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Episode 06: Event

「Yes. It will be alright if you do it according to the practice we’ve done desu. Please give it to Excalibur similar to how you gave it to the cups and spoon in the basement. There are souls residing within these legendary arms masu. That’s why by giving them life, Rhode-sama will become more powerful masu」

During this past month, I’ve learned the method of using magic from Levi. For her appraisal magic, it was outrageous to know everything just by looking at it. For example just by looking at me, not just my height and weight, even what power I possess, she’ll understand it’s proficiency.

I haven’t ask her why a demon like her had been given magic by God. I can understand that it’s related to her gratitude toward Crown-san, I don’t care even though she is a demon, Levi is really a nice girl.

From what I have learned using Levi’s appraisal magic, my existence magic is still at its early stage, therefore I can only give life to only one object for now. Also it’s impossible to give life to an object that weights more than myself. And so, I begin the activating condition by touching the object. I can undo it without touching if it’s within my sight, at that time the remaining mana that I gave will return to me. If I gain experience the maximum allowance of magic also increases, with that I can give life to multiple objects and the weight limitation will ease up.

I cannot talk to the things given life but I can understand their feelings, they will follow only my orders. Also the object will gain a human figure leaving their former forms. When I have life to the cup in the basement the cup’s handle increased by four, they used it like their hands and feet to meet my orders. If the original form is a tool, it will prefer to give orders to it. For example, giving life to a shovel its preferable to order it to dig earth.

The durability of the object that was given life will depend on the material and shape of the object, otherwise it will be based on a special efficacy. Between an iron bar and a wooden rod, the life made with the iron bars will be stronger. But, if it’s between an iron bar an a wooden rod made from a sacred tree that processes special powers, it cannot be necessarily said that the iron bar will be stronger and so on.

「Will Excalibur’s power further rise up by giving it life?」

「That is correct desu. There are no souls in an ordinary objects but all legendary arms processes one arimasu. Perhaps it’s different from just giving life to an object, it might turns out to be an existence that kind-hearted to an extent, maybe? The fact that their powers are strengthened may mean that the power they themselves own can be handled better by themselves than by being used by others desu」

「I see…… At any rate, let’s try doing it」

I gave life to the legendary arm…… Somehow I was getting excited. I wonder what’s going to happen? If a conversation can be possible then this will going to be fun.

I concentrate my spirit and mana and applied existence magic to Excalibur. In other to distribute life, i have to have a firm image of pouring mana into the object. And I then poured the kneaded mana into Excalibur.

At that moment, Excalibur begins to shine. Separating from my hand, Excalibur floats into the air while gradually changing into its human form. And then, a human wrapped in white light got down the ground.


「It’s all according to what I expected desu ne. It’s right in the spot desu」

A the shining light weakens, the details become gradually clearer. Somehow or another, it looks like an armored knight. Its height is about 160cm if I’m right.
And the Excalibur’s human figure that finally appeared…… Was a real beauty.

「Excalibur…… She’s a woman!?」

「Muu, I didn’t know of it. Because ones gender isn’t listed in my appraisal magic node. I have never heard of this from Crown-sama desu ne……」

Excalibur who completely appeared has a long golden hair that reaches her waist and she is wearing a silver full-plate mail. On her back, she is wearing a crimson cloak, and has Excalibur itself hanging on her waist. When she slowly opened her eyes, she looked around restlessly and then began to check her body.

「Oh…… Oh! Oahhh!?」

Excalibur was surprisingly touching her body with a *petapeta* sound. She then noticed her appearance in the window glass this time and approaches it then raises her voice.

「A-amazing! There’s nay question that it’s completely how I imagine it! However, however……! I nev’r dream’d that such a day would arrive!」

That’s quite an old fashion way of speaking. Is it because she’s a sword from a thousand years ago? While hesitating for a little bit, I push myself into calling her.

「E, errr………」

「Oh? Oah! Why isn´t it mine own lord! Oh, how admirably this life that thee has’t given me. I giveth mine own full gratitude」

She greeted me with a smile while bowing deeply with her hands placed in her chest. I’m glad. Somehow she recognized me as her owner.

Still, she’s really a beautiful person. I know that I made this with my own magic, but she was quite like a human that I can’t even think of her as a weapon. I can only see her as a very beautiful woman.

「Nice to meet you Excalibur-san. It’s reassuring to see you pleased. And this might be a little hasty, but can you hear my request Excalibur-san?」

「By all means, mine own lord. I am now thy sw’rd. Doth not hesitate to asketh me. There is also nay needeth to useth honorific language toward me. My own body is to serveth mine own lord, so ’twill be quite troubling on the contrary」

「Well then…… I’ll be frank here. This was my house…… can you fix it?」

「This is nay trouble at all. Can thee moveth hence away for a little while?」

As Excalibur had told us, we took distance from the house. I was interested in how she’ll fix the house.

「There’s is an ability in one’s own sheath. That power is…… The power to turn back time」

Excalibur pulled out the sword and pierced it towards the house. Then light begins to emit from the sheath, the emitted light is then poured into the house where it was burned and became dust. The black ash soared and gradually returned to the shape of the house.

「It’s amazing……」

「Just like that in no time at all…… As expected of Excalibur’s magic sheath」

And in no time at all, my house was restored. The legendary Holy Sword is awesome……! Excalibur who just finished the matter turned toward us and laughed with a smile.

「Mine own lord, doest this satisfied thee?」

「Yeah! I’m completely satisfied. Thank you Excalibur」

「Ha ha ha! T’s nothing to be concern’d of. By the way…… I wonder how long can I possibly stayeth? I would like to enjoy with this body for a short while……」

「There’s a surplus of mana that I poured into you, if Excalibur doesn’t use any powers then you can keep it for a while longer. But it will lessen if you fight」

「I see, I see. Well then, let us quietly enjoy our time. For me who is a woman, this hair of mine! T’s mine own dream to comb mine own hair……」

「Excalibur-sama, I’m glad to meet you. I am Levi, a person who is serving Rhode-sama desu. If you do not mind at all, please make use of this」

While saying so, Levi took out a comb. It’s wooden made, in addition to that, it is quite well made. Just when did Levi…… Her preparation are so fast.

「Oah! Isn’t this girl also the one who serv’d Crown? I knoweth of thee. We cannot talk back then but we can heareth the voices ’round us. So this is a comb! Oah, how refine. I am grateful for letting me useth this」

「For starters, let’s enter the house for now. There are things that shouldn’t be talked outside」

「True desu ne. I also have to clean up the interior……kukuku」

It looks like her maid blood was getting fired up. It’s reliable, but I want her to refrain from that evil laugh.

At that moment, I suddenly heard a voice saying 「What!?」. I had an unpleasant premonition…… Or more precisely when I turned around I was almost convinced, it was the face I was familiar all too well.

「Wh-why is that!? How can the house…… Y-you’re still alive!?」

Looks like that girl’s mother had noticed us.

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