Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Episode 02: Darkness

On my way home, the town entrance was somewhat noisy. There’s a lot of crowd on the street and they seem to have been waiting for something. I would like to ask someone but no one will do something as to answer me. The loud cheers can be heard from the back, well it has nothing to do with me. When I looked back, to my surprised there was a crowd cheering for the rumored brave heroes.

「Ah, So that’s it」

It was the brave heroes that I was aspiring to be. Their face was full of confidence and the they were walking with an attractive figure. They seems be use their amazing magic on everything. Their companions seem to be quite excellent as they are also currently attracting attention. The brave hero were asked by everyone to a handshake, and they were responded with nonstop cheering.

To be frank, I didn’t want to see it. Because I’ll just feel miserable. I wish I knew it from the newspaper, I thought like that while they stayed in front of my sight.

「Why am I……」

I guess it’s because I’m incompetent. I cannot be a brave hero. At lease make me able to use magic normally. Maybe, perhaps Asna too……

At that moment, the brave heroes stopped suddenly and talked to a single woman. For some reason I wasn’t able to understand it. With a obscured uneasiness, I had a strange premonition. That’s why, when i got closer to hear the conversation I was shocked. The one the brave hero was talking to…… Was Asna.

「I knew it, it’s you…… I apologize for being sudden, won’t you be one of my companions?」

「Eh? Yo-you’re talking about me?」

「Yeah, that’s right. I could feel some amazing power from you. We came here because we were lead here by that power. Come with us」

L-lies…… Why is it Asna……? Certainly Asna’s magic is amazing, she’s the best user in this town. But why do they bothered recruiting her all away from this town? How did they know about Asna?

The brave hero and Asna talked intimately. I never seen Asna with such a happy face. B-but Asna was suppose to worry about me…… And she said that she like this town, and didn’t decide to leave here. It’s aright, everything’s alright.

However, contrary to my feelings, Asna who was staring at the brave hero has her cheeks blushing. Stop it…… Don’t look at that brave hero with such face! If Asna is gone then I’m……!

「Y-yes! Please take good care of me!」


「Alright! Lilith’s detection magic is amazing as always. We can encounter someone with awesome magical capabilities」

「That’s only natural. Who do you think I am?」

「Haha! That’s right. Ah, sorry about that. We haven’t done any introductions. My name is Roy. Though I’m being called a brave hero, I’m still at tranning. Let’s do our best together!」

「I-I am called Asna! Please take good care of me! E-erm! I have to meet my parents first……」

Please stop it……

「Of course. We have to tell them first」

「It will be alright. If something happens I’ll protect you」

「Thank you very much! This is like a dream…… I’ll do my best!」

Such a happy look……

「Well then, let’s go. Everyone, later!」

The whole town gave their blessing. The applause and cheers were nonstop. I could only just stood there on the spot.


Before I noticed it, I already arrived at my house.  Apparently it seems like I was walking home until before I knew it.  I don’t care about anything and everything anymore.

If this is a dream please wake me up, At that exact time Asna came out of their house with the brave hero beside her and they look like they’re having a enjoyable conversation.  I knew it…… It was the read deal.

「Well then, we’ll be departing tomorrow. Do prepare」

「Ok! Understood」

「Then, see ya」

The brave hero then leaves.  Asna was staring with glittering eyes.  I have never seen her with that king of expression.  She never shown that king of smile to me, please don’t show that some to some guy you just met today……

I was staring at Asna, our eye then met and noticed me.  She rushed up to me as usual.  She was smiling different from before.

「Hey Rhode! I’m going to tell you something amazing! I was invited to brave hero-sama’s party!」


「A-ah…… Is that so. That’s amazing, aren’t you glad」

「I was surprised! They suddenly stopped in front of me! Won’t you be our companion? Becauseー! He’s so coolー!」

Forgive me……

「Congratulations Asna. If it’s Asna then it will all work well…… Good luck」

「Yup! Thanks Rhode! Ah, Rhode good luck too.」 Well then」

After saying that, Asna went home.  She didn’t looked back at all.

Ah…… I just noticed. I’m such an idiot Regarding Asna, I’m such……


I lay in a bed and looked up at the ceiling.  My mental support will disappear tomorrow.  I’ll surely forget this all soon.

