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Episode 07: Abnormality

This is rather becoming troublesome. I wanted to keep this as quiet as possible. Well it’s expected for a house that should have already been burned that had returned back to be noticed by anyone.

「I heard that! And here I though that this incompetent finally disappeared!」

I was enduring the myself to not immediately bash her. If I attack her here now then it will be more troublesome. Because there will be a possibility that the whole town will kill me for the crime of an incompetent using violence. Even if I was with Levi and Excalibur, I want to get even to this town in a different kind of way.

「What’s wrong with you two…… that’s an Incompetent!? If you two keep staying with that……!」

「Silence mongrel」

「Shut it you scum」

Opps. This two are getting fired up.

「 W-what is it…. This is my kindness to you people……」

「Kindness……is it? You bastard tried to say it’s kindness, when the person I adore the most was insulted without minding my own feelings, such is your reasoning? I see now, you scum. My point of view seems to not have been mistaken」

Levi’s tone was different form her usual. Even her words as well, she was scowling with a dreadful look.

「Seize calling mine own lord an incompetent It seemeth like thy own brain have been rotting, apparently those dull eyes of yours cannot transcribe the truth. Such a miserable thing. Whichev’r it is, if I sendeth thee to the netherworld then that may indeed be fixed. Now die」

The last straight ball had passed by. As this two had all gone fired up, the timing for me to be fired up myself disappeared. In a sense, this had saved me……

「Wha-what is it! Isn’t that an incompetent! What’s wrong with calling that incompetent an incompetent!」

This fellow is saying nothing but incompetent. I think I can kill this mood somehow, I’ll try to calm these two for the time being.

「Well, can the two of your wait for a moment. This obaa-san still doesn’t know that I’m not incompetent any more」

「Ha? What are you trying to……」

「Excalibur, can you return to your sword state for a second? I’ll return you to your human form right away」


When I chanted in my mind, Excalibur returned to her sword form. Returning as a sword, Excalibur who was floating returned back to my hand. Obaa-san who saw that was dumbfounded. She doesn’t seem to have understand what was happening as her mouth and eye had just remained widely open. It was an idiotic look no doubt about it and then I returned Excalibur to her human form. Similar from before, Excalibur had appeared from the midst of the light.


「So, art thee prepare to meeteth thy maker?」

When she had returned, she started to spout terrifying things, her right hand was already grabbing her sword. I hurriedly tried to stop Excalibur who was already closing to obaa-san while wrinkling my brow.

「Wait wait wait. Don’t bisect her without my permission」

「Muu, acknowledge」

Obaa-san who was at the verge of being slaughtered was trembling from sheer terror. She was gazing at me as she couldn’t believe it.

「Why…… You…… Is that magic?」

「At the temple, it was said that my magic was a manipulation magic. But the actual truth, what I have was existence magic that’s a different kind of magic. That’s the reason why I wasn’t able to use magic. Existence magic is a magic that gives life to any matter, this girl is the holy sword Excalibur」

While shivering with a *gatagata* she mutter some kind of complaint. it was an unusual scene. It looks likes as if she was possessed by something…… That’s the kind of feeling that she gave. And I finally heard some words from obaa-san.

「N-no way……」


「Th-then we all…… became scoundrels right? As we had misunderstand it, we made a fool out of you…… That’s no good! You are an incompetent! You must be an incompetent!!」

Wh-what is she talking about? She’s already gone pass being insane……

「Please! You really are an incompetent right!? Just a while ago…… A trick…… Yes, it’s a trick!? That is why you’ll remain incompetent!?」

When Levi held out her hand, obaa-san’s body was tightly rigid, as if something invisible was binding her. To the extent that both her arms was attached closely to her body, it looks like she was being bind by something hard that she can’t even breath. She was trying to say something by opening her mouth but unfortunately I can’t hear any of it. And she had stopped thinking and gave up.

「Isn’t it painful?」

Her mouth was open and closing while her eyes was wide open, her face was completely red. It was natural that she can’t answer Levi’s question.

「This is the moment you bastard start suffering. Remember it. What did you bastard do to Rhode’s ability for the past three years?」

They had done various things. Pretty much when that fucking woman was pretending to be kind to me, it was something that was not told to me face to face. Ignoring it is a matter of course, the garbage waste was put in the entrance-way, the garbage waste was put in the mail post, or the garbage waste is flung against a window.[TN#1] Are? It’s almost related to garbage…… I think there were other things.

