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Title: 邪神を喰った少女は異世界を救済します
Romanji : Jashin wo Kutta Shoujo wa Isekai wo Kyuusaishimasu
Translated Title: The Girl Who Defeated an Evil God to Save the Other World.
Author: 犬社護 [Inu Mamoru]
Translated By: GM_Rusaku
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Shimizu Akane, the main character who was summoned with her whole class. She alone was despised by the Goddess, even looking at her status all her ability was mediocre. She only had two skills, 「Incompetence」 and 「Free Dream」, nothing else was there even if you reached the magic section. Using the Goddess’s abhor as a motivation, she follows the path to calamity, resulting in confronting the Evil God. Either she dies in obscurity or pursue a path to happiness, she tries out her fate.

~Chapter 1 The Thelmia Kindom's Imperial Capital Arc~
Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6

Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Part 1 – The Sudden Other World Summoning

When I looked at the alarm clock when it rang, it was 6 o’clock in the morning. Me as Shimizu清水 Akane whose currently a highschool student, has her living rhythm unchanged. Now then, shall we prepare for breakfast? We are a family of 4, both my dad and mom works and my little brother is still at an age of 9 yrs old so there’s no way I can tell my tried sleeping parents to do the breakfast preparation. Since I was a junior highschool student, I’ve learned cooking from my mom and now I became more skilled than my mother, so I was in charge of cooking. Well it’s fine as it’s fun to make them.

I fixed my outfit and then went to the washbasin, I then checked my face and hair style. Haa〜, my figure is so ordinary, can’t be helped if there’s a pimple on my face or something〜 Plus, my eyesight are as low as 0.01 so glasses are a must. If I consult with Mika美香.

「Finally, you started caring! Next time, we’ll do some image change. We’ll surprise all the boys」

Why is she so pleased. I’m not such a beauty though.
Well then, let’s take care of this and start cooking!

—— An hour later

「Well then, Akane, Kenichi健一, we’re off. We’ll be home by around 18 o’clock」
「I don’t think that’s possible, Kenichi pay attention to the cars ok」

「Un, have a safe trip!」
「Otou-san, Okaa-san, take care」

I still have some time.

「Kenichi, shall we do the dishes together?」

Today’s Math and World History, there will surely be a quiz. Let’s prepare once we arrive in the classroom. Now then, all the chores are done. The time is, 7:30.

「Well then, let’s go to school」
「Un, I’m all ready Onee-chan」

I brought Kenichi to his elementary school and I then headed towards the highschool. Huh, isn’t that Mika over there? That girl is Shimasaki島崎 Mika美香, my best friend. I ran toward her then tapped her shoulder.

「Ohayou Mika, you’re early today」
「Akane〜, ohayou〜, I need your immediate help〜」

Ah, it’s about the short test. I too haven’t review for it. Mika has extraordinary reflexes, and a super-cutie to boot, just that studying is her weakness. By the way, I’m not athletic, I have an ordinary face, and only super-good at studying. Anyhow, I’m at the top of the grade.

「Got it. But for now, because I can’t do anything else I’ll just pick-up the places that will show in the test」

「That will really save me Akane-sama!」

There’s no helping it. While we were talking about the test problems we then arrived at the classroom in no time. It’s he first class this morning, so we have about half of the time before we get into the test. Ah, those guys are here too. I hope nothing goes wrong. Mika then greeted everyone at once. I also said my greetings.

「Everyone〜, Morning」

「Good morning Shimazaki-san, you’re fine as always. Good morning to you too Shimizu-san」
「Ah, Sakuragi-kun morning」

Sakuragi桜木 Haruhito春人, this person even if it’s a guy or a girl, he’ll be kind to anyone. Because he has an ikemen face, he was very popular to both guys and girls. Even now, the girls are starring like daggers at me just because I was called out.

Those four girls were Kaneko金子, Aoki青木, Kokura小倉, and Kotou江東. So I called their group the Team Kaneko. These girl’s leader was Kaneko after all, why is it that they always flare up just because I talked to Sakuragi. I’m just greeting him. It is only that, so just why? But it’s different when its Mika, am I not noticing something here? I’ll just sit down for the time being.

「Akane〜 please quickly teach me」
「OK! Lets first start with mathematics.」

「If we based it by sensei’s character, this five will probably show up 」

「Geh! All these problems are difficult. But Akane says that this will have a high chance of showing〜. I somehow can’t understand it」

In this way I was studying with two others, I’m making a memo of the things that the other guys and girls had pointed out. Honestly, I wanted to quit at each and every time this happens. Even if it is a hit or a miss both will not benefit me. If my prediction was a hit, everyone will be happy. Naturally Sakuragi will be happy, but the girls (mainly Team Kaneko) will call me out later to find some faults. And if it was a miss, those who I’m not close with will get angry at me. In that case, I’ll just think of telling them 「Just do it yourself then」, Mika will be then sad and rebuke everybody. After all, I already expected this behavior on a test, there’s no merit for me, it’ll be just a demerit. Well if Mika is happy then that’s fine. If anything, since this is related to Mika, it’s a great relief that she isn’t bothered by the girls of Team Kaneko. Are, isn’t this a merit for me?

