Title: エルフの国の宮廷魔導師になれたので、とりあえず姫様に性的な悪戯をしてみました。
Romanji : Elf no Kuni no Kyuutei Madoushi ni Naretanode, Toriaezu Himesama ni Seitekina Itazura wo Shitemimashita
Translated Title: Since I Had Gotten Used to Being the Court Magician of the Elf Country, For Now, I Will Play Sexual Pranks on the Princess.
Author: 磯貝武連 (Takeshi Isogai)
Raw: http://novel18.syosetu.com/n7663ct/
Translated By: tempusinfinitum (Chapter 2~21)
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Keith Blackhound was expelled from his Order for selling voyeur photos. After that, he wandered around doing random business by making weird magic items, occasionally scamming people by selling his failed products. One day, after being discovered selling fake love talisman, he was chased by Temple Knights then somehow ended up getting lost in Elven Forest. At that moment he saw several elves being attacked by a basilisk, he went to help them expecting food as a reward. He successfully repelled it with another of his weird product and as he wished he got food as a reward from the father of one of the elf girl. The father turned out to be an influential person in the kingdom and took a liking to him. He was recommended to be Court Magician by him and was accepted. His first duty is to teach Elven Princess Naia, who despite being an elf, is unable to use magic.

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Chapter 002 – Beginning of the lessons
The ceremony ended safely and Keith who had become the court mage was called before Mashua straight away. On the throne is a beautiful elf with a crown imitating ivy on his head. He looks in his mid 20’s but is actually over 300 I had heard.

“Keith as you are now a citizen of our country I expect splendid work from you”

I bow down to the dignified face while a grave voice like the rumbling of the sea under a moonlight night solemnly resounds.

Mashua continued speaking to Keith.

“I know you have just arrived but I have a favour to ask”

“If this body is up to it I will do anything”

“Umu, Naia come here”

At Mashua’s call, an elf appears from the back. A face that wasn’t childish but you could still tell it was a girl and not a woman. Her body was wrapped in a snow white dress and had a face that resembled Mia who was sitting next to Mashua. Long platinum hair with slim hands and feet and slightly swelling breasts that were standing out.


Naia came alongside her father and smiled when she saw Keith.

“This is my daughter Naia although she was at your appointment ceremony”

However, Keith hadn’t been aware of it.

“Yes. I could never forget such a beautiful figure”

Naia shyly turned her face down at Keith’s words.

“In fact, my request is this child”

“The princess”

“Umu” (TN – I’m sure you are all aware but Umu is just a sound of agreement or could be used for yeah or right)

Mashua continued after confirming it was about Naia

“As you know we elves excel at sorcery and magic. We take pride in being better and more experienced than other races particularly with spirit magic”


“But….for some reason, my daughter Naia……..has no talent in magic”

Mashua says while watching his daughter.

It’s unfathomable for Keith how shameful it is to an elf to say they have no talent in magic. However, he was able to see it after watching Naia hanging her head down and squirming.

“So I would like you to teach magic to Naia”

Keith fully grasped it then.

Did you have such an intention when I was employed?

For an elf magic is as natural as a bird flying in the sky or a fish swimming in water. That’s why they are no good at teaching it. So if you want to learn magic you have to ask a human to teach it. Because I accidentally happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Of course, this was just Keith’s guess who had a self-mocking like feeling.

“So? Do you mind?”

“Ah. Of course. I’ll serve to the utmost”


To the voice of Keith, it was Naia’s voice that came back first.

When Keith looked up Naia came running from her father’s side. She crouched down and grasped Keith’s hand.

“Great! I didn’t know what to do if you declined. It was good to ask my father”

“Ha, Haa” (TN – he’s just taken aback by her enthusiasm)

“Will I be able to use magic? what do you think mage-sama”

However, Keith’s heart sulked at Naia’s innocent question.

(Ahh. Am I this child’s toy?) Is the thought that came to mind.

“Naia! This is disgraceful”

“…….I’m sorry”

“Hahahaha. It can’t be helped”

Such cheerful scenery made Keith’s heart even more rough.

* * *

Magic guidance for Naia started the next day.

I am taken by a knight from my room provided by the royal court and taken to Naia’s room.

Naia who was having her hair brushed by a maid stopped when Keith entered and rushed up to him joyfully.

“Mage-sama! I was waiting!”

With a smile like a sunflower on her face, she grasped his hand.

“Insolent fellow!!”

I draw my body back from a voice that wasn’t Naia’s

“Lowly mage touching Naia-sama with your filthy hand”

No, it was this girl that grabbed me………

I look at the source of the voice and an elf with brown skin was standing there.

(Desert Elf?)

It’s an elf clan living in the desert zone to the east. It’s characterised by brown skin and silver hair with their own religion and until recently they were persecuted as dark elves but this doesn’t happen much now.

However, they are very unusual in this region.


Naia is saying “Uhh” to that desert elf…………..Aisha.

“Such a way of speaking is rude! apologise to mage-sama!”

Aisha was troubled by those words.



Aisha looks at Keith with eyes that are not apologetic at all


Are you apologising?

I can’t help thinking so. However, in this country, it can’t be helped. I can’t be bothered by every single thing.

“No. I don’t mind”

“Don’t you mind? you haven’t done anything wrong”

“Not at all”

“That’s good!”

Aisha continues to glare at Keith with a face like chewing on a bitter bug.

“That’s right, introductions still haven’t been made. Mage-sama this is Aisha my escort knight. Aisha this is the magician, Keith”

I’m introduced “Thank you” I bow my head but Aisha only returns a “Hmph!” I don’t know her true age but being looked down on by someone with the appearance of a young girl makes me slightly angry.

“Again Aisha!”

Because our talk didn’t proceed I wanted to finish this quickly.

“It’s fine, let’s get started”

“Y, Yes!”

It’s tense [Funsu!] Naia gets psyched up and blows breath out her nose.

For now, I open a simple grimoire and the maid excuses herself and leaves, however, Aisha remains.

“Is Aisha-sama going to stay here all the time?”

“Of course! Because I don’t know what rude things you will do to Naia-sama”

To be honest it’s troublesome.

Because I’m teaching I may be slightly rude if I have to scold her. It’s called teaching and learning. It will be unbearable if she complains every single time.

“What, got a complaint?”

“No…not so much a complaint”

Although he thought about it in various ways Keith felt himself getting wore down worrying about the knight so he decided to stop thinking about it. After all, it was only Aisha.

“Aren’t you going? You’re in the way”

“Wha, What did you say!!!!”

“I can’t teach well with you around”

“You bastard!!”

Aisha grabs the rapier at her waist.

But after being chased by people from the 10 temple knights order waving around halberds and claymores screaming “I’m going to kill you, you wicked heretic!!” this young girl didn’t frighten Keith.

“You can kill me but then please teach the princess magic”


“Stop it!!”

Aisha’s movement stopped by the words of Naia.


“It’s as mage-sama says. Aisha get out”

“Bu, But!”


It’s totally like a dog.

Aisha looks at Naia like a puppy that has been abandoned many times and leaves the room “I am sorry” with a voice that seems to disappear.

Take a breath

“Well, shall we begin?”

Keith says and begins to imitate a tutor.

* * *

What I learned was Naia didn’t even have a rudimentary knowledge of magic.

Is it because it’s normally intuitive?

I don’t know if all elves are the same but this is difficult.

Keith though not perfect is a genshou doushi (TN – Not sure what this is. MT gives me new year head priest or possibly grand priest 元正導師. Some googling gives me possibly teacher or part-time teacher which makes more sense)

In academic terms its equivalent to a university student.

It’s like teaching maths to a pre-schooler. To be honest I have no idea where to begin.

Naia guessed from Keith’s troubled face.

“After all……..is it impossible for me….”

Disappointment and dejection is as big as expected and she got depressed

“No, Umm…”

I thought desperately.

What I thought of was an experiment done by some magic association that had monkeys learn magic through repetition.

If a monkey can do it there’s no reason why an elf can’t do it.

We need to start with the basics and build a foundation.

“It’s alright. Let’s go slowly”

That’s right. Let’s go slowly.

My partner is an elf. They have long lives. The longer it takes the longer Keith can work at the court. It’s killing two birds with one stone.

I think this and smile

“…….Mage-sama is a gentle person, I’m……happy”

On the contrary, at this short distance, Keith felt a shock from that smile. No way. I’m deceiving you.

“For the moment lets just try and make things appear with magical power. I will assist you, anyone can do this as long as there is magical power”

“Ye, Yes!”

Keith places a piece of paper cut out in the shape of a butterfly on her hand and places his hand under hers.

I will slowly draw out her magical power and let it emerge.

In this way, I tried to let the body remember the act of drawing magical power out slowly.


It doesn’t float

It doesn’t even twitch


Such an idiot

As an ordinary person, there’s no reason an elf can’t make this float.

It’s an elf species. They are a lump of walking magical power.

Strange…..I thought anybody could do this, but Naia collected lots of tears in her eyes

“Af, abwfter all……… I……….I’m sobwy……..”(TN – Yeah she’s crying but I didn’t know how to write it)

“Please don’t cry!”

Keith doesn’t know how to comfort a crying girl. I stared at Naia to start to investigate the cause first of all.

However you look at it she’s an elf.

A perfect elf. It isn’t a human cosplaying.

I wonder.

“Excuse me, may I touch your head?”

“Yes [sniffle] that’s fine”

I got permission and placed my hand on her head.

I close my eyes and start seeing into her body. It’s like a magic CT scan. However, it isn’t the internal organs you see but the internal magic pathways. And


I finally understand the cause.

* * *

“It’s an abnormal formation in the magic pathways”

Keith nodded

“What…. in the world?”

“There is a path that circulates magical power inside the body for every living thing. It’s possible to use magic because magic power flows through there……..the paths in the princesses body are not formed”

“No……..no way”

“There is no effect to living normally nor to your life but you cannot use magic”

“Then……I can’t use magic for my entire life?”

Naia who has gone white from shock has gone even whiter. However Keith

“No, it will be okay” I answered indifferently


“Because it can just be corrected if it’s made abnormally”

“Can you do something like that?”

“Yes. As a matter of fact, that is my speciality”

In fact, Keith majored in magical power amplification in the body. It’s an application of spirit treatment.

In offensive magic, he was the lowest in history but when using small magic he is unsurpassed. He nickname was “Small Man Keith” (TN – I’d demand a better nickname)

“I….I, I’m a lucky person …..to have come across mage-sama”

I don’t think an elf born with an abnormal magical pathway formation is lucky but Keith doesn’t say that.

“At once with the treatment!”

“No there are preparations to be made and it takes time so it will have to be tomorrow”

“Ye, Yes”

“Then, good day”

Keith gathered up his things and was about to leave the room



“Umm….May I call you Keith?”

“Eh?…..Yeah I don’t mind”

At Keith’s words, Naia broke into a large smile

“Then Keith, See you tomorrow!”

When I left the room while watching her Aisha came out of the shadow of a pillar.


I was surprised and stopped, Aisha is looking at me with eyes shooting death.

“Don’t get cocky lowly human”


“If you take advantage of Naia-sama’s gentleness or are rude I’ll rip your skin off and make a rug” she says heading towards Naia’s room.

I got goosebumps all over my body and quickly returned to my room.

In my room, Ruu was curled up on my bed like a glossy-haired ball.

“……Oh master welcome nyack” (TN – instead of Okaerinasai he says Okaerinyasai. Though I can’t imagine anyone that doesnt know this but if you don’t nya is the Japanese onomatopoeia for the noise cats make)

“That’s a good coat of hair for a low-grade cat”

“Until recently I was brushed by a maid. It was heaven nya”

“While the master has been threatened with his hide being ripped off, his familiar has been receiving personal grooming ……….hahaha, I’ll make a stringed instrument sometime” (TN – as saintierset pointed out this is a threat due to the fact that strings/cords used to be made from cat guts amongst other animals)

Keith made a firm decision and lay on his bed.

Chapter 003 – Let’s begin the treatment
Here’s a little something for the weekend. There will be no more chaps posted until next week now. I want to get the next chapter of my story done and work/RL is calling.

I will just point out it gets a bit disjointed in places as the author switches to Naia’s perspective then back to Keith’s with no obvious transition between the two. Hopefully you can follow it.

That’s enough from me so please enjoy the smut which starts now.

The next day at noon I head to Naia’s room.

What’s different to yesterday is the amount of baggage I’m carrying.

I am led there by a knight and enter the room.

Naia is excited and grabs Aisha

“Keith-samaKeith-sama!” (TN – not an error. She’s talking quickly)

She runs up to me like a dog which puts Aisha in an even more bad mood.

A lot of pressure (hey are you seriously upset?) is coming from that gaze

Because of Naia (Aisha leaves the room because lessons are staring) she looks like an abandoned puppy again.

“Keith-sama you promised to start the treatment!”

Is that all you thought about since yesterday? She puffed her small chest out with excitement.

Because she thinks she can finally use magic its no wonder really.

“Haihai” Keith begins the preparations (TN – I personally prefer hai hai due to yes yes sounding too impatient and rude however if people want me change it in the future let me know)

I spread a sheet made from water dragon hide on the floor for waterproofing, lay a clean sheet on top and finally place small pillow on the sheet.

“Princess, please lie down here”


Naia lay down where I said.

“A, no, please take off your clothes”

To Keith’s words

“Take off my clothes!?”

She was completely surprised

Keith, on the other hand, was not surprised.

Nobles always have people around them doing everything for them so their sense of shame is on a different level to a commoner.

That’s why I’m not shy about such a petty thing.

I should have said this was for the treatment. It’s not strange to undress for that.

While I was thinking

“…………In front of Keith-sama…………..naked”

“If that’s too hard I’ll try and think of another method”

To Keith’s words

“…….No. Its your request. I can do it”

She takes her clothes off after speaking

A thin body with transparent white skin

There isn’t much yet but her chest and waist are starting to fill out.

Naia turns red whilst trying to cover her body with her hands.

“Is………..Is this okay?”

I hear it.

She’s bright red to the tips of her pointed ears.

“That’s excellent. Please lie down”

As I thought. It’s a wonderful body. In all honesty, my body is throbbing but if I show it Naia will get more anxious.

Keith thinks so and makes an effort to order her calmly.

As Naia lies face down she shows her flawless back, rounded ass and slim legs.

It’s a delicious body. I wanted to dive right into it but I restrained myself and started the treatment.

I take a small bottle out my bag.

“Whats that?” Naia asked me with a side glance

“It’s a mixture of sap, honey, alcohol etc. All natural materials…….tentatively”

I put a little on my hand and rub in into Naia’s arm.

I cast a spell but Naia’s body has no reaction.

“There doesn’t seem to be any problems. In which case”

It was a kind of allergic reaction test.

It would be a big problem if she got a rash

“It’s a little cold”

I pour some liquid on her back.


Naia raised her voice at the coldness.

“Are you okay?”

“Ye….yes. I was surprised a little”

“Well then I’ll continue”

Keith keeps spreading the liquid over her back with both hands.

A wet sound echo’s as his hands crawl up Naia’s back.

Not too weak or too strong.

Sometimes the back of the neck and shoulder blades with the thumb, along the spine, when by the liver down around the sides, the sense spreads through the whole back, it’s excessively pleasant. “Kuh….” A voice leaks.

She’s desperately trying to endure and is biting the pillow. Keith strongly wraps his hands around her waist and presses his thumbs into the middle of her back.

“Hiuu!…..ah, kuuuu”

She leaked some drool along with her voice

“I’m going to do your legs and ass now”

“Fue….? oh, my ass…….”

It was already too late. By the time she spoke Keith had already placed his hands on her rounded ass and started forcefully massaging it.

Her peach like ass meat was shaking every time he applied force. It was firm to the touch and transmitted the tension to him.

When he pushed his thumb into the boundary area between her ass and legs “Aah!” she raised a voice.

At this point, Keith was aware that Naia was releasing a female smell from her pussy but he ignored it.

Just continue massaging as it is.

He rubs the legs from the foot to the calf with both hands one at a time. Then onto the thigh. Over to the other leg. He continues several more times.

Naia is melting away with the pleasant feeling “Hoee” her nose is almost running.

Keith washed his hands after finishing the massage.

The whole body will be massaged. Naia who was breathing heavily buried her face in the pillow and was about to die from shame.

(Shameless, shameless, shameless! Keith is just treating you and you let out such a voice……..)

I got wet a little. To Naia who didn’t even know the meaning behind getting wet the pleasantness of the massage was prioritised.

While watching Keith wash his hands in the bowl

“Is it over?”

“No. I’ll do the front now”

“The front!?”

Naia shouted at Keith’s words.

Then the door was beaten

“Naia-sama! Are you safe!!!”

Aisha’s voice rang out and Naia panicked

“I’m all right!! Don’t come in!!”

Even though it’s for treatment if Aisha saw Naia’s figure she would definitely kill Keith.

I thought so and stopped her desperately.


“Don’t, don’t come in!!”

I heard a sound of someone catching their breath “Excuse me” then a voice like a dying dog. (TN – the author loves dogs and puppies with Aisha)

Naia takes a deep breath, the danger of Keith being killed also leaves. I was relieved.

Naia doesn’t want to keep complaining and make Keith uncomfortable. Whilst enduring the embarrassment Naia bites her lip and rolls over.

Naia’s body is revealed to the opposite sex for the first time in her life.

Undeveloped breasts with slightly inset sakura pink nipples show. There’s still some childishness to her body with her ribs showing in places. Moving down there’s no excess fat on her stomach and there’s the most important part.

As for pubic hair, she has a thin downy covering of platinum coloured hair.

Therefore I can see the clitoris clearly but its covered by its hood. Tears came into her eyes from the shame.

However, Keith shows no reaction. Though Naia doesn’t know it the damage to Keith this time is bad.

Keith desperately calms himself down by telling himself this is a treatment.

Thus he became expressionless though Naia didn’t notice anything.

Keith pours the rest of the liquid on her stomach.

He doesn’t do it like the back though, he just spreads it around with his palms. When he got to her chest the evil dwelling in his heart began to whisper.

Is it okay to rub this?

No, I should rub it.

It cant be helped to rub it because it’s for treatment.

Rather I have to rub it.

I desperately ignore the whisper but my hand’s arent listening. I lightly touch the nipple I had been avoiding.

“Aah! Nn….”

Naia was ashamed by her voice and covered her face with both hands.

She was unbearably cute and something collapsed in Keith.

It was collapsing slowly but surely.

It started because I said it was okay a little.

I rub the slightly viscous liquid onto her swelling breasts many times.

Using my palms I avoid her areola.


After tracing a circle around her areola many times which was impregnated with liquid her small inverted nipples made an appearance.


I grab her shy nipples between my thumbs and index fingers and finish pulling them outside.


I carry on kneading and tweaking. Naia’s body continually responds and shakes.

“Do……nt, Ki-sama…..hiii…..don’t”

I let go of her nipples which have erected completely. Now I’ll take care of the stomach and down.

