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Episode 08: Appraisal Magic

「This…… It’s fulfilling as expected…… Kukuku」

「I am glad that you are pleased」

The house interior was in a terrible state. Rather than saying that I can’t do the cleaning, it’s more like I don’t have the energy to. Even so, it looks like that it was hardly even changed from the outside when I went out to look.

「Hey Excalibur, What kind of Magic does your sheath has?」

「Mine own sheath? It hast the ability to rewind events that hath happened, is that clear to thee? For example, I just turn back this burn’d house to its state before did get burn’d. That includes the interior as thee see」

「Aa, so I guess it almost as same as when I left it」

In other words, the house was burned after I had disappeared. Normally this will be usually impossible. Perhaps I might just be going out for a bit, so the usual thing to think is that something might have happened. I wonder if it’s because I was deemed incompetent.

They didn’t even consider me being alive, the mere thought of that is really devastating for me. I never really thought that my house would be burned down. I can generally guess who are the ones responsible for this. Those are only limited to those who had come to my house.

「So mine own lord, may I cut those who burn’d this house next time?」

「Please don’t think of immediately killing them Excalibur…… Leaving that aside, have you already finished combing your hair?」

「Oh, thou art right. Mine own lord, do thee perhaps has’t some mirror there?」

「Here you go Excalibur-sama」

Levi then handed a mirror to Excalibur. When did you move there? Have you been listening to our conversation? Furthermore, to know in advance the thing the other person would want before hand and immediately prepare it…… This demon maid is incredible!

「Ah! Many thanks Levi. Well then, I’m going to continueth combing mine own hair. I’m looking forward to it…… Fufufu」

「Aa, have fun」

Excalibur went to the living room while humming a song that I’ve taught her. I wonder if the other weapons have wishes like her. If it is so, then I would like to grant those.

「Well then, I guess I’ll just help then」

Levi was moving around the house with a smile all over her face. Using just a dust clothe she had perfectly carried it out by herself, with an incredible speed the house became sparkling clean. The dirt that accumulated throughout the years was wiped clean with just a single wipe of the dust clothe. It was amazing enough to think that this was Levi’s magic.

Isn’t the power level of Levi’s housekeeping skill so flawless. As expected this girl can be called a genius that possess such skill and is manifesting that power that should be usually impossible. For the meantime, I’ll ask her if I can help on something.

「Hey Levi……」

「I humbly refuse masu」

I haven’t even said anything yet…… Well I somehow seen this coming.

「Is that si…… Well then, I’ll be in the living room so ask for me if you need anything」

「Certainly. I already clean the kitchen so I’ll serve you some refreshments masu. Do you have any request desu ka?」

Ha, isn’t that too quick……. Has such a time passed by?

「T-then…… Tea please」

「You also often drank tea in the basement, Rhode-sama really likes tea desu ka. Well then please wait in the living room」

「Thanks Levi. I leave it all to you」

「Certainly, please leave it to me」


I was watching Excalibur combing her hair in the living room. What a pleasured expression she is showing. The expression of ecstasy is the right one to refer it.

「Excalibur…… Your drool, your drool」

「Ha!? Excuse me mine own lord. Even so, it is much that pleasant to comb thy own hair. It was embarrassing to desire for it because i was just a half-bak’d soul…… It was grant of mercy to mine own lord that mine own dream hadst cometh true. Mine own gratitude」

「No, it is I who should be thanking you for lending your power. By the way, does the other weapons have their own wishes as well?」

「Hmmー…… Probably so. Like me, there art a lot of weapons that hast a female soul in it so there may be some with a similar wish as mine」

「Eh? There are many in the legendary weapons that is a woman?」

「Umu. I am usually in a state that is similar to being asleep, but still hast the feeling of hearing the voices on the outside…… Ah, thee has’t to be that worried because there art nay particular discomfort nor pain in that. And at which hour our consciousness art clear we often talk with the other weapons. I can’t grasp it in figure but, by talking with those folk there is about 60% female and 40% male」

「Is that so…… I had an image that all of you guys are male so it was somewhat surprising」

「Probably so. Thee’ll bethink of all of us being male from our names. Well, the gods that has’t did created all of us legendary weapons art ancient swordsmiths that art mostly males after all. Perhaps it’s because of their affection akin to us being their lover or something like that. I wonder if that’s the reason wherefore our souls became of a woman?」

I see. It was somewhat convincing. For their creators, they are something like a lover. It’s somewhat a wonderful representation.

