Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Part 7 – The Caprice Box

=========Part 1/2=========

This is the fourth level. The evil race that appears here are goblin, goblin mage, goblin priest, goblin warrior, kobold, and slime. The habitable range of the evil race seems to change at a standard gap of 5 levels. Nevertheless, everyone seems to still have some stamina. As for me, I’m a little tired. I didn’t even think that our stamina difference will be a hindrance. Then at the same time, Ryuuzaki-kun discovered a hidden room. I’m saved, I’m gonna rest for a while. When we entered the room, on the pedestal lies a treasure chest. Shibaya-kun reacted, without any delay.

「Oh, it’s a treasure chest. Let’s quickly open it」
「Wait a minute, Shibaya. That treasure chest is somewhat different from the one that we saw from before」
「Eh, is that so? Ah, something is written on the pedestal」

I wonder what is written, let’s take a look at it. Etto.

『This treasure chest is called the Caprice Box. If the owner of this box is pleased with you all, various treasures will be gained, but if not then at worst case you’ll all die. Furthermore if you’re reading it until this part, it will equates to this being opened and the door will close. Well then, open it up already』

The moment i finished reading it, the door closed and all seven of us were trapped.

「Eh, you can’t be serious. Are we really trapped in here. Shibaya, is there anything else written there?」
「Ryuuzaki, just a moment. No good, we can only open this」

「Let me do the honors. Among the members here I have the highest luck. Are you fine with this Ryuuzaki?」
「Oi, Kubou久保. it can’t be helped, so be careful」

Kubou then —– opens the box. So what happened? The moment it was opened, a loud voice then resounds. This voice, I think I have already heard this. It can’t be—

『Pan paka pan, Congratulations! This time, seven people have opened this~~. Ryuuzaki-kun, Shibaya-kun, Kubou-kun, Kondo近藤-kun, Nagasaki永崎-san, Furukawa古川-san, I’ll give you some valuable weapons and armors ma~~su』

As I expected it! This voice was from that goddess. She didn’t even called my name. She is plotting something here for sure. I have to brace myself.

『And Shimizu-san, as for you I really despise you. Honestly, I wanted to leave things as it is, but there are some things that happened that I wasn’t pleased with~~. That’s why, I will deal with you myself shima~su. However, if I just kill you right here, I won’t be satisfied with just that, so I’ll give you this. It’s name is~, let’s call it the Jashin drug. Long story short, drinking this will turn you into an evil race~. You’ll become an evil race and as punishment, you’ll be killed by your own classmates』

「Wha- don’t fuck with me! Why do you hate me so much? I only heard your voice, I don”t even know what your face looks like」

『But~, I saw your face~~. That’s why, go die』

This person got caught quickly. Was it on purpose?

「Don’t joke around. Everyone, the owner of this box is that goddess from that time」

「Oi, Shimizu, seriously」

「Yeah, for the question a while ago, when I was in that goddess’s room, it shown the situation at that time. I didn’t saw her appearance, but I did heard her voice. This person, answered usually in the end. Everyone, this time—–」

Eh, what, why can’t I suddenly speak.

『Wa~~i, any more of that is no good~~, if you’ll just say some pointless things~』

As expected, this goddess is involved!

「Goddess-sama, please wait a moment. Why do you dislike Shimizu to that extent. Shimizu only heard your voice and you only saw her face is that right?」

『Ryuuzaki-kun, that is because, this person committed a taboo~~. A punishment must be given. Well~ then, it is time for your medicine~. Ja~n, Jashin drug~, now then quickly drink this all up~~』

「What-! Oi! That’s not an answer. Why did it committed a taboo by just you having seen Shimizu’s face?」

My body can’t move. A small vial emerged in my mouth.


I desperately ask for help toward Ryuuzaki and the others. But, all of them are petrified, they can’t speak let alone move. Everyone was desperately trying to move but they can’t even budge an inch.

My resistance was futile, I was made to drink the Jashin drug. At that moment, from within my body something repulsive emerged. I wasn’t able to suppress the urge to scream. At that time, everyone was released from their petrification.



「Oi, isn’t this bad. Within Shimizu-san maliciousness is rapidly overflowing. Goddess-sama, is there anything we can do about it? Why can’t you forgive Shimizu-san?」

『Are~~, Kubou-kun is taking Shimizu’s side~~. If that’s so, should I just kill everyone~~?』

Aaaaa, I have to keep my consciousness. At least I have to set everyone free. That goddess, she changed her mind and she’ll kill everyone. If she want me killed, she could have done it anytime, can she? So why didn’t she? Think, think about it. This room, that box, it can’t be! That person, can’t she hardly interfere with this world? If the box and the room’s space are necessary, then if we can escape from this room perhaps I can’t but everyone else may be saved.

「Ev-ev, everyone run away. Quickly escape from here. If you don’t, everyone will be killed」

「How can we kill someone who’s a comrade of ours? Damn, there should be another way to save you」

Ryuuzaki-kun, thank you for treating me as one of your comrades. At times like this, Kubou was dependable.

「Ku- Ku- Kubou-kun, please, take everyone and escape from here」

「Shimizu-san, —Dammit! Everyone we’re going to run away from here. Ryuuzaki, Shibaya, Nagasaki, Kondou, Furukawa, run away now. The malice is steadily expanding. In our present condition, we don’t stand a chance against it. Let’s escape while Shimizu-san can still contain it」

「Kubou, however」

It can’t be helped, it will be somewhat rough but I’ll free them from this room. I threw everyone out of the room while I somehow kept my consciousness. And then, I strike the ceiling of the room’s entrance to seal it.

『Shimizu-san~~, you finally did it~. Well, fine I guess. I can now erase your appearance from this world ~~』

This is excellent, it goes according to what I expected from that goddess.
Aaa, I’m already at my limit, Sakuragi-kun, Mika, I’m sorry. At that instance, my consciousness blacked out.

=========End of Part 1/2=========

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