The legs and crotch are an important part. I’ll massage them.

However, Keith’s mind rebelled against him and handed control over completely to his sex drive.

Anyway, I’m here as a toy of this girl. I’m just a clown.

If that’s so shouldn’t I have some benefits?

Can’t I enjoy myself?

I’ll enjoy myself. With that in mind, I’m cured. It’s not a bad story either way.

Keith strokes her abdomen while moving his hand to the base of her thigh. In the process, he brushed her clitoris with his fingers by accident.


Another person’s fingers touch the place she never has and her waist jumps up with the strength of the feeling.


“What’s wrong”


“Perhaps….you want me to stop?”


“Is that so…Well, it cant be helped. The treatment so far….”

Naia stopped Keith who was trying to stand up whilst panicking

“Wro, That’s wrong! Wrong…..”

“How am I wrong?”

“…..It’s strange”

Naia looks down

“….When Keith-sama touches me……..It feels good…….Though its treatment”

“What? is that all?”


“This is more of a correction than a treatment. Because I’m going to return your body to its correct state, it’s natural for it to feel good”



It’s a big lie

After all what I’m doing now is the preliminary steps of the treatment, in other words, it’s no more than palpitations.

However, Naia who won’t know such a thing seems to be happy.

“Well then, Umm….”

“Do you want to feel good again?”


Keith’s craftiness came into play

“Please wait a minute”

I dry my hands whilst saying so and take a stone out my bag.

Moreover, it’s got a spell on it and after confirming its slightly glowing I put it to one side.

“Princess please cry out a little”


“Loud enough to make Aisha kick down the door”


“Trust me”

“…..Y, Yes”

Naia takes a deep breath “KYAAAA!”. She screams but there’s no reaction.


“This stone absorbs sound. It’s range is roughly around the two of us. No sound can be heard outside that range at all”

It’s a magic tool I made for when you have a secret that cant be spoken about. An evil tool. It didn’t sell well at all. (TN – I’ll take a dozen)

After all if you had such an important secret you wouldn’t talk about it outside anyway.

Keith whispers in Naia’s ear

“With this its okay no matter how good it feels or how loud you get”



Covered her shy face.

Looking at Naia, Keith resumed his molestation disguised as treatment.

Chapter 004 – First time feeling
Almost Sunday for me so good enough. Here’s something for all you hungry people. Again perspectives keep switching between the two without any obvious transition. Must be the author’s style so I won’t mention it again. Anyway enjoy.

Well, shall we resume?

Should he blame her virgin pussy or her inverted nipples which were still standing proud?

Keith was deeply troubled but in the end decided to start with her chest.

I push Naia’s small breasts together and begin to massage them.


Naia closes her eyes and bites her lip to endure the pleasant feeling.

“What’s wrong? It’s fine to let your voice out”

“Umm, but….”


“I…..don’t want Keith-sama to see me as vulgar”

Keith smiled by Naia’s ear

“I wouldn’t think such a thing. I’m glad the princess feels good and is letting out her voice”

After falling silent from Keith’s words Naia says “Yes” and nods.

While watching Keith’s face he begins to play with her breasts again.

Her childlike breasts had a soft but firm feeling and Keith gently wrapped them up in both hands so as not to hurt them. A nasty wet sound was coming from those palm sized breasts.

“Hau!….Aaaah!!…. Unnn, hiu!!”

Naia is blushing and rubbing her thighs together whilst her breasts are massaged.

Even though its my breasts being rubbed the inside of my crotch is gradually getting warm.

Am I strange?

However, I can’t ask Keith such a thing. It’s a bit scary.

Meanwhile, Keith continues playing with her breasts.

Keith flicks Naia’s nipples “Hikuu!!” It’s a fun reaction.

They are usually hidden so they are weak to stimulation.

I have to play with them more. While I’m thinking this


Naia panted

“What’s wrong?”

“Umm…..the tips of my chest…….are throbbing….”

She didn’t understand the changes to her body caused by her sexual excitement.

The pure elf princesses heart was excited.

“That’s great!”

Naia was surprised at Keith’s slightly exaggerated words

“I…I’m…..not strange?”

“No. It’s not the princess. It’s this oil”

I show her the liquid I painted on her body

“It might have been too much stimulation for the princesses pure chest. It’s serious I should wipe it off quickly”

To Naia who believed such a big lie “I won’t wash it with water though” I say

“This way is better”

Keith brings his face close to Naia’s chest

“Eh? eeh? eeeh?”

*suck* *kiss* *lick* *bite*

I suck it. I lick it. I play with it with my tongue.

Naia panicked at my actions

“Keith-sama! What, hauu! Hii…don, hiee! Please!”

Keith moves his mouth from the right nipple to the left nipple

“Denied. From the olden days licking to purify something is the basics of magic”

“No…..way, hyauuu!!”

While tracing her areola I suck on her nipple and roll it with my tongue.

Because the liquid I used was all natural materials I lick it without reserve.

I pinch her unoccupied nipple to keep it hard.

The liquids taste has changed slightly with Naia’s slightly sweet sweat.

In the first place elves don’t eat meet so they have few body odours. It seems their sweat does not smell.

While remembering such a thing Keith thoroughly enjoys the taste of Naia’s breasts.

If her sweat is like this whats her pussy juice like?

When I thought this my head was tightly held

Naia grabbed Keith’s head with both arms and pulled him to her chest.


Despite her weak power letting go of her nipple was hard.

Naia is doing it unconsciously. Her eyes are closed and she’s frantically screaming Keith’s name.

“Keith-sama!! Hauu! Kei….nnnnn!! Hyaa! breasts……..tip of my breasts….hyaa!! Keithhhhh!!”

Like a child hugging an important doll, Keith’s head was firmly kept against Naia’s writhing body.

It might be better to make her cum once.

Keith judged it so and moved his left hand gently downwards. While tracing Naia’s abdomen I gently touch her clitoris.

It’s just a dot that hasn’t come out of it’s hood but it’s still hard enough.

I touch it gently with my middle finger.

“Hiii!! Ukyuu….hii!!”

She screams loud enough to destroy her throat and Naia’s body warps.

I understood playing with her clitoris was effective. I lick her breasts like ice cream whilst using my middle finger to rub her clitoris through the hood.

“Ahh! Auuu!! Keith-sama!! There! Is strange, higuu!! My stomachs hot!! It’s throbbing!!”

She’s drooling whilst appealing to me.

She’s an unexpectedly intense and aggressive type. While thinking that Keith exerts more pressure on her clitoris. As soon as he touches it

“Scary! It’s scary!! Something!! Something with my body!! Aau, ahnn! Nnnnn!!!!! Keith, samaaaa…!!”

I exerted even more pressure and Naia came

For a first time climax it was a light one but it was enough for this virgin Elf girl.

“Fuhaa!! Haa haa!!”

Keith waited until her arms weekend and pulled his head out quickly. I almost suffocated.

Naia is breathing roughly while drool drips down the edge of her mouth. Feelings of satisfactions overflow.

I lick my finger which was rubbing her clitoris. I want to taste the honey that’s overflowing a little further down.

However, I’m running out of time.

Study time is precisely regulated. When it passes Aisha will come into the room even if told to stop.

I’d better clean Naia’s sticky body and let her get dressed as that takes a little time.

My penis is insisting I let it do its job with Naia (our enjoyment has just begun) I try and persuade it. Keith calls out to Naia who’s absentminded

“Princess, our study time is ending. Please get up”


Naia stared at Keith with drowsy eyes

Was the stimulation too strong?

I only played with her breasts and clitoris a little. What will happen if I do it in earnest?

I’m half scared and half expectant. My sexual desire supports my expectation though.

“Princess! Princess!!”

Keith didn’t stop laughing at the idea while desperately trying to wake Naia.


“Umm….I’m vulgar…..to show such a figure……um…..”

Naia who is bright red is looking down and speaking in a flustered voice.

Her body is washed and cleaned and she’s clothed properly.

I was woken up by Keith when my mind cleared. I’m about to die from the figure I exposed.

Of course thinking about it logically Keith is the bad one.

Deceiving Naia who doesn’t know anything. He’s got no excuse as he tricked her.

However, Keith was treating Naia who was writing in pleasure without permission.

Therefore the one to feel shame should be Naia…..is what Naia thought. Keith understands that.

“Not at all”

I said while putting my items away. I activate a magical tool that deodorises the room. This item sold well. (TN – A dozen of these as well please)

“So, how was it?”

Did it feel good?

For such a pervert like question, Naia squirms a little not knowing if she should answer or not.

“Ye….yes. It was great”

“It seems the treatment was effective”

“At the end. Umm…..My head became pure white, my body twitched and became really light. It that the first step to using magic?”


What’s with that misunderstanding.

She thinks sexual climax is the first step to using magic.

I almost burst into laughter and had to desperately endure it at the excessive misunderstanding.

“Is that wrong?”

I strive to put on a blank face and continue our talk

“No, that’s right. If you experience that blank-headedness many times you can become an excellent magician princess”

“Yes! I’ll do my best!!”


To say you’ll do your best with an erotic thing. I desperately hold back my laughter.

However, the problem is how do I stop this from coming to light?

If this becomes known, especially to Aisha I’ll be made into a carpet and placed by a fireplace.

I’m greeeeatly troubled.

“Um…….because of that……..Keith-sama”

The words of Naia “Yes?” stop my thoughts

“My treatment……could you please keep it a secret?”


“Becoming like that……being known by everyone….um….it’s shameful”

A free pass was prepared.

A duck comes carrying an onion on it’s back (TN – A Japanese proverb. Basically here comes a sucker or a stroke of luck arrived)

Mandrake came out (TN – No idea. I know it’s a plant and the myth used to be if you pulled one out it would scream and you’d die so not sure how he linked it to good fortune)

What a convenient offer.

What is this princess? Has god granted me this ero elf for my exclusive use?

I grin. Naia’s face is anxious and looks like she’s about to cry.

“I understand that you have to report your progress to my mother and father….but”

Keith makes a refreshing smile on his face

“I understand. If the princess wishes it, I will”


Naia grabs Keith’s hands

“You really are a gentle person……..I…..”

No one noticed that the fire of love had begun to smoulder in the back of her eyes.


“I’m home”

“Master, you seem happy nya”

“I guess”

“It’s a big difference from yesterday nya”

“Don’t think of me as the me of yesterday”


“Well I’ll take a bath and prepare for tomorrow”

While watching his master head inside excited like a kid the day before a trip, Ru

“Must be because this country has good weather nya”

goes back to sleep.

Chapter 005 – Princess’s Taste
This was a long chapter. Well longer than normal anyway. Enjoy.

“Umm, Do I wear this?”


Naia asked curiously when she saw what I gave her.

However you looked at it, it was string. Small fabric triangles attached to string.

Are these really clothes. Naia doesn’t know how to wear it.

Keith says to Naia

“I made it last night for you princess.”

“Keith-sama did?”


Keith made it for own purpose but Naia was extremely delighted.

Naia wanted to jump for joy, however

“….What’s wrong?”

“Ah, umm……how do you wear this?”

Knowing the reason why Naia was troubled, Keith

“I understand. I’ll help you put it on. Please take off your clothes.”


Naia’s face goes beet red when she thinks of Keith’s words ‘take off your clothes’.

Everything was seen yesterday, In addition to that it’s a man…..moreover, it’s Keith….no matter how many I undress it’s still shameful.

I am anxious about what Keith thinks of my body.

Still, I take off my clothes and stand in front of Keith. He skillfully helps Naia put the string on.

Keith smiled happily at her finished appearance.

“…..Keith-sama…..how is it?”

“It suits you well princess.”

Naia’s clothing was micro bikini armour.

The triangular patches just barley cover her nipples and hidden place. It’s an incredibly indecent piece of string.

It isn’t clothes you should make a girl wear, moreover, she’s royalty.

Back when I was in the mage association there was a [female warrior cafe] in the town I lived in. The costume became incredibly popular due to it.

The shop only lasted two months though before it went bankrupt.

How about putting that armour on Naia I thought. So last night I hand-sewed it. It was made to fit Naia perfectly.

Naia is shyly checking out her appearance. It’s violently sexy and cute.

White cloth on white skin, but I made the string black to accentuate her skin more.

The top of her slit is visible due to the low-rise crotch.

Apart from helping in a night fight, it has not other use and I helped a girl put it on. Such a satisfying feeling.

I want to suck her and lick her. I want to embrace her. Keith was desperately enduring it.

Naia’s appearance, while she was squirming, was much more shameful than being naked.

“This….what is this?”

“I made it because you were embarrassed being naked during your treatment…….don’t you like?”

To Keith who was now looking glum

“N, No, No way! I like it……I really like it!! I’m really pleased!!”

“I’m glad, ” Keith says.

In order to begin the treatment as soon as possible, I got Naia to lay on her back like last time.

“After treating you yesterday, I understand that the princess seems to particularity relax with the lower half of her body”

“Lower half of my body?”

“Yes. When your stomach became hot during yesterday’s treatment…..You said your crotch was throbbing. That is where the magical power is stagnating!”

It’s the excuse I thought of last night so I could do this lowest ero act.

Ruu had stared at his master who was grinning while sewing the micro bikini armour last night with pitying eyes.

“Is that so?”

“It’s so!”

Naia always believes me if I emphasise something.

Well. It’s not like she doubts me in the first place anyway.

Lower body eh….should I rub her legs and ass?

Naia remembers yesterdays pleasure and bites her lower lip firmly.

She remembers it a lot.

After Keith went to his room while talking to Aisha, while in the bath, while in bed, whenever she recalls what Keith did her crotch itches.

Is this what happens when magical power is stagnating?

On one hand I want to be cured but on the other I don’t want that feeling to disappear.

(What am I thinking about! Keith-sama is working hard on my treatment and I’m wishing not to be cured!) (TN – This innocence is killing me. My heart is not ready)

Naia slept poorly last night due to the thoughts in her head that kept going round in circles.

She didn’t know that Keith was taking advantage of her under the guise of treating her.

Liquid was taken out of the bag. It was almost the same as yesterday but I’ve raised the viscosity. I used to make this liquid for a brothel owner during my wandering days.

I pour some on both legs.


Naia responded to the coldness on her thighs.

I plaster both of her legs with it.

I lift her foot gently and apply pressure the calf and thigh to relax it.


It’s a pleasant feeling when your muscles are massaged. Naia leaked a breath from her mouth.

Saliva was collecting in her mouth. Enough for drool to appear.

Although Keith wanted to go straight for her pussy he carried on relaxing her legs.

After finishing the calf and thigh he moved onto the sole of her feet and toes.

Although a foot massage can be ticklish at first the comfort when the aches and pains go away in unbearable.

Keith’s liquid covered fingers are slid through her toes. The noise being made sounded like something shameful was going on.

Keith washes his hands. It’s time to have today’s main dish.

On the other hand, Naia only felt pleasant. It was not enough stimulation to make her body all shivery like yesterday.

I feel unsatisfied. I’m a vulgar person to think that. I fall into self-hatred.

(But….Keith-sama said my head going white was the first step to using magic!….then, that’s a good thing….isn’t it?)

That’s convenient for me Naia decided.

After this will you do the act that makes my head all white. Her small chest throbbed with expectation.


“Ye, yes!”

“Today’s stimulation will be stronger than yesterday. Is that okay?”

“Ee, a…yes! It will be fine……probably”

It’s stronger than yesterday?

Than that? whats stronger than that?

I got scared a little.

To Naia, Keith said

“What do you want to do? Do you want to stop?”

Of course, I’m not stopping but I take a slight pause.

Keith tailored the things Naia wore with much effort. She absolutely would not refuse.

“No! Please do it! I’ll do my best as well!!”

Naia makes a small guts pose. I almost burst into laughter unconsciously. (TN – for those that don’t know what a guts pose is google Guts Ishimatsu)

I hold back my laughter and smile

“The princess is wonderful”

I say and stroke her head.

When my head is patted by Keith which he had never done before “Howaa” feelings flood my heart.

It’s a warmer feeling than when my father or mother do it.

Keith is tricking Naia. He’s the lowest of human beings.

Keith says to Naia “Well then let’s begin”. I rub liquid onto both hands and make them slimy.

I make Naia legs do an M shape.


Naia wasn’t able to react to the sudden M-shaped legs. It’s an immodest pose.

“Ki, Keith-sama! what are you doing….”

Keith has a serious face

“I’m going to relax this part here….Please trust me”

What is he talking about, this man?

You would usually think but Naia felt embarrassed by his serious face and felt she must be the strange one.

“Ye….yes, I, Keith-sama Hyowa!!!!!”

In the middle of Naia’s words, Keith moved his hand into her groin and towards her hidden place. I don’t stop but trace it slowly so as not to burden Naia to much.

I push my finger into the bottom of the micro bikini armour.

I don’t go straight for the clitoris or labia I just trace her groin area.

It’s embarrassing but the pleasant feeling is extending through her lower body.


I closed my eyes and endured it.

My hands move and almost stop Keith’s hands but I endure it desperately.

Keith repeats it many times and gradually moves his hand closer inside.

It’s delicate fingering but Naia was unable to notice. However


Keith’s fingertips finally rubbed her clitoris before moving down and patting the labia.

Naia’s labia is almost undeveloped, There’s just a small amount of plump meat.

Her insides should be clearly visible if you spread her crotch some more. After touching it once I tortured it without hesitation afterword.

I rub her clitoris and pinch it, trace my fingers over her pussy and rub the soft insides.

Every time I do

“Howa! Fukuu!! Uuuuu!! Hiii!! Iiiii!!”

Naia’s body is writhing. I torment everywhere to see where’s effective.

I rub it over and over many times. I can see her pussy juice flowing.

It’s only a small amount. Nevertheless, for a virgin pussy, it gets a passing mark.

I want to lick it till it floods.

I pull my finger out of the micro bikini armour and move my body between Naia’s spread legs.

The torture has stopped. Naia opens her eyes while gasping for breath and see’s Keith’s face approaching her groin.

I panic and close my legs.

His dead is caught between both thighs “Fuguuu!!” Keith raises his voice.

“Wha, What are you doing?? putting your head in such a place”

Keith pulled his head out from her thighs.

“I have to check it directly! I told you yesterday. It’s the basics of magic to purify it with your tongue!!”

“Bu, But…..It’s dirty….”

“There’s not a single dirty place on the princesses body”

“It’s dirty….It’s dirty……”

Naia seems like she’s about to start crying.

“…..Princess……Do you hate being licked by me?”


“If you say it’s so……..well that’s so, isn’t it. After all, I’m only a lowly human mage. Licking the important place of the princess…..this Keith got completely swept up in the princesses gentleness.”

“No! Wait you’re wrong!”

“Please excuse me…..”

Keith starts to stand up with a sad face

“You’re wrong! It’s different!!……To have Keith-sama lick it……I’m glad….but what if you get sick licking such a place”

She goes bright red after saying it.

Such a tender girl.

