again.

But…… Thanks to Levi, All those feelings vanished. A girl’s hand is really amazing.

「Rhode-sama, Please do not open your eyes desu yo. Well then, here we go masu」

She had guided me with her hand and then for the first time in a month, I went outside. My eyes kinda hurts a little, even while my eyes are still closed, I could feel the sunlight. When the wind passes through me, I could smell the soil and grass. I was a nostalgic feeling, even though it was just a month.

「Rhode-sama, how are you feeling desu ka?」

「Ah, not bad at all. I’m doing fine」

As my eyes are getting used to it, I gently open them. Although I can hazily see it, it seems to be at a place where there are plenty of stones. Or rather this is……

「This is…… a cemetery?」

「Yes. The hidden path leads toward the cemetery nodesu. it’s a place far from town and it’s also a place that was already forgotten」

I see. Definitely it’s much reasonable to make it in a place far from the public eyes. After my eye got accustomed to the sun, If I look around the town can be seen from afar.

「OK then, I’m al ready fine. let’s head to the town」

「Yes, I’ll be accompanying you masu」

We then started walking toward the town. Although I was a bit uneasy as I see the town, I somewhat gained some courage because Levi was walking besides me. It doesn’t matter whatever they say. Everybody look at me now…… I’m not an incompetent anymore.


When they saw me walking in town, everyone was surprised. Well that is to be expected. I disappeared for a month, I’m an incompetent who was wearing some proper clothes, furthermore I’m walking with a maid besides me. There’s no way that they won’t be surprised if they know who I am.

「Being stared at like that…… I’ll turn them all into cinders……」


「Muu, please pardon me. That was just the voice of my heart」

「O,ok…… Try to endure it please」

I’m glad no one came to question me…… For the time being, let’s just go home for now. If it stays like this, she may really do it. My house is in the place slightly away from the center of the town. It was in a very open place, there aren’t that many houses there besides the one next to us.

「If we turn right here, we can see my house. But it’s must be quite dirty now……」

「Please leave it all to me. I’ll put this skill of mine into use masu」

「Ok, I’ll leave it to you Levi. Hurry, it’s right over her……. Eh?」

「Muu, is that the one desu ka? Isn’t is a tidy house desu ka?」

「N, no…… That’s the neighbors’ house…… My house is……」

「……is it the burning one?」

Yeah…… The burning one….. It was my house. Why?

When I got nearer, my house was already gone. No, Even when we’re still far away, I already knew…… Why did my house got burned down?


「A, Ah…… It’s totally fine Levi」

That place was just a place where I can sleep and desperately survive in these past three years. However, I felt that the important house that I’ve spent with my parents was lost. Regret and vexations swells up as I clenched my fist.

「Probably it got burned down because I disappeared. I guess they want to make the incompetents’ house disappear. Good grief…… As if I’m gonna be annoyed by this insane guys. Haha……」

While staring at the black charred pillars that remained un-burned, Levi brought her body close to me who was laughing cravenly. I was startled a little, but thanks to her warmth, my emotions gradually relaxed.

「Thanks, Levi……」

「Rhode-sama…… Please keep this in mind masu. It will be alright, you already have the power to restore it back nodesu」


「Please open up your notebook. In the first page, call out the name that was written there」

I opened the black notebook. From the first page, and in there, a golden sword was drawn. In the past, it was said that it was a legendary weapon that will always glorify it’s owner. Its name was……


A short metallic sound was heard from the notebook. And then, slowly the handle of the sword appeared from the opened page. When i grasped it, the sword then gradually reappears from the notebook.

I felt that it was weightless as if I’m holding a feather. The golden handle, the sword guard, and the blade was shining like silver. It was breath taking, there was no need for unnecessary description.

「This is…… The legendary……」

Starting with Excalibur, all the legendary arms in this notebook are all arms that can be handed down even now. Everyone knows of their names, but nowadays only the legend was the only thing remaining. This Excalibur had once gotten the opportunity in the great war against monsters, only the lore that the Hero Arthur had wielded it got passed down.

