Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Part 4 – Training and Mock Battles

Two weeks had passed since training began. Everyone became accustomed at their attributes, skills, and magic as they get familiar to this world. As such, I’m still doing basic magic training, at the start of the first step I have to work on the flow of my magical energy and the manipulation of it. Yes, for some reason I can do it. But I still didn’t gained any skills. Strange, if anyone can do it then why wasn’t it displayed in our status?

Of course I don’t remember much about the magic relation. The basic elemental attributes are Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light, Dark, and Space totaling to 7 attributes. In addition to that, there is also something called super ordinate attribute, as far as I know it consist of Flame, Ice, Quake, Thunder, Tempest, and Holy totaling to 6 attributes. And each magic and skill has a level that can be maxed to 10. Even if there are individual differences, you can gain super ordinate skills and attributes when you passed a certain value.

Currently, everyone is studying in handling magic by concentrating on the basic attributes. By the way, Ou-sama allowed me to read the books that had listed all currently known magic, and I accepted it to add to my knowledge. And as for the military arts relation, although my main focus was on swords and daggers, similar to magical energy flow and manipulation, I didn’t gained any skill. Although— the Knight Leader Marcus had said that swords and daggers are also left to beginners. Everyone was puzzled on to why they didn’t gained any skills.

Also in these past two weeks, I learned things about this other world, Spherethalia. There are five races here divided into Humans, Beastmen, Dwarves, Elves, and Demons. In our world, Demons are being that slightly resembled Humans but in this other world, their figures are like of a Humans and their magical energy and mental powers are much higher but their physical strength was lowered instead, and it seems like they are gentle people. And there are two reasons why Demons are regarded as sacred here.

The first one is…
At first it was them who suppresses the Evil King that appeared (about every 50 years) each and every time. Investigating how the Evil King revives at fixed intervals, they had found out the main cause. Grudges that had arises from wars, those that came from evil people (demons as we called them in our world), those who kills every races, all those accumulated grudges gathers at the same place. After it exceeds a certain amount, they had discovered when the Evil King will rise. However, the Evil race and the Evil King does not rises at the same place every time it happens.

The second one is…
Five hundred years ago, the Evil King appeared. But it was much stronger than the last time. The main cause was because it has accumulated it’s power over 200 years since it was lasted suppressed. The Evil race being born had became stronger, they had acquired knowledge akin to the black arts. They had though that every races will be destroyed just like that, they had all joined forces and fought but the situation was still dire.

Therefore the Demon race studied the black arts of the Evil race and they then developed a new skill that the Evil race cannot use, they had made magic. Up to the present, the races who was skillful enough was delighted with this. They had learned magic from the Demon race and everyone became stronger. There was also an oracle from God[TN#1], to summon a person from another world that carries a holy sword in their hands, they then was successful in sealing the Evil King for the first time.
Hearing this, anyone will see the Demons as sacred. Because the Demons developed magic. That time everyone who was with the king got angry. Their anger was understandable. Hearing this story all the class has then understood. Then Gallot who was in charge of the lecture taught me about Demons魔族, the Maou魔王 and Magic魔法 in this world. Therefore next thing he taught was these three kanji.

「I wonder why we use the same letters?」

「With this the Evil Maou had created magic. If God had created this then we should used another letter, why is that?」

Nobody has the answer to that and I was not an exception. It was establish from long ago so no one really wondered. God, in this case it’s the game creator, so who did you called it this way?
In addition I ask the question during class as I was in doubt.

「Gallot-san, I can understand that the Evil King was sealed with the power of the holy sword and the four great spirits, but the Evil race is still running rampant throughout the whole world right? So what becomes of the grudge from being killed by the Evil race? Will those be consumed by the evil King?」

「That’s a good question Akane. There are two layers of seal that the seal of the holy sword and the four great spirits had made. The inner seal is to seal the Evil King, and the outer seal has the grudge purification that incorporates the holy attribute to clean out those grudges. It had been properly considered so it wouldn’t be consumed by the Evil King. However, the seal is still not perfected. The magic ceremony is perfect but it will weakened every hundred years. The reason is because war was occuring. A war between nations and races that can easily generate grudges. And due to the frequent generation of grudges, the purification system then malfunctions. And that interval is approximately a hundred years」

「After having great pains on sealing it, they forget it then they start to fight their wars huh」

「Yes, that is right. It’s a real pain in the head. However for the past hundred years, no wars had ever occurred. A peace treaty was concluded between the nations with the help of the summoned heroes last time」

「Eh, then just why?」

「This time we ask you to re-seal it and to find the cause. Of course we will use all our might to support you. Currently, the various nation around the world are investigating it, but in the current situation we couldn’t find anything」

Oh well, in this last two weeks, we got a rough idea of ​​what we should do. Just that, in regard to myself, joining the battle is out of the question. I will just support everybody from the intellectual side because I’m useless in battle after all. Most of my classmates had understood it, but some are scorning me because I’m useless, and some even want me to be driven out. It reached to the point that those guys at Team Kaneko came to pick a quarrel in a bad meaning. Hey I’ll just say it right now, we just came here so it cannot be helped so don’t treat me like I’m your enemy.