“For the princesses consideration, this Keith must sincerely thank you. But if I want to give magic to the princess then this body is of no concern!! Excuse me!!!”

I talk crap and quickly shove my head between her legs and head straight for her groin.I continuously lick her pussy over the top of the cloth.

“Fuuu!! Hiuuu!! Dont, Keith-sama!! Dont!! Ahyaaaaa!!!!”

It’s irritating being licking over the cloth, however, Naia’s feelings for Keith rise while being licked.

Why is Keith going so far?

Actually, it’s just simple carnal desire but this girl that doesn’t know it feels she is important to Keith. And that feeling brings her pleasure even higher.

“Aahh! Aaaaaaa! Keith-sama!!”

Keith grabs the string and pulls it tight cutting it into Naia’s pussy and clitoris.

“Akyaaaa!!! Haakuuu…….!!”

Her waist jumped at the painful pleasure. Waiting for that moment Keith pulled the bottoms off.

Though it’s immature a faint smell was set free and there was a wet and moist female organ.

Her meat had started to swell up and he thought. Labia is thin. Though her clitoris was seen yesterday it was hidden by its hood but you can still see it’s erect. He can understand that the hole is small his raging penis wanted to go in there. Just the thought made his waist move.

It’s different to yesterday. Naia is completely exposed to him.

“Don’t…..Don’t. Keith-sama……..you can’t look.”

She tries to cover her secret parts with her hands but I block them. With all my might I put on my best fake gentleman face.

“The princess is a miracle that god gave”


“After all there isn’t a place on your body that isn’t beautiful. What else an this mean except a miracle?”


Though I’m happy with Keith’s words they are really shameful. Naia’s face goes beet red.

Though it’s got nothing to do with it at this moment in Keith’s room Ruu his familiar “Kusaaaaaaaa!!” Is sleep talking. (TN – seriously this was in the raws. Troll author)

“I’ll lick it directly……..Please say if it feels good”

“Ah, No….Hawaaaa!!”

Keith holds the whole hood in his mouth and teases the clitoris slowly.

Because the stimulation of her peeled clitoris would be too strong I won’t do it today. I poke the contests with the tip of my tongue while stimulating the whole thing.


“Ah! Auuu!! Haaa….”

She let out a pretty cry.

After that, I trace her labia with my tongue and taste the honey overflowing from the hole.

It’s different from a humans pussy juice. A non-bitter taster spread around my mouth.

Is it just Naia? I want to taste some other elves as well.

I widen her pussy with my thumb while licking up all the juice.

It’s definitely a virgin hole.

Nobody. Not even a finger has been here. A film proved here purity.

I got there before other men. Third rate mage breaks through.

I’ll make this brand new vagina and womb dirty with my cloudiness.

I want to perform my vulgar delusions but I strongly endure.

Everything has an order.

While Keith compliments his self-disciple he keeps caressing Naia.

I have tasted the honey enough so I restart the clitoris torture to stimulate her more.

I take a quick look at the panting Naia and see the top part of the micro bikini armour is sharp and pointy.

You can tell by looking at the cloth that Naia’s inverted nipples have erected.

I reach both hands up and knead her nipples. I don’t neglect my tongue skills either.

Naia’s whole body jumps when I pinch her nipples firmly.

Stimulation to her clitoris is still too strong but her nipples have begun to get used to it from being blamed yesterday.

Naia is drooling from the pleasant feeling. Her whole body is numb.

“Keith-sama! Keith-sama!”

“*lick* *licking**sucking* Princess, does it feel good?”

“Ye…..s, Yes!! It feels good!! It feels good!!! Keith-sama!!!!”

Keith knew her climax was near from watching her waist moving continuously.

“Are you coming?”

“Hau!! Uuuu! cumm…..ing?……what…..Hyauuu!! Ahiii! what is that?”

So you don’t understand what cumming means.

Keith says.

“Cumming is when your head turns white. At that time a woman [My pussy is cumming] you have to say.”

“Ah. Aa…kuuu! aauuu……is that so?”

“It is”

While she smoothly falls for my lie I push her towards the final spurt

I knead her nipples hard and continue pocking her clitoris with my tongue.

For my attack Naia

“Do….nt!! Hyaaaaa!! Keith-sama!! It’s coming!! The white….coming!! Ahyaa!!”

“Princess, say it!!”

“I’m cumming!! Aguu!! Ahh!! Aaaaaaa!! My pussy, is cumming!!!!! Naaaaaaaaa!!!”

Naia reached climax. Her hands and toes were clenching while her waist was continuously jumping.

And she fainted.

I woke up in my bed.

My body is clean and my clothes are changed.

Keith seems to have done everything. There was a note “Well done” on my beside.

While grasping it Naia was told by Keith today “beautiful”. Naia remembering those words writhed on the bed.

I’m too happy.

I wish tomorrow would hurry up and come. I want to feel good again is what Naia thought.


As for Keith. While remembering Naia’s virgin pussy he was earnestly masturbating in his room.

“Master the room stinks of squid nya!!!”

Ruu was oozing with complaints.

Authors note:

Next time I will let the princess do blindfold fellatio. In the next round, we will also do the penetration ceremony.

Chapter 006 – Princess overdoes it
Nothing to say again. Maybe I should write a Haiku. Anyway, enjoy the chapter.


“How is it? Does it feel good?”

“”Haa….aaa…a bit…”

Naia was being held from behind by Keith was leaning into him and writhing.

Pretty slender white fingers were stroking her clitoris.

While staring at her state Keith was giving instructions.

“That’s it. Very skilful. With your other hand rub your breasts”

Keith whispered into her ear and Naia started rubbing her chest like he said.

“Haa…aaa! Kuu…..uu!”

I closed my eyes and my body twisted in pleasure.

Keith was teaching masturbation to Naia.

Several days had passed since he tasted Naia and made her cum. Today was the first class since that day.

Due to her being a princess she also had other lessons. it was impossible to do magic practice aka lewd behaviour every day.

Due to this Naia who wasn’t used to pleasure would stop developing her pussy so I came up with this idea.

The reason I gave to Naia was “Because I won’t always be able to help with your magical pathway correction I will teach you a method to help yourself”

“It’s great that even myself can do it!” Naia said in high spirits

Keith hadn’t thought she’d be this happy to be taught masturbation.

Even though Naia was really shy Keith made her get naked and sit down so he could hug her from behind.

However in the end with a “Hauu…” she entrusted her body to Keith and he began the guidance.

First of all, I thought that Naia needed to get used to clitoral stimulation so I tough her to masturbate with her clitoris only. He would teach her about her vagina after he had broken through it.

I got my antibacterial liquid that I made which used to sell well to doctors and told her “Please use this on your hands when doing it alone”

After putting it on I started to teach her how to use her fingers.

It wasn’t comfortable at first due to her nervousness so Keith told her “think about feeling good.”

Naia closed her eyes and thought desperately. She thought about what felt good. While in Keith’s arms he whispered in her ear “pretty” and “I like the princess very much”

Touching her clitoris her body reacted continuously. Being held in Keith’s arms gave Naia’s delusions, even more, power and she was invited to the world of orgasms.

Her clitoris stiffened in its hood.


Naia was currently calling out Keith’s name in her delusions but was it the real Keith’s name or the delusion Keith’s name? Even she didn’t know.

While watching Naia I decided to teach her the finishing move

“Princess….Shall I peel it back?”

“Ahhh….ahhh, nn!….Fuee?……peel?”


Keith takes Naia’s hand that is continuously rubbing her clitoris

“Do it this way”

After saying so I peeled the hood back.

A small clitoris peeps out. I play with the part that’s being hidden till now.

“Hawaaaaaa!! Hiuuuu!!”

Naia bent forward like her body had broken. Keith kept playing with her peeled clitoris through the gap in her slouching body

“You do it like this. When it feels good it grows big. At that point peel it back and rub it. Do you understand?”

“Hiiii! Hiuu!! Sty! Styop!! Hyaaa!!” (TN – She slurring her words but I suck at transcribing that. The normal word is dame but she’s saying rame)

I hold her body that trying to escape the excessive stimulation and continue playing with it.

“Don’t! Don’t!! Keith-shyama!! It’s coming!! Ohiii……It’s coming!! Hyaaaaa!!!” (TN – and again rame not dame)


Her body twitched. I think she came. *Pushyaa* yellow urine spread across the sheet we were sitting on.


Was it too strong?

While thinking that

“Uu, uuuu…….It’s not stopping……..my pee won’t stop……Keith-sama please don’t look….”

Naia’s face was out of shape from crying.

I want to die from the shame. To let it out at my age. Keith will surely hate me. The tears didn’t stop when she thought that.

However, Keith stroked Naia’s head and said

“I’m to blame here. I was too rough. I’m sorry……will you please forgive me?”

It was Naia who peed herself while being taught by me. Keith admits he was at fault.

Because of his kindness Naia’s heart throbbed even more.

Pee was seen and even smelled but he smiled at me


Leaving her body to him he patted Naia’s head. She wanted this moment to go on forever.

She was being deceived smoothly.


Ruu was taking a walk around the palace. It’s the territory instinct of a cat. When he returned Keith was washing up in the bathroom.

“I’ve returned nya……*sniff**sniff*….Master, have you peed yourself nya?”

Naia’s pee wasn’t only on the sheet. It had spread to Keith’s clothes as well.

Because I spread a waterproof sheet the damage was only two. As expected [the princess peed herself]. He couldn’t ask the maids for help. He had to wash it himself.

Incidentally, he helped Naia wash in her own bathroom and helped her dress.

She had carried on crying right up to when Keith was about to leave. She finally stopped when I stroked her head. I’ll recover my good mood tomorrow.

Even so. To pee herself…..she really is a child…..though I don’t know how old she is.

I finish washing up while thinking this. I also wash the sheet. By the time I had finished it was nighttime

Because there’s a class tomorrow how should I play with her? I fell asleep while worrying.

I had a fluffy dream.

A drifting dream

A pleasant dream………….It erected.

It super-erected.

“A…..crap…….I’m over 30 and I had a wet dream….”

I take a deep breath to calm my penis that’s ready to ejaculate.

“I’ll be at my limit soon if I have to keep enduring that ero”

I made up my mind. I got up and started preparations for tomorrow’s lesson.


The next day I go to Naia’s room in the early afternoon.

When I knock on the door and enter, Naia who normally runs up to me joyfully is sitting down with her face looking at the floor.

Is she still worried about yesterday?

After I confirm Aisha has left the room glaring death at me like usual I approach Naia.


Her body jumped with surprise

Crap. Does she hate me?…..

I thought so but Naia was squirming.



“Umm. The medicine for my hands you gave me yesterday”

“Ahh. The hand cleaning one”

“Yes…….Umm. Can I have a little more?”


There were five or six applications I gave her yesterday…..possibly.

Keith turned around to face Naia so he could see her face.

I see.

Naia has dark circles under her eyes from lack of sleep.

(Ohh. She became a monkey)

Lack of sleep due to too much masturbation.

Naia shyly hides her face.

“How many times did you do it after I went to my room?”

“…..fo……..four times…..roughly…..”

“Howa. So much”

The princesses private time is limited yet she managed to do it four times.

It’s a wonderful monkey.

“But, umm…I was only able to cum once.”

“That so?”

Meanwhile, Naia was watching Keith’s face frequently.

“…If Keith-sama is not by my side……. it doesn’t feel good.”

“It took you four times to notice that”


I should check this Keith judged.

“Princess, can you stand up and lift your skirt up”

“Eh? a, yes…….”

Naia stands up and raises her skirt like Keith asked.

Pure white thighs wrapped in a snow-white garter belt.

Slowly lowering her panties Keith saw her clitoral hood was red as he suspected.

(If you do it four times at night)

Did Naia feel uneasy?

“Umm, Keith-sama……how is it?”


“Ye, yes”

“It’s a splendid thing to study so diligently however you must show moderation. Four times is too much at night”

Naia was vaguely aware of that too.

So when Keith came to the room he was facing difficulties.

Because she understood it with an “Aah” she blushed and turned her eyes down.

“Only when I’m with you can you do it many times. By yourself, two times is enough. Ok?”

“Yes……I’m sorry”

“Well then. I’ll disinfect it”


Keith gently licked her clitoral hood.

I cleaned the part that was red while trying not to irritate it.

“Hyaa!! Aaah……!”

Naia’s sensitivity had improved considerably.

She’s become accustomed to having her clit stimulated. Lucky.

I plunge my face into the crotch of the skirt lifting elf girl and lick her clitoris.

It’s a different feeling of immorality to do it this way compared to being naked.

I stop licking around the reddened area and paint a vegetable ointment I’ve taken out my bag on her reddened hood.

Naia makes a voice “Hiu” at the stinging sensation.

“You must not play with it at all today”

“Yes……I understand”

Naia puts her panties back on. She won’t be able to do it today. She was a little sad.

If I hadn’t done such a thing by myself.

But when I think of gentle Keith my chest goes *Kyuuuto* When I remember the treatment done by him my stomach starts to go warm.

My fingers automatically go there by themselves.

(Because I want to use magic soon) I became this way after convincing myself of this.

I peed myself yesterday and now this today.

Surely Keith will get tired of my stupidity and become disgusted.

“But that’s just right”

Keith said to Naia


“I wanted to try another type of treatment today so even if there isn’t touched there’s no problem.”



Naia smiled with relief.

However, another treatment method?

When I think so Keith begins preparations.

He doesn’t use the usual waterproof sheet today. Instead, he fetched a short-legged stool from Naia’s room.

“Please sit here princess.”

Naia sat as he was told.

Then something was taken out of the bag and shown to her

“What’s that?”

“It’s a blindfold.”

“A blindfold? Are you going to blindfold me?”



Keith used the excuse he already had prepared

“I intend to treat you with a magical tool today”

“A magical tool?!”

“Yes, moreover it’s a special grade A class magical tool. When a person with weak magical resistance see’s it, they will go blind!!”

“Re……Really. Scary……”

Naia’s face turned pale with fear.

Authors note: I wanted to put a masturbation scene in but it became rather long. Fellatio scene is next.

Chapter 007 – Blindfold kisskiss
Went with kisskiss for the tittle as author used ちゅうちゅう (chyuuchyuu) but could also use sucksuck I think. Either way enjoy.

While watching Naia’s pale face Keith struggled to hold back his laughter.

“So in order to protect the eyes of the princess, I made this special blindfold with a protection spell inscribed on it”

“But what about Keith-sama’s blindfold?”

“I’ll be fine. I may not look it but I am a mage. As long as it’s not a god level tool this body will be okay.”

“But….the danger….”

“It is for the sake of the princess. There is nothing more to say”

A smile that hid a lie. To Naia, Keith seemed like a prince out of a story.


Keith took a deep breath of relief as he blindfolded Naia who had tears in her eye’s

It went as planned (TN – Just according to keikaku. Sorry. I’ll leave now)

However its hard work from here.

Keith says to Naia “Can you see anything?” to make sure nothing is visible.

After looking around restlessly I take out the magic tool.

I take off my belt, take off my trousers, take off my underwear and grasp the half erect magic tool. It’s my penis of course.

Even though she’s blindfolded I shaved down there last night as it had gotten incredibly hairy.

Thanks to that it’s a little bit sore.

Keith approaches the blindfolded Naia and grabs her hand.

Naia reacts to the unexpected touch.

“It’s me….you ok?”

“Ye, Yes! I’m fine!”

Her tension is visible.

“Please trust me. I won’t let anything happen to the princesses eyes.”

It isn’t really the lines a man should be saying while exposing himself in front of a girl.

However, Naia doesn’t know anything and goes “Hawa” at the lines a knight from a story would utter.

Keith takes Naia’s small hand and places it on his penis.

“! Keith-sama? what’s this?”

“The thing is the princesses hand is the magic tool.”

“This is?”

Her hand moves over it in confirmation.

“It’s no good if you grasp it too tightly.”


She checks the shape and hardness while doing as I said.

“It’s hot……It’s got a complicated form. Eh? It got harder!”

“That’s right …..The shape of this magic tool changes.”


She trains her fingers over various places.

An involuntary voice is almost leaked from her feathery touch.

When she brushed the frenulum I nearly melted in pleasure.

Precum is already leaking out.

“Keith-sama. Something is coming out!”

Nai reports while touching the precum with her fingertip.

“I haven’t explained it yet. This tool produces a special drug. It was created by a legendary alchemist called Ruu Marchan. If you drink the drug that comes out magical power will increase greatly. It was said that a bloody struggle broke out amongst mages over this.”


Naia leaked a horrified scream over the history of the thing she grasped.

“Why does Keith-sama have such a thing?”


Crap. I didn’t think that far.

Keith was impatient.

However, Keith is a good talker. He once wrote random characters on some paper and successfully sold them as charms. He sold out.

“Actually this is the reason I left the mage association. I found this magical tool in an unexplored area of a collapsed tower. I took it with me to use it for the sake of the world, however, the leaders of the mage association tried to take it from me and use it for their own selfish ends. I left the association.

In Naia’s head now, the grand adventures of Keith are unfolding.

Keith was fleeing with a terrible magic tool from the scheming of the mage association.

The hand of an evil assassin was stretching out but he makes it with his magic and knowledge.

While drifting he eventually settles in the elf’s country and is here with her now.

As a child, she would hear heroic tales from around the world from her parents. When she thinks of Keith he seems to be like those characters which makes her chest throb. If so, is it Naia’s role to be the princess who falls in love with the mage whilst on his journey?

(Awawawa…It’s wonderful!)

To her, Keith already stood shoulder to shoulder with the heroes of legend.

This shitty pervert is a hero.

He knows his own personality well and if he heard this he would die laughing.

“Anyway, princess you will drink the flowing drug from now on. when you do your magic power should rise.”

“Yes! I’ll do my best!!”

I deceive the poor girl and restart the hand job.

My hardness improves as she moves her hand up and down.

“Like this? Does more come out if you do it this way?”

She’s unbearably cute.

My mind was drifting and I almost cum from her comfortable hand job. Keith hurriedly stops Naia.

“What’s wrong? Did I make a mistake?”

Naia is uneasy at Keith suddenly stopping her.

“No….a little almost came out…..That’s right. Please use your mouth”

“My mouth?”

“Yes. Suck it with your mouth. Can you do that?”


“It’s alright I washed it properly. It’s clean.”

No matter how much it’s washed it’s still dirty though.

Anyone would think so.

However, to Naia, it’s safe because whatever Keith says is absolute.


“Before that.”

Keith grabs the root of his penis and stops Naia who was going to put his penis in her small mouth.

“The drug is also good for the body. I will paint it on the face of the princess”

He rubs his glans wet with precum on Naia’s soft cheeks.

I apply precum to the face of this beautiful elven princess.

I push my glans into her squishy cheeks before bringing it close to her nose.

“Princess, what kind of smell is it?”

“Fuee?…..Umm…..It’s a sharp smell….a little….It’s smelly”

She smells his penis and he listens to her impressions. Keith was a little happy being told it smells.

“Then, can you put it in your mouth?”


