Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Part 3 – Scorned

Are? Someone’s knocking, who could that be?

「Yes, who is it?」
「It’s Mika〜, open up Akane〜」

It’s Mika, I should open it then. When I opened the door, what I saw was a wonderful smile. Ah, You seem to have gotten some great skill from that Goddess. I better tell Mika because I trust her that much.

「Mika, come in」
「Akane, There’s a Saint in the title column of my status. And I only excel in my magic skills. How about you Akane?」

That’s a relief, she’ll be safe if she’s a Saint. Now then, what to do now, this is really hard to say. Sigh, I don’t have any choice but to say it. I told Mika my skill and title.

「What’s that! They’re making a fool out of my Akane! Incompetence is already over the top」
「Actually, just before coming to this world, I heard some voices. Somehow, it seems like they aren’t pleased with me, and my skill was deliberately chosen by them」
「It’s so irritating〜〜! That Goddess, some important person you are! When I spoke with her, I thought she was a nice goddess but she’s just an absolute self-centered person」

Huh, did Mika meet the Goddess?

「Wait a sec Mika. By any chance, have you met the Goddess?」
「I have. When I noticed, the first place I went was where the Goddess was. Everyone also said the same thing」

Oi, It was me alone who hadn’t met the Goddess! Why that Goddess〜〜!

「That’s right, that Goddess, I’m sure that she’s jealous of my Akane」
Haa, jealous? How come?
「Ano Mika, what part of me became the factor for that Goddess to be jealous of?」

Mika then released a big sigh. She then put both her hands on my shoulders and she said.

「Look here Akane, you should be aware of this sooner. Akane is an extreme beauty. You just look plain because you’re wearing your glasses. When we were walking before, we met Sakuragi-kun on campus right? Akane weren’t wearing glasses at that time」

I’m a beauty, that’s absurd! No one have ever told me that before.

「Yeah, my eyes got tired so I took it off for a while」
「After we spitted up, Sakuragi-kun came to ask me. (Who was that cute girl) and i told him that it was you, I was really surprised back then. After that time, he began to have a great interest in Akane」

That’s a lie. That Sakuragi-kun! Come to think of it, he did told me that it would be better if i changed to contacts. Somehow, that makes me really happy.

「I-is that so」
「Yeah, this is somehow a little agitating. But, I cannot forgive that Goddess」
「Mou, there’s no helping it. I have to think about the future. For me, after learning the common sense of this world I’m thinking of leaving this castle」
「What are you saying? You better stay with us all the way」
「Still it would be troublesome. For the time being, it will all depend on the discussion with Ou-sama tomorrow」

After eating dinner with everyone and discussing for the coming future, after we all calm down, first topic was if we all can return to our original world. And second was whether to re-seal the Evil King. When we all agreed on something, we all came back to out rooms and tried to grasp the extent of their abilities. Haa〜〜, fine then. I was able to understand the moment I saw it. After a short while when I came back to my room, I herd a knocking sound.

「Yes, who is it?」
「Ah, it’s Sakuragi, is it ok?」

Eh, Sakuragi-kun! Why, at a time like this, let’s open the door for now.

「What is it, at a time like this」
「Err, I’ve heard about your skill from Shimazaki. And I was thinking if you’re all right」

Mika〜〜, you told Sakuragi-kun. ーーーーMaa,Sakuragi-kun might listen in this case.

「Ah, come inside the room for the time being」

I was considerate to let him in but it was somewhat awkward.

「You heard about my skill and title. Then I’ll make this talk short. After I learn the common sense of this world, I plan to leave this castle. Because I’ll be just a bother」
「That’s dangerous. Because our appearance stands out, you’ll be immediately be attacked by other people. You should just stay inside the castle」

He’s worried for me. Ahaha, somehow that feel pleasant.

「It’s impossible for us to remain inside the castle forever. Even if I didn’t gain any skills, I can learn how to protect myself. Like that if I acquired that then I can leave the castle. If only one person remains inside the castle all the time, then everyone will then misunderstood it」
「Then I’ll make a proposal to Ou-sama, Hime-sama and Gallot-san. Those people should understand it」

Going so far as to strongly say that.