「Yes. It’s Excalibur desu. It’s a legendary holy sword that can brings glory to its owner. Well then Rhode-sama, use your existence magic on Excalibur nodesu」

「Use my existence magic…… On this one?」

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Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Episode 06: Event

「Yes. It will be alright if you do it according to the practice we’ve done desu. Please give it to Excalibur similar to how you gave it to the cups and spoon in the basement. There are souls residing within these legendary arms masu. That’s why by giving them life, Rhode-sama will become more powerful masu」

During this past month, I’ve learned the method of using magic from Levi. For her appraisal magic, it was outrageous to know everything just by looking at it. For example just by looking at me, not just my height and weight, even what power I possess, she’ll understand it’s proficiency.

I haven’t ask her why a demon like her had been given magic by God. I can understand that it’s related to her gratitude toward Crown-san, I don’t care even though she is a demon, Levi is really a nice girl.

From what I have learned using Levi’s appraisal magic, my existence magic is still at its early stage, therefore I can only give life to only one object for now. Also it’s impossible to give life to an object that weights more than myself. And so, I begin the activating condition by touching the object. I can undo it without touching if it’s within my sight, at that time the remaining mana that I gave will return to me. If I gain experience the maximum allowance of magic also increases, with that I can give life to multiple objects and the weight limitation will ease up.

I cannot talk to the things given life but I can understand their feelings, they will follow only my orders. Also the object will gain a human figure leaving their former forms. When I have life to the cup in the basement the cup’s handle increased by four, they used it like their hands and feet to meet my orders. If the original form is a tool, it will prefer to give orders to it. For example, giving life to a shovel its preferable to order it to dig earth.

The durability of the object that was given life will depend on the material and shape of the object, otherwise it will be based on a special efficacy. Between an iron bar and a wooden rod, the life made with the iron bars will be stronger. But, if it’s between an iron bar an a wooden rod made from a sacred tree that processes special powers, it cannot be necessarily said that the iron bar will be stronger and so on.

「Will Excalibur’s power further rise up by giving it life?」

「That is correct desu. There are no souls in an ordinary objects but all legendary arms processes one arimasu. Perhaps it’s different from just giving life to an object, it might turns out to be an existence that kind-hearted to an extent, maybe? The fact that their powers are strengthened may mean that the power they themselves own can be handled better by themselves than by being used by others desu」

「I see…… At any rate, let’s try doing it」

I gave life to the legendary arm…… Somehow I was getting excited. I wonder what’s going to happen? If a conversation can be possible then this will going to be fun.

I concentrate my spirit and mana and applied existence magic to Excalibur. In other to distribute life, i have to have a firm image of pouring mana into the object. And I then poured the kneaded mana into Excalibur.

At that moment, Excalibur begins to shine. Separating from my hand, Excalibur floats into the air while gradually changing into its human form. And then, a human wrapped in white light got down the ground.


「It’s all according to what I expected desu ne. It’s right in the spot desu」

A the shining light weakens, the details become gradually clearer. Somehow or another, it looks like an armored knight. Its height is about 160cm if I’m right.
And the Excalibur’s human figure that finally appeared…… Was a real beauty.

「Excalibur…… She’s a woman!?」

「Muu, I didn’t know of it. Because ones gender isn’t listed in my appraisal magic node. I have never heard of this from Crown-sama desu ne……」

Excalibur who completely appeared has a long golden hair that reaches her waist and she is wearing a silver full-plate mail. On her back, she is wearing a crimson cloak, and has Excalibur itself hanging on her waist. When she slowly opened her eyes, she looked around restlessly and then began to check her body.

「Oh…… Oh! Oahhh!?」

Excalibur was surprisingly touching her body with a *petapeta* sound. She then noticed her appearance in the window glass this time and approaches it then raises her voice.

「A-amazing! There’s nay question that it’s completely how I imagine it! However, however……! I nev’r dream’d that such a day would arrive!」

That’s quite an old fashion way of speaking. Is it because she’s a sword from a thousand years ago? While hesitating for a little bit, I push myself into calling her.

「E, errr………」

「Oh? Oah! Why isn´t it mine own lord! Oh, how admirably this life that thee has’t given me. I giveth mine own full gratitude」

She greeted me with a smile while bowing deeply with her hands placed in her chest. I’m glad. Somehow she recognized me as her owner.