“Please open your mouth”

“Fwaa….like this?”

She opens her mouth wide and her red mouth is fully exposed.

Slimy saliva strings were attached to her cheeks and tongue.

What a splendid mouth pussy (TN – I hate typing that. A pet hentai peeve of mine up there with ass pussy)

Keith was impressed by this ero elf princess.

Keith takes both her hands and moves his waist forward and invades her mouth.


“O, ooooooooo……”

An involuntary voice leaks out due to the softness and warmth of her mouth.

“Is ebrythng…….abright……?”

Every time Naia’s tongue moves with her trying to speak his penis is rubbed and stimulated.

“It, it’s alright princess……now please suck it more than that.”


She’s sucking like a baby on a bottle.

“Oho!….n! Ooo…..”


She occasionally swallows the saliva mixed with precum and when she does her mouth tightens and it becomes very pleasant.

“Princess….your tongue….when you suck it….can you please lick the tip.”

“Here?….like this?……..churerochuchurerero”

“OOO!!….it’s skilful….as expected of the princess!”

It’s still pretty bad but the satisfaction of making this girl who knew nothing put it in her mouth made up for it

“On to the next step. Stop sucking and lick the magical tool with your tongue thoroughly. Start with the thickest part first”

“Unbeershtould…nro. nroro….peropero……”

Her small tongue crawls over the glans and the head gently caressing his penis.

This fellatio elf will become first class goods if I train her.

Keith can’t stop smiling as his pleasure increases.

In the meantime, an itchy feeling in his waist starts.

I can feel my ejaculation is near. I decide to be a little bit rough and finish quickly.

“Princess. Please narrow your cheeks and purse your lips.”

“….Rochu….? ngu, fueu….fua….”

Because Naia can’t speak she nods her understanding.

I could see the top of her blindfolded face from looking down.

She’s clumsily pushing out her lips.

“I’m going to move it back and forth so suck with all your might! Do your best!”

At Keith’s voice, Naia grips his hands as he starts to move back and forth.

“Gujyu! Gyujugujyu!! Jubojubo!!”

Keith watches Naia’s face as he controls his waist due to Naia’s vacuum fellatio.

“That’s it! That’s it!! Faster!! Make your cheeks narrower!!”

“Hyubo, jyuupojyuupo! Jyububu!!”

“Ahh! Good! It’s Good!!”

A feeling wells up from my balls when my perineum is touched.

“Princess! It’s coming! the medicine is coming but you must not drink it till I say so!”

“Ngu! Nguuu!!!”

“Ahhhhhhhhh, It’s coming!……aaaa!!”

Keith thrust further into Naia’s mouth and released his corruption.

*Spurt**Spurt* while it twitches many times Naia collects his semen in her mouth without swallowing.


“Ohh…Ooooooo. Crap it’s not stopping….”

After releasing an unbelievable amount of cloudiness he pulled his penis from Naia’s mouth.

A semen saliva thread was attached to the glans from her mouth.

While Keith was quickly throwing on his underwear and trousers Naia was finding the smelly corruption her mouth unbearable.


“Please wait a minute!!”

He finishes putting his clothes on and approaches Naia.

“Please open your mouth”

Her mouth is shaking with the yellow semen mixed in with saliva.

Because she tried to talk earlier bubbles were mixed in as well.

“Yes. It’s fine. Please go ahead”

“Fua…nguu!…..*couch*, *coughcoughcough*…..”

She desperately swallows the fishy liquid that’s sticking to her throat.

An elf princess who rarely eats meats swallowed the thick semen of a 30-year-old man.

“How was it? The taste?”

“*Cough!**Cough!*……..it’s thick and it smells…..It’s up my nose…it’s not nice”

“Medicine is always like that”

Keith’s expectations grew for future fellatio guidance.

Chapter 008 – Princess, straddle the face.
1 of 2 as promised.

Keith is standing there with his waist pushed forward and his lower half-naked while staring at Naia.

Naia was on all fours on the waterproof sheet.

If somebody saw her in her current clothes they would surely faint. Aisha’s spirit in particular might start a journey to a new planet.

Naia’s silver hair is done up in twin tails while wearing a leopard print string bikini.

It’s a bitch any way you look at it.

Of course, it was Keith who made her do it.

He helped Naia put the clothes on and did her hair.

“This hairstyle matches these clothes.” Keith told her while doing her hair.

There was more cloth to this outfit than the micro bikini however seeing a girl in a leopard print outfit brought about an exquisite ero.

He told Naia many times “you are pretty.” and “you are wonderful.” causing her to go bright red which made him “kufufu” laugh many times.

Why was Naia on all fours? What was Keith doing? Naturally, it’s fellatio.

Naia was blindfolded, made to get on all fours and open her mouth while Keith thrust his penis in.

Today is the tenth time she’s performed fellatio.

Naia is getting better each time.

Was this the result of his training? Keith enjoyed the results while being impressed.


Naia purses her lips while alternating her speed.

Her look is highly destructive

“*lick**lick**slurp*” (TN – Some Japanese onomatopoeia don’t translate well to English. One of these *lick* is the noise you make while rolling something with your tongue)

She stops moving her head sometimes and just uses her tongue as taught by Keith.

“Princess…..Uoo…Amazing. You’ve become very skilful.”

“*lick*….*slurp*…*suck*…..thyat so?”


I have a hard time not letting my moans out recently due to Naia’s skilful tongue movements.

Were you happy being praised by Keith? Naia Narrows her cheeks and sucks on his penis……the thing she thinks is a magical tool.


Making her wear cheap clothes and get on all fours like a dog. Make her do vulgar fellatio. The feeling if immorality heightened Keith’ mood.


Naia stuffs her mouth while noises fill the air.

Why is she doing her best here? There is a reason for it.

“Princess do your best. The medicine is almost here. Please lick it lots.”


After the first time, it now feels good every time Keith comes to give the medicine.

However Keith doesn’t have time to do the treatment slowly as it takes time to get the medicine out of the tool so the white head doesn’t appear much. After the treatments are over I treat myself in bed every night.

However, I still want Keith to give me the feeling. I want my chest massaged and my breasts licked. I want Keith the gently touch me and pat my head.

Therefore I need to get the medicine out quickly.

That’s why I’m trying my hardest.

It’s usually called petting between men and women, however, Naia doesn’t know this.

Naia has recently learned how to tell when the magic tool is ready to release the medicine.

If I keep licking it and sucking it will that bad tasting medicine come out contentiously?

Little by little I have learned how to use my tongue and lips. Besides I’ve gotten used to the taste of the medicine.

In the beginning, I wanted to throw up but I can drink it perfectly fine now.

Naia could tell it was going to come out soon.

*Twitching* The magic tool begins to twitch and swell up.

There’s still plenty of teaching time left.

I can have Keith do it lots today!


“Ohoo!…wha….What’s wrong princess!?…..Uooo….Amazing!”

“Ngu! Ngugu!!”

“Deeper!! Do your best princess!!”

“Ngoo, pufuee…*lick*…..*slurp*”

“Uoooo! Oo! It’s coming!! The magic tools medicine is coming!! coming!! Princess!!”

“nguuu, nguuuu!!”

“It’s….Oooooooo, coming……kuuu, It’s been wrung out…..”

Naia narrows her cheeks and drains every last drop from the magic tool. She pulled away from the magic tool and showed Keith her full mouth.

Keith checks the medicine every time.

I can’t see anything with the blindfold on. Keith’s making a rustling sound (sounds like someone putting trousers on). I can feel my mouth being looked at carefully.

“Lots came out today.”


“That’s it. Mix it in your mouth a bit today.”


It’s the first time Naia’s been asked to do that. The gooey feeling spreads through her whole mouth and the bad smell and taste stabs her tongue and mouth. A chlorine smell reaches her nose and brings tears to her eye’s.

“Open your mouth again.”


While the mixture made a sound Keith looked and was satisfied with the semen bubbles and the impurity he had done in Naia’s mouth.

“Okay! good. You can swallow now.”

“Nnnnnn!! heguuu…..ngu….pahaaa….”

It feels like a film is coating my mouth. Naia felt sick.

When the blindfold was removed and she looked up

“It was great. You’ve improved a lot.”

Keith strokes her head with a smile.

With that alone Naia thinks all the effort was worth it.

“Well then. Now the medicine has been taken, shall we begin the treatment?”


Keith makes Naia who is smiling joyfully stand up while he takes her place and lies down on the waterproof sheet.

“Okay, princess. Now straddle my face.”


“Hurry up.”

“Impossible!! I can’t do that…….A man……To sit on Keith-sama’s face…..I……..”

Keith stares at her with an earnest look on his face while lying down. There was a forcefulness in that expression.

It’s a pervert.

Asks a girl to sit on his face. An authentic pervert.

This is a pervert with a serious look.

It’s at the level where you’d normally call for help.

“I have to straddle………Is it no good?”

“Today is such a day.”

What kind of day is it?

But Naia faithfully believes Keith so with tears in her eyes she straddles his face.

The crotch part of the leopard bikini armour is overhead.

“That’s good princess. Just squat down.”


“That’s right. Sit on my face………..Press the part you want me to lick against my mouth!!”

The pervert shouted.

“I can’t……I cant, I cant do it.”

Naia desperately shakes her head and refuses it

“Please believe in me.”

This line is spoken by a man with his head between a girls legs.

Keith’s serious face met Naia’s eyes over her crotch.


Keith just continues staring

“Ahh….Keith-sama……..Please forgive me.”

Naia asks for forgiveness however it’s Keith who demanded it.

However, to Naia, the feeling was because she felt he was only doing it because of her.

She squats down on Keith’s face while closing her eyes.

She opens both legs, bends her knee’s and places the part of her crotch against Keith’s mouth and sinks her weight.

Elf who wore a leopard print bikini armour in now in a unching style over a man’s face. (TN – I think it means pooping style lol – unching style)

It’s a confusing feeling due to many different attributes


It was inevitable that Naia would be embarrassed and while enduring it she called out Keith’s name unconsciously.

“Please forgive my rudeness…….Keith-sama.”

Grasping her ass Keith began to lick her secret place through the cloth.

“Naa!! Naaaaaaa!!”

The crotch part soon got wet with Keith’s saliva and Naia’s pussy juice.

A feeling of doing something bad travelled up Naia’s back and increased the amount of pussy juice.


An irritation was beginning in her bottom half.

Keith undid the string and revealed her lower half.

Naia’s training has been going on for about a month.

There of Naia, even though it hadn’t been used had gradually become an adult.

Though her clitoris is small it will certainly grow and her petals are also growing.

Though not an adult she’s certainly not a child.

It’s the best pussy, ready to be eaten (TN – can be eaten hot or cold. See over for heating instructions)

Moreover, she’s a virgin.

Keith felt his penis get hard.

(Isn’t it about time I have this?)

Keith began to lick Naia’s half-done pussy while thinking bad things.


Clitoris erects immediately while pussy juice drips on Keith’s face.

A gooey mess surrounds Keith’s mouth while he carries on scooping the honey out of Naia.


Whenever Keith’s tongue stimulates her Naia bows her back.

“Hanu, prynshesh…..*lick*….*slurp*….Breshtsh….play…wythh.”

Keith speaks while pressing his mouth against her pussy.

Naia felt good with the soft stimulation.

“Haa, Uuuuuuuun!! Yes!!”

She starts rubbing her breasts like asked.

Naia played with her nipples continuously which had become hard and erected.

“Nhaaaa! Nhaaaa!! Keith-sama! Keith-sama!”

Naia’s face starts to look sloppy

It’s an expression she gained recently.

Although it’s not an adult woman’s face it’s still better than just closing her eyes and having a firm face.

It’s one of the factors that led Keith to believe she was ready to eat.

“Prynshesh, nguuo, djus it fyyl gyuud?” (TN – please forgive my appalling mouth on pussy translations)

“Ye….Ye, Yes! It feels good!! Keith-sama’s lick-lick feeling feels so good!! I’m sorry!! I’m sorry it feels so good!! Please forgive my appearance!!!”

Keith sucked her pussy into his mouth.

“Ahyaa!!! Uaaaa!! So gooood!! Ahaaa!”

Naia pinched her nipples harder.

“Ah ah ah ahhh!! Something’s coming!! From the waist!! Aaaaaa!!! Cumming!! Pussy’s cumming!!”

Her squatting legs trembled continuously

Keith grasped her thighs and forced his face hard on her pussy

“Cumiiiiiiing!! Pussy’s Cumming!! Uhaaaaaaa!!”

Screaming the words taught to her by Keith her back arched forcibly and she came magnificently on Keith’s face.

Keith hurriedly grabbed her as she started to fall back.

“Look out.”

With his face covered in gooey pussy juice, Keith watched Naia’s small chest go up and down as she panted with her eyes closed.

“A princess bitch….It’s better than I imagined.”

Keith smiled while muttering it


“Yes, *Gargle* *Gargle* *Gargle*”

“*Gargle* *Gargle* *Spit*”

Keith checked that Naia had spit the mouthwash into the sink. This time Keith also does it but with water.

It’s to take the semen smell out of her mouth.

I don’t want to neglect this and be killed by Aisha. I pass her some breath mints and make sure she takes it.

I made all these while wondering. (TN – This guy should be freaking rich)

Many of them were for brothels of course.

When she’s done I undo her hair and start brushing it.

I take it slow and steady so no trace of the twin tail remains.

Naia went really shy while having her hair brushed by Keith.

“The next lesson is in three days.” Keith said while combing her hair.


Naia answers in a slightly lonely voice.

My chest became tight when I thought I couldn’t meet up with Keith.

“I….Actually, I want to meet Keith-sama and study everyday.”

She said she wanted to do H everyday. Keith smiled wryly and wondered at his physical stamina now he was in his 30’s.

“Rather than learning the ancient elf language every day.”

“Princess the ancient elf magic is important. It’s the language used for holy magic.”


Naia who’s reproved by Keith falls silent.

However, she turns to face Keith immediately.

“Will I also be able to use holy magic?”

“Eh? ee, of course.”

“That’s right! You’ve drunk so much medicine because so much came out. You can use magic soon……possibly. You may already be able to use it!!”

Keith was dripping in a cold sweat

Actually, he hasn’t begun to treat her yet.

He was having so much fun he completely forgot.

“Keith-sama! I want to try that floating paper like on the first day! I feel like I can do it!!”

Naia is breathing heavily through her nose while bringing her fists to her chest.

“N…No, I didn’t bring that tool today….”

He desperately throws out an excuse.

He actually did have the paper but no way was he admitting it.

“I see…..” she says while looking dejected.

Keith thought he must advance to the next step in various ways.

Chapter 009 – Princess, losing (first part)
2 of 2. Enjoy.

Ruu was woken up at midnight by an excessively bad smell.

I get up and see a yellow smoke drifting around the room.


Ruu investigated the cause of the exquisitely bad odour while grimacing.

When I go to the bathroom my master Keith was sitting on the floor boiling something in a small witches cauldron (TN – actual word used was saucepan but witches saucepan sounds wrong)

“Master. Why are you making such a thing nya?”

“What do you mean, such a thing?”

Keith answered without looking back. On his face was mask covering his nose and mouth.

“It smells disgusting nya. My nose is about to break nya.”

“I guess.”

“What are you boiling nya?”

To Ruu’s question Keith starts ticking off on his fingers.

“Dragon gallstones, a pellet thrown up by a phoenix, menstrual blood of a virgin dragon newt and the ambergris of a leviathan.”(TN – Ambergris is whale vomit for those that don’t know.)

“That’s all of masters treasures nya!”

All the items Keith mentioned are first class magic goods.

You could buy a castle with just one of those.

Why does Keith have such a thing? When he was kicked out of the mage association [Ghost Dawn] he stole them from the treasure vault.

He stuffed small expensive item into his pack to act as emergency funds if he needed food.

The treasure vault was equipped with a lock said to be unbreakable even by first class thieves. For [small man Keith] such a thing was no problem.

Until now he had managed to get by, by sparingly using them.

He lets the fire out after the liquid is reduced to an amount that will fill a small bottle. He then throws in some mithril he got from the palace gardener Warando-san in exchange for back pain medicine.

“As one would expect from the elven country……I’ve never seen mithril of such high purity.”

While being impressed he placed a piece of mithril in the mixture. *Hoo* a sound was made and an even more terrible smell was released.

“Eye’s. My eyessssssss!!!”

Keith whose face had taken the full brunt was rolling around.

Ruu whiling holding a paw to his nose and watching his master decided to sleep outside today.


Keith headed for Naia’s room while thinking over the scenario he had planned out the day before.

In all honesty my plan shouldn’t work. However that’s where Naia’s naivety comes into play.

I knock on the door and enter while purposely making a sad face.


Naia who was next to Aisha comes running up.

Aisha’s face instantly turns sour and she leaves with a dispirited look while whispering “I’ll go.”

Naia noticed Keith’s gloomy face

“Is something wrong?”

“No….don’t mind me.”

While saying so he turns away and begins the usual preparations.

Naia frowned and made a troubled face while not knowing what to do.

Keith always smiles when coming to Naia’s room but today he has a gloomy expression.

Did I do something to upset Keith and not realise it?

Or has he started to dislike me?

Her heart went all jittery while her head went dizzy with such thoughts.

“Keith-sama…..Did I do something?”

It’s scary to hear the answer but it’s even scarier not knowing.

So I gathered my courage and asked him.

“Please undress and lie on your stomach”

The procedure is different to usual.

I usually wear the clothes Keith brings, drink the medicine and then get treated.

However today its straight to the treatment.

Surely he wants to finish it sooner……

Wants to leave me quickly……..

Doesn’t want to see my face either…..

When I think so tears well up. More than a [troublesome one] I’m hated and being avoided.

Therefore Naia desperately endured her tears while undressing.

I lie naked on my stomach like told.

I cried automatically when my face pressed against the pillow.

Time spent with Keith is usually so enjoyable but now its painful.

I start to think of what I could have done to make Keith hate me. When I think about it there’s plenty of things to be hated for.

Naia cries while insulting herself in her heart.

While Keith who gave Naia such misgivings was chuckling at her reaction.

It’s good. My trick is going well.

While thinking so he takes out the liquid he made last night.

It was emitting a poisonous looking colour while in a small bottle.

“Princess. Though it smells bad it wont harm you so try to endure the smell.”

While talking he tried to make his voice as brusque as possible.

He did it on purpose but the shocked Naia had no way of knowing.

“….*sniffle*….yes. I understand.”

An acrid smell drifts out when the bottle is opened.

Keith dips a pen made from a griffons feather into the liquid.

“I’m going to write some characters on your back. You’ll feel some scratching from it.”

He was all businesslike and talking like a doctor.

Actually the Keith of this time was not in his usual pervert mode but was in serious mage mode.

His face is tense as well.

Keith writes letters n Naia’s white back.

A mixture of ancient elf-letters and modern magic letters.

I tried various methods but concluded this was the best way.

