Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Episode 05: Excalibur

After a day of mourning we left the room where Crown-san took his rest, we were walking through the secret path that only the royal family had knowledge of.

「I want this to stay as it is. I don’t want to proclaim these imperial lands somehow」

I don’t want anyone disturbing his slumber. I want him to rest at ease.

「Yes. I also wish that it stays as it was. Crown-sama himself has said that I should follow you, but the truth is that it’s the other was around nodesu. I cannot bear to be alone. Originally I should have died much sooner, maybe I was probably living for this day desu. That’s why Roudo-san…… No, Roudo-sama. Thank you very much for dropping down here」

While saying so, Levi bows her head down. That’s kind of a strange was of thanking someone, well it was certainly as she had said, it was good that I fell here.

「What a way to say thanks. And, there’s no need to use -sama……」

「I humbly refuse shimasu」

I was instantly rejected. Well that’s fine.

「Besides, when Rhode-sama leaves here, we’ll severely punish those trash who made a fool out of you……」

Kukuku….., Levi expressed her wicked smile. Ah wait, she is a demon after all.

「Suddenly getting violent even without being stirred up……!」

「You are too soft ne…… Rhode-sama is way too kind」

「Because it’s pointless to pay them with violence right? Well of course I’ll retaliate if they do try to start a fight with me. I will not tolerate something like that」

Just recalling the things that was done to me in those three years do makes me angry. There’s no way that I’ll tolerate it. Of course the most aggravating one was Asna. Pretending to be gentle but was the exact opposite from behind…… Only her I’ll never forgive, even if she begs for a hundred times, no not even for over ten thousand times.

「Muu, Well then what do you intend to do now desu ka?」

「I’ve decided. My final aim is to be a brave hero. I’ll be a brave hero and will triumph over the world」

Crown-san’s last words. I’ll absolutely triumph over the world.

「I see. Now that we know what to do. So what should we do first masu?

「For starters let’s go back to my home for the time being. I can use and practice magic, but I want to hear more about skills and magic. And, to tell me more about this」

I then took out the black notebook. Although it was large enough to fit in to the pocket, it was massively heavy, there are a hundred kinds of legendary arms here. I have not yet know what kind of weapons are in here.

「Certainly. Let us confirm our current situation again. If we are in Rhode-sama’s home, then we can slowly discuss things right desu?」

「Yeah that’s right. By the way Levi…… What’s with that large baggage?」

Levi was carrying a backpack that was bigger than herself. It was already light brown in color as if showing it’s long service, I don’t know any of it’s contents but it was bulging. It looks quite heavy but it was being carried by her slender body. It seems like the fundamentals of a demon’s physical strength is much too different than a human being.

「Rhode-sama’s clothes and my clothes and some miscellaneous things are in here ii masu. The rest are things that can be sold for money. It cannot be help if we don’t have any money right?」

「Well that is right. I mean you even had our clothes in mind?」

My tattered clothes before were now changed into a clothing made of leather which was coordinated with black colors. It looks similar to what the guys on a thieves guild would wear, but it’s something Levi had chosen with special care so I will wear them with appreciation. Well I do like cool looking clothes.

「When I went to buy food, I choose something that fits Rhode-sama’s black hair. Did you like it?」

「Yes, Thank you. I’ll treasure it」

「I’m glad. Ah, in addition, we’ll be soon leaving masu. It will be exactly at 12 noon desu ne…… So please keep your eyes shut at that time. Rhodo-sama, you hands please」

「Ah, ok…….」

I grasped her hands tightly, I was getting nervous. It’s the first time for me to hold a girl’s…… Ah, no no. To be frank, What I’m mostly afraid of was going outside.
I wonder if I will surely recall everything so far. I now understand that I have a magic and skills, but can I really use them well? That’s what I’m worried about. I cannot erase the unpleasant image of me failing and be made a fool of again.

But…… Thanks to Levi, All those feelings vanished. A girl’s hand is really amazing.