Still, she’s really a beautiful person. I know that I made this with my own magic, but she was quite like a human that I can’t even think of her as a weapon. I can only see her as a very beautiful woman.

「Nice to meet you Excalibur-san. It’s reassuring to see you pleased. And this might be a little hasty, but can you hear my request Excalibur-san?」

「By all means, mine own lord. I am now thy sw’rd. Doth not hesitate to asketh me. There is also nay needeth to useth honorific language toward me. My own body is to serveth mine own lord, so ’twill be quite troubling on the contrary」

「Well then…… I’ll be frank here. This was my house…… can you fix it?」

「This is nay trouble at all. Can thee moveth hence away for a little while?」

As Excalibur had told us, we took distance from the house. I was interested in how she’ll fix the house.

「There’s is an ability in one’s own sheath. That power is…… The power to turn back time」

Excalibur pulled out the sword and pierced it towards the house. Then light begins to emit from the sheath, the emitted light is then poured into the house where it was burned and became dust. The black ash soared and gradually returned to the shape of the house.

「It’s amazing……」

「Just like that in no time at all…… As expected of Excalibur’s magic sheath」

And in no time at all, my house was restored. The legendary Holy Sword is awesome……! Excalibur who just finished the matter turned toward us and laughed with a smile.

「Mine own lord, doest this satisfied thee?」

「Yeah! I’m completely satisfied. Thank you Excalibur」

「Ha ha ha! T’s nothing to be concern’d of. By the way…… I wonder how long can I possibly stayeth? I would like to enjoy with this body for a short while……」

「There’s a surplus of mana that I poured into you, if Excalibur doesn’t use any powers then you can keep it for a while longer. But it will lessen if you fight」

「I see, I see. Well then, let us quietly enjoy our time. For me who is a woman, this hair of mine! T’s mine own dream to comb mine own hair……」

「Excalibur-sama, I’m glad to meet you. I am Levi, a person who is serving Rhode-sama desu. If you do not mind at all, please make use of this」

While saying so, Levi took out a comb. It’s wooden made, in addition to that, it is quite well made. Just when did Levi…… Her preparation are so fast.

「Oah! Isn’t this girl also the one who serv’d Crown? I knoweth of thee. We cannot talk back then but we can heareth the voices ’round us. So this is a comb! Oah, how refine. I am grateful for letting me useth this」

「For starters, let’s enter the house for now. There are things that shouldn’t be talked outside」

「True desu ne. I also have to clean up the interior……kukuku」

It looks like her maid blood was getting fired up. It’s reliable, but I want her to refrain from that evil laugh.

At that moment, I suddenly heard a voice saying 「What!?」. I had an unpleasant premonition…… Or more precisely when I turned around I was almost convinced, it was the face I was familiar all too well.

「Wh-why is that!? How can the house…… Y-you’re still alive!?」

Looks like that girl’s mother had noticed us.

Character Illustrations


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Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Episode 07: Abnormality

This is rather becoming troublesome. I wanted to keep this as quiet as possible. Well it’s expected for a house that should have already been burned that had returned back to be noticed by anyone.

「I heard that! And here I though that this incompetent finally disappeared!」

I was enduring the myself to not immediately bash her. If I attack her here now then it will be more troublesome. Because there will be a possibility that the whole town will kill me for the crime of an incompetent using violence. Even if I was with Levi and Excalibur, I want to get even to this town in a different kind of way.

「What’s wrong with you two…… that’s an Incompetent!? If you two keep staying with that……!」

「Silence mongrel」

「Shut it you scum」

Opps. This two are getting fired up.

「 W-what is it…. This is my kindness to you people……」

「Kindness……is it? You bastard tried to say it’s kindness, when the person I adore the most was insulted without minding my own feelings, such is your reasoning? I see now, you scum. My point of view seems to not have been mistaken」

Levi’s tone was different form her usual. Even her words as well, she was scowling with a dreadful look.