The mathematic test just ended. This time, since three out of the five predicted problems appeared, no one gave any criticism. Isn’t this the best pattern?

「Akane〜 Arigatou. Thanks to the solved three questions, I think I’ll get about 60 in the score」
「Really, that’s good then. Next will be world history, will you be ok? I can’t predict any of those」
「Well I’ll do better in this compare to mathematics」

That’s true〜. Because I focused too much, my eyes got tired for a bit. I’ll leave the classroom for just a little bit. I went to the hallway then removed my glasses. Phewー, should I use contacts instead? I’m a little worried about the unusual thing Mika will recommend.


Someone called to me. It was Sakuragi-kun.

「Sakuragi-kun what’s the matter?」
「Ah, no, about the test just now, thanks for predicting it. You really saved me back there」

? Why are you so flustered?

「I’m happy that I could be of help」
「Say, Shimizu-san why won’t you switch to contacts lens? Wouldn’t it be better than glasses?」

「Ahー, that’s right, I was thinking about it just now. When I asked Mika, she said that it will be absolutely better, so I’m thinking of switching with it soon」

「I-is that so. I think contacts will definite suit you better!」
「Really? Thanks」

Ah, the chime just rang.

「The next class will be starting, we should go back」
「Yeah, you’re right」

Sakuragi-kun, why is his whole face smiling? Did something good happened?
I wore my glasses back then went back inside the classroom.

When the test on world history was over and everyone took a rest, an unusual accident occurred. The floor is shining? Also, what’s with this pattern? Everyone started making an uproar.

「Oi, what is this? A magic square? Isn’t this dangerous!」
「The door won’t budge. It’s no good, we can’t escape」
「That’s a lie. Wait, what’s going to happen to us?」
「Don’t ask me」

Woahー, everyone is making a ruckus. Ahー, there’s no mistake that this is an otherworld summoning or something. I know it because I’ve read from lightnovels and webnovels. I was able to calm down because I can see everyone’s manner of panicking, I thank you all. The light was rapidly getting stronger. From here on, I lost consciousness.

——–What is it, I can’t open my eyes. But I can hear something.

「Saria-sama〜〜. Those who were summoned as you’ve instructed were send to the country who were summoning them. Just that, this girl is the only remaining one and her skill hasn’t even set yet. What should we do?」

「Fu〜n, that girl, I don’t like her〜〜」

「That is, no matter how you put it, isn’t that pitiful? She’ll immediately die if we send her now」

「Geez, it can’t be helped〜. Ah there, I’ll give this to her then〜. Hahaha, accept this〜〜. Look at this, this status, it’s really laughable〜」

「Uwa, that’s so cruel! Do you hate her that much?」

「Isn’t that obvious〜. Well, She’ll die within just three months」

「Well then, I’ll send her with this」

「Yes ye〜s, go survive somehow down there」

Somehow, it seems like I was treated really absurdly.

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Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Part 2 – Audience With The King

We were not in the classroom by the time we noticed it. Are we in a wide basement? I wonder. My classmates were besides me and we are on a circular base with a 10m diameter. And outside the the base are perhaps a group consisting of a princess, minister, mages, knights, the all total up to ten people. All of them seems to be rejoicing.

「Hime-sama, the hero summoning was a smashing success. Congratulation 」

「Right, Gallot, it’s a success. With this the other countries will also rejoice 」

The princess was about our age, she was a soothing beauty. Gallot, his age seems like in his forties, looking at him give the feeling of him being a mage-like I guess? This really is an otherworld summoning. When I looked around, seems like some people had already noticed it. Before anyone noticed me, I have to gather more information. In cases like this, I have to calmly deal with this, most main characters in webnovels are doing this.

Eh, are? I can somehow understand the language from a different world. Maybe the otherworld language was embedded into us during the summoning. Why? Because the Goddess is involved. Oh yeah, surely that I can see my own numerical status. Let’s try whispering it.


Ah, it appeared. Suddenly thinking of this, webnovels does have this kind of development so it certainly does help. Besides, I have a bad feeling about the voices I heard before coming here. I looked at my own status silently. OK then.

Shimizu Akane
Unique Skill:
Free Dream
The One Disliked By The Goddess
Some Comments from the Goddess:
Inferior soldiers have an average status of 150 right〜 With the exception of you, all has at least 300 . Too bad, good-for-nothing!

—-Right on the mark〜! I’m a good-for-nothing. This word was too much. What the hell is incompetence? Is this a joke? Calm down, We still don’t know it yet. Maybe it’s a cheat skill that can nullify all skills and magic. Right, at times like this I have to touch it to make the explanation come out. Alright, it came out.

Whoever have this skill, any kind of effort they bleed out will not yield any result.
Free Dream:
You can do anything, only in your mental world.
The One Disliked By The Goddess
Because the Goddess absolutely hates you, you won’t attain happiness.

