Title: 邪神を喰った少女は異世界を救済します
Romanji : Jashin wo Kutta Shoujo wa Isekai wo Kyuusaishimasu
Translated Title: The Girl Who Defeated an Evil God to Save the Other World.
Author: 犬社護 [Inu Mamoru]
Translated By: GM_Rusaku
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Shimizu Akane, the main character who was summoned with her whole class. She alone was despised by the Goddess, even looking at her status all her ability was mediocre. She only had two skills, 「Incompetence」 and 「Free Dream」, nothing else was there even if you reached the magic section. Using the Goddess’s abhor as a motivation, she follows the path to calamity, resulting in confronting the Evil God. Either she dies in obscurity or pursue a path to happiness, she tries out her fate.

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Part 01Part 02Part 03Part 04Part 05Part 06Part 07Part 08Part 09 
Part 10Part 11Part 12Part 13Part 14Part 15Part 16Part 17