「Seize calling mine own lord an incompetent It seemeth like thy own brain have been rotting, apparently those dull eyes of yours cannot transcribe the truth. Such a miserable thing. Whichev’r it is, if I sendeth thee to the netherworld then that may indeed be fixed. Now die」

The last straight ball had passed by. As this two had all gone fired up, the timing for me to be fired up myself disappeared. In a sense, this had saved me……

「Wha-what is it! Isn’t that an incompetent! What’s wrong with calling that incompetent an incompetent!」

This fellow is saying nothing but incompetent. I think I can kill this mood somehow, I’ll try to calm these two for the time being.

「Well, can the two of your wait for a moment. This obaa-san still doesn’t know that I’m not incompetent any more」

「Ha? What are you trying to……」

「Excalibur, can you return to your sword state for a second? I’ll return you to your human form right away」


When I chanted in my mind, Excalibur returned to her sword form. Returning as a sword, Excalibur who was floating returned back to my hand. Obaa-san who saw that was dumbfounded. She doesn’t seem to have understand what was happening as her mouth and eye had just remained widely open. It was an idiotic look no doubt about it and then I returned Excalibur to her human form. Similar from before, Excalibur had appeared from the midst of the light.


「So, art thee prepare to meeteth thy maker?」

When she had returned, she started to spout terrifying things, her right hand was already grabbing her sword. I hurriedly tried to stop Excalibur who was already closing to obaa-san while wrinkling my brow.

「Wait wait wait. Don’t bisect her without my permission」

「Muu, acknowledge」

Obaa-san who was at the verge of being slaughtered was trembling from sheer terror. She was gazing at me as she couldn’t believe it.

「Why…… You…… Is that magic?」

「At the temple, it was said that my magic was a manipulation magic. But the actual truth, what I have was existence magic that’s a different kind of magic. That’s the reason why I wasn’t able to use magic. Existence magic is a magic that gives life to any matter, this girl is the holy sword Excalibur」

While shivering with a *gatagata* she mutter some kind of complaint. it was an unusual scene. It looks likes as if she was possessed by something…… That’s the kind of feeling that she gave. And I finally heard some words from obaa-san.

「N-no way……」


「Th-then we all…… became scoundrels right? As we had misunderstand it, we made a fool out of you…… That’s no good! You are an incompetent! You must be an incompetent!!」

Wh-what is she talking about? She’s already gone pass being insane……

「Please! You really are an incompetent right!? Just a while ago…… A trick…… Yes, it’s a trick!? That is why you’ll remain incompetent!?」

When Levi held out her hand, obaa-san’s body was tightly rigid, as if something invisible was binding her. To the extent that both her arms was attached closely to her body, it looks like she was being bind by something hard that she can’t even breath. She was trying to say something by opening her mouth but unfortunately I can’t hear any of it. And she had stopped thinking and gave up.

「Isn’t it painful?」

Her mouth was open and closing while her eyes was wide open, her face was completely red. It was natural that she can’t answer Levi’s question.

「This is the moment you bastard start suffering. Remember it. What did you bastard do to Rhode’s ability for the past three years?」

They had done various things. Pretty much when that fucking woman was pretending to be kind to me, it was something that was not told to me face to face. Ignoring it is a matter of course, the garbage waste was put in the entrance-way, the garbage waste was put in the mail post, or the garbage waste is flung against a window.[TN#1] Are? It’s almost related to garbage…… I think there were other things.

If I think of it now, it seems like a funny story. Her father got divorced and left their house. Because there’s only two of them living together, there’s no way she didn’t notice what her mother was doing to me. Damn it…… Why didn’t I……

Levi then loosens her bind. She started breathing rapidly, her shoulder was shaking and her snot was spilling out.

「I-I am! Not in the wrong! Because that is not a human!」

You cans still say that in this kind of situation? This is abnormal itself. And also kind of pitiful. Up until now, She have endured it with all her might that she didn’t even noticed it.

「You bastard’s magic…… Hmm, is just a water magic. Moreover it’s a low grade one…… So will you still try to fight? Rhode-sama’s existence magic had brought forth Excalibur-sama, you bastard’s puny water magic…… Let us try comparing who’s the more powerful one」

「W-why…… Ah, no that is……」

「Hmm? What’s the matter? You bastard say that you bastards are a competent person with confidence right? Then I see no problem there. Maa, if you bastard lose then you’ll just die. So are you up to it?」

Garbage Waste-san then falls silent. If magic can be used, one can understand that one can live their life without fighting even to the likes of demonic beast. Just look at her unattractive fat body. When my parents were still alive, I heard that they were good friends. and Garbage Waste-san should have been a salesclerk of the certain general store back then. She can’t even use her water magic properly.