—Don’t fuck with meー! At what part of this should I tsukkomi at. Just what did I do! It’s like you’re saying that I’m already a goner as soon as I was summoned. Incompetence, it just has the same useless meaning. There’s no helping it when the Goddess herself detest me. Besides, my unique skill is also useless. Anyone can do this even without this skill. I suddenly reached my limit. In this case making a good use of this unique skill is unthinkable, well then I’ll just won’t move regardless of the situation. Everyone already noticed! Seems like the princess has start her explanation.

「Everyone from another world, welcome to the world of Spherethaliaスフィアタリア. I am Thelmia Kingdom’s first princess, Maria Thelmia」

While everyone was confused Sakuragi-kun stepped forward.

「I’m Sakuragi Haruhito. We are summoned from a different world?」

「Yes, for further details you should speak with the king of this country」

Everyone was starting to make an uproar, but because of Sakuragi-kun’s talk everyone seems to had calm down. I was unwilling but I decided to go to the king. I was interested on what kind of abilities everyone received. At least those will be all better than mine. I don’t know how I should act. At any rate, lets observe the situation. If I make a wrong choice here then it’s off with my head. We had then arrived to the king. It’s as expected, the king was in a high location therefore he was looking down at us. He has this intimidating aura, he is the king after all. It also seems like that his charisma was also high.

「People from the different world, I am the king of this country, France Thelmia. I apologize for the unreasonable summoning this time. I’m really sorry」

Are, that’s unexpected. In most novels the kings are some arrogant guy that summoned us in order to fight for their war, I kinda expected him to have us all equipped with a bracelet of slavery. I seriously apologized from the bottom of my heart. Everyone was also surprised.

「I think everyone of you wanted to complain toward me. But first of all I would like you all to hear my explanation of the situation before that」

Sakuragi then replied.

「Properly speaking there are various things that I want to voice out, but first of all I would like to ask Ou-sama’sThe King story」

「Well then, my gratitude. There’s only one reason why we were forced to summon you all. I want you all to re-seal the Evil King before he is resurrected, it was said that he will be resurrected in about a few years from now. To re-seal the evil King, you need the help of the Holy Sword that only a Hero can wield」

「Ou-sama, I want you to forgive this remark of mine. I am Sakuragi Hirohito. In other words, among of us who was summoned from a different world, is a hero who can wield the holy sword am I right?」

Sakuragi-kun asked it franklyー. It that was me then it will be a lese majeste, I might have my head chopped off the spot. Because my Luck is 0.

「It saves me that you quickly understand it. You’re right, this otherworld summoning was done in times when the Evil King’s resurrection draws near. Roughly every 100 years the seal for the Evil King will weaken, and each time that happens it is re-sealed with the use of the holy sword. Of course when it is successfully re-sealed we then managed to return the summoned people to their original worlds」

It’s far different form the webnovels I’ve read. But can we trust them? i can’t really tell from the present case. At any rate, It’s not the Maou but The Evil King huh. Everyone was thinking in wonder. Ah, Ryuuzaki竜崎-kun seems like he want to say something.

「Hey Ou-sama, are you fine with just re-sealing it instead of killing it?」

「How dare you talk like that to the king」

「Throw that guy to the prison」

The surrounding started making an uproar. Normally if you talk like that to a king then it’s committing lees majeste. Ryuuzaki-kun are you aware or not that you’re doing a very nasty smile right now.

「Everyone please calm down. That’s right, we just re-seal it. But it is also possible to kill the Evil King with the use of the Holy Sword. But on the fight 500 years ago, the world itself was exposed to the risk of ruins. The more people dies, the more the Evil King then get stronger. At that moment the Evil King has an absurd strength . Perhaps if you do fight, even if you attain victory you’ll receive a terrible strike from the whole races. That is what I want to avoid at all cost. According to the documents, although they had sealed it, it seems that a quarter of the entire population died at that moment」

「Seriously. It was indeed convincing. And one more thing, don’t we have to defeat the maou?」

I wonder if Ryuuzaki is really an idiot. Hora, the surrounding is starting to make a racket again. Try reading the situation! At the time where the word “Maou” didn’t even surfaced, we can only imagine.

「This bastard, such disrespect to the Maou, my king you should cut down this Ryuuzaki guy here right now 」

Wait, isn’t being cut down a bit too much? Ryuuzaki himself was quire flustered.

「Oi, wait a minute. In our world humans and animals were tormented by the demons, it’s just common sense for the maou to be the last boss. It was my bad, I thought that it was the same here as well」

With his statement, seems like that everyone was convinced for the time being.

「The one called Ryuuzaki. Only this time, we’ll forgive you. But the next time you make a remark making fun about Maou-sama or the demon race, no matter the reason you’ll be executed on public. Do you understand!」

Eh, I don’t understand the public position of the demon race in this world. In other words, there’s no doubt that he is in a considerately noble position than we are.

「My bad. I’ll pay attention on my remarks from now on」

It seems like Ryuuzaki was also surprised with this. Ah, Sakuragi seems to begun his move.