「I wonder if it is useless after all? I’m still doing my magical energy flow and manipulation training. I give up, because of my skill Incompetent, it’s impossible for me to learn anything」

Kaneko-san and the four people that surrounds her had burst out laughing. I was being openly called useless. These five people have a really terrible personality. Or rather, aside from Kaneko-san I already forgotten the names of the other four and I don’t want to remember it.

「Well, don’t compare yourself with everyone, you can do it bit by bit. As I have said before that swords and daggers are the first steps of being able to leave being a beginner」

After hearing it their laughter had increased.

「Stop making me laugh, my stomach can’t take any more if it. Then why aren’t you getting any skills? This just make me more convinced that’s it’s better for you to just give up on you and kick you out of this castle. because you’ll just get in Sakuragi-kun and the other’s way. And it seems like we’re going on our first dungeon exploration today」

At any rate stop using your 「Person Appraisal」 each and every time. There seems to have been two kinds of Appraisal skills, 「Person Appraisal」 and 「Item Appraisal」, Kaneko has the 「Person Appraisal」. We are going to explore the dungeon today, because we consist of 24 people excluding me in that count, we were divided into three groups. Sakuragi-kun and Mika is included in today’s first group.

「You’ll be in the castle for the time being. I already received permission from Ou-samaThe King and Hime-samaThe Princess. And if you go out right now, everyone in the dungeon will be worried about me」

Uwa, these guys, you can see them saying 「tsk」 with their mouths.[TN#2] Do you loathe me to that extent?

「To be frankー, you’ll be just a dead weight to us. You understand it right? Even if we fight together against the Evil race from now on, if the battle happens here you’ll be just getting in Sakuragi-kun’s way. And Because Sakuragi-kun is so gentle to everyone, if you were taken hostage then he might get his guard down and possibly get killed. Long story short, the one who’s here is the one who is in most danger」

Frankly speaking, I know what’s going on in this person’s mind.

「And it is that for that reason that I am training, for that to not happen」

「Ha, training! Well then, let me see it for myself. Show me how strong you have become」

I knew it that it’s going to be like this. I though it was also a good chance get this all done. I’ll definitely lose but there are things I want to try so I’ll test it here.

「I got it. I’ll show you how strong I’ve become in this past two weeks. However, I will lose here, because there is no way for me to leave here」

「Ha, what are you blabbering about? It’s you who decided to leave right」

「You know, think about this calmly. I didn’t receive any compensation from the Goddess unlike you. It is different to the ordinary people of this world. So even with two weeks, I won’t be able to win」

「Tsk, Oh well. Let’s go to the training ground」

This is why I don’t like speaking with this five people. —-And then, I’m facing Kaneko-san. Hearing about it, there were many soldiers that came to watch, this includes Ou-samaThe King, Hime-samaThe Princess, Gallot and Marcus. Let’s not mind it. Well then, how should I fight here?

Kanek-san’s Class is a Hunter, a warrior who can use basic magic. She’s extremely agile, so there’s no chance in winning if I clash with her head on. Then let’s try this immediately. I’ve sharpen the flow of the magical energy to the limits and concentrate them in my eyes. I concentrate it until it reaches the point that my eyes can grasp the wave motion, stance, and muscles movement of the opponent. Alright! Next is, to cover my whole body with magical energy, I’ve sharpen it and spread them throughout my body. To my hands and feet, I can move everything together now. I load my wooden sword with my magical energy as well in order to raise it’s attack power. Marcus-san who was the head of the knights served as the referee of the match.

「Match, start!」

No matter what, I’ll end this in a jiffy because you don’t have a speed. Here I come!」

It was a fast, plain, rush attack. Then I pretended to be frightened before getting hit, I dodged her sword and nudge my wooden sword loaded with magical energy at Kaneko-san’s stomach with all my might.

「Ga,E, N, no way. Where did, that power came from? You shouldn’t have any skill. Why?」

As expected, Kaneko-san is an idiot. She doesn’t understand how I have attacked. Even without skills, attacking is possible. Can you grasp it?

「Kuh, I won’t be hit with such a slow attack!」

Is it impossible after all? I wanted to finished it with that blow if possible. In these past two weeks my magical energy somewhat went up, after all it is like re-tempering a dull sword. it is not that far from Kaneko-san who had received her compensation. As I thought, by concentrating my magical energy on my hands and eyes, I could temporarily raise my abilities to it’s fullest, but it is still impossible to make her faint. I’m nearly reaching my limit here. Even though it has not been more than a minute since the match had begun. Geh, I can feel that she’s going to use magic. This earth magic wave motions, it’s Storm Palette. Going that far right here! She is really merciless. Even though i can’t use any magic.

「Mu, Oh no! Hey cancel that magic right this instance」

Marcus tries to cast a magic but his initial flow was slow. Perhaps, Kaneko-san used that magic without considering me, her opponent.

「A good-for-nothing like you, don’t get cocky. Eat this and die, STORM PALETTE」

Toward me, stone bullets were shot and it hit me directly.

Translator’s Note

1.) Wasn’t she a goddess?

2.) Obviously those were team Kaneko
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