Letters were written from the scruff all down the spine and a pattern is drawn in the vicinity of the waist.

While sweating he continues to write without talking.

Naia was crushed by uneasiness while a sharp thing moved about her back.

Finally a magic square made up of assorted charters was on her back.

Keith bit the tip of his tongue to draw blood and put some on his palms. Using his blood he drew two lines.

“You may go a bit numb princess but it will pass quickly.”

“Ye, Yes.”

When she agreed Keith places his hands on the magic square and speaks in a voice squeezed from the depths of his throat.

A number of sound that are not words but a magic language come out. He repeats it.

The letters on her back begin to emit a red light.

It gets stronger and stronger before bursting.


Naia shrieked as a shock like electricity went through her body.

The letters on her back disappear as if breathed into her body.

“It’s over princess.”

Naia looked up at his gentle voice.

There was the usual smiling Keith.


Keith caught Naia’s hand who had sat up and put paper on it.

Butterfly shaped paper.

When Keith controlled the flow of power it floated.


Naia was surprised and laughed at the butterfly.

She understood something warm came from her palm and made the butterfly float.


“Congratulations. With this the princess is a splendid mage”

Originally the treatment was only this. To make the magic pathways arrange themselves correctly with magic words.

I recognise where it’s out-of-order and rearrange it to fit the person by using medicine that’s effective in moving magic pathways.

Though it takes time and a lot of money to arrange and make this medicine it’s actually a simple thing to do.

I confirmed the placement by playing around with Naia’s body for a month and I already had the ingredients so it was no problem.

I actually could have done it the next day after I first massaged her. However I deceived Naia who didn’t know about it and played with her body.

“Really? I really am?”

“It’s true. You can’t use big magic yet but with time and patience you should be able to use holy magic in about three years.”


Naia embraced Keith because she was so happy. She had held his hands a number of times but this was the first time she had embraced him.

“I’m so happy….Keith-sama, thank you……”

While being embraced naked Keith goes for his once in a lifetime chance.

Indeed. The elf princess of this country. I plan to have her virginity!

Keith stokes Naia’s head

“Then it’s time to say goodbye princess…..”


Naia stiffened a moment not understanding what Keith said.

Eventually she begins to understand the meanings of the words and her expression darkens.

“Eh? Eh? Why?……..How come?….Why is Keith-sama……”

“I’ve filled the princesses body with magical power and repaired the magical pathways. I have nothing more to do”

“But! You said it takes three years to use it properly! I want Keith-sama to do it! What if I go astray? Keith is the imperial court mage!”

“That’s different!!”

Naia’s body stiffened at his words.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to shout at you…..”

Keith looks down sadly while Naia seems ready to cry.

“Why then? I…….do you hate me?”

“That’s not the reason!!”

“Why then!!” (TN – I’ll grab my popcorn. This is good stuff)

Keith strongly pauses here.

“It’s the magic tool.” I murmured.

“The magic tool the medicine came out of?”

“Yes. That one.”

“What happened to it?”


“Please tell me!”


Keith stares straight into Naia’s face.

“The magic tool fused to my body.”

“No! No way!!”

If an unpleasant feeling was felt here.

Then it is probably correct.

Keith starts to explain.

“While the magic tool was giving medicine to the princess it was also taking the princesses magic power in reverse and started growing……..I knew it was its intention to possess me……It attacked me last night while I was preoccupied with the preparations for today.”

“Keith-sama….To the doctor quickly!!”

“No. It’s useless….It’s already deeply rooted in my nervous system. If you try to forcibly remove it I’ll die…….But if I leave it, it will gnaw at my mind before long.”

“Keith-sama…no…..no way.”

There is a reason why Naia believes such a story.

In fact fusion between a user and a magical tool is not unusual in this country.

To kill the enemy of his father the king a prince wore the armour a dwarf made and was consumed by it only to disappear into a forest in the west and fall asleep. It’s a fairy tale [Sleeping beauty Crado]

Or To protect the Elf country from human beings, an elf controlled clockwork soldiers. He was the king of the elves and he fused with the soldiers control unit only to sink in the sea in the end. [Heartless Jonaru] he was called.

Jonaru was actually the uncle of Naia’s father.

Fusing with a magical tool is not that unusual.

Therefore Naia understood well how terrible it was.

“Therefore before my heart is swallowed up in darkness I’ll leave this country. I might lose sight of myself and harm the princess”

“Don’t….no way.”


Keith hugged Naia tightly.

“Please forgive me…..the rudeness when I came to your room ….When I thought of saying goodbye to the princess I became sad…….”

Naia was ashamed of herself due to these words.

Keith was suffering so much but I didn’t know his pain. I wondered if I was disliked….only thinking of myself.

Yes. It’s all my fault.

If I hadn’t wished to use magic. Keith wouldn’t have used it.

I’ve killed Keith. Gentle Keith. Important Keith.

“I’b showy….Kieth-syama . I’b showyyyy…..”

“It’s okay. It’s okay princess”

Keith finally let’s go after embracing each other for a while.

“Well then. I’d better go…..”

“Don’t…..Don’t go! Stay here! Please stay here!! I’ll definitely cure you! No, I’ll ask the whole country to help!!”

“….a cure…..is it?…..”

Naia didn’t miss Keith’s mutter.

“Is there one!?”

“No, there’s no absolute cure…..however, there is a way to stop the erosion of the tool”

Naia’s face overflowed with joy.

“Why didn’t you say so! do it!!”

“No, it can’t be done alone…..”

“Then I’ll help you!”

“…….No. Such a thing…….”

“I’ll do it! I’ll do anything for Keith-sama!!……..” Naia said while grabbing Keith’s hands and clenching them.

I can help Keith.

This time I’ll be useful to Keith.

Power overflows from Naia’s body just thinking about it.

Keith looked at Naia and quietly muttered.

“Does the princess know the assisted semen mind return method?” (TN – MT threw a fit at this so could be wrong)

“….N, No. I don’t know it.”

“I see……”

“Please teach it me!!”

After being puzzled a moment by Naia who was still clinging to Keith he said

“Oriental black magic method [Eastern Magic] it’s a secret method. It’s a magic where a woman refines the magical power in her body sent out by the man”

It’s a big lie

Originally the assisted semen mind return method doesn’t have a man sending out his spirit inside a woman, their own body does it. It’s a sort of lovemaking art.

Of course Naia doesn’t know that.

“Is such a thing possible?”

“Yes. If you do this……the magical tool can’t hold me in check with its magic. If someone sends their own magical power to it the erosion can be stopped.”

“I’ll do it! that, I’ll do it!!”

“You cant! It’s dangerous!!……I haven’t explained enough. To perform the magic, the magic tool must be put inside a woman body.”

“Inside….my body?”

Naia was completely puzzled.

Inside my body? Is it different from Keith putting his tongue in?

“Yes. It goes here”

Keith gently touched Naia’s pussy while saying so.

“He, Here!!”

“Is that okay? Please excuse me princess”

Keith made Naia sit down and do an M leg shape

With a hand mirror he brought he shows Naia her own vagina.

“Do you understand this here?”

“Ye…Yes…umm, the baby ……comes out”

As expected she seems to have known.

“That’s right. Is that okay? It has a tremendous power to create new life. It converts magical power and sends it out”

“…Here….The magic tool….”

Wont it break?

I don’t know if I can do it, but I wonder if it will affect my own baby someday.

Such thoughts ran round in her head.

“It’s okay….please don’t worry about it”

Keith says while having a fleeting smile

I’m only thinking about myself.

Naia looks up

“Keith-sama….I’ll do it…..I’ll save Keith-sama!”


I fished it!!!!

I caught it!!!!!

Keith’s brain danced for joy.

I was suffering on how to link my crotch to the magic tool.

Keith rebuilds his face.

“Is it really okay?”

“Yes!…It’s scary but I’ll do anything for Keith-sama!!”


“Keith-sama!!” (TN- Oyakata-sama! Yukimura! OYAKATA-SAMA!! YUKIMURA!!)

They embrace each other like two people in the last scene of a third rate play.

“We don’t have time! We need to do this magic quickly!!”

Naia made Keith hurry up while thinking about the remaining lesson time.

The irony of being told to hurry was not lost on Keith who laughed.

“Yes. However princess …….I need you to see where the magic tool fused.”


“It’s alright. Because it’s fused with me your eyes are safe. However……..Can the princess endure the horrifying form?”

“It’s fine!! I’ll endure it!!”

“That so!!”

Saying that Keith took off his trousers and underwear.


Chapter 010 – Princess, losing (second part)
I’m back….mostly.

For the sounds effects like kissing, for example, do people want English equivalents if they exist or just left as romaji i.e. *kiss* kiss* or chyu chyu/chu chu? I’ll leave it up to you readers.


Naia was surprised

No matter how ignorant she was she knew the penis was located in a man’s crotch, however, the moment she was shown it

“…..After all, it’s a disgusting shape….” Keith frowns whilst saying so.

Naia doesn’t know the shape of a penis so she can’t judge.

Keith says it’s a magic tool but is it really?

Now that you mention it certainly does have a grotesque form.

Isn’t it completely like a monster from a distant star!

I got goosebumps thinking I had licked such a thing.

Keith saw her pale face

“I guess it’s impossible after all……” He says while starting to put his trousers back on.

“Ah, no, um. It’s all right! This is part of Keith-sama now!” Naia says and touches the magic tool.

Its form is familiar to my touch plus I’ve tasted it many times.

When I think so a feeling of familiarity springs out.

Like usual it’s shape started to change after I touched it.


“Yes, it’s still making the special drug but it’s inside me know. It accumulates and starts to erode my mind……Guwaa!!…….”

Keith pretends to suffer.


“All right….It’s all right…….Princess. Actually, I have one more thing to ask.”

“What is it!?”

“The special drug this tool produces, please release some. The erosion rate will slow down considerably if you do.”

“Yes! Of course! Something of that level!!”

Naia puts the magical tool in her mouth.



It isn’t the no hand fellatio I normally do. I move my hand to the base and move my head back and forth whilst moving my tongue around continuously.

“Oh! Ohoooo!!”

*suck* *suck* *lick* *rolling with the tongue*

Naia moves her mouth hard to draw out the corrupting medicine.

Her dedication clearly showed her commitment to Keith.

“Ohooo!! Kuaaa…..Princess!!…….Great!!”

Naia separates her mouth from the panting Keith.

“Whats wrong? Is it painful?”

“Eh?…..Aaaa, yes. This tool gives me pain if I don’t release its medicine.”

“No way!”

“However, after watching the admirable figure of the princess I can endure this pain”

I smile while stroking her head and thinking Naia was getting better and better.

“Habu! *licklicklick*!!! *suck**suck*!!”

“Guuu!! Haaaa!! Princess like that!! Uwaaa!!”

Due to Keith’s suffering Naia takes her mouth off and kneads the round part at the tip with her saliva covered hand

“Please do your best Keith-sama!! The medicines almost out!! Just a little more!!”

I’m going to cum from this elf princesses handjob.

It begins to rise up and Keith can no longer stop his ejaculation so he relaxes his ass muscles.

“Fuupu!! Fuwaaaaa!!!” Naia screamed as the cloudy yellow impure medicine struck her face.

“Ua….Fuoooo…….” Keith looks at her face painted with his cum.

Naia uses her hand to wipe off the medicine stuck to her face and places it in her mouth to show Keith like usual.

“Princess. From now on I won’t say anything so you can judge for yourself and drink it whenever you want.”

“fubu? *gulp* *gulp* I understand”

Keith wipes Naia’s face with a towel he brought.

“Right. Next up is to boost the princesses magical power.”

“Boost….my power?”

“Yes. By sending the accumulated magical power from the tool to your stomach.”

“What should I do?”

Will I finally be able to use magic?

Naia becomes uneasy.

“The usual way”


Not knowing what Keith means Naia lies down on the sheet while Keith starts licking her breasts.


“*Lick*…..*suck*! The usual *lick* *lick* feeling when you cum.”

“Nnnn!….the cumming sensation?”

“Yes. *lick*….That’s how you increase your magical power.”

“Keith-sama…..I have to feel good?”


Naia nearly jumped for joy.

My treatment is over and I thought I wouldn’t get to feel good anymore even by myself.

However, Keith will do it

It will also help Keith!

It’s like a dream!!

While in high spirits I think of Keith being fused with that tool and feel troubled. That’s no good, I judge myself.

I’m the lowest to be pleased with Keith’s misfortune!

But….I’m still happy after all…….

Meanwhile, Keith was slowly licking Naia’s inverted nipples making them slowly erect.

He puts one in his mouth and rolls it with his tongue while sucking it.


After her sweet voice began to appear I moved my body downwards.

I arrive at Naia’s half-done pussy and caress it slowly and carefully.

I peel her clitoris with my finger and gently lick what was exposed.

“A, aa! Hii! Nnnnnnn!!”

I kiss her labia while rubbing her hard clit with my finger.

*kiss* *kiss* Still more *kiss* *kiss* I enjoy the feeling on my lips.

“Hyaaaa!! Wakyuuu!! Uuuuuuu!! Hiiii!!”

I lick the entrance of her virgin hole that’s overflowing with pussy juice.

I don’t put my tongue in the hole. To the bitter end, I’m affectionate with her entrance only.

“Ahh! Auuuuuu!! Keith-schyama!! Ahyaaa!!”

I grasp Naia’s thighs, lifting them up and spreading them, fully exposing and opening her pussy. I can see the ripe pink contents.

Her soft virgin pussy meat is twitching and wriggling. It seemed to be urging me to tear that film and make it a full-fledged woman’s hole.

I drip saliva into that hole.

(I will make it an adult now) I speak to my heart.



I’m going to put the tool in you now princess.”

Naia held her breath

“Because it’s your first time there will be some pain”

“It’s all right….I’ll endure it.”

Her figure enduring the fear is praiseworthy.

“Shit!!…..This me…….Who desires the princess…..”

“Keith-sama. It’s fine. When I think I can be useful to Keith-sama with only that.”


Keith hugged Naia

Naia also hugs Keith

Keith whispers in Naia’s pointed ear.

“Please give this weak me courage”


“I feel like I’m being crushed by guilt when I think of the princess……So I want you to order me to stick this magic tool in”


“Yes. This magic tool…this……….Cock!!” (TN – he uses slang here [chinpo])

If there is a god in control of justice in this world Keith should be struck down at this moment.

But nothing happens.


A thrill went down Keith’s spine hearing Naia say cock.

“That’s right. My magic tool cock will enter you…….I’m causing trouble for the princess…..also such a request…….. I’m!!”

“No, it’s fine! And if Keith-sama’s heart is relieved even a little bit.”

Naia takes a deep breath

“Keith-sama, inside me, please put your cock….no. Stick it in!”

(It came!! this elf princesses plea!)

Keith’s penis had risen and was hard. He thrust it in.

“Oooooooo…Fua! What’s this! What! Amazing!!”

Though the virgin hole desperately refused the corrupting invader, Keith grabbed Naia’s legs and pulled her towards him while thrusting. All too quickly the penis broke through the membrane.

Chasity has torn apart.

A girls precious moment was cheated and taken away.

“Ugiii!! Aaaaaguuuu!! Irii!! Keith-samaaaaaaa!!”

Naia is grimacing while closing her eyes tightly.

Keith doesn’t hear anything as he’s overwhelmed by the tightness and sensation.

Naia’s vagina is small and tight however it’s wrapping around him gently.

Each one of her folds perfectly fit Keith’s penis.

It’s a pussy hole that’s perfectly tailor made.

Keith begins to drool at the excessive pleasure.

Not thinking about anything he wants to violently thrust his hips.

I want to use this elf hole like an onahole but I must endure it.

I should only be intense when she get used to it.

I’ll lose everything if she comes to fear it.

Therefore I endure. Though I want to do it very much I endure.

*Fuuuuuuuu*. I stop my waist, exhale and talk to Naia


“Keith-shyama….It’s painful……*sniffle*…..It hurts……”

“Thanks to the princess I feel better.”

“*sniffle* Truly?”


“Ehehe, good….*sniffle*”

“Is there something you want me to do?”

While Naia is crying

“Head……..I want you to stroke it.”

“No problem.”

While stroking her head and looking at her face I slowly move my waist.

A movement so small it can’t be sensed.

Naia seems happy with her head being stroked.

Keith is thinking he wants to kiss her.

It’s the mouth that was doing fellatio but that doesn’t matter.

I tried to think how I could act on the thought that came up.

“Princess, I will teach you a method to control the pain.”

“…..the pain will go?”

“No it will only get a little easier but it will feel better than now.”

“……Please teach me.”

“It that okay? It’s a breathing method that eases the pain by controlling your breathing….it’s hard to explain its easier to show it.”

Saying so Keith puts his mouth on Naia’s

“Fu? Fuee?”

“*Kiss* *kiss*.”

Naia’s face had a surprised expression when Keith removed his lips.

“Kei……..th…..sama?……..was that a kiss.”

“No. It’s a breathing method.”

I do it again.

Over and over again.

I also put my tongue in when she opens her mouth.

I play with her mouth and she returns it.

Our tongues get entangled.

They part before long.

Naia’s face has a drowsy dreamy look to it.

She’s also forgotten the pain of deflowering.

“Keith-sama…..more, kiss……..”

She spreads her arms and demands more.

“It’s a breathing method.”

“I want to do it more.”

Therefore I insert my tongue again.

Naia puts her arms around my neck.

“*Lick* *lick* *kiss* *kiss* *kisskiss*”

Naia is innocently requesting Keith’s lips.

Due to the pain and excitement, she was thinking nothing at all while her head was hot like it had a fever.

“Keith *kiss* shyama *kiss* *lick*……..*kiss*”

Naia doesn’t notice that Keith’s waist has begun to move either.

No. She felt the pain but it was beaten by the feeling of happiness.

I’m kissing. I’m kissing with Keith.

To her, that doesn’t know the act of reproduction the highest form of lovemaking between a man and a woman is a kiss.

Therefore doing it with Keith made her drunk off the euphoria

Meanwhile, Keith was enjoying her vagina hole that he was able to move in now.

I can’t blame the weak point yet I still have to move slowly, however, the immature hole was giving wonderful pleasure with just that.

A warm, soft and tight hole.

A sensation of grasping my cock tightly.

A female virgins unique resistance.

This encourages Keith’s second ejaculation.

Event though he’s come once the faint ache is healed in this hole.

“Princess *kiss*! *kiss*! *lick*….again. The medicine.”

“*Kiss* *kiss*…..Medishin? You can ledt uit duot *kiss*.” (TN – Thanks to Kuso for the help.)

Naia is drunk off the kiss, and the pain that she had never felt before had baked her brain. She couldn’t understand what she was saying.

“N! Gu!! Guu!! Haa!!!”

I was frantically slamming my hips into the body of the girl beneath me.

Rapidly rapidly my cock is advancing.

“Ha……..a! A!………Ekuu!…..N”

Is it from pain? Did she feel something? Naia raises her voice.

Finally, white semen gushed out inside her.

