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Episode 04: Separation

A skill that can make the user handle any and every weapon perfectly…… I had such a power. I held the dagger that I brought that time for the first time in a while, I wasn’t in the know because I never really used any weapons.

「Even without any training, you can master a weapon that even experts who trained their entire life cannot hold a candle to you desu. Such incredible skill is very unique desu yo. I think that Rhode-san is very blessed. You should be really glad desu」

Rebecca was smiling with a grin, It made my heart unintentionally stomp a little. That smile without a doubt is a foul. Crown-san who also heard about my skill was very pleased.

「You have such a wonderful skill as Levi had said. To tell the truth skills are complicated in many ways. For example, you can speak louder than a person or you might have a strong resistance against the cold. But Rhode’s skill is no longer at a magical level」

I there such a questionable skill…… I’m glad mine isn’t like that. But rather than that, I’m glad that there are two other people who are also pleased about it. I’m thinking from the bottom of my heart, I was really glad that I didn’t die back then. I’m grateful for the magic and skill, but I’m more grateful that I came across these two people.

Talking about my circumstances had calm me down, in addition I also want to know something. While I was thinking on what to ask about, Crown-san nod with a smile.
Somehow it looks like as if it’s ok so I decided to ask without hesitation.

「Crown-san, Umm…… How can you still be alive? Even though you’re a king from the ancient times. And who is Rebecca? Why are you in such a place?」

「Fuahahaha! You have more question that I though. Well then, we should talk about it. Levi, can you explain about it. She can explain it much better than I can」

「Understood your Majesty. Ah, and Rhode-san. Can you also call me Levi desu ka? I’m much accustomed at being called by that name」

「Ok, I will」

「Well then, Where should we start? This is for the first question desu ga, this is his Majesty’s magic ability desu. As his name suggest, he has an enormous power for manipulating time ii masu. It made the flow of time in the body to move very slowly, so that’s why he can live for a long time as a result desu. The second question is about me desu ga, in reality I’m not a human…… I’m a demon nanodesu. Because a demon’s lifespan is eternally long, that’s is why I have been serving his Majesty for years now in other to return a great debt desu」

It’s like a fairy-tale that my mind cannot keep up with it. I have never heard such magic and those effect is out of this world. And Levi’s a demon? No matter how you look at her, she looks just like an ordinary cute girl. Levi continued talking to me who’s mind was already ready to burst.

「And finally desu ne. In fact, this basement is the actual basement of the former Vaendemion castle nanodesu. I just did something to the interior design so it will have rooms and a fireplace. Because his Majesty wanted it by all means. And his Majesty…… Came to this place in order to end his remaining life here nodesu」

「eh……? Wasn’t time being manipulated here? The he can live as much as he want……」

「No, time is just moving very slowly here nodesu. If time is completely stopped here, then his Majesty himself won’t be able to move masu」

「So that’s how it is. So his remaining life already gone. I now understand…… He probably doesn’t have much more time left」

「That…. Is right desu ka……」

Although I could finally meet a person who could understand me as a human being, that person’s life is almost at its end. Of course I’m glad about knowing my magic and skills. But the lonesome feeling was larger that that. When Crown-san saw me at that state, he gently smiled.

「Cease making that face. There are still some time remaining, so let’s talk a lot for the duration of the time. And train under Levi on your magic and skill after your injury is healed. So you can triumph over those who had made a fool out of you up until now」



And with that this is how my life started to move for the first time after these past three years. The dining table which was used by three people while having a pleasant conversation, and the various things I learned from Crown-san and Levi. Each and every one of them was a treasure to me. I never saw the day when I could talk with so much fun with someone.

I was taught the ability and the uses of the existence magic by Levi, she also kept me company thought-out my training. Crown-san desperately moves his body which has stopped moving, the taught me the fundamentals in fighting and how to strategize in battle. It was such a blessing, the genuine happiness made time pass in no time and a month had passed since I came here.

And then, the unexpected arrived.



「Your Majesty!」


Recently Crown-san’s physical condition was getting worse and worse. Even standing became difficult for him, and the days that he lied in bed continued. And today particularly he was panting violently. While we were sitting and having a meal, his breathing became painfully hard.

