Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Part 1 – The Sudden Other World Summoning

When I looked at the alarm clock when it rang, it was 6 o’clock in the morning. Me as Shimizu清水 Akane whose currently a highschool student, has her living rhythm unchanged. Now then, shall we prepare for breakfast? We are a family of 4, both my dad and mom works and my little brother is still at an age of 9 yrs old so there’s no way I can tell my tried sleeping parents to do the breakfast preparation. Since I was a junior highschool student, I’ve learned cooking from my mom and now I became more skilled than my mother, so I was in charge of cooking. Well it’s fine as it’s fun to make them.

I fixed my outfit and then went to the washbasin, I then checked my face and hair style. Haa〜, my figure is so ordinary, can’t be helped if there’s a pimple on my face or something〜 Plus, my eyesight are as low as 0.01 so glasses are a must. If I consult with Mika美香.

「Finally, you started caring! Next time, we’ll do some image change. We’ll surprise all the boys」

Why is she so pleased. I’m not such a beauty though.
Well then, let’s take care of this and start cooking!

—— An hour later

「Well then, Akane, Kenichi健一, we’re off. We’ll be home by around 18 o’clock」
「I don’t think that’s possible, Kenichi pay attention to the cars ok」

「Un, have a safe trip!」
「Otou-san, Okaa-san, take care」

I still have some time.

「Kenichi, shall we do the dishes together?」

Today’s Math and World History, there will surely be a quiz. Let’s prepare once we arrive in the classroom. Now then, all the chores are done. The time is, 7:30.

「Well then, let’s go to school」
「Un, I’m all ready Onee-chan」

I brought Kenichi to his elementary school and I then headed towards the highschool. Huh, isn’t that Mika over there? That girl is Shimasaki島崎 Mika美香, my best friend. I ran toward her then tapped her shoulder.

「Ohayou Mika, you’re early today」
「Akane〜, ohayou〜, I need your immediate help〜」

Ah, it’s about the short test. I too haven’t review for it. Mika has extraordinary reflexes, and a super-cutie to boot, just that studying is her weakness. By the way, I’m not athletic, I have an ordinary face, and only super-good at studying. Anyhow, I’m at the top of the grade.

「Got it. But for now, because I can’t do anything else I’ll just pick-up the places that will show in the test」

「That will really save me Akane-sama!」

There’s no helping it. While we were talking about the test problems we then arrived at the classroom in no time. It’s he first class this morning, so we have about half of the time before we get into the test. Ah, those guys are here too. I hope nothing goes wrong. Mika then greeted everyone at once. I also said my greetings.

「Everyone〜, Morning」

「Good morning Shimazaki-san, you’re fine as always. Good morning to you too Shimizu-san」
「Ah, Sakuragi-kun morning」

Sakuragi桜木 Haruhito春人, this person even if it’s a guy or a girl, he’ll be kind to anyone. Because he has an ikemen face, he was very popular to both guys and girls. Even now, the girls are starring like daggers at me just because I was called out.

Those four girls were Kaneko金子, Aoki青木, Kokura小倉, and Kotou江東. So I called their group the Team Kaneko. These girl’s leader was Kaneko after all, why is it that they always flare up just because I talked to Sakuragi. I’m just greeting him. It is only that, so just why? But it’s different when its Mika, am I not noticing something here? I’ll just sit down for the time being.

「Akane〜 please quickly teach me」
「OK! Lets first start with mathematics.」

「If we based it by sensei’s character, this five will probably show up 」

「Geh! All these problems are difficult. But Akane says that this will have a high chance of showing〜. I somehow can’t understand it」

In this way I was studying with two others, I’m making a memo of the things that the other guys and girls had pointed out. Honestly, I wanted to quit at each and every time this happens. Even if it is a hit or a miss both will not benefit me. If my prediction was a hit, everyone will be happy. Naturally Sakuragi will be happy, but the girls (mainly Team Kaneko) will call me out later to find some faults. And if it was a miss, those who I’m not close with will get angry at me. In that case, I’ll just think of telling them 「Just do it yourself then」, Mika will be then sad and rebuke everybody. After all, I already expected this behavior on a test, there’s no merit for me, it’ll be just a demerit. Well if Mika is happy then that’s fine. If anything, since this is related to Mika, it’s a great relief that she isn’t bothered by the girls of Team Kaneko. Are, isn’t this a merit for me?

The mathematic test just ended. This time, since three out of the five predicted problems appeared, no one gave any criticism. Isn’t this the best pattern?

「Akane〜 Arigatou. Thanks to the solved three questions, I think I’ll get about 60 in the score」
「Really, that’s good then. Next will be world history, will you be ok? I can’t predict any of those」
「Well I’ll do better in this compare to mathematics」

That’s true〜. Because I focused too much, my eyes got tired for a bit. I’ll leave the classroom for just a little bit. I went to the hallway then removed my glasses. Phewー, should I use contacts instead? I’m a little worried about the unusual thing Mika will recommend.


Someone called to me. It was Sakuragi-kun.

「Sakuragi-kun what’s the matter?」
「Ah, no, about the test just now, thanks for predicting it. You really saved me back there」

? Why are you so flustered?

「I’m happy that I could be of help」
「Say, Shimizu-san why won’t you switch to contacts lens? Wouldn’t it be better than glasses?」

「Ahー, that’s right, I was thinking about it just now. When I asked Mika, she said that it will be absolutely better, so I’m thinking of switching with it soon」

「I-is that so. I think contacts will definite suit you better!」
「Really? Thanks」

Ah, the chime just rang.

「The next class will be starting, we should go back」
「Yeah, you’re right」

Sakuragi-kun, why is his whole face smiling? Did something good happened?
I wore my glasses back then went back inside the classroom.

When the test on world history was over and everyone took a rest, an unusual accident occurred. The floor is shining? Also, what’s with this pattern? Everyone started making an uproar.

「Oi, what is this? A magic square? Isn’t this dangerous!」
「The door won’t budge. It’s no good, we can’t escape」
「That’s a lie. Wait, what’s going to happen to us?」
「Don’t ask me」

Woahー, everyone is making a ruckus. Ahー, there’s no mistake that this is an otherworld summoning or something. I know it because I’ve read from lightnovels and webnovels. I was able to calm down because I can see everyone’s manner of panicking, I thank you all. The light was rapidly getting stronger. From here on, I lost consciousness.

——–What is it, I can’t open my eyes. But I can hear something.

「Saria-sama〜〜. Those who were summoned as you’ve instructed were send to the country who were summoning them. Just that, this girl is the only remaining one and her skill hasn’t even set yet. What should we do?」

「Fu〜n, that girl, I don’t like her〜〜」

「That is, no matter how you put it, isn’t that pitiful? She’ll immediately die if we send her now」

「Geez, it can’t be helped〜. Ah there, I’ll give this to her then〜. Hahaha, accept this〜〜. Look at this, this status, it’s really laughable〜」

「Uwa, that’s so cruel! Do you hate her that much?」

「Isn’t that obvious〜. Well, She’ll die within just three months」

「Well then, I’ll send her with this」

「Yes ye〜s, go survive somehow down there」

Somehow, it seems like I was treated really absurdly.

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