「Ok I understand. Tomorrow, we’ll consult this with Ou-sama. Thanks for worrying about me」
「Eh, th-that’s just natural, of course I’ll be worried because we’re friends」

When Sakuragi-kun had agreed he then left the room. At that time, I wasn’t able to noticed. One person kept staring at Sakuragi-kun all that time.

——The next day, the king summoned us, at we asked the king if it’s possible for us to return to our world. As the result, it seems like there is a way to return to our world. It just that, when moving in-between worlds one needs great amount of magical power and it would at least take one year to be able to save that necessary magic power. The explained to us the details pertaining to the mages necessary for the ritual, the method of storing the magical power and the method for activating the magic. Because they will teach it to us, then that means that we can return home.

Me and my classmates were all relieved. However in the case that we died in this world then it will be impossible as expected. Somehow they were king enough to think about us. Un, maybe we could trust this person. Sakuragi-kun was the one representing our class, in this case we are all OK to re-sealed the Evil King. The next thing we talked about was our status.

Sakuragi-kun was a Hero, Mika was a Saint, Ryuuzaki-kun was a Magic Knight, seems like everyone got a fairly good ones. The people on the royal palace was also getting excited. Specially to Sakuragi-kun and Mika attribute, skill, and title, they seem to be quite superior. At that time I heard someone laughing. It was Kaneki-san, what seems to be happening, it seems like she was pointing at me while laughing. There’s no doubt, she could see my status!

「Ahahahaha, just wait Shimizu-san, what’s with your Incompetence skill. You can’t gain any magic nor skill in your entire life. Besides, what’s with The One Disliked By The Goddess. You can’t ever attain happiness. You are totally worthless, you Calamity Diseased God」

It was Gallot-san who quickly responded.

「Can I call you Akane?」
「Ah, yes」
「Pardon me, but can i look at your status?」

I see, With the skill appraisal you can see the status of others.

「Yes, be my guess」

With that, Gallot-san who looked at my status was extremely astonished.

「This is — just cruel. Why did Goddess-sama gave you such skills and title?」
「When I was summoned, I was the only one who didn’t meet the Goddess — sama. Maybe this is the reason」

I only heard her voice, i don’t want to attach a -sama when calling her but it can’t be helped.

「This shouldn’t be normal! Usually everyone will meet her, there might be a possibility of having a defect」

I’m sorry that I’m a defect. That fellow just simply didn’t like me —— I can’t tell them that. The surrounding then became noisy. Even if it’s wrong for Sakuragi-kun, I should better leave here.

「This is my plan for the future, after learning the common sense of this world and some ways to protect myself, I was thinking of leaving this castle. As Kaneko-san just said, I’m worthless」

And Sakuragi-kun and Mika strongly opposed this.

「That’s no good, it’s too dangerous. You wouldn’t get any skill for the rest of your life right. If you leave the castle then there’s a high possibility that you’ll get attacked by some people and die. It’s better for you to not leave the castle」
「That’s right Akane, what Sakuragi-kun is telling you is correct. We’ll protect you」

Oh, those world really makes me fell happy. We then looked at Gallot-san.

「Umu, I agree with Haruhito’s opinion. It’s better if you don’t leave the castle. When leaving here, it’s better to be in a group than to go out alone」

Ou-sama who witness such situation seems to have decided on something and then he spoke.

「I can say that the cause of all this is because of some defect, I wouldn’t mind you staying at the castle. Akane too, you should try first if you cannot really gain any skill or magic. However it will be a different case with the others. There’s a big gap with your attributes. Alright then, from today on Haruhito and the others will study the common sense of the world of Spherethalia while training their skill and magic. Knight leader Marcus, I’ll leave it to you」

A single man in his thirties came up. This person is the knight leader Marcus, I should remember this.

「Ha, certainly. Come along Haruhito and the others, also Akane」

At any rate, Ou-sama and Gallot-san was too kind. I was thinking aloud in my mind. Let’s try no not cause any inconvenience to them while I’m inside the castle. If just doing some chores then it’s possible for me. And thus, our training begun.

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