「No going to do it? In other words, you then admit it. Compared to Rhode-sama, you bastard are far less incompetent than a trash」

「Ah…… Aa…… N-no……」

Being released from her bind, Levi placed her face close to Garbage Waste-san’s eyes. She then grabbed her hair, and forced her eyes to be at a distance that Levi and her nose would almost touch.

「Remember this throughout your file. Supposedly you bastard should have been already ripped from limb to limb by me, you’re are just alive because of Rhode-sama’s kind heart. If you understand then disappear from here. And never show up to us again. Next time you show up to me, I’ll let you suffer that you’ll wish to be killed instead…… Even if I have to be punished by Rhode-sama for it. You damn pig!」


Garbage Waste pig-san despite rolling over the ground when she tried running many times over managed to run inside her house. Looks like she’ll never manage to leave her home for the rest of her life. After having made sure of it, Levi deeply lowered her head towards me.

「Rhode-sama, what I have done was inexcusable. I have ignored your words and also resorted to violence. Whatever punishment you may bestow. Either by being whipped, or to be tied up and being left alone until you are satisfied……」

It might have been my imagination but face was turning red.
I was just my imagination right?

「N-no, Thanks Levi. It cleared my head. Therefore I won’t punish you. I’m more afraid that she couldn’t even leaver her house anymore」

「Is that so……desuka. I understand……」

She looked like somewhat disappointed. ……Are you such a person? [TN#2] This time Excalibur who was silently watching from behind us was uttering 「Umu」 in a low voice. Seems like she’s thinking of something.

「What’s the matter Excalibur?」

「Hmm, Umu…… Mine own lord, what seemeth to be had happed? T’is the first time for me to witness such a bewilder’d human being back there. Well, the lady did look liked just an ordinary civilian. It wast a fair share f’r the royal family」

「Is that so? Well, it seem abnormal though for you to think, but thats just normal around here」

「That is normal……? Mine own lord. Thee hadst endure that for three years? I didn’t bethink that it wast to that extent」

「Well…… Now that I think of it……」

「Rhode-sama, I also think that this is abnormal. That fellow seems to have a blind acceptance, to the point that their ideology feels like madness. I assume that it not only that person but the whole world itself, and with that no one can say that it is abnormal」

「Fumu…… So how was it from both of your era?」

「In mine own era, about a thousand years ago…… From that time magic wast bestow’d by God. Of course there were ones with weak powers. But none of those folk where looked down despite that」

「I have seen the human world for about 3000 years but I have been away from any human civilization for the past thousand years. Crown-sama sense his death drawing near, that’s why I came back here about a year ago nanodesu. I don’t know the recent events, but it was not at this state from at least a thousand years ago desu ne. There was the word incompetent but it wasn’t a word that describe a person with weak magic. When I heard some people gossiping by chance while I was shopping that time, I was aware that they are being treated as such existence. But I never knew that it was at this place……」

「So that means…… we somehow don’t know yet but did the world changed between this passed 1000 years? Well…… Even if we think about it, we wouldn’t get the answers. Well, for the time being let us set aside this story for another time. Before more additional trouble happens」

「I agree desu ne I have to clean this up as soon as possible…… Kukuku」

「I’ll then going to just comb mine own hair……Fufufu」

The two of you are too happy above all.

Translator’s Note:

1). Garbage Waste was referring to Rhode here.

2). LoL Rhode meant that of Levi is a M.

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Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Episode 08: Appraisal Magic

「This…… It’s fulfilling as expected…… Kukuku」

「I am glad that you are pleased」

The house interior was in a terrible state. Rather than saying that I can’t do the cleaning, it’s more like I don’t have the energy to. Even so, it looks like that it was hardly even changed from the outside when I went out to look.