「Ou-sama, I now understand the matter, I don’t think that we have such abilities with in us」

「People who have been summoned from another world should have been granted special abilities by the Goddess. Since you were just summoned today, please focus on getting a hold of your abilities as a priority. Say the words “Status Open” and you can see it for yourselves. Maria, lead the summoned people to their own separate rooms. Let us talk about your abilities for tomorrow」

And thus, all twenty-five of us were guided to each of our own rooms. Regardless, it seems like they have rooms for all the summoned people. And now I’m all alone in my room.

This is bad, what should I do? When tomorrow comes, I’ll be surely be driven out of the castle. Anyone, I want you to steal my 『Incompetence』 with your skill 『Skill Taker』. There wouldn’t be such a convenient development like that.

Such melancholy. At the very least, I want to be taught of the common sense of this world before departing to a town. Is there no other choice but to put a petition?

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Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Part 3 – Scorned

Are? Someone’s knocking, who could that be?

「Yes, who is it?」
「It’s Mika〜, open up Akane〜」

It’s Mika, I should open it then. When I opened the door, what I saw was a wonderful smile. Ah, You seem to have gotten some great skill from that Goddess. I better tell Mika because I trust her that much.

「Mika, come in」
「Akane, There’s a Saint in the title column of my status. And I only excel in my magic skills. How about you Akane?」

That’s a relief, she’ll be safe if she’s a Saint. Now then, what to do now, this is really hard to say. Sigh, I don’t have any choice but to say it. I told Mika my skill and title.

「What’s that! They’re making a fool out of my Akane! Incompetence is already over the top」
「Actually, just before coming to this world, I heard some voices. Somehow, it seems like they aren’t pleased with me, and my skill was deliberately chosen by them」
「It’s so irritating〜〜! That Goddess, some important person you are! When I spoke with her, I thought she was a nice goddess but she’s just an absolute self-centered person」

Huh, did Mika meet the Goddess?

「Wait a sec Mika. By any chance, have you met the Goddess?」
「I have. When I noticed, the first place I went was where the Goddess was. Everyone also said the same thing」

Oi, It was me alone who hadn’t met the Goddess! Why that Goddess〜〜!

「That’s right, that Goddess, I’m sure that she’s jealous of my Akane」
Haa, jealous? How come?
「Ano Mika, what part of me became the factor for that Goddess to be jealous of?」

Mika then released a big sigh. She then put both her hands on my shoulders and she said.

「Look here Akane, you should be aware of this sooner. Akane is an extreme beauty. You just look plain because you’re wearing your glasses. When we were walking before, we met Sakuragi-kun on campus right? Akane weren’t wearing glasses at that time」

I’m a beauty, that’s absurd! No one have ever told me that before.

「Yeah, my eyes got tired so I took it off for a while」
「After we spitted up, Sakuragi-kun came to ask me. (Who was that cute girl) and i told him that it was you, I was really surprised back then. After that time, he began to have a great interest in Akane」

That’s a lie. That Sakuragi-kun! Come to think of it, he did told me that it would be better if i changed to contacts. Somehow, that makes me really happy.

「I-is that so」
「Yeah, this is somehow a little agitating. But, I cannot forgive that Goddess」
「Mou, there’s no helping it. I have to think about the future. For me, after learning the common sense of this world I’m thinking of leaving this castle」
「What are you saying? You better stay with us all the way」
「Still it would be troublesome. For the time being, it will all depend on the discussion with Ou-sama tomorrow」

After eating dinner with everyone and discussing for the coming future, after we all calm down, first topic was if we all can return to our original world. And second was whether to re-seal the Evil King. When we all agreed on something, we all came back to out rooms and tried to grasp the extent of their abilities. Haa〜〜, fine then. I was able to understand the moment I saw it. After a short while when I came back to my room, I herd a knocking sound.

「Yes, who is it?」
「Ah, it’s Sakuragi, is it ok?」

Eh, Sakuragi-kun! Why, at a time like this, let’s open the door for now.

「What is it, at a time like this」
「Err, I’ve heard about your skill from Shimazaki. And I was thinking if you’re all right」

Mika〜〜, you told Sakuragi-kun. ーーーーMaa,Sakuragi-kun might listen in this case.

「Ah, come inside the room for the time being」

I was considerate to let him in but it was somewhat awkward.

「You heard about my skill and title. Then I’ll make this talk short. After I learn the common sense of this world, I plan to leave this castle. Because I’ll be just a bother」
「That’s dangerous. Because our appearance stands out, you’ll be immediately be attacked by other people. You should just stay inside the castle」

He’s worried for me. Ahaha, somehow that feel pleasant.

「It’s impossible for us to remain inside the castle forever. Even if I didn’t gain any skills, I can learn how to protect myself. Like that if I acquired that then I can leave the castle. If only one person remains inside the castle all the time, then everyone will then misunderstood it」
「Then I’ll make a proposal to Ou-sama, Hime-sama and Gallot-san. Those people should understand it」

Going so far as to strongly say that.

「Ok I understand. Tomorrow, we’ll consult this with Ou-sama. Thanks for worrying about me」
「Eh, th-that’s just natural, of course I’ll be worried because we’re friends」

When Sakuragi-kun had agreed he then left the room. At that time, I wasn’t able to noticed. One person kept staring at Sakuragi-kun all that time.