“A!…..Kuuuuuunnnn! Fua…….”

“Hii!…….Ae? Hyot…….stomach, spurting….Hae?”

Cloudiness that shot out in Naia’s hurt vagina. The place where a baby is made is polluted and sticky.

The most important place of the elf princess as defiled and she knew nothing.

Chapter 011 – Princess’s reason
Sorry for the lack of updates but life has now been caught up with so should be better again for a while.

A wet sound echoed in the bathroom.

Amidst the rising steam, Keith and Naia were soaking in a bathtub with bubbles floating on the water.

Naia is sitting in Keith’s lap in a face-to-face position while Keith is holding her body lightly. He hasn’t inserted it though.

They are just hugging each other.

Naia is happy they are embracing each other while naked however it is still very embarrassing.

Although they had sex Naia doesn’t know the meaning.

Therefore this lover like appearance is very embarrassing. “Is it alright?” Naia thinks.

Because Naia was so cute and noticing that her pointed ears had gone bright red Keith gave her a playful bite.


“Ahaha, sorry. The princess is just too cute.”


He said I’m cute. I don’t know what type of face to make. I put my hands around Keith’s neck and hug him tightly to hide my face.

I sent magical power to the fused tool on Keith’s body.

Is what Naia believes.

The two of them decided to wash their sweaty bodies.

Naia wasn’t able to move due to being exhausted so Keith prepared the bath and carried her to it in a princess carry.

By the way, the preparation of baths in this world is considerably different between the aristocracy and the common people.

Common households carry water by hand and heat it with a bath heater. Naturally, it takes time and effort.

But the aristocracy uses demon spirit stones.

A demon spirit stone is a souls energy that has crystallised and turned into a stone. There are different attributes so a fire stone produces fire, water stone is water and so on. They manifest their power by injecting a small amount of magic power in them.

Firstly you throw a water stone in the bathtub and let it fill up then you throw a fire stone in and let it heat up to the desired level.

This takes neither time nor effort so you can have a bath at any time.

Demon spirit stones are not cheap so you cannot abuse them however there’s no problem with a bath.

Production and sales of demon spirit stones are the key industry of the Seimrad country (TN – Original name is セイムラッド so could also go with Seimurado)

Keith carried Naia in and washed her body while continuously saying such pretend words as “I was saved by the princess.” and “Without the princess I…..” and “I am happy to be able to serve the princess.”

However, Naia believes every word to which Keith is truly thankful. She was really happy that she could help Keith.

Pain so bad she thought she was splitting gradually got better every time she was thanked.

After washing her body they entered the bathtub together.

It was big enough for two people however Keith said “Because its narrow get on top” and Naia didn’t want to go against the mood.

While embracing each other Keith suddenly frowns and asks “I’m sorry. Was it painful?”

“No! I was okay!! The kis…..I mean breathing method made it really bearable!!”

“It doesn’t hurt anymore?”

When asked if it still hurt Naia thought of the kis….I mean breathing method again.

It actually doesn’t hurt at all anymore. Actually, it does hurt a bit. No, it’s absolutely still painful. Therefore it’s not a lie. She persuades herself with this argument.

“It’s a little……..painful……..maybe.”


“Umm….so…The breathing method….again….please.”


Keith noticed Naia was asking for a kiss straight away.


He puts his lips on hers

“N….chu…..chu, hapu, rerochu….”

While entangling their tongues the two people continued tasting each other’s saliva.

The time for Aisha’s arrival was approaching.

Keith and Naia get out of the bathtub and dry themselves.

Because they both used the same soap they might be doubted smelling the same so Keith must leave the room while trying not to pass close to Aisha.

When he finishes wiping his body Keith says

“Princess put your hands on the edge of the bath and face your ass towards me.”

“Eh?…..Umm, like this?”

It was shameful but Naia stuck her ass out like asked.

Thin ass and legs that hadn’t put much meat on yet.

Her newly opened vagina hole peeped out from her pussy while her tightly closed asshole was also in full view.

I get horny at the view but I endure it.

“I’ll apply this ointment to your injury inside. It might sting a bit so please bear with it.”


Keith takes out the ointment he’s made himself from medicinal herbs and Jackalope milk. (TN – I’m guessing it’s Jackalope anyway ジャッカロープ )

He coats the index finger of his right hand with saliva and slowly puts it in Naia’s vagina.


Naia raised her voice in pain from her injury being touched.

“I’m sorry. Is it unbearable?”

“N….o, It’s alright.”

Hearing Naia’s reply Keith bends his finger and pulls it out. Semen stained with the blood of her deflowering came out.

Though most came out when she washed her body Keith wipes it up with a disposable handkerchief and scrapes out the dregs. Finally, it looks pretty again.

He coats his entire middle finger with the ointment and puts it back in again.

Using this ointment her wound will be closed by tomorrow and it can be used again.

I want to do this elf princess again soon.

I want to taste an orgasm dimensions apart from her usual clitoris blame.

If there’s an honest man who doesn’t forget aftercare its Keith.

Once it’s over they change clothes and leave the room.

“Princess, it’s a secret that I’ve fused with the magic tool…..”

“I understand! It’s a secret between us!”

“Indeed. Also the magic the princess does for me.”


I patted the head of such an obedient good girl and Keith leaves the room.

Alone in her room Naia did a small laugh in happiness.

I was able to help Keith.

I became an important person for Keith.

I’m glad about that. I’m very happy!

Why has Naia fallen in love with Keith?

It began with thoughts of her childhood.

Naia is 24 this year but her mental age is much lower.

Elves grow up to 10 pretty normally but subsequent growth is slowed down the older they get.

Naia’s appearance is in her early teens and she will spend another 50 years with this appearance.

The average lifespan of an elf is 600 but nobles live to be about 800.

However, the number of races has decreased from multiple wars over the years. Elves are becoming rare so they have started mating with humans and other races.

Naia’s mother and father are both pure-blooded elves and this couple’s children were a longed for existence. However, they both married at 120 and had trouble conceiving.

From the study of scholars, it became apparent that the ability to have children declined with age.

Finally, they were able to conceive Naia and she was welcomed with great delight by the elven nation.

However, as a result, everyone became over protective. She has no friends her age and is rarely allowed out the palace.

The only people she can meet are soldiers, palace personal and teachers visiting the palace. Even then she’s only taught manners, etiquette and ancient history. No wonder she is mentally younger than her age.

Also, the biggest problem was she couldn’t use magic. The elven royalty performs spirit magic at ceremonies etc yet Naia was never able to do this.

She practised all the time over and over again but couldn’t even manage the smallest of winds.

As expected she was labelled [defective]. The teacher’s disappointment when they learned this was big.

Her father and mother along with all their loyal subordinates said “You don’t need to worry about it.” but it was impossible to think of herself as someone with any worth.

What cheered Naia up and comforted her mind was [stories].

Old stories her mother and father used to tell her. Heroic tales taught to soldiers. Folktales passed on by old people. Naia’s heart was excited by it all but the ones she liked the most were about mages.

Together with the Hero Feron overcoming many difficulties and died a noble death on the fields of dawn [Soma of the dawn]

A mage who rescued the fairy princess Mel from the island of nothingness and the rotting king Zagan who inhabited it [Elan the Raven]

Her chest throbbed whenever she heard these exaggerated tales.

It may have been because they were existences the farthest away from Naia who couldn’t use magic.

Naia repeated her girl like dream alone in her bed at night.

But whenever she dreams of adventure it ends. She can’t do it. You can never be such a hero someone whispers in her heart.

And Naia herself agreed with the voice.

At such a time that incident occurred.

The soldiers were being noisy in the palace “There’s a mage that repelled a basilisk” “There’s a mage who saved the girls”

At first, I thought it was a lie. I thought it impossible. I thought there couldn’t be such a person. But the parent of the saved girls said the mage was coming to the palace to talk.

To the girl who was exhausted and fell down (she just tripped) he dashingly appeared (it was just good timing) and used magic that had never been seen before (he just blew a magical bird whistle). The mage who repulsed the basilisk.

Lord Saku who was looking after the mage said “His personality and appearance are both splendid. A rare noble-minded human.”

I want to meet him. I want to talk to him I thought.

It was Naia who agreed first that he should be mage court mage and asked her father “I want to be taught magic by that person.”

It’s the same as the magicians of legends. Surely he can help me learn magic.[TN – yeah, I can see them now. Soma of the dawn, Elan the raven and little man Keith]

It was a success. Keith really granted magic to Naia.

Like a legendary mage he dashingly appeared and saved me.

Elves are poor at medical magic but Keith is different as he specialises in it. Naia believed he was great enough to need two names but she really didn’t know he already had two names.

A longed for existence appeared before her eyes and saved her. Also, he makes her feel good which she hasn’t said to anybody.

Their won’t be a girl (mentally) who doesn’t fall in love like this.

A secret between her a Keith. Only two people. (TN – raising flags here me girl)

As long as Keith is fused with the magic tool this dream-like scenario will continue.

It’s a frightening thing to not know the truth.


The door is knocked “Excuse me”. It’s Aisha.

I tighten my face so as not to be suspected and say “please enter”

Silver hair on brown skin, a military uniform and a rapier hanging at her side. It’s her escort knight Aisha.

I was going to tell her I can use magic but I suddenly closed my mouth after remembering Keith’s words that I should show it off in front of everyone and surprise them.

“What did you do?” Aisha asks


She try’s to walk away while giggling but was walking bandy-legged because of the pain.

“Wha, What happened!? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine….It’s alright.”

“*sniff sniff*….Naia-sama, have you had a bath?”

“Eh?…..a, yea…..sweat…..I was sweating.”

“No, No way!! Not in front of that mage!?”

“No way! I was alone!”

Aisha exhales feeling relieved. [Secret]. It was Naia’s heart that was tense.



While recalling the things with Naia, Keith was nursing his delusions and lying face down on his bed while laughing unpleasantly.

“………Master has travelled to an unknown star nya”

Ruu who knew nothing was shedding tears while watching it.

Authors note

It’s explanation time. Next time I’ll do a whole bunch of erotic things!

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Chapter 012 – Princess recording – part one
As per the consensus I have left all sound effects and onomatopoeia as romaji. Enjoy.

“That’s it princess. Feel the power collecting in your palm.”

“Uu…..! Haa……..ku!”

Magic power is gathering in Naia’s palm and solidifying.

Furthermore the magic power is being refined.

A small mass was made.

“That’s it! Now the magic language of fire is given.”

“Bo!” making a simple sound a match caught fire


“It…..It came”

At the moment Keith is teaching Naia magic. It’s an incredibly simple and rudimentary magic.

Normally elves learn spirit magic first however with Keith being a human its easier for him to teach her this way. Simple magic is the best way to get her accustomed to using magic power.

Naia who is practising magic has an anguished look on her face due to Keith who is penetrating her from below while she sits on his lap.

“Keith……sama……aa! Nnn! I cant……..concentrate!!”

Keith reached around and started teasing Naia’s clit. Every time he played with it her vagina tightened and shook cutely giving him unbearable pleasure.

“Voluntarily using magic while sending power to my penis is the best way for you to learn. Didn’t I say so?”

“Ye…..s!…….however, Hyaaa!!”

Keith rubs his penis against her vagina wall and Naia lets out a high-pitched voice.

This is the fourth time he’s enjoyed Naia’s insides the last few days.

Her second time was still uncomfortable and she had a bit of pain as her hole slowly adapted to him.

On her third time she began to let her voice out. Even though he says three times he came inside her twice each time.

And gradually Naia’s vagina got used to accepting Keith.

Like with her clitoris Naia feels it very much and is the owner of an excellent vagina.

She’s able to welcome a man and enjoy herself. She has a fine woman’s quality.

In that respect Naia has shown considerable excellence.

(It’s the best honour students vagina)

Keith raised Naia’s light body and thrust hard from below.

“Ahyaa! Okyauuu!! Keith-shyama!! Chuyoi!! Shoree!!”

Naia screamed while trembling at the impact in her vagina.

I’m puzzled by the changes in my body. At first it was painful and I wondered if it would hurt every time I put his penis in.

However by the third time I noticed something continually rising. It feels like when I’m close to cumming but I have a feeling it will turn into something more than that.

I thought it was scary but at the same time a feeling was born that I wanted more of it. It’s almost the same as when I send power to Keith’s body to cure him. Besides why does it feel so good Naia wondered.

“Ahii!! Uu…….nnnnnnn!!!!”

Naia’s train of thought is scattered due to the pleasure when his penis goes deep.

“Fuwaaa! Aaa! Aaa! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!”

Naia’s head gets all shivery as the tip of his penis scoops out her vagina walls.

Naia thought it was the same feeling as cumming.

“Guuu! Pri…..princess!! My penis is absorbing magical power!! The medicine…..is coming!!”

At the moment Keith slammed hard into her depths white semen shot out.

“Oguuuuuu!! Oooooh, Ooooooh……”

“Hyaa!! A? Aue…….”

Naia quietly touched her abdomen feeling the torrent of impure medicine entering her.



While sitting in a chair Keith makes Naia squat down and clean his penis.

The reason is to remove the medicine still left in his penis.

Naia uses her mouth to clean the penis still coated with her pussy juice.

She was initially reluctant but once she heard some medicine was still left in his cock and was causing him pain she decided to do it.

Keith stared at Naia in satisfaction as she sucked the cloudiness out that was still inside his penis. He noticed that she was playing with her clitoris while cleaning him.


She didn’t think he’d realised and hurriedly removed her hand.

Taking his penis out her mouth she says

“I….It’s not what you think!”

“In what way?”

Keith already understands it but wants to hear it. Naia turns bright red.

“Umm….penis…..in my stomach……feels good.”

“Do you want to cum some more?”


Amazing. Even though I played with her clit while doing it. To get this used to it in a short amount of time.

(Perverted pussy of this lewd elf……..this lewd pussy is only for me!!!)

I pushed her down with excessive affection and started playing with her clit while kissing her. I didn’t care that she had just been sucking me.

“Nchu!?….rechyo, Keiff-hama? nchuu. Doesn’t it hurt?” Naia asks curiously.

“Eh??……….a, aaaaa……indeed! This breathing method is dulling the pain and activating my tired body…….It’s a famous method by the ninja’s of the nine-headed dragon mountain.”

Was that too much Keith thought.

“Keith-sama knows everything!!”

She believed it…..

“Indeed, because I fought against those ninja…….I’ll tell you about it next time. Chu! rerochu, beroorerorero…..”

I continue playing with her clitoris while devouring her mouth.

Should I put my fingers in her pussy and make her cum from the inside? Saying that she’s already cum from me sticking my penis in. I’ll only tease her clit.

I scoop out some semen from the inside and apply it to her clit while rubbing her bean continuously.

“N! N! Aa!! Aaaa!!”

Because she was excited Naia’s sensitivity increased immediately.

I move my mouth to Naia’s nipples and attack both thoroughly while still playing with her hard clit.

“Uu! Uuu! Uhyaa!!!! Keith-samaaaaaaa!!!!”

I attack her nipples even stronger while she raises her waist and is about to cum.

When I suck on them

“Keeeith….ukya!! Pussy coming…..Hyaaaa!!!!”

While kissing her forehead Keith begins the preparations to clean her body.


“The next time is in another four days….”

Keith is walking alone down the corridor while thinking about it.

I want to do it all the time even though I’m already over 30!! Such feelings do start to fade after a while though I still get horny at night sometimes.

I can endure it the next day if I have a class but if I have time on my hands it’s a little hard.

However it’s not like I can do a yobai* either………Keith suddenly thought of something and started to praise himself. (TN – yobai is an old Japanese practise of basically sneaking into a woman’s room at night for sex. It was usually unmarried couples and with the parents approval.)

Keith immediately heads back to his room at a quick pace.

“Welcome nyack…..what’s wrong nya? Why are you hurrying so much? Is it leaking out nya?” (TN – Ruu always says Okaerinyasai instead of Okaerinasai)

“Wrong!! eeeeeeeeto, now where did I put that thing?”

Ruu watches Keith rummaging around the room

“What are you after nya?”

“That thing…..ah….found it!!”

Keith pulled it out from the back of a drawer and thinking four days into the future chuckled to himself.

“Master has a bad face nya…….”

With sweat on his forehead Keith ignored Ruu, sat at his desk and started making a magical tool.


Four days later.

Keith went to Naia’s room with a cheerful feeling.

Putting his poker face on Keith knocks on the door and enters.

Aisha left the room and Keith began to speak.


“What’s wrong? Your face is scary…..is it your penis!?”

Saying what she thought I almost laughed when she said penis with such a serious face.

While enduring my laughter

“No. That’s not it………Actually I have a request today.”

“For me?”


“What is it?”

“I want to reduce the burden on the princess even if it’s just a little bit………So I have continued the research on my magical tool penis.”

“That kind of thing! Don’t worry about it!!”

“No, it’s my job. Also its the nature of a mage to want to examine things.” Keith says while putting on a self-mocking smile.

“Even though its become part of me I still want to research it…..It’s karma for my nature.”

It’s the perfect words that fit the image of a mage in Naia’s mind. She was enchanted by his coolness.

“It’s wonderful…..Keith-sama……”

“Therefore I have a request of the princess.”

“You want me to help with your research?”


“Do it!! I’ll do it!!”

Naia raises her right hand with a “Yes!” while being all excited and red-faced.

The research of mages that she loves so much. Not getting excited would be stranger.

The apprentice and master trying to unravel the mysteries of a grimoire while mixing potions in a dark atelier.

Those figures overlap with Keith and her excitement doesn’t stop.

While watching Naia Keith says

“For the gentle nature of the princess this Keith……..There are not enough words of gratitude.”

Keith made a guts pose in his heart.

The princess won’t go back on her word after she’s made it.

With a serious face *Ushishishi* Keith issues a nasty laughter in his head.

“Let’s begin then.”

“Yes!…..so what should I do?”

“Please wait a moment.”

Keith took a palm-sized box out of his bag.

“Keith-sama what’s that?”

“Does the princess know of the [film crystal]?”

“N, No…….” Naia shakes her head

The [film crystal] is a magic tool used by the hunter guild. It’s used so that hunters don’t do anything wrong while on subjugation requests. It’s used to record all of the subjugation.

It’s been known since ancient times that jewels are a superior medium on which to record past events.

It’s easy to make a record and reproduce it with this [film crystal]. Basically, it’s a video camera.

When it first came out of course people with bad intentions appeared so the mage association who helped with development built an [ethics code] into it. Keith remodelled it.

Originally the crystal was the size of a thumb however it has now become a box shape due to the box being needed to overwrite the ethics code. It made the magic tool look like a Handycam.

Keith explains that this magical tool is used to record all events.

“I’m going to record the princess sending magical power to my penis with this.”

“Eh?……Eeh!? You’re going to record that??”

It’s going to record me naked, record my sloppy face and record my crotch being stabbed by the magic tool?

“Imp, imp, Impossible!! Absolutely impossible!!”