「Hey Excalibur, What kind of Magic does your sheath has?」

「Mine own sheath? It hast the ability to rewind events that hath happened, is that clear to thee? For example, I just turn back this burn’d house to its state before did get burn’d. That includes the interior as thee see」

「Aa, so I guess it almost as same as when I left it」

In other words, the house was burned after I had disappeared. Normally this will be usually impossible. Perhaps I might just be going out for a bit, so the usual thing to think is that something might have happened. I wonder if it’s because I was deemed incompetent.

They didn’t even consider me being alive, the mere thought of that is really devastating for me. I never really thought that my house would be burned down. I can generally guess who are the ones responsible for this. Those are only limited to those who had come to my house.

「So mine own lord, may I cut those who burn’d this house next time?」

「Please don’t think of immediately killing them Excalibur…… Leaving that aside, have you already finished combing your hair?」

「Oh, thou art right. Mine own lord, do thee perhaps has’t some mirror there?」

「Here you go Excalibur-sama」

Levi then handed a mirror to Excalibur. When did you move there? Have you been listening to our conversation? Furthermore, to know in advance the thing the other person would want before hand and immediately prepare it…… This demon maid is incredible!

「Ah! Many thanks Levi. Well then, I’m going to continueth combing mine own hair. I’m looking forward to it…… Fufufu」

「Aa, have fun」

Excalibur went to the living room while humming a song that I’ve taught her. I wonder if the other weapons have wishes like her. If it is so, then I would like to grant those.

「Well then, I guess I’ll just help then」

Levi was moving around the house with a smile all over her face. Using just a dust clothe she had perfectly carried it out by herself, with an incredible speed the house became sparkling clean. The dirt that accumulated throughout the years was wiped clean with just a single wipe of the dust clothe. It was amazing enough to think that this was Levi’s magic.

Isn’t the power level of Levi’s housekeeping skill so flawless. As expected this girl can be called a genius that possess such skill and is manifesting that power that should be usually impossible. For the meantime, I’ll ask her if I can help on something.

「Hey Levi……」

「I humbly refuse masu」

I haven’t even said anything yet…… Well I somehow seen this coming.

「Is that si…… Well then, I’ll be in the living room so ask for me if you need anything」

「Certainly. I already clean the kitchen so I’ll serve you some refreshments masu. Do you have any request desu ka?」

Ha, isn’t that too quick……. Has such a time passed by?

「T-then…… Tea please」

「You also often drank tea in the basement, Rhode-sama really likes tea desu ka. Well then please wait in the living room」

「Thanks Levi. I leave it all to you」

「Certainly, please leave it to me」


I was watching Excalibur combing her hair in the living room. What a pleasured expression she is showing. The expression of ecstasy is the right one to refer it.

「Excalibur…… Your drool, your drool」

「Ha!? Excuse me mine own lord. Even so, it is much that pleasant to comb thy own hair. It was embarrassing to desire for it because i was just a half-bak’d soul…… It was grant of mercy to mine own lord that mine own dream hadst cometh true. Mine own gratitude」

「No, it is I who should be thanking you for lending your power. By the way, does the other weapons have their own wishes as well?」

「Hmmー…… Probably so. Like me, there art a lot of weapons that hast a female soul in it so there may be some with a similar wish as mine」

「Eh? There are many in the legendary weapons that is a woman?」

「Umu. I am usually in a state that is similar to being asleep, but still hast the feeling of hearing the voices on the outside…… Ah, thee has’t to be that worried because there art nay particular discomfort nor pain in that. And at which hour our consciousness art clear we often talk with the other weapons. I can’t grasp it in figure but, by talking with those folk there is about 60% female and 40% male」

「Is that so…… I had an image that all of you guys are male so it was somewhat surprising」

「Probably so. Thee’ll bethink of all of us being male from our names. Well, the gods that has’t did created all of us legendary weapons art ancient swordsmiths that art mostly males after all. Perhaps it’s because of their affection akin to us being their lover or something like that. I wonder if that’s the reason wherefore our souls became of a woman?」

I see. It was somewhat convincing. For their creators, they are something like a lover. It’s somewhat a wonderful representation.

At that moment, the door opened and Levi entered with three cups on a tray. Steam were rising up from the cup Levi had brought.