——The next day, the king summoned us, at we asked the king if it’s possible for us to return to our world. As the result, it seems like there is a way to return to our world. It just that, when moving in-between worlds one needs great amount of magical power and it would at least take one year to be able to save that necessary magic power. The explained to us the details pertaining to the mages necessary for the ritual, the method of storing the magical power and the method for activating the magic. Because they will teach it to us, then that means that we can return home.

Me and my classmates were all relieved. However in the case that we died in this world then it will be impossible as expected. Somehow they were king enough to think about us. Un, maybe we could trust this person. Sakuragi-kun was the one representing our class, in this case we are all OK to re-sealed the Evil King. The next thing we talked about was our status.

Sakuragi-kun was a Hero, Mika was a Saint, Ryuuzaki-kun was a Magic Knight, seems like everyone got a fairly good ones. The people on the royal palace was also getting excited. Specially to Sakuragi-kun and Mika attribute, skill, and title, they seem to be quite superior. At that time I heard someone laughing. It was Kaneki-san, what seems to be happening, it seems like she was pointing at me while laughing. There’s no doubt, she could see my status!

「Ahahahaha, just wait Shimizu-san, what’s with your Incompetence skill. You can’t gain any magic nor skill in your entire life. Besides, what’s with The One Disliked By The Goddess. You can’t ever attain happiness. You are totally worthless, you Calamity Diseased God」

It was Gallot-san who quickly responded.

「Can I call you Akane?」
「Ah, yes」
「Pardon me, but can i look at your status?」

I see, With the skill appraisal you can see the status of others.

「Yes, be my guess」

With that, Gallot-san who looked at my status was extremely astonished.

「This is — just cruel. Why did Goddess-sama gave you such skills and title?」
「When I was summoned, I was the only one who didn’t meet the Goddess — sama. Maybe this is the reason」

I only heard her voice, i don’t want to attach a -sama when calling her but it can’t be helped.

「This shouldn’t be normal! Usually everyone will meet her, there might be a possibility of having a defect」

I’m sorry that I’m a defect. That fellow just simply didn’t like me —— I can’t tell them that. The surrounding then became noisy. Even if it’s wrong for Sakuragi-kun, I should better leave here.

「This is my plan for the future, after learning the common sense of this world and some ways to protect myself, I was thinking of leaving this castle. As Kaneko-san just said, I’m worthless」

And Sakuragi-kun and Mika strongly opposed this.

「That’s no good, it’s too dangerous. You wouldn’t get any skill for the rest of your life right. If you leave the castle then there’s a high possibility that you’ll get attacked by some people and die. It’s better for you to not leave the castle」
「That’s right Akane, what Sakuragi-kun is telling you is correct. We’ll protect you」

Oh, those world really makes me fell happy. We then looked at Gallot-san.

「Umu, I agree with Haruhito’s opinion. It’s better if you don’t leave the castle. When leaving here, it’s better to be in a group than to go out alone」

Ou-sama who witness such situation seems to have decided on something and then he spoke.

「I can say that the cause of all this is because of some defect, I wouldn’t mind you staying at the castle. Akane too, you should try first if you cannot really gain any skill or magic. However it will be a different case with the others. There’s a big gap with your attributes. Alright then, from today on Haruhito and the others will study the common sense of the world of Spherethalia while training their skill and magic. Knight leader Marcus, I’ll leave it to you」

A single man in his thirties came up. This person is the knight leader Marcus, I should remember this.

「Ha, certainly. Come along Haruhito and the others, also Akane」

At any rate, Ou-sama and Gallot-san was too kind. I was thinking aloud in my mind. Let’s try no not cause any inconvenience to them while I’m inside the castle. If just doing some chores then it’s possible for me. And thus, our training begun.

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Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Part 4 – Training and Mock Battles

Two weeks had passed since training began. Everyone became accustomed at their attributes, skills, and magic as they get familiar to this world. As such, I’m still doing basic magic training, at the start of the first step I have to work on the flow of my magical energy and the manipulation of it. Yes, for some reason I can do it. But I still didn’t gained any skills. Strange, if anyone can do it then why wasn’t it displayed in our status?

Of course I don’t remember much about the magic relation. The basic elemental attributes are Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light, Dark, and Space totaling to 7 attributes. In addition to that, there is also something called super ordinate attribute, as far as I know it consist of Flame, Ice, Quake, Thunder, Tempest, and Holy totaling to 6 attributes. And each magic and skill has a level that can be maxed to 10. Even if there are individual differences, you can gain super ordinate skills and attributes when you passed a certain value.

Currently, everyone is studying in handling magic by concentrating on the basic attributes. By the way, Ou-sama allowed me to read the books that had listed all currently known magic, and I accepted it to add to my knowledge. And as for the military arts relation, although my main focus was on swords and daggers, similar to magical energy flow and manipulation, I didn’t gained any skill. Although— the Knight Leader Marcus had said that swords and daggers are also left to beginners. Everyone was puzzled on to why they didn’t gained any skills.