At that moment, the door opened and Levi entered with three cups on a tray. Steam were rising up from the cup Levi had brought.

「Thanks for waiting. Since Excalibur-sama hasn’t drunk something like a tea yet so i have brought the same kind of tea as Rhode-sama」

「Or rather…… Will it be ok for you to drink it, Won’t you rust?」

「I doth not knoweth…… But I would like to tryeth drinking it」

「Here you go, Excalibur-sama. Please don’t push yourself if you cannot drink it nodesu. For starters why don’t you try to take a sip first?」

Saying so, Excalibur put the cup close to her lips, after hesitating for some time she then quickly drank it. Although she was surprised at the beginning, she then separates her lips from the cup for a little while. She then fully drank it and raised a voice of admiration.

「Woah…… This drinketh is extraordinary! The taste! The scent! And this is a KouchaBlack Tea! This is…… So very delicious!」

「I am please that you are satisfied with it desu」

「Will it really be ok? Then I’ll drink mine too」

The tea that Levi brewed was very delicious. While drinking the delicious tea, After listening about the heroic battles from Excalibur and the progress of Levi’s cleaning, I asked what I was bothered with from Levi.

「Hey Levi. When using appraisal magic, what do you see?」

「That’s right desu ne…… Please wait for a moment」

She then took out a paper and an aged quill pen, while she was looking at me she then started writhing something. After she was finished, she had wrote the same way while looking at Excalibur this time. She then showed the paper after she was finished writing.

「This is how it look like in my point of view nodesu. Ah, I’ll also write mine as well」

She den smoothly wrote another one then gave it to me.
I see. So it looks like this. huh


Rhode Irvine

18 Yrs Old Human race 178cm 70kg

Possessed Magic: Existence Magic 【SSS: Lv.2】
Possessed Skill: All Martial Arts 【SS】
Special Skill: Without Sleeping, Eating or Drinking 【B】


「Although I omitted some things, it is generally looks like that desu. If I look at the the magic and skill closely then I’ll be able to know the detailed information on it masu. In addition, I can also see the physical condition masu ne」

「Hmm, special skill? Sleeping without Eating or Drinking…… What is this?」

「A special skill is in a level that you can call your ability that is your strong point, the name and effect will appear on my appraisal magic masu. However, there are many cases that one does not possess it desu. Because there is nothing that can be called one’s ability. It can be also said that you need to awaken the skill first. Rhode-sama’s special skill is a skill that lets you act without any need for any sleep, drink or food for a long time desu」

Ahー…… So that’s why i can work nonstop for three days. Or perhaps it’s a skill that I’ve awoken during this past three years. I shouldn’t relive those unpleasant days……

「In some rare cases, there are special skills that can surpass that of skills but considerable training is necessary desu ne. In my case it is slightly different masu」

「Fumu? The description of magic and skill is further described. What is this 【SSS】 and 【B】 in the magic and in skills?」

「Both magic and skill have ranks no desu. 【SSS】 is the highest and 【D】 is at the bottom desu ne. The S evaluation can be seen as relatively fair, but there’s really more than meets the eye desu. Existence magic is undisputedly at the highest tier desu ne. It is no exaggeration that it is already at the realms of a God’s power desu kara」

「As expected, Existence Magic is really amazing. The magic level of it is on 2…… So how can I raise it?」

「You only have to use it often desu ne. Initially you will be able to use new power every level 10 intervals masu. By the way, the maximum level is at 100 desu. Of course we cannot recognize the concept of levels without using appraisal magic」

「……So I have to give it my best. Then next is Excalibur……」


Holy Sword Excalibur

The holy sword forged by God.
It was the legendary sword that was used by the great hero Arthur.
I has the power to bring victory toward it’s owner.
Enveloped with light, it can stretch its blade to release a flying slash attack.
Also its sheath has the ability to 〝Rewind Events〟and rewind it back to the time that the event hasn’t yet happen.

Weapon Rank: 【SSS】
Ability Rank: 【SSS】


「Hou, I was indicated in this way. This is a well written thing. HA HA HA!」

「Weapon Rank is graded based on rarity, strength, and technical proficiency, Ability Rank is graded based on the usefulness of it’s effects masu. Similar from before, 【SSS】 is the highest and 【D】 is at the bottom desu」

Truly a legendary holy sword indeed…… Aren’t both have 【SSS】.

「Fumufumu, Then next is Levi……」

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