There won’t be a reason


“Is that so…..Nothing I can do about it then.”

At Keith’s figure who withdrew easily, Naia went [Eh?]

I didn’t think he’d give up so easily.


“No, its fine. You said you wouldn’t like it.”

Naia watches Keith put the magic tool away.

“The research….what will you do?”

Keith turns his back to Naia and averts his face.

“I don’t like it either actually but I’ll ask a female mage acquaintance of mine to help……She’s a woman who researches life after all.”


“Actually, I really don’t like it!!……… But it can’t be helped if the princess doesn’t want to………. I’m sorry but I’ll be out of the country for a little while.”

Naia’s ears heard up to there and stopped listening because thoughts were spinning around in her head.

Keith? With another woman? Will you put your penis in? With a woman I don’t know? With a woman who isn’t me?

Licking that woman’s breasts, touching her crotch, hugging each other, doing the breathing method and patting her head.

Someone who isn’t me, another, with someone, Keith.

“You, You cannnnnt!!!!”

At her sudden cry Keith turned around.

I have to bite my lip and endure my laughter at Naia’s cry.

“Nonono!! No good!! Absolutely not okay!!”

“Ho, however…..”

“I’ll do it!! You can record it!! Please record it!!! Please record me!!!”


“Th, therefore….with other people…..you must not do it. No….”

Keith with other women…….while patting her head Naia is crying from her imagination.

“I can’t do it. Not with the princess like this. I…..”

“Keith-sama…..Keith-sama!! It’s a promise!! It’s a promise!!”

“Yes. It’s a promise.”

While hugging Naia who jumped into his chest (I’m a genius) Keith sang his own praises.

Chapter 013 – Princess recording – part two
“Well then. If you could please introduce yourself.”

“A self-introduction?”

“Yes, because it’s being recorded.”

“………I understand.”

Naia stood in front of the magic tool dressed in only her underwear.

Her underwear isn’t custom made or special it’s actually plain and simple like a town girl would wear. It reeks of a child’s underwear.

Naia is a little nervous dressed in only her underwear.

“Seimrad Kingdom, daughter of King Mashua…………Naia.”

“How old are you?”

“I’m 24.”


It surprised Keith a little.

“Eh? Yes. Weren’t you told?”

“…..Oh, yes. Eeh………It’s 24……..”

You look younger than that Keith thought. It seems strange but I’ll ignore it and proceed.

“Then please say the things I taught you a short while ago.”

“Yes….Erm, I.”

“Princess. What are you doing today?”

“Ah………Sorry…..errr. Today Naia is being recorded sending her magic power to the penis. Also, umm……..I hope to feel good…..”

“Well done.” Keith says while recording her and mentally licking her enticing figure.

He’s particularity careful to record her chest and crotch area.

When he’s done

“Well then. First of all, lets record the place where the medicine comes from.”


Naia lies on the waterproof sheet Keith spread on the floor.

Keith takes off his pants and puts his penis by her face.

Naia tries to hold it and put it in her mouth.

“Princess. Before you put it in your mouth what do you say?”

“Umm?…..Ah, errm….I will now lick the penis. I hope lots of medicine comes out.”

Naia puts his penis in her mouth after she finishes speaking.

She licks the tip and moves around it with her tongue causing it to swell and push her cheek out. While narrowing her lips she places her small hand around the base of his penis and slowly works it.

While recording Naia with his left hand Keith moves his right hand over Naia’s panties and touches her crotch.

Naia lets out a small noise when he touches her clit.

“Chuupo, reroruru. Chupochupo, reorerorero…….”

While recording Naia who was doing her best to draw out the dirty medicine Keith put his hand in Naia’s panties and peeled her clit which had become hard.

“Recho! Nfuo!! Nn!! Keith-sama!! Uhaaaa!!”

“Princess, You’ve stopped licking. That’s no good.”

“Hawaa…..Y, Yeee……..eeees!!”

While Keith kneads her peeled clitoris Naia closes her eye’s and endures to the utmost.

“The princess is pretty. Amazing……Ooh, ku! Aah…..cute.”

“Nju! Retoretoreto!! Chuchupo!!”

“The tip……..Aaah!! That’s it!! Work the base more!!”

Naia’s tongue crawls around the tip as asked while her fingers work his base. The feeling of ejaculation was rising.

His penis which had been prohibited from sex for three days was about to loose to Naia’s stimulation.

“Kuwa!! Aaah!! Princess!! It’s coming!”


“Your tongue!! Amazing!! Amazing ero!! Princess!! Aaaaaah!”

I can’t endure the movement of her tongue and fingers and let out the first super-concentrated shot of the day in Naia’s mouth.

At the same time, I grab the back of her head with my right hand so she can’t pull away.

“Nguu!! Go!! Fugooo!!”

Naia has a coughing fit caused by my penis and spits the cloudiness out on the floor.

“Uwa!! I went too far!! Princess, I’m sorry!!” Keith apologises in a hurry.

“Gohee! Gooha, gohogohogoho!! Keith-sama, gooho!! Drink, I wasn’t able to. Gohen! I’m sorry…..”

While having a painful coughing fit she admirably apologises.

Standing there was the lowest of men who even recorded it.

Keith wipes around Naia’s mouth and had her sit down.

Putting a cushion behind her waist Keith makes her do an M leg split and push her pussy out.

He had already taken her panties off but left her bra on. Keith was particular about certain things.

“Princess, if you could.”

“You want me to say it?”

“Yes because I’m recording it.” Keith says with a refreshing smile.

Naia slowly spreads her pussy while telling herself this is an important thing.

“He….here is where Naia’s baby will come out…..here the penis will deeply……..mag……magic…..”

“Princess, you can do it!!”

“Magical power I will send it to the penis!!” Naia says quickly in one go while crying.

After thoroughly recording her body I move the machine and record Naia’s important place.

“It’s a royal elf princess’s pussy……her virginity was delicious as well….it’s properly become a female hole.”

Her lovely clitoris was erect while her labia had begun to assert itself and finally her vagina hole which was pulsating softly. Keith was recording all this while speaking quietly.

“Keith-sama did you say something?”

“No, I didn’t say a word.”

“Well then, I’ll accumulate magical power in the princess. Princess?”

“Ye..yes. Keith-sama….Please fill inside with magic power…”

He puts his right hand on Naia’s pussy

“Are you nervous? Do you want to do the breathing method to relax a bit?”

“Breathing method….Yes!! I’ll do it!!”

Just saying these words makes her completely relax.

“Chu, chu, nchu…princess likes the breathing method.”

“Fua, chuchu, nchuu, yes, nchunchuu.”

I record our kissing faces while sinking my middle finger and ring finger into Naia.

“Nnnn!! Nnnnnnnn!!!”

Naia places her arms around Keith and demand his lips more.

Keith checks her soft meat while calmly moving his fingers.

Slowly, slowly, slowly until it opens up and the honey overflows.

While entwining our tongues I felt moisture in my fingers and increased my speed. A noise begins to leak out.

“Hawa! Hawa! Aah!! Nguuu!! Keith-sama!! Nchuu!! Chuuuu!!!”

In response to her request, Keith sinks his fingers to the root and bends his fingers to scratch her vagina walls.


Naia’s body stiffens.

After playing with her many times I know her weak points.

That place was the part where the thickest part of Keith’s penis hits.

Keith pulls his fingers sticky with pussy juice out of Naia who is still shaking slightly.

“Princess….please excuse me.”

I peel off Naia’s arms who still clinging to me. My right hand is so coated in pussy juice it leaves a thread when I remove it.

I record her twitching vagina hole that seems to be demanding a continuance.

Keith removes the pillow from her waist and grabs her legs.

“Princess I’m putting it in.”


“When I’m putting it in what do you say?”

“Hoe?….a, ermm….put you penis in Naiaaaaaaaa!!!!”

In the middle of her words, Keith thrusts hard into Naia.

“Princess! You were in the middle of speaking!”

“Aah! Aaaaah!! Penis. Inside, Insideeeeee!!”

“What about the inside?”

“Inside!! It came!! It’s scraping!! Unyaaaaaaa!!”

Her head is shaking from side to side

“Keith-sama! Keith-sama!! It feels better than before!! Why??”

Her pussies finally feeling it. It was loosened when I played with her sensitive part

Until now Naia who had only felt pain began to panic at the different feeling.

“Because! The princess’s body! Has got used! To the penis!”

I thrust into her with each word while continuing to record Naia who is writhing in pleasure.

While pistoning in and out of her I continuously play with her clitoris using my thumb. It combines into a feeling that leaves her numb.

“Dyont! Keith-shyama!! Uhyaaaaa!!! Dyont!! Dyonnnnt!!!”

“It’s no use princess. It’s called feeling good.”

“Ngaaaa!! Gyuuud! Feels gooooood!!!

“How do you feel good?”

“Pe, Penis!! When the penis is jammed in!! Like a shock!! Ukyaa!!”

It felt like I was melting inside Naia. This tight and narrow hole that was sticky and soft had all its fold twining around my dripping wet penis.

It’s a women’s hole made to make you cum and it gives its owner pleasure like an electric shock.

“Hiii! Hiii! Keith-sama!! Scary! It’s scary!!! My head is soft and fluffy!!! Uuaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!”

I remove her bra to reveal her breasts causing Naia who’s drooling to let out a lovely voice.

Small breasts with erect nipples on them. I grab her nipples while enjoying the shaking of her breasts due to my thrusting.


Her pussy meat tightened even further when I pinched them.

Keith had originally pulled them out with his mouth and was glad it was the right decision as they wouldn’t be here to play with now if he hadn’t. (TN – He’s referring to when he first pulled them out due to them being inverted originally)

While kneading her breasts Keith changes his piston into a weak motion in order to torture her and started recording it.

I change the position of my waist and move my penis to rub the upper part of Naia’s pussy.

A slight numbness is transmitted to Keith’s brain as his sensitive tip rubs her pussy.

(This is bad)

Naia is frowning at the pleasure.

“Hoe!? Haeee!! What’s wrong? Fue? Hawaaaaa!! Penis!! What?”

Only her tender spot is blamed.

Naia is struggling from a continuation of strong senses even to point that her nose is running.

Her pussy meat began to convulse tightly telling Keith it was about to cum.

“The princess….!! Seems to be cumming.”

“Fuhyaa!! Hahi!! Cyummin!! I’m cyumming!!! Pussy cumming!!! Pennis so deep!!”

I had a feeling of satisfaction hearing the vulgar words of this elf princess. While desperately holding on I used the last scenario I had planned out.

“When you cum from my penis make this figure!”

I desperately try to make the shape Keith did while my head is misty and writhing in pleasure.

“Yes, that’s it with both hands!!”

“This, nnn!! Ahya!! Aaah! Aah!!! Like this??”

“That’s right!”

Keith made her do the [double peace (NSFW)] sign.

(This elf princess is doing a double peace sign while having her first pussy orgasm!)

Naia has a perverted face and figure doing a double peace sign while drooling and having a runny nose.

“Come!! Princess cum!! The princess’s pussy orgasm!”

“Agyuuuuuue!!! Cum….ming, Pussy cumming!! Feels gooood!! Keith-sama!! Ukyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……!!!!”

Naia greeted climax while doing a double peace sign.

Naia’s waist jumps up and her pussy tightens hard, then relaxes.

Naia faints.

Her entire body relaxed and she peed herself getting it on Keith as well.

Keith’s penis got wet while pumping its corruption deep inside Naia.

Keith records everything even her pee. Pulling his penis out of Naia he widens her vagina hole with a finger. White semen flows from the bloodshot red hole.

“Exclusive masturbation video get~~~”

While saying so he records Naia’s beautiful sleeping face.

Keith laughed while looking forward to his vastly enhanced masturbation life.

Chapter 014 – Determination of the female knight
Enter the Aisha arc.

Aisha couldn’t believe what she was seeing. No, she did believe it but didn’t want to admit it because she felt if she admitted it something in her would break.

Therefore she desperately denied reality.

A dream? An illusion? Hallucination magic? Hypnosis magic? Any will do. I want it to be any one of them.

Which one is it!!

However the smell, sound, the air that touched her skin. It all told her this was real.

The important…….Naia whom I love very much. The very Naia I would happily give my life to protect…….Is being raped by that beast like mage.

“Keith-hyama!! Keith-hyama!! It feels so good!! Doggy pose!! Feels so gooddd!!”

“Uuu! Princess!! Do you like the doggy pose?”

“Love!! Love it!! Absolutely love it!! Love penis!!”

Dressed like a prostitute, sounding like a prostitute and with an obscene face like a prostitute…….

Is she being raped?

No….that’s not the face of a woman being raped. That’s the face of a woman who’s accepted the man.

“Nhoaaaaaaa!! Came!! It came!! White came!! The pure white head came!!”

Her nipples are completely erect, pussy juice is flowing from her crotch and her dishevelled hair is swaying……..Naia is obviously pleased.

“Penis feels so good!! Keith-sama’s penis!! Keith-samaaaaaa!!”

“Princess!! It’s coming!! The medicine is coming!! The medicine is coming out the penis!!!!”

“Let it out!! Please let it out!! Let it out deep in my stomach!!!”

I feel sick.

I feel dizzy.

My ears are ringing.

Even so, I haven’t fallen down. I must stay here.

Why am I watching such a nightmare like scene?

Do I have to look?

Let’s go back 2 days.


Naia watched her palm while public attention was being gathered.

Can I do it?

Sweats flowing out and I’m having difficulty breathing. That’s why I’m looking at Keith’s figure. He’s standing in the position of the court mage dressed fully in black.

I start to smile when I see his face.

[Do your best]

I saw Keith’s mouth moving and courage and confidence came flowing out.

I take a deep breath and calm my heart.

Like I always do. The same as in practice.

I persuade myself and begin collecting magic in the palm of my hand.

I can feel the warm flow of power in my palm.

Once it solidified I used the magic language of wind.

The magic power is transformed [bowaa!] and Naia due to being light is lifted off the ground.

Her platinum hair whirled up and shone brilliantly. It was very beautiful.

She landed on the ground [fuu] took a quick breath and lowered her head quickly.

At once shouts of joy and applause roared out. Though shy she’s very happy.

Queen Mia came rushing up to Naia and hugged her small body tightly.

“You did well. It was great……truly.”

Tear’s swelled in Mia’s eyes.


Naia hugs her mother back joyfully as well.

Her father Mashua watches the dazzling scene and walks over to Keith.

“Keith. You have granted magic to Naia in such a short time. As the father of Naia, I deeply thank you.”

“No, my power was insignificant. Everything came from the princess.”

“Hahaha, don’t be modest. Everyone applaud this mage as well as my daughter.”

The subjects sent a thunderous applause at the king’s voice.

The princess who wasn’t able to use magic was finally able to. There are even people crying, especially amongst the maids who have known Naia’s suffering for years.

However, there were also a lot of people that weren’t bothered at all.

They were happy Naia could use magic but angry that the help came from a human.

Aisha was amongst those people. She glared at Keith with a face like she had chewed a bitter bug.


“The king is too lenient with that mage!!”

A maid offered Aisha tea as she spat out her complaints.

She drank it in one go “Puha!” and took a deep breath.

“To employ a lowly human of dubious origin within the palace and as Naia-sama’s teacher no less!! It’s a complete mistake!”

She keeps talking while a second cup of tea is poured by the maid Berna.

“However, isn’t it a fact that the princess can now use magic?”

“Hmph! Naia-sama is a person overflowing with talent! Even if that human wasn’t there she would have been able to do it sometime soon anyway!”


“It’s like that human is completely responsible for it…..Aaaaaaa!!!!”

As Berna watched Aisha cry and drink tea she had hoped that Aisha would finally like Keith but said nothing as usual.

The place where they are located is near to Naia’s room. While Naia is studying Berna usually comes here. However, Aisha’s duty is to protect Naia and always be by her side. Apart from one time which is when Keith arrives and she is driven out.

At the beginning she always stood by the door, however, Naia said to her “Please move further away” so she settled here.

From here if she hears a suspicious sound she can rush there right away. It’s also possible to see who goes to Naia’s room and that is why she was there.

However, Berna was getting very tired of her constant complaints.

“In the first place its a problem that Naia-sama hid the fact she can use magic from me!! I must know everything about Naia-sama!! But secrets….that mage must have told her to hide it……. It’s surely so, I’ve decided so!! Ugaaaaa!!”

When she not howling she a beautiful person….Berna thought while having a sip of tea.

“Even today is the same. Is she still studying magic!! I want to praise Naia-sama to!! I want to say you did well!!”

“Oh yeah, the demon spirit stone is still in the bath”

“Are you listening!!”

“Hai hai. I’m listening” (TN – I love this maid)

Meanwhile in Naia’s room

“Princess. You worked hard today!”

“Ye….yes, I did my best!!”

“Both the king and queen are very happy……I was impressed too.”

“Me too! Mou!! happ……happy!!!”

Keith grinned at Naia’s broken words.

Naia was completely naked while straddling Keith.

Of course, she’s being fucked.

She’s moving her body back and forth by herself looking for pleasure spots. Keith thrusts his hips up now and again making her scream. While holding Keith’s hands she raises her waist a little.

However, the biggest problem was Naia’s body.

At the moment she has writing on her body.

It isn’t magic words but a special language each mage association invents for their own use. The words were invented so other mage associations could not read their works.

On Naia’s body, Keith has wrote [I love cock] [lewd elf princess] and [cum addict]

Keith deceived her by telling her it was a charm for a tired body. It was possible to do ero elf princess graffiti this way.

While acting as a substitute for a pillow Keith slowly and carefully enjoys piercing her from below.

Naia who didn’t know this was wholeheartedly trying to cum while sending magic power to Keith’s penis.

If you cum with a penis inside you, it will be more efficient and send more power to it was the lie Keith told her.

Therefore it should feel even better when you cum.

She keeps thinking this while moving her waist.

“Fua! Fua! Fuaaa!! Aah!! Here!!”

Naia finds a pleasurable spot and tightens her thighs so I move my waist to hit that spot with my penis.

“Here feels good!! Keith-sama!! Here is good!! Ahyaa!!”

“Ouuu!! Kuu!! The princess is intense!! The princess is really lewd!!”

“le, hyaa!! lewd?Nnku!! Nuu!! What is that?? Aaaaa!!!!”

“What is lewd? I see…….It means a woman who’s skilful at sending out magic power”

“I’m, ahyauaaaa!! Lewd?”

“Yes. Please say by yourself. I’m a lewd elf.”

“I, hya!! Ukyaa!! Ukyaa!! I’m a lewd elf!! Nhaa!! Lewd elf!!!”

“That’s right!! Noooku!! A lewd elf that loves cock!!”

“Aaaaaaaaaaa!!! lewd nnku!! Lewd elf!! Cock!! Love cock!! Keith-sama’s penisssssss!! Nnhaaaaaa!!”

She grasps Keith’s hands tightly and strengthens her legs.

“Cumming!! My pussy’s cumming!!! Hyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!”