Also in these past two weeks, I learned things about this other world, Spherethalia. There are five races here divided into Humans, Beastmen, Dwarves, Elves, and Demons. In our world, Demons are being that slightly resembled Humans but in this other world, their figures are like of a Humans and their magical energy and mental powers are much higher but their physical strength was lowered instead, and it seems like they are gentle people. And there are two reasons why Demons are regarded as sacred here.

The first one is…
At first it was them who suppresses the Evil King that appeared (about every 50 years) each and every time. Investigating how the Evil King revives at fixed intervals, they had found out the main cause. Grudges that had arises from wars, those that came from evil people (demons as we called them in our world), those who kills every races, all those accumulated grudges gathers at the same place. After it exceeds a certain amount, they had discovered when the Evil King will rise. However, the Evil race and the Evil King does not rises at the same place every time it happens.

The second one is…
Five hundred years ago, the Evil King appeared. But it was much stronger than the last time. The main cause was because it has accumulated it’s power over 200 years since it was lasted suppressed. The Evil race being born had became stronger, they had acquired knowledge akin to the black arts. They had though that every races will be destroyed just like that, they had all joined forces and fought but the situation was still dire.

Therefore the Demon race studied the black arts of the Evil race and they then developed a new skill that the Evil race cannot use, they had made magic. Up to the present, the races who was skillful enough was delighted with this. They had learned magic from the Demon race and everyone became stronger. There was also an oracle from God[TN#1], to summon a person from another world that carries a holy sword in their hands, they then was successful in sealing the Evil King for the first time.
Hearing this, anyone will see the Demons as sacred. Because the Demons developed magic. That time everyone who was with the king got angry. Their anger was understandable. Hearing this story all the class has then understood. Then Gallot who was in charge of the lecture taught me about Demons魔族, the Maou魔王 and Magic魔法 in this world. Therefore next thing he taught was these three kanji.

「I wonder why we use the same letters?」

「With this the Evil Maou had created magic. If God had created this then we should used another letter, why is that?」

Nobody has the answer to that and I was not an exception. It was establish from long ago so no one really wondered. God, in this case it’s the game creator, so who did you called it this way?
In addition I ask the question during class as I was in doubt.

「Gallot-san, I can understand that the Evil King was sealed with the power of the holy sword and the four great spirits, but the Evil race is still running rampant throughout the whole world right? So what becomes of the grudge from being killed by the Evil race? Will those be consumed by the evil King?」

「That’s a good question Akane. There are two layers of seal that the seal of the holy sword and the four great spirits had made. The inner seal is to seal the Evil King, and the outer seal has the grudge purification that incorporates the holy attribute to clean out those grudges. It had been properly considered so it wouldn’t be consumed by the Evil King. However, the seal is still not perfected. The magic ceremony is perfect but it will weakened every hundred years. The reason is because war was occuring. A war between nations and races that can easily generate grudges. And due to the frequent generation of grudges, the purification system then malfunctions. And that interval is approximately a hundred years」

「After having great pains on sealing it, they forget it then they start to fight their wars huh」

「Yes, that is right. It’s a real pain in the head. However for the past hundred years, no wars had ever occurred. A peace treaty was concluded between the nations with the help of the summoned heroes last time」

「Eh, then just why?」

「This time we ask you to re-seal it and to find the cause. Of course we will use all our might to support you. Currently, the various nation around the world are investigating it, but in the current situation we couldn’t find anything」

Oh well, in this last two weeks, we got a rough idea of ​​what we should do. Just that, in regard to myself, joining the battle is out of the question. I will just support everybody from the intellectual side because I’m useless in battle after all. Most of my classmates had understood it, but some are scorning me because I’m useless, and some even want me to be driven out. It reached to the point that those guys at Team Kaneko came to pick a quarrel in a bad meaning. Hey I’ll just say it right now, we just came here so it cannot be helped so don’t treat me like I’m your enemy.

「I wonder if it is useless after all? I’m still doing my magical energy flow and manipulation training. I give up, because of my skill Incompetent, it’s impossible for me to learn anything」

Kaneko-san and the four people that surrounds her had burst out laughing. I was being openly called useless. These five people have a really terrible personality. Or rather, aside from Kaneko-san I already forgotten the names of the other four and I don’t want to remember it.

「Well, don’t compare yourself with everyone, you can do it bit by bit. As I have said before that swords and daggers are the first steps of being able to leave being a beginner」

After hearing it their laughter had increased.

「Stop making me laugh, my stomach can’t take any more if it. Then why aren’t you getting any skills? This just make me more convinced that’s it’s better for you to just give up on you and kick you out of this castle. because you’ll just get in Sakuragi-kun and the other’s way. And it seems like we’re going on our first dungeon exploration today」

At any rate stop using your 「Person Appraisal」 each and every time. There seems to have been two kinds of Appraisal skills, 「Person Appraisal」 and 「Item Appraisal」, Kaneko has the 「Person Appraisal」. We are going to explore the dungeon today, because we consist of 24 people excluding me in that count, we were divided into three groups. Sakuragi-kun and Mika is included in today’s first group.

