Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Part 2 – Audience With The King

We were not in the classroom by the time we noticed it. Are we in a wide basement? I wonder. My classmates were besides me and we are on a circular base with a 10m diameter. And outside the the base are perhaps a group consisting of a princess, minister, mages, knights, the all total up to ten people. All of them seems to be rejoicing.

「Hime-sama, the hero summoning was a smashing success. Congratulation 」

「Right, Gallot, it’s a success. With this the other countries will also rejoice 」

The princess was about our age, she was a soothing beauty. Gallot, his age seems like in his forties, looking at him give the feeling of him being a mage-like I guess? This really is an otherworld summoning. When I looked around, seems like some people had already noticed it. Before anyone noticed me, I have to gather more information. In cases like this, I have to calmly deal with this, most main characters in webnovels are doing this.

Eh, are? I can somehow understand the language from a different world. Maybe the otherworld language was embedded into us during the summoning. Why? Because the Goddess is involved. Oh yeah, surely that I can see my own numerical status. Let’s try whispering it.


Ah, it appeared. Suddenly thinking of this, webnovels does have this kind of development so it certainly does help. Besides, I have a bad feeling about the voices I heard before coming here. I looked at my own status silently. OK then.

Shimizu Akane
Unique Skill:
Free Dream
The One Disliked By The Goddess
Some Comments from the Goddess:
Inferior soldiers have an average status of 150 right〜 With the exception of you, all has at least 300 . Too bad, good-for-nothing!

—-Right on the mark〜! I’m a good-for-nothing. This word was too much. What the hell is incompetence? Is this a joke? Calm down, We still don’t know it yet. Maybe it’s a cheat skill that can nullify all skills and magic. Right, at times like this I have to touch it to make the explanation come out. Alright, it came out.

Whoever have this skill, any kind of effort they bleed out will not yield any result.
Free Dream:
You can do anything, only in your mental world.
The One Disliked By The Goddess
Because the Goddess absolutely hates you, you won’t attain happiness.

—Don’t fuck with meー! At what part of this should I tsukkomi at. Just what did I do! It’s like you’re saying that I’m already a goner as soon as I was summoned. Incompetence, it just has the same useless meaning. There’s no helping it when the Goddess herself detest me. Besides, my unique skill is also useless. Anyone can do this even without this skill. I suddenly reached my limit. In this case making a good use of this unique skill is unthinkable, well then I’ll just won’t move regardless of the situation. Everyone already noticed! Seems like the princess has start her explanation.

「Everyone from another world, welcome to the world of Spherethaliaスフィアタリア. I am Thelmia Kingdom’s first princess, Maria Thelmia」

While everyone was confused Sakuragi-kun stepped forward.

「I’m Sakuragi Haruhito. We are summoned from a different world?」

「Yes, for further details you should speak with the king of this country」

Everyone was starting to make an uproar, but because of Sakuragi-kun’s talk everyone seems to had calm down. I was unwilling but I decided to go to the king. I was interested on what kind of abilities everyone received. At least those will be all better than mine. I don’t know how I should act. At any rate, lets observe the situation. If I make a wrong choice here then it’s off with my head. We had then arrived to the king. It’s as expected, the king was in a high location therefore he was looking down at us. He has this intimidating aura, he is the king after all. It also seems like that his charisma was also high.

「People from the different world, I am the king of this country, France Thelmia. I apologize for the unreasonable summoning this time. I’m really sorry」

Are, that’s unexpected. In most novels the kings are some arrogant guy that summoned us in order to fight for their war, I kinda expected him to have us all equipped with a bracelet of slavery. I seriously apologized from the bottom of my heart. Everyone was also surprised.

「I think everyone of you wanted to complain toward me. But first of all I would like you all to hear my explanation of the situation before that」

Sakuragi then replied.