「Thanks for waiting. Since Excalibur-sama hasn’t drunk something like a tea yet so i have brought the same kind of tea as Rhode-sama」

「Or rather…… Will it be ok for you to drink it, Won’t you rust?」

「I doth not knoweth…… But I would like to tryeth drinking it」

「Here you go, Excalibur-sama. Please don’t push yourself if you cannot drink it nodesu. For starters why don’t you try to take a sip first?」

Saying so, Excalibur put the cup close to her lips, after hesitating for some time she then quickly drank it. Although she was surprised at the beginning, she then separates her lips from the cup for a little while. She then fully drank it and raised a voice of admiration.

「Woah…… This drinketh is extraordinary! The taste! The scent! And this is a KouchaBlack Tea! This is…… So very delicious!」

「I am please that you are satisfied with it desu」

「Will it really be ok? Then I’ll drink mine too」

The tea that Levi brewed was very delicious. While drinking the delicious tea, After listening about the heroic battles from Excalibur and the progress of Levi’s cleaning, I asked what I was bothered with from Levi.

「Hey Levi. When using appraisal magic, what do you see?」

「That’s right desu ne…… Please wait for a moment」

She then took out a paper and an aged quill pen, while she was looking at me she then started writhing something. After she was finished, she had wrote the same way while looking at Excalibur this time. She then showed the paper after she was finished writing.

「This is how it look like in my point of view nodesu. Ah, I’ll also write mine as well」

She den smoothly wrote another one then gave it to me.
I see. So it looks like this. huh


Rhode Irvine

18 Yrs Old Human race 178cm 70kg

Possessed Magic: Existence Magic 【SSS: Lv.2】
Possessed Skill: All Martial Arts 【SS】
Special Skill: Without Sleeping, Eating or Drinking 【B】


「Although I omitted some things, it is generally looks like that desu. If I look at the the magic and skill closely then I’ll be able to know the detailed information on it masu. In addition, I can also see the physical condition masu ne」

「Hmm, special skill? Sleeping without Eating or Drinking…… What is this?」

「A special skill is in a level that you can call your ability that is your strong point, the name and effect will appear on my appraisal magic masu. However, there are many cases that one does not possess it desu. Because there is nothing that can be called one’s ability. It can be also said that you need to awaken the skill first. Rhode-sama’s special skill is a skill that lets you act without any need for any sleep, drink or food for a long time desu」

Ahー…… So that’s why i can work nonstop for three days. Or perhaps it’s a skill that I’ve awoken during this past three years. I shouldn’t relive those unpleasant days……

「In some rare cases, there are special skills that can surpass that of skills but considerable training is necessary desu ne. In my case it is slightly different masu」

「Fumu? The description of magic and skill is further described. What is this 【SSS】 and 【B】 in the magic and in skills?」

「Both magic and skill have ranks no desu. 【SSS】 is the highest and 【D】 is at the bottom desu ne. The S evaluation can be seen as relatively fair, but there’s really more than meets the eye desu. Existence magic is undisputedly at the highest tier desu ne. It is no exaggeration that it is already at the realms of a God’s power desu kara」

「As expected, Existence Magic is really amazing. The magic level of it is on 2…… So how can I raise it?」

「You only have to use it often desu ne. Initially you will be able to use new power every level 10 intervals masu. By the way, the maximum level is at 100 desu. Of course we cannot recognize the concept of levels without using appraisal magic」

「……So I have to give it my best. Then next is Excalibur……」


Holy Sword Excalibur

The holy sword forged by God.
It was the legendary sword that was used by the great hero Arthur.
I has the power to bring victory toward it’s owner.
Enveloped with light, it can stretch its blade to release a flying slash attack.
Also its sheath has the ability to 〝Rewind Events〟and rewind it back to the time that the event hasn’t yet happen.

Weapon Rank: 【SSS】
Ability Rank: 【SSS】


「Hou, I was indicated in this way. This is a well written thing. HA HA HA!」

「Weapon Rank is graded based on rarity, strength, and technical proficiency, Ability Rank is graded based on the usefulness of it’s effects masu. Similar from before, 【SSS】 is the highest and 【D】 is at the bottom desu」

Truly a legendary holy sword indeed…… Aren’t both have 【SSS】.

「Fumufumu, Then next is Levi……」

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