「You’ll be in the castle for the time being. I already received permission from Ou-samaThe King and Hime-samaThe Princess. And if you go out right now, everyone in the dungeon will be worried about me」

Uwa, these guys, you can see them saying 「tsk」 with their mouths.[TN#2] Do you loathe me to that extent?

「To be frankー, you’ll be just a dead weight to us. You understand it right? Even if we fight together against the Evil race from now on, if the battle happens here you’ll be just getting in Sakuragi-kun’s way. And Because Sakuragi-kun is so gentle to everyone, if you were taken hostage then he might get his guard down and possibly get killed. Long story short, the one who’s here is the one who is in most danger」

Frankly speaking, I know what’s going on in this person’s mind.

「And it is that for that reason that I am training, for that to not happen」

「Ha, training! Well then, let me see it for myself. Show me how strong you have become」

I knew it that it’s going to be like this. I though it was also a good chance get this all done. I’ll definitely lose but there are things I want to try so I’ll test it here.

「I got it. I’ll show you how strong I’ve become in this past two weeks. However, I will lose here, because there is no way for me to leave here」

「Ha, what are you blabbering about? It’s you who decided to leave right」

「You know, think about this calmly. I didn’t receive any compensation from the Goddess unlike you. It is different to the ordinary people of this world. So even with two weeks, I won’t be able to win」

「Tsk, Oh well. Let’s go to the training ground」

This is why I don’t like speaking with this five people. —-And then, I’m facing Kaneko-san. Hearing about it, there were many soldiers that came to watch, this includes Ou-samaThe King, Hime-samaThe Princess, Gallot and Marcus. Let’s not mind it. Well then, how should I fight here?

Kanek-san’s Class is a Hunter, a warrior who can use basic magic. She’s extremely agile, so there’s no chance in winning if I clash with her head on. Then let’s try this immediately. I’ve sharpen the flow of the magical energy to the limits and concentrate them in my eyes. I concentrate it until it reaches the point that my eyes can grasp the wave motion, stance, and muscles movement of the opponent. Alright! Next is, to cover my whole body with magical energy, I’ve sharpen it and spread them throughout my body. To my hands and feet, I can move everything together now. I load my wooden sword with my magical energy as well in order to raise it’s attack power. Marcus-san who was the head of the knights served as the referee of the match.

「Match, start!」

No matter what, I’ll end this in a jiffy because you don’t have a speed. Here I come!」

It was a fast, plain, rush attack. Then I pretended to be frightened before getting hit, I dodged her sword and nudge my wooden sword loaded with magical energy at Kaneko-san’s stomach with all my might.

「Ga,E, N, no way. Where did, that power came from? You shouldn’t have any skill. Why?」

As expected, Kaneko-san is an idiot. She doesn’t understand how I have attacked. Even without skills, attacking is possible. Can you grasp it?

「Kuh, I won’t be hit with such a slow attack!」

Is it impossible after all? I wanted to finished it with that blow if possible. In these past two weeks my magical energy somewhat went up, after all it is like re-tempering a dull sword. it is not that far from Kaneko-san who had received her compensation. As I thought, by concentrating my magical energy on my hands and eyes, I could temporarily raise my abilities to it’s fullest, but it is still impossible to make her faint. I’m nearly reaching my limit here. Even though it has not been more than a minute since the match had begun. Geh, I can feel that she’s going to use magic. This earth magic wave motions, it’s Storm Palette. Going that far right here! She is really merciless. Even though i can’t use any magic.

「Mu, Oh no! Hey cancel that magic right this instance」

Marcus tries to cast a magic but his initial flow was slow. Perhaps, Kaneko-san used that magic without considering me, her opponent.

「A good-for-nothing like you, don’t get cocky. Eat this and die, STORM PALETTE」

Toward me, stone bullets were shot and it hit me directly.

Translator’s Note

1.) Wasn’t she a goddess?

2.) Obviously those were team Kaneko
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Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Part 5 – The First Defeat

The earth magic Storm Pallet, it was a bullet made of stone that had struck me directly. Dust have spread throughout the area that made visibility hard. Frankly speaking, it was extremely painful! I was on the verge of dying. Kaneko-san, you shot that with the intention to kill me right. But too bad, I cannot die in such a place.

But that was really dangerous, it just barely made it. There’s no way I can dodge such a thing. I was able to instantly release the magical energy stored within my whole body upon getting hit to increase my defensive power. I’m really glad that I read those manga. I succeeded in improvising with this. However, my magical energy was already depleted. The dust begins to disappear at lease, let’s collapse after scaring Kaneko-san. Until then, my body was…

To everyone surprise I was still standing up when the dust had cleared away.

「Why the hell are you still standing! Why aren’t you dead yet!」

「Can you bare to die in such a place mon desu ka! Even I want to keep living in this world!」

「Just drop dead, you incompetent」

Again, that magic!

「That’s as far as you can go. This match, It is Nozomi‘s[TN#1] victory」

Thank God, he halted the match. That really saved me. Are, my head is kinda spinning… I fell down on the spot without being able to endure it.