「I don’t wan this…… but……」

It was sad, it was agonizing, it was mortifying, my life was dominated by these emotions, she made me feel glad that I’m the only one she cared.  Up until now, I was was glad that she had supported me, but it’s fine now.  God have her the reward she deserves for being gentle toward me.  Therefore I’ll see her off smiling.
And then, someday I will master my magic……

「Asna, congratulationsー!」

「Take careー! But I think you’ll be fine because you’re with the brave hero!」

「Ahaha! That’s true!」

「Everyone thanks! I’ll do my best!」

When I opened my window, I heard everyone’s blessing on Asna’s house next door.  It seems like it was a farewell party.  Let me participate too.

It sounds like they’re having fun, Asna’s joyful laughter echoes.  Gradually it became harder to hear, seems like the party had finished. One by one, Asna’s friends went home, she was talking something with the last visitor at their door. Looks like it’s her bestfriend. I wonder if she regretted being separated from each other.

「Still it was fortunateー before that guy could do anything weird」

That guy……?

「If you’re besides an incompetent the incompetence will move to you right? You didn’t know?」

Ah….. So it’s about me…… The incompetence will be transferred…… There are such talks like that. That’s right…… Even if everyone knew it didn’t matter to me. Asna really helped me well. Thanks.

「Hnnー I just considered that incompetent just because of how he looked. It’s like feeding a pet I think? If you looked down on someone you’ll be ready motivated, I’m glad I’m done doing that! Just look at the result? I got blessed with such a reward!」

……Eh? Ju-just now, Asna…… Eh? Ju-just wait the damn…… minute…… My heart is full of pain. What is this….. What the hell is this! I don’t understand it I don’t understand it I don’t understand it!

「Ahー…… Now I see. If you faced the incompetent then you’ll be more motivated. But it’s impossible for that incompetentー. Because that’s not even considered a person」

「I knew it! Well I won’t ever see him anymore so I don’t even care. He’ll die if I leave. Well, will anyone even mourn, if such an incompetent disappear」


「That’s obvious! I wish he dies soon. I think I’ll do my best because I don’t want to turn out that way, he was really an eyesore」

「Surelyー. Ah, will he really die? His face looks deadー when I told him that I’ll go with brave hero-sama. I was desperatelly trying not to laugh that timeー! He seems to have misunderstood me」


「No, I’ll laugh if it was me. But if brave hero-sama didn’t stopped in front of you then it will all fail right?」

「I fully understand thatー! Ah, which reminds me after……」

From the very start, there was no such thing as salvation.


Let’s do it right here. This abandoned old well hasn’t been used for decades. If i enter through here, no one will surely noticed that I’ve died. She said that nobody will mourn even if I die. That’s why from the start, I want to die without anyone noticing. I just want to die without being bothered that someone will find my body.
Because in this world, hope is nonexistent.

That sad expression she showed to me. I could have hide it in my mind if I didn’t noticed it, but because I did noticed it that’s why I can remember it well. Certainly it was such a sorrowful sight. But…… her mouth slipped a little. I was being scorned. In her eyes, I was a pathetic creature. I cannot bare the truth any longer.

I placed the dagger on my waist and then I entered the well. Even though it was said that this have been an abandoned old well, water may begin to gush out again. At any rate, I definitely want to die. I’ll take my life silently at the bottom of the well with this dagger.

I proceed towards the bottom with both my hands and feet supporting my body. No light shines inside the well, the darkness was pitch black similar to my life. This is the most suitable place for me to die.


The rock my hand was holding on to suddenly broke off, my feet slipped and I then lost my balance thus falling down to the bottom of the well.


It seems that I certainly fell at a high point, although I fell down on my feet my head hit the ground really hard. Even if I try to close then open my eyes, all I can see was the same darkness. I can feel the blood flowing from my head. The sensation on my arms and legs are gradually disappearing, strength was also gradually weakening.

Ah…… So this is the feeling of dying. It was a really meaningless life. It was futile, there’s no salvation……

「It’s…… so frustrating…………」

Tears and blood soaked my face. As my consciousness gradually fades away, I assimilated with the darkness.

Character Illustrations

Rhode Irvine

Asna Lindtale

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