「Properly speaking there are various things that I want to voice out, but first of all I would like to ask Ou-sama’sThe King story」

「Well then, my gratitude. There’s only one reason why we were forced to summon you all. I want you all to re-seal the Evil King before he is resurrected, it was said that he will be resurrected in about a few years from now. To re-seal the evil King, you need the help of the Holy Sword that only a Hero can wield」

「Ou-sama, I want you to forgive this remark of mine. I am Sakuragi Hirohito. In other words, among of us who was summoned from a different world, is a hero who can wield the holy sword am I right?」

Sakuragi-kun asked it franklyー. It that was me then it will be a lese majeste, I might have my head chopped off the spot. Because my Luck is 0.

「It saves me that you quickly understand it. You’re right, this otherworld summoning was done in times when the Evil King’s resurrection draws near. Roughly every 100 years the seal for the Evil King will weaken, and each time that happens it is re-sealed with the use of the holy sword. Of course when it is successfully re-sealed we then managed to return the summoned people to their original worlds」

It’s far different form the webnovels I’ve read. But can we trust them? i can’t really tell from the present case. At any rate, It’s not the Maou but The Evil King huh. Everyone was thinking in wonder. Ah, Ryuuzaki竜崎-kun seems like he want to say something.

「Hey Ou-sama, are you fine with just re-sealing it instead of killing it?」

「How dare you talk like that to the king」

「Throw that guy to the prison」

The surrounding started making an uproar. Normally if you talk like that to a king then it’s committing lees majeste. Ryuuzaki-kun are you aware or not that you’re doing a very nasty smile right now.

「Everyone please calm down. That’s right, we just re-seal it. But it is also possible to kill the Evil King with the use of the Holy Sword. But on the fight 500 years ago, the world itself was exposed to the risk of ruins. The more people dies, the more the Evil King then get stronger. At that moment the Evil King has an absurd strength . Perhaps if you do fight, even if you attain victory you’ll receive a terrible strike from the whole races. That is what I want to avoid at all cost. According to the documents, although they had sealed it, it seems that a quarter of the entire population died at that moment」

「Seriously. It was indeed convincing. And one more thing, don’t we have to defeat the maou?」

I wonder if Ryuuzaki is really an idiot. Hora, the surrounding is starting to make a racket again. Try reading the situation! At the time where the word “Maou” didn’t even surfaced, we can only imagine.

「This bastard, such disrespect to the Maou, my king you should cut down this Ryuuzaki guy here right now 」

Wait, isn’t being cut down a bit too much? Ryuuzaki himself was quire flustered.

「Oi, wait a minute. In our world humans and animals were tormented by the demons, it’s just common sense for the maou to be the last boss. It was my bad, I thought that it was the same here as well」

With his statement, seems like that everyone was convinced for the time being.

「The one called Ryuuzaki. Only this time, we’ll forgive you. But the next time you make a remark making fun about Maou-sama or the demon race, no matter the reason you’ll be executed on public. Do you understand!」

Eh, I don’t understand the public position of the demon race in this world. In other words, there’s no doubt that he is in a considerately noble position than we are.

「My bad. I’ll pay attention on my remarks from now on」

It seems like Ryuuzaki was also surprised with this. Ah, Sakuragi seems to begun his move.

「Ou-sama, I now understand the matter, I don’t think that we have such abilities with in us」

「People who have been summoned from another world should have been granted special abilities by the Goddess. Since you were just summoned today, please focus on getting a hold of your abilities as a priority. Say the words “Status Open” and you can see it for yourselves. Maria, lead the summoned people to their own separate rooms. Let us talk about your abilities for tomorrow」

And thus, all twenty-five of us were guided to each of our own rooms. Regardless, it seems like they have rooms for all the summoned people. And now I’m all alone in my room.

This is bad, what should I do? When tomorrow comes, I’ll be surely be driven out of the castle. Anyone, I want you to steal my 『Incompetence』 with your skill 『Skill Taker』. There wouldn’t be such a convenient development like that.

Such melancholy. At the very least, I want to be taught of the common sense of this world before departing to a town. Is there no other choice but to put a petition?

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