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Part 5 – The First Defeat

The earth magic Storm Pallet, it was a bullet made of stone that had struck me directly. Dust have spread throughout the area that made visibility hard. Frankly speaking, it was extremely painful! I was on the verge of dying. Kaneko-san, you shot that with the intention to kill me right. But too bad, I cannot die in such a place.

But that was really dangerous, it just barely made it. There’s no way I can dodge such a thing. I was able to instantly release the magical energy stored within my whole body upon getting hit to increase my defensive power. I’m really glad that I read those manga. I succeeded in improvising with this. However, my magical energy was already depleted. The dust begins to disappear at lease, let’s collapse after scaring Kaneko-san. Until then, my body was…

To everyone surprise I was still standing up when the dust had cleared away.

「Why the hell are you still standing! Why aren’t you dead yet!」

「Can you bare to die in such a place mon desu ka! Even I want to keep living in this world!」

「Just drop dead, you incompetent」

Again, that magic!

「That’s as far as you can go. This match, It is Nozomi‘s[TN#1] victory」

Thank God, he halted the match. That really saved me. Are, my head is kinda spinning… I fell down on the spot without being able to endure it.


〜Marcus POV〜

Tsk, me of all people was late to take action. Don’t tell me, does she intend to use magic? Good grief, this is too much. Her status should be below of a quarter of the common one. Did she defended by just using only magical energy flow and magical energy manipulation? How in the world? I can’t even understand all of it. In this kind of level, she’s good enough to attain good skills. Be that as it may, her whole body was seriously injured. First of all is we have to heal her up.

「Medic, hurry up! Go and heal up Akane」

Well then, I wish to hear Nozomi’s reason of why she did it.

「Nozomi, why, you also tried to shoot another storm pallet? Were you intending to kill Akane, it was obvious that you were full of killing intent」

「I-it’s just a little adrenaline desu. It was not to my intent to kill her. Ha, hii, umm」

I threw a killing intent toward Nozomi. Depending on the matter, in this case—

「Tell me the truth. Even if you’re someone summoned from a different world, I cannot forgive those who ignores their comrades」

「Tha-that is, ——」

「Leave it there Marcus」

OuKing Excuse me of my behavior. Because I was late in taking any action, Akane got seriously injured. I take the full responsibility for this incident this time」

「Good, there’s no objection in this matter. By the way Nozomi, no matter who your opponent is, if something like this happens again then a punishment will be given, are we good then!」

「Yes,—Ku—-please—excuse me」

There was no objection this time, by all rights it was a light punishment. However, there’s something at Akane when looking at her carefully.
She really is a mysterious child indeed.


Are, where is this place? Ah, Marinda-san is here so this is the medical room.

「Have you come to?」
「Yes. Umm, what happened after nodesu ka?」

「It was quite serious. Knight Leader Marcus had interrogated Nozomi. Moreover, they were enveloped with bloodlust. That girl, she might die depending on her answers」

「Whoa, they don’t have to go that far」

「What are you saying! You took a stone palette directly! And if you look at the difference in your abilities, at that time everyone though that you’re a goner. But you narrowly survived. From what I heard afterwards, regarding this time there will be no punishment to Nozomi. But the next time this happens then she’ll be send to jail. More than that, I used 『Extra Heal』, so hows your injuries?」

They used extra heal. If I’m not mistaken, recovery magic comes under the light and holy category, heal and high heal are light attribute, extra heal and max heal should be on holy attributes. It seems like with max heal, you can recover even lost parts of the body.

「Ah, yes, I’m already fine. thank you very much, recovery magic of the holy attribute is really amazing. Eh, what the, my glasses are gone. But I can still clearly see with my eyes. Eh, how come?」

even though I was hit by a stone bullet on the body, non of its traces remains. Marinda-san, your amazing! As expected of a light and holy attributed mage. But, what’s with these eyes?

「This is maybe just by chance. Maybe because you got injured, while being applied with recovery magic those eyes of yours was considered as a serious injury thus was restore during the recovery process」

「Then I’ll be not needing these glasses nor these contact lenses then」

I don’t know anything about these called kontaklensez, but those won’t be necessary anymore」

Although the mock battle with Kaneko-san was terribly painful, on the other hand it was really great that my eyesight was restored.

「I will be careful about Kaneko-san in future. Somehow she always flares up to me」

「When a girl is like that then most likely it’s because of a love affair」

Love! Please don’t joke around.

「That’s impossible. I have never been confessed by anyone until now」

「Eh, no way. You must have been wearing those eye wares all the time at your school」

「That’s right. Without these glasses I won’t be even able to walk. Well I sometimes take these off though. Because it’s tiresome to have them all the time」

Well, does it have any relation?

「Fuu~ I see, I think you been seen on places where you took off your glasses. I guess that they want to removed their number one rival in the mock battle just now」

Eh, rival?
The door of the medical room then suddenly slammed open. Sakuragi and Mika then came in.

「What’s wrong the two of you?」

「Don’t what’s wrong me! I heard that you were injured during the mock battle with Nozomi so I quickly came here」

「I’m glad, it looks like you’ve been fully recovered with recovery magic. Are? Where’s your glasses?」

Their worried about me.

「My injuries are now all fine. My glasses got broken in the mock battle but they are not a necessity anymore. It looks like my eyesight also got restored」


Oh~, this two are on good terms as ever.

「Akane, I’m really glad. All the men would be in for a surprise」
「I’m somewhat have mixed feelings」(said in a small whisper)

「Eh, Sakuragi, did you say something?」
「Nope, it’s nothing. In any case it’s good that you’re safe」

Ah, that’s right. These two should have been in a dungeon exploration.

「Mika, how was the dungeon? The evil race?」
「Let’s talk about that after we get back on to your room. This is the medic room after all」

Ah, that’s right. I totally forgot about it.

「Marinda-san, thank you very much. I’ll be heading back to my room now as I’m already plenty fine」
「Akane-san, it will be a long road ahead of you from now on. If you have any concerns then please drop by us any time」

Long road ahead? Something will probably happen I guess?

「I understand, We’ll be taking our leave」

And thus, the events of my first mock battle have ended.

Translator’s Note

1.) Kaneko’s full name is Nozomi Kaneko, Nozomi being the family name and Kaneko as the given name

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