〜Marcus POV〜

Tsk, me of all people was late to take action. Don’t tell me, does she intend to use magic? Good grief, this is too much. Her status should be below of a quarter of the common one. Did she defended by just using only magical energy flow and magical energy manipulation? How in the world? I can’t even understand all of it. In this kind of level, she’s good enough to attain good skills. Be that as it may, her whole body was seriously injured. First of all is we have to heal her up.

「Medic, hurry up! Go and heal up Akane」

Well then, I wish to hear Nozomi’s reason of why she did it.

「Nozomi, why, you also tried to shoot another storm pallet? Were you intending to kill Akane, it was obvious that you were full of killing intent」

「I-it’s just a little adrenaline desu. It was not to my intent to kill her. Ha, hii, umm」

I threw a killing intent toward Nozomi. Depending on the matter, in this case—

「Tell me the truth. Even if you’re someone summoned from a different world, I cannot forgive those who ignores their comrades」

「Tha-that is, ——」

「Leave it there Marcus」

OuKing Excuse me of my behavior. Because I was late in taking any action, Akane got seriously injured. I take the full responsibility for this incident this time」

「Good, there’s no objection in this matter. By the way Nozomi, no matter who your opponent is, if something like this happens again then a punishment will be given, are we good then!」

「Yes,—Ku—-please—excuse me」

There was no objection this time, by all rights it was a light punishment. However, there’s something at Akane when looking at her carefully.
She really is a mysterious child indeed.


Are, where is this place? Ah, Marinda-san is here so this is the medical room.

「Have you come to?」
「Yes. Umm, what happened after nodesu ka?」

「It was quite serious. Knight Leader Marcus had interrogated Nozomi. Moreover, they were enveloped with bloodlust. That girl, she might die depending on her answers」

「Whoa, they don’t have to go that far」

「What are you saying! You took a stone palette directly! And if you look at the difference in your abilities, at that time everyone though that you’re a goner. But you narrowly survived. From what I heard afterwards, regarding this time there will be no punishment to Nozomi. But the next time this happens then she’ll be send to jail. More than that, I used 『Extra Heal』, so hows your injuries?」

They used extra heal. If I’m not mistaken, recovery magic comes under the light and holy category, heal and high heal are light attribute, extra heal and max heal should be on holy attributes. It seems like with max heal, you can recover even lost parts of the body.

「Ah, yes, I’m already fine. thank you very much, recovery magic of the holy attribute is really amazing. Eh, what the, my glasses are gone. But I can still clearly see with my eyes. Eh, how come?」

even though I was hit by a stone bullet on the body, non of its traces remains. Marinda-san, your amazing! As expected of a light and holy attributed mage. But, what’s with these eyes?

「This is maybe just by chance. Maybe because you got injured, while being applied with recovery magic those eyes of yours was considered as a serious injury thus was restore during the recovery process」

「Then I’ll be not needing these glasses nor these contact lenses then」

I don’t know anything about these called kontaklensez, but those won’t be necessary anymore」

Although the mock battle with Kaneko-san was terribly painful, on the other hand it was really great that my eyesight was restored.

「I will be careful about Kaneko-san in future. Somehow she always flares up to me」

「When a girl is like that then most likely it’s because of a love affair」

Love! Please don’t joke around.

「That’s impossible. I have never been confessed by anyone until now」

「Eh, no way. You must have been wearing those eye wares all the time at your school」

「That’s right. Without these glasses I won’t be even able to walk. Well I sometimes take these off though. Because it’s tiresome to have them all the time」

Well, does it have any relation?

「Fuu~ I see, I think you been seen on places where you took off your glasses. I guess that they want to removed their number one rival in the mock battle just now」

Eh, rival?
The door of the medical room then suddenly slammed open. Sakuragi and Mika then came in.

「What’s wrong the two of you?」

「Don’t what’s wrong me! I heard that you were injured during the mock battle with Nozomi so I quickly came here」

「I’m glad, it looks like you’ve been fully recovered with recovery magic. Are? Where’s your glasses?」

Their worried about me.

「My injuries are now all fine. My glasses got broken in the mock battle but they are not a necessity anymore. It looks like my eyesight also got restored」


Oh~, this two are on good terms as ever.

「Akane, I’m really glad. All the men would be in for a surprise」
「I’m somewhat have mixed feelings」(said in a small whisper)

「Eh, Sakuragi, did you say something?」
「Nope, it’s nothing. In any case it’s good that you’re safe」

Ah, that’s right. These two should have been in a dungeon exploration.

「Mika, how was the dungeon? The evil race?」
「Let’s talk about that after we get back on to your room. This is the medic room after all」

Ah, that’s right. I totally forgot about it.

「Marinda-san, thank you very much. I’ll be heading back to my room now as I’m already plenty fine」
「Akane-san, it will be a long road ahead of you from now on. If you have any concerns then please drop by us any time」

Long road ahead? Something will probably happen I guess?

「I understand, We’ll be taking our leave」

And thus, the events of my first mock battle have ended.

Translator’s Note

1.) Kaneko’s full name is Nozomi Kaneko, Nozomi being the family name and Kaneko as the given name

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