If I think of it now, it seems like a funny story. Her father got divorced and left their house. Because there’s only two of them living together, there’s no way she didn’t notice what her mother was doing to me. Damn it…… Why didn’t I……

Levi then loosens her bind. She started breathing rapidly, her shoulder was shaking and her snot was spilling out.

「I-I am! Not in the wrong! Because that is not a human!」

You cans still say that in this kind of situation? This is abnormal itself. And also kind of pitiful. Up until now, She have endured it with all her might that she didn’t even noticed it.

「You bastard’s magic…… Hmm, is just a water magic. Moreover it’s a low grade one…… So will you still try to fight? Rhode-sama’s existence magic had brought forth Excalibur-sama, you bastard’s puny water magic…… Let us try comparing who’s the more powerful one」

「W-why…… Ah, no that is……」

「Hmm? What’s the matter? You bastard say that you bastards are a competent person with confidence right? Then I see no problem there. Maa, if you bastard lose then you’ll just die. So are you up to it?」

Garbage Waste-san then falls silent. If magic can be used, one can understand that one can live their life without fighting even to the likes of demonic beast. Just look at her unattractive fat body. When my parents were still alive, I heard that they were good friends. and Garbage Waste-san should have been a salesclerk of the certain general store back then. She can’t even use her water magic properly.

「No going to do it? In other words, you then admit it. Compared to Rhode-sama, you bastard are far less incompetent than a trash」

「Ah…… Aa…… N-no……」

Being released from her bind, Levi placed her face close to Garbage Waste-san’s eyes. She then grabbed her hair, and forced her eyes to be at a distance that Levi and her nose would almost touch.

「Remember this throughout your file. Supposedly you bastard should have been already ripped from limb to limb by me, you’re are just alive because of Rhode-sama’s kind heart. If you understand then disappear from here. And never show up to us again. Next time you show up to me, I’ll let you suffer that you’ll wish to be killed instead…… Even if I have to be punished by Rhode-sama for it. You damn pig!」


Garbage Waste pig-san despite rolling over the ground when she tried running many times over managed to run inside her house. Looks like she’ll never manage to leave her home for the rest of her life. After having made sure of it, Levi deeply lowered her head towards me.

「Rhode-sama, what I have done was inexcusable. I have ignored your words and also resorted to violence. Whatever punishment you may bestow. Either by being whipped, or to be tied up and being left alone until you are satisfied……」

It might have been my imagination but face was turning red.
I was just my imagination right?

「N-no, Thanks Levi. It cleared my head. Therefore I won’t punish you. I’m more afraid that she couldn’t even leaver her house anymore」

「Is that so……desuka. I understand……」

She looked like somewhat disappointed. ……Are you such a person? [TN#2] This time Excalibur who was silently watching from behind us was uttering 「Umu」 in a low voice. Seems like she’s thinking of something.

「What’s the matter Excalibur?」

「Hmm, Umu…… Mine own lord, what seemeth to be had happed? T’is the first time for me to witness such a bewilder’d human being back there. Well, the lady did look liked just an ordinary civilian. It wast a fair share f’r the royal family」

「Is that so? Well, it seem abnormal though for you to think, but thats just normal around here」

「That is normal……? Mine own lord. Thee hadst endure that for three years? I didn’t bethink that it wast to that extent」

「Well…… Now that I think of it……」

「Rhode-sama, I also think that this is abnormal. That fellow seems to have a blind acceptance, to the point that their ideology feels like madness. I assume that it not only that person but the whole world itself, and with that no one can say that it is abnormal」

「Fumu…… So how was it from both of your era?」

「In mine own era, about a thousand years ago…… From that time magic wast bestow’d by God. Of course there were ones with weak powers. But none of those folk where looked down despite that」

「I have seen the human world for about 3000 years but I have been away from any human civilization for the past thousand years. Crown-sama sense his death drawing near, that’s why I came back here about a year ago nanodesu. I don’t know the recent events, but it was not at this state from at least a thousand years ago desu ne. There was the word incompetent but it wasn’t a word that describe a person with weak magic. When I heard some people gossiping by chance while I was shopping that time, I was aware that they are being treated as such existence. But I never knew that it was at this place……」

「So that means…… we somehow don’t know yet but did the world changed between this passed 1000 years? Well…… Even if we think about it, we wouldn’t get the answers. Well, for the time being let us set aside this story for another time. Before more additional trouble happens」

「I agree desu ne I have to clean this up as soon as possible…… Kukuku」

「I’ll then going to just comb mine own hair……Fufufu」

The two of you are too happy above all.

Translator’s Note:

1). Garbage Waste was referring to Rhode here.

2). LoL Rhode meant that of Levi is a M.

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