「Rhode-sama, Please do not open your eyes desu yo. Well then, here we go masu」

She had guided me with her hand and then for the first time in a month, I went outside. My eyes kinda hurts a little, even while my eyes are still closed, I could feel the sunlight. When the wind passes through me, I could smell the soil and grass. I was a nostalgic feeling, even though it was just a month.

「Rhode-sama, how are you feeling desu ka?」

「Ah, not bad at all. I’m doing fine」

As my eyes are getting used to it, I gently open them. Although I can hazily see it, it seems to be at a place where there are plenty of stones. Or rather this is……

「This is…… a cemetery?」

「Yes. The hidden path leads toward the cemetery nodesu. it’s a place far from town and it’s also a place that was already forgotten」

I see. Definitely it’s much reasonable to make it in a place far from the public eyes. After my eye got accustomed to the sun, If I look around the town can be seen from afar.

「OK then, I’m al ready fine. let’s head to the town」

「Yes, I’ll be accompanying you masu」

We then started walking toward the town. Although I was a bit uneasy as I see the town, I somewhat gained some courage because Levi was walking besides me. It doesn’t matter whatever they say. Everybody look at me now…… I’m not an incompetent anymore.


When they saw me walking in town, everyone was surprised. Well that is to be expected. I disappeared for a month, I’m an incompetent who was wearing some proper clothes, furthermore I’m walking with a maid besides me. There’s no way that they won’t be surprised if they know who I am.

「Being stared at like that…… I’ll turn them all into cinders……」


「Muu, please pardon me. That was just the voice of my heart」

「O,ok…… Try to endure it please」

I’m glad no one came to question me…… For the time being, let’s just go home for now. If it stays like this, she may really do it. My house is in the place slightly away from the center of the town. It was in a very open place, there aren’t that many houses there besides the one next to us.

「If we turn right here, we can see my house. But it’s must be quite dirty now……」

「Please leave it all to me. I’ll put this skill of mine into use masu」

「Ok, I’ll leave it to you Levi. Hurry, it’s right over her……. Eh?」

「Muu, is that the one desu ka? Isn’t is a tidy house desu ka?」

「N, no…… That’s the neighbors’ house…… My house is……」

「……is it the burning one?」

Yeah…… The burning one….. It was my house. Why?

When I got nearer, my house was already gone. No, Even when we’re still far away, I already knew…… Why did my house got burned down?


「A, Ah…… It’s totally fine Levi」

That place was just a place where I can sleep and desperately survive in these past three years. However, I felt that the important house that I’ve spent with my parents was lost. Regret and vexations swells up as I clenched my fist.

「Probably it got burned down because I disappeared. I guess they want to make the incompetents’ house disappear. Good grief…… As if I’m gonna be annoyed by this insane guys. Haha……」

While staring at the black charred pillars that remained un-burned, Levi brought her body close to me who was laughing cravenly. I was startled a little, but thanks to her warmth, my emotions gradually relaxed.

「Thanks, Levi……」

「Rhode-sama…… Please keep this in mind masu. It will be alright, you already have the power to restore it back nodesu」


「Please open up your notebook. In the first page, call out the name that was written there」

I opened the black notebook. From the first page, and in there, a golden sword was drawn. In the past, it was said that it was a legendary weapon that will always glorify it’s owner. Its name was……


A short metallic sound was heard from the notebook. And then, slowly the handle of the sword appeared from the opened page. When i grasped it, the sword then gradually reappears from the notebook.

I felt that it was weightless as if I’m holding a feather. The golden handle, the sword guard, and the blade was shining like silver. It was breath taking, there was no need for unnecessary description.

「This is…… The legendary……」

Starting with Excalibur, all the legendary arms in this notebook are all arms that can be handed down even now. Everyone knows of their names, but nowadays only the legend was the only thing remaining. This Excalibur had once gotten the opportunity in the great war against monsters, only the lore that the Hero Arthur had wielded it got passed down.

「Yes. It’s Excalibur desu. It’s a legendary holy sword that can brings glory to its owner. Well then Rhode-sama, use your existence magic on Excalibur nodesu」

「Use my existence magic…… On this one?」

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