I had a bad feeling. But, I thought that he was still ok…… That was that I thought. However, when I thought and stared at Crown-san’s face, the vitality was fading. Then he smiled while he realized something.

「Apparently…… My time has come……」

This is the line that I didn’t want to hear most of all. As it’s a sad words that will end the pleasant time.

「Crown-san…… As expected…… It’s useless after all」

「It’s fine……. I had lived for too long. That’s why it’s alright. But Rhode, you must not die. Your life has just begun. Perhaps it was my fate that I had met Rhode. At my final days, it was really nice that I was able to save a future of a promising youth……」

「Crown-san…… If it was just sooner! If I meet you sooner……!」

Again my tears will come gushing out. Even though we meet after great pains, is it no good anymore? I still want to talk more and I still want to learn a lot. As if sensing my feelings himself, Crown-san gently smiles.

「I feel the same thing too. I though that I already lived long enough, then after meeting Rhode I though that I want to live a little longer. I had such a feeling for a long time. But as expected the shine in my life is at its end. I’ll be deadwood throughout eternity. Levi, can you bring me that please」

「Your Majesty…… Will you be giving it no desu ne?」

「I considered sleeping together with it, but I’ll entrust it to Rhode. I thing they will be very pleased」


Levi then went into the room at the back then returned after a few minutes. She was holding an old notebook in her hands. Crown-san received the black leather notebook from Levi, he then stared at it with nostalgia.

「Thanks Levi. Well then, Rhode. This is one of my magic tool, in this…… are…… there are 100 types of legendary arms. This…… I will give to you. It is a perfect for for your skill right?」

「Legendary arms? I have heard of stories that those were lost from the great war…… They’re all here?」

「Yes. The remaining ones…… I have gathered here. Well, it was just my hobby. Do accept it」

The black notebook Crown-san handed down was quite heavy, all it’s pages are made of metal. When I turned the pages to see it, in the metal page was the carving of the weapon’s image with the weapon’s name.

「Remember this Rhode. These legendary arms have tremendous power. Never use them in the wrong way. Open the page and call its name, and that arm will appear from the notebook. Each one of them has their own special abilities…… Ask Levi for further details」

「Your Majesty, I……」

「Levi…… Regarding the debt of gratitude you are giving me, you have already returned every bits of them. Support Rhode for now on. I will not permit you to die with me. This is…… My final wish before my eternal rest. Please」

「……I understand. Crown-sama」

「Thanks Levi…… Well then, I’ll be sleeping now……」

「Crown-san…… Your hand」

Another person is needed to support and accompany Crown-san who cannot walk anymore. When I met Crown-san, he was still had a well built body, but before we knew it it became really small. It was really painful to see, my eyes begin to cry again.

When we reached the bed, we lied Crown-san down. When i put the sheet over Crown-san’s body, He again game me his thanks.

Each time he talks, I cannot hear his kind voice anymore, I tried stopping my tears but it wouldn’t stop falling. Crown-san looks at the two of us with his gentle eyes.
And then he slowly began to talk.

「Levi, until now I thank you. Because you where there, I was able to last without any inconvenience. So this time try to enjoy more of your life. Is that fine?」

「Yes, Crown-sama. I was happy…… That I could meet you」

Tear begun to fall on Levi’s eyes. She was looking at Crown-san without wiping her tears this time. When Crown-san puts out his hands, she covered it with my own and nodded many times. Crown-san gently gazed at Levi and after that looked back at me this time.

「Rhode, I leave Levi to you. She had accompanied me for a very long time. Let her enjoy more of life…… I entrust her to you」

「Yes I will, And if Levi wishes for it…… I’ll keep that promise without fail」

「Good…… To tell you the truth Levi is my final regret.[TN#1] It was really nice that we met Rhode. Thanks」

「That’s my line…… Thank you so much……!」

「Good good. Rhode, enjoy your life. The world…… Looked down at you……. You…… Surely……」

Crown-san then finally fell to his eternal rest. Really…… Is as if he was just sleeping. In the sadness inside of me, I imitated the smile of the legendary king.

Translator’s Note:

1). Crown meant that he regrets that he can’t give Levi the life she really deserves before his final days.

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