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Episode 03: Salvation

My body was very warm and it felt quite pleasant. Ah…… Is this heaven? At last, I’m glad that I’m in a world where I hate nothing. I feel like I’m so light, as if i can fly up at any moment. So without thinking, I tried to raise my body and then pain surges allover my body.


「Muu, have you come around now? You shouldn’t get up as of yet」

「Eh……? I……?」

Am I alive? Apparently, I’m sleeping on a bed. When I looked around, only the light on the fireplace was illuminating the dim room. And a single woman was watching over me. She has a long white hair, tanned skin and was wearing a maid outfit. She was half amazed while looking at me

「Good grief. I didn’t think that there’s anyone who will think of entering that well. I’m really amazed desu」

「I am…… Alive?」

「Yes, you’re alive masu. You seem to have hit your head hard desu ne. Well we haven’t reach the important matter」

I see….. I didn’t die. I wished I could have died while sleeping. Well then, where in the world is this?

「Where are we……? How did you find me? How did you carried me out of that well?」

「Muu, you sure have lots of questions desu ne. This is his majesty’s home hidden inside the well desu. Instead of finding you, it’s more like you fell here nodesu. In this house」

The things I don’t understand keeps piling up. Inside the well? His Majesty? Fall down?

「Ju-just what do you……」

「Ahー Yeah sure. I understood. Will you sit down for a moment masu yo? I’m going to slowly give you the explanation masu. This will be a special treatment desu. Ah, can you give me your name first?」

「Ye-yeah…… It’s Rhode……」

「Rhode-san desu ka, such a good name desu ne. I’m called Rebecca. Nice to meet you. And this is the house inside the well you just entered nano desu. Do you understand until that part desu ka?」


Of course I can’t still understand it. But I’ll listen to her explanation for the time being.

「So the master of this house is his Majesty, Crown Vaendemion. He was a legendary gentleman who once unified the world desu」


Vaendemion was the name of a country from a long time ago. I don’t understand a thing at all. Then did that king unified the world?

「Muu, what do you not understand? I’m kinda troubled here」

I’m the one who is troubled though. I manage to think with my head that still can’t function well yet. Something like that is too absurd!

「In other words, there is a house inside the old well, and…… that king from the ancient time is still alive, and I fell right in this place…… Did I get it right?」

「Muu, so you do understand. Wonderful. Good job masu」

Rebecca applauded with a clap. I thought this was all a dream, but when I move my body the severe pain taught me that this was reality. There’s a lot of things I don’t know, but I’ve decided to what should I do.

「For helping me back there, thanks. But, I really wanted to die back there」

「Muu, Why desu ka? You’re still young, and you have such an incredible power noni」

「Haha…… There’s no incredible power from an incompetent like me. Being consoled is pleasant. But that’s not the reason I wanted to die」

「Hou, well then, can you talk more of this with me?」

「AH, your Majesty」

An old man suddenly appears from the dark that scared me. Apparently this person was named Crown Vaendemion, the legendary king who once unified the world…… it seems. I don’t believe it.

「You don’t believe it just yet. Ah, calling me Crown-san is fine for now. Because I’m not the king anymore and it was from a long time ago」

「Eh!? Ah, ok……」

It seems like he had read my mind. No way, mind reading magic? Crown-san slowly sat down on the chair and then stared at me. Long blond hair, and quite well-built. And surely that appearance, but still I can’t believe that he was alive for so long.

「Well let’s hear it. Is it fine for you to just die?」

「……It’s fine. It’s a dull story though」

I told them everything. Without any exaggeration, just the straight fact. Crown-san kindly listen in silence. He was listening to my story seriously while occasionally nodding. No one has ever listened my story this way so far.

At first I was talking calmly, but the emotions I was gradually suppressing exploded. The overflowing tears and emotions wouldn’t stop, I vented everything to a person I just met for the first time.

「That’s why…… Damn! *hick*…… I want to die!」

「I see, I see…… That was really harsh on you. You did well hanging on. You’re incredible」

He put his hand on my shoulder, with a gentle voice Crown-san put up some good words for me, I clung to him and then cried my eyes out. Crown-san tapped my back with a *ponpon*, and then he comforted me.

When I calmed down I saw Rebecca, she seems to be moved with tears, she then noticed that I was looking at her and she quickly wiped her tears with her sleeve. Crown-san too seems to have noticed it.

「Hnn? Why are you crying Levi?」

「I-I’m not crying. I’m really not crying! I just have something in my eyes……」

Both of them are good people…… I just met this people much sooner, my life might have changed for the better. Rebecca was rubbing her eyes for quite a while now, but after she was finished, she had a strange expression while her hands was on her chin.

「Even so, something seems wrong desu ne…… Because I saw it, you are not a manipulation magic user desu」


「Levi…… Ah, that’s Rebecca’s nickname. Her magic is called appraisal magic. It’s a magic that can see everything」

I haven’t heard of appraisal magic before. In someway I don’t know the current situation, I had researched lots of things about magic but I knew nothing of such magic.

「Hou, is my magic really not a manipulation magic?」

「Yes. Your real magic is existence magic. It’s a wonderful magic that can give life to any matter desu. I have seen the world for a long time, it’s a rare magic that is rarely seen desu」

Existence magic is it? I have never heard of it either. Then at that time just why……?

「B-but the priest in the temple said that it was manipulation magic……」

「This is only my guess…… Maybe there is no concept of existence magic in this era. So that’s why they’ve decided that it was closer to the category of manipulation magic. Manipulation magic is a magic that can manipulate matter after all」

「For such a stupid reason……」

「By the way, the usage is completely different between manipulation magic and existence magic masu. So that’s just natural that you can’t used the magic when you’re convinced that it was manipulation magic desu ne. Such a sad misunderstanding desu」

The what was my life then until now. All those pain were futile pain, all those days were all in vain…… Are you saying it’s like that.

「Rhode. Your painful feelings were fully transmitted. But, you can still start over. You are still young. Even now, it not too late」

「Crown-san…… I……」

Crown-san smiled and strongly nodded while holding my shoulders.

「It’s alright Rhode. I understand how you felt. But from now on, you’ll start your new life」

「That’s right desu. Furthermore you have such incredible skills de arimasu. God doesn’t give humans two gifts ii masu, but it seems like you are an exception desu ne」


「It is somewhat like a talent desu ne. Like me desu, I have the skill as a maid that can accomplish all my entire housework flawlessly masu. It’s absolutely perfect desu」

Is that also a kind of skill? Seems like it’s isn’t some kind of special power.

「Everyone posses a skill, but without appraisal magic you cannot know of it. Most people live their lives without knowing their skills. Those skill that match your work can be indispensable in that field. But unless the skill and your line of work match the you wouldn’t get good results」

「I see…… Then about magic……」

「Yes, magic is a visible talent. That’s why skill is a kind of support. Magic and skill, people who’s blessed with both of these can reach a new heights」

Crown-san probably was blessed with both. That’s why he became an amazing king.

「So Levi. What is Rhode’s skills?」

「Yes. Rhode-san’s skill is all martial arts. It’s an outrageous skill that can make the user handle any and every weapon perfectly desu」

Character Illustrations

Rebecca Dei Almorond

Crown Vaendemion

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