Keith felt her vagina go into continuous convulsions.

And in that pleasant feeling

“Ohouuu!!! Nguu!!!”

He desperately endures his ejaculation while raising his voice.

Naia collapses on top of Keith who quickly lays her on the floor and pulls out his penis before sticking it by her flushed and panting face.

His throbbing penis with raised blood vessels

” Oooh!! Oooooooooh!!! Ku~~~~~~! Haaa!!!”

Shoots out its yellow impurity all over Naia’s pretty face.

Naia who played with the semen was both obscene and beautiful.

“Face…….lots on my face……..face…..oha”

Naia scoops the cloudiness off her face and joyfully licks it.

While looking at the elf princess who had obscene graffiti on her body, Keith’s penis got hard again from the satisfaction and excitement.



In the bathroom, Keith raised his voice.

He washed Naia’s body and the water soluble ink had come off however her skin had turned red in the form of the letters.

The ink was special ink Keith had designed specifically for skin however it seems it was too strong for Naia’s fair skin.

Naia was staring at the curiosity.

“Please wait a moment.” Keith says and takes out a milky white liquid specially for skin care before applying it to her freshly washed body.

As a thank you from Mashua for making it so Naia can use magic Keith was given a magic wand made from the tail barb of a manticore. This wand was about 30cm long and allowed him to use recovery magic.

Soft warmth surrounds Naia and the red marks disappear in seconds.

Keith lets out a relieved breath [There’s room for improvement with that ink] he thinks while mentally jotting it down.

After changing Naia’s clothes Keith left the room.

Aisha watching from the nearby room heads over to Naia’s room.

Even thought the room was deodorised by a magic tool.

“Kun…..n?” (TN – onomatopoeia for sniffing. You usually hear it in anime’s as kunkun)

The nose of a desert elf who specialised in hunting captured a strange smell.


“N? What is is?”

What are you putting on your body?”


It was the smell of the liquid Keith had used for her red skin.

It was a sweet smell which mixed several kinds of medicinal herbs with magic and made Naia smell different than usual to Aisha.

It was pointed out to Naia.

“Th, that. Keith-sama, errm…well…..”

“Has that magician done something strange to you!?” (TN – Where to start)

“Wrong!! It’s not like that!!”

What can I talk about and what can’t I talk about? That judgement was difficult and Naia became confused.

“It’s errm….a secret Aisha!” She said before quickly moving to her desk and started reading a book [simple magic to learn in 30 minutes a day] left by Keith.

After hearing “Secret” a seed of suspicion was born in Aisha.

What did that mage do to Naia-sama?”

Just what kind of method did you use to teach magic?

Questions which sprang up gave birth to even more questions.

They continued even after I returned to my room.

I’ve heard of some mages who practise forbidden magic.

What if Keith is borrowing some terrible power from a lord of the underworld? What if he granted it to Naia?

Aisha’s body trembled with fear at the thought.

I need to confirm it.

I have to make sure!!

How, though?

Naia doesn’t allow me in her lessons with Keith and anyway, if I was there Keith wouldn’t use it anyway.

Then how?

I remember the words of my father in my dim room.

“Sometimes a knight you must go against their orders to protect the body of the person they are guarding”

Mashua and Mia employed my father and me who were wondering soldiers up to that point.

Naia must be defended even at the cost of Aisha’s own life.

I shouldn’t hesitate.

Even if it goes against chivalry, it’s for Naia!

After Aisha had made up her mind she pulled out a memento of her father after a long time.

A slightly dirty black mantle.

A magic item called [Marishi Heavenly Cloak]

When her father was young he fought an assassin group known as [ninja] and stole one from them.

When you put it on and activate it you become hidden from sight and not even sixth sense or devil eyes can penetrate it.

It was first class assassin goods but Aisha’s father didn’t use it in his entire life and strictly ordered Aisha to never use it either.

“Father, please forgive me” Aisha muttered while putting it in a bag.

Tomorrow Naia was due to take a lesson from Keith.

As usual, Naia was excited for several hours before Keith arrived and wasn’t listening to people when they were talking.

While Naia was distanced Aisha moved over to a window and unlocked it.

Several minutes before Keith was due.

“It’s about time for that mage to come. Though it’s slightly early please excuse me.”

Naia was curious as Aisha always left the room after Keith arrived but today she stated business and left before.

In the anteroom, Aisha checked that nobody was watching and put on the coat. She hid her rapier in a gap in the wall and attached a Kukri knife to her belt. (TN – Kukri)

She runs through the corridors without a sound passing several maids but none notice her.

Arriving outside Naia’s room Aisha entered through the window and slipped inside.

Making no noise she stealthily approaches the living room.

And it was seen.

She didn’t scream because she was too shocked. Naia was kissing the mage and it was not a child’s kiss but a tangle of tongues and mouth play.

Aisha reached for the knife at her waist.

Such rude behaviour towards the princess!!! Just as I started to move


Aisha’s movements stopped at the sweet voice Naia let out.

Who is that? Who is that person over there? Who is that elf with the fawning voice?

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and my knee’s started to shake.

“You penis released so much medicine yesterday. Has it stored up again?”

“Yes, apparently the effects are getting stronger.”

“That’s serious!! We need to hurry!! Pakuu! Nchu! Guchogucho!!”

“Uhaa!! Immediate fellatio…..”

“Nreru! Nguju, berorero, ererooo~~……”

She’s squatting between his feet and has that filth from his crotch in her mouth. Moreover, she did by her own will.

“Oooooo…….Ah, I forgot.”

Keith takes the sound muffling magic tool from his bag. Since its last use, Keith has improved it and extended its range to the whole of Naia’s room.

Ironically if Keith had left it alone Aisha would not have been able to hear Naia’s words but since the field was extended she was now inside its area of effect.

The scene continued in front of Aisha’s eyes.

Naia joyfully swallowed the filth from Keith’s groin. She then takes off her clothes and gets on all fours.

Keith licks Naia’s completely ripened and mature pussy before mounting her like two dogs. There’s a waterproof sheet spread over the floor.


Aisha watches Naia raise her voice like a beast.

Finally, it’s over and the two move to the bathroom where raised fun voices can be heard.

Aisha leaves and takes the coat off before heading back to the room Berna’s in.

“Sorry…..I feel sick……Can you tell another knight to guard Naia-sama.” Aisha says while walking away with a bad complexion and eyes like a dead fish.

Berna was worried and tried to accompany her but was declined.

After making sure another knight had taken over I returned to my room.

I lie down on the bed and think.

Why? Why is it?

Why is Naia-sama with such a low-life…..!

Why didn’t I break it up? Why didn’t I kill that low-life?

…..Let’s calm down.

If I kill him others will hear the commotion and come.

If that happens Naia’s appearance will be seen.

It’s useless. That’s why I called no one. That was the correct decision.

But why Naia-sama? Is it brainwashing magic?

There were rumours of a heretical black magic group that controlled people with drugs and magical stimulation to the brain.

I’m certain that’s what’s happened to Naia-sama.

Bit by bit by bit, while pretending to teach magic the spider winds its thread.

That gentle, pretty and tender person……………

While thinking there was a knock on my door.

After I had that idea I reach for my rapier.

“Who is it!!” I challenge with a stiff voice.

“It’s me.”

A small voice came back

“Na, Naia…..sama?”

I quickly get up and rush to open the door.

The usual pretty girl and not the obscene woman was standing there.

“What are you doing in such a place…..”

“Because Berna said Aisha returned with such a pale face…….are you alright?”

Naia looked at Aisha with a troubled face.

You were worried about me and came to see me.

I desperately tried to hold back my tears from her kindness.

“I’m fine! It’s only a slight cold. I didn’t want to pass it on to Naia-sama……So I’m fine!!”

“Thank goodness, however you mustn’t overdo it okay?”


“Well then, sorry for disturbing you. Please rest.”

I see off Naia with a wave of my hand who leaves with another guard.

I head back into my room and close the door.

Alone in her room, Aisha’s face was surprisingly refreshed.

She takes a single breath

“Alright, lets kill that low-life!”

Chapter 015 – Female knights acceptance
In the middle of the night, Ruu wakes up with a yawn and stretches. Looking over at a noise Ruu see’s Keith fiddling with a device *katchakatcha* (TN – onomatopoeia for a clanking/clattering noise)

“Master, what are you making this time nya?”

Looking over at Ruu Keith says

“Warando-san has pulled his back again so I’m making him some more painkillers. It’s my thanks for the high-quality Mithril he gave me.”

“Master doesn’t care about things like that normally, not that I mind that part of master nya.”

“Shut up cat.”

Just as Ruu was about to fall asleep watching Keith tinkering away a noise was heard *pachi* (TN – onomatopoeia for a snapping/popping noise)



Keith also seems to have heard the sound and looks around the room as well.

*Pachi* the sound is heard again.

Keith noticed that something was hitting his window so he opens it and looks outside. Nothing there…….The moment Keith thought that.




Ruu jumped at the nape of Keith’s neck and pulled him.


Keith falls on his back making a noise like a crushed frog as a blade passed through the place where his neck had been.



I hear a tongue clicking. I’m aware someone is in the room but I cannot see anyone. It must be a magic item that acts similarly to a concealment spell.

However, Keith has never heard of magic item that can hide someone this perfectly.

I really need to praise Ruu but now’s not the time. Under the bed is my old driftwood magic wand that I stored there after receiving my new wand from the king.

“Ruu! Close your eyes!!” Keith yells while casting flash magic.

A torrent of light floods the room “Funya!” Ruu exclaims while “Guu!!” comes from elsewhere. I hear the voice of the intruder.

Through half open eyes, Keith cast a temporary magic nullification spell. As soon as flash ended I saw the intruders figure.

A person wearing a black mantle.

It’s meaningless if the figure is concealed due to magic however of it’s the mantle that causing it.

Keith grabbed the mantle and ripped it off.


It was Aisha.

She was not in her military uniform but was wearing hot pants and a turtleneck jumper. In her hand was a large Kukri knife.

Keith got goosebumps thinking about being cut by that knife.

As for Aisha, she understood her mantle has been taken off.


Grimacing she immediately changed her method and raised her blade horizontally and charged.


While screaming Keith barely deflects her blow.

“A, a, aa, Aisha-sama! Why on earth are you doing this?”

Judging from her behaviour she’s come to kill me so I throw my question out quickly.

On the other side, Aisha doesn’t even blink while looking at Keiths face.

“I’ve come to kill you lowlife.” Aisha declared while throwing out a low sweeping kick.


Aisha quickly straddles Keith who’s fell to the floor and grasps her knife with both hands.

“Die, lowlife.”

She swings her blade down at Keith’s face.



Ruu bites Keith’s ear and quickly pulls.

Keith’s neck bends in a strange direction towards Ruu, however, the knife misses and just nicks his neck.

Keith quickly grabbed Aisha’s hands that were trying to pull the knife out that had jammed into the floor.

“Release me!! Lowlife!!”

“Waitwaitwaitwait!! Why should I die without hearing the reason??”

“Reason? You want a reason!! It’s for Naia-sama!!!”

“What have I done to the princess!?”

“Do? What did you do!!? Lowlife!!! The vile acts you did to Naia-sama!! Did you think it wouldn’t come out!!!!”


It’s exposed


It’s really bad.

It’s not surprising I’m about to be killed now it’s come out.

However, I don’t want to die!!


Think think.

Has it been exposed to the whole palace?

“Does anyone else know apart from Aisha-sama?”

“Do you think I’d tell Naia-sama’s foolishness to other people!!!”

Yes! This elf is loyal to the point of stupidity!!

In Keith’s head, his eloquent spirit burst into flames. If I fail here this elf will definitely kill me. (TN – Keith’s eloquent spirit)

“However you have to understand me and the princess……..”

“Shut up!! Stop talking!!! I understand!!! I already understand it!!! You brainwashed Naia-sama using magic!!”


“Otherwise that Naia-sama…….such disgraceful behaviour……shit!! I’ll kill you!! I’ll kill you lowlife!!”

She puts more power in her arms trying to pull the knife out and Keith can’t stop her.

If he was going to be killed anyway Keith had no choice but to put all his faith in his bullshitting ability (TN – took a slight liberty. Original text was excuse ability)

“Aisha-sama, I didn’t brainwash her!!”

“Don, don’t lie!! Without brainwashing why would Naia-sama, with you!!”

“Actually a magic tool fused with my body…….”

“So what!!! What has that got to do with Naia-sama!!!”

“That magic tool is the reason the princess can now use magic”

“So……how is that related to the acts you made Naia-sama do!”

“In order to stop the magic tool from taking over my body I have to have another person supply it with magical power!!”

“….is that so. Is that method the things you are doing with Naia-sama?”

“Yes! That’s right!!”

“I see I see, then I feel relieved. If I kill you now you won’t have to worry about the magic tool anymore. So please die with peace of mind!!!!”


It’s useless.

It’s only natural that the same excuse I used for Naia wouldn’t work on her.


“Do you think I’d put my hands on the princess of a country without an insurance policy in place?”

Keith puts on his best evil face


“Does Aisha-sama know what a [film crystal] is?”


Aisha’s face that had been flushed with excitement turned blue when she understood Keith’s words.

“Impossible!! They are unable to film such a thing!!”

“Who do you think I am? I chased off a basilisk and I am the court mage who gave magic to the princess! It’s easier than exterminating a slime to remodel such a magic tool!”

“Lie! You’re lying!! It’s an excuse to save your life!”

“Think that if you want!! But if I’m killed or disappear it will appear on the market!! At that time you will see the figure of the princess and me!!”

Of course, I’m lying.

The thing in question is in the drawer of my desk for my nightly enjoyment. Also, it’s impossible to copy what’s been recorded on the crystal to another crystal.

Aisha’s who had two hands on the Kukri released her left hand, reached around her back and pulled out a dagger before thrusting it at Keith’s throat.

“Where is the crystal……Don’t lie to me….”

There was no chivalry in her eye’s. They were the eyes of a murderer who had lost all emotion due to anger.

But Keith wasn’t bothered.

“I’m not telling. You’ll kill me if I do.”

Aisha was thinking while watching his eyes which were glaring back at her.

She decides he’s lying. It’s an excuse. But a voice at the bottom of her heart whispers [What if it’s true?]

What would happen if it were true?

The princess of this country……If it got out and spread to the world’s nobles about her foolishness with this human mage.

Naia would be disinherited and exiled.

Even if people were no longer stoned for the crime of illicit sex the rumours would hound her till the end of her days.

In this world, good deeds are rarely remembered but bad deeds last a hundred years.

Naia is 24 now. Can she live another 750 years being called the lewd princess etc?

That person? That Naia-sama?

No. No. Nononononononono!!!

“Such a thing must not happen!!!!!……Uuuuu!”

Aisha screamed and threw away the knife.

I can’t do anything.

Killing this man, taking away the crystal, even knowing if he’s lying or not…….as for saving Naia.

….No. I can do something.

There’s only one thing I can do.

Yes, Aisha can do it.

Because I’m a “woman”


Keith was confused by her quiet voice.

“Wha, what is it?”

“You told me you are doing such things with Naia-sama in order to quell magic tool that fused to you.”

“Ye, yes.”

“Does it have to be Naia-sama?”


“With me….can you do it?”

The room became very quiet.

It seemed as if even the very air had stopped.

“I’m not sure I follow”

“Use my body instead of Naia-sama…..teach me how to supply it magic…….in return don’t put your hands on Naia-sama again.”

While looking up at Aisha who was still straddling him Keith said

“Do you know what you are saying.”

“Yeah….I have to send magic power to the tool.”

“Do you know the place where it is?”


“It’s my penis”

“…..I see”

“You don’t seem surprised.”

“I guess so.”

As far as Aisha was concerned it didn’t really matter if the story about the tool being fused to his penis was true or not. The main issue was to stop Keith putting his hands on Naia again and to stop the film crystal from being exposed to the world.

For those things, I’ll accept anything.

If need be I’ll believe everything he says and do anything he wants.

It’s a cheap prince to pay to save Naia.

While watching Aisha’s face Keith says to Ruu who was watching the whole time.

“Oi worthless cat.”

Ruu who had gotten the gist of the conversation answered back

“What is it my scummy master nya?”

“Shut up. Look.”

Keith took a gold coin out of his pocket and threw it at Ruu’s feet.

“What’s that for nya?”

“It’s a thank you for helping me. Go and eat something nice and don’t return tonight.”

Ruu picked up the coin and deftly stuck it under it’s collar.

“This is an impressive new low. I shouldn’t have helped!” Ruu said before leaving via the window.

“Good grief,” Keith mutters.

“First of all why don’t you get off me?”

Aisha calmly obeyed his words.

Keith draws a deep breath after standing up. Reaching down he picks up the two knives but Aisha shows no reaction.

“No intention to resist……..”

It felt like she was under an oath spell and would die of told to.

That’s not very interesting.

I don’t desire a women with such feelings.

Keith says to Aisha

“Please show me proof.”

Aisha looked up.


“That you won’t resist me, defy me or try to kill me. That kind of proof.”

It’s obvious I won’t do that but I ask anyway.

“…..What should I do?”

“Please take your clothes off first of all.”

“….Right here?”

“Of course.”

Hesitating for a moment Aisha begins to take her clothes off.

She discards her hot pants, boots and sweater. Heavy ripe breasts appeared shaking continuously as she undressed.

Her two breasts were contained in a snowy white bra which shines on her brown skin.

She seemed much smaller with her clothes on. Her size was more than expected.

Matching panties concealed her important place between her tight thighs.

“Please take it all off.”

Movement that had stopped resumed.

First the bra and then the panties.

Keith unintentionally swallowed at the sight of Aisha’s body. It was the body of a woman near completion. Completely different to Naia’s semi-matured body. If you were talking about humans it would be the body of a woman in her late teens.

A voluptuous chest with areola and nipples a darker shade of brown than her skin. Her narrow waist has some muscles without being over done. Finally below her stomach pubic hair the same silver colour as her head. The contrast in colour adds to the ero.

“Please show me without covering it.”

She stops trying to conceal her intimate places with her hands.

When Keith thinks he can do whatever he wants to this body in the future he can’t stop himself from breaking into a grin.

Authors note. The cat has the best common sense.

Chapter 016 – Female knight cries
Aisha say’s to Keith who staring hard at her body

“Do you understand I won’t defy you? Now quickly…..”

“Not yet.”

Keith tidies up the desk he was tinkering with the magic tool on

“Please get on here.”

“The desk?”


Aisha sat on the desk as told, after which Keith gave her more instructions.

“Hand’s behind your back. Now spread your legs…..that’s right.”


Aisha who was embarrassed pushed her waist forward and did an M leg pose.

No matter how much she tried to kill her emotions Aisha couldn’t suppress this feeling of embarrassment.

Keith sat down on his chair and turned the desk lamp to illuminate Aisha’s pussy.

That place had a darker shade of brown and an adults shape. Her large labia spreads open and above it is a slightly large clitoris.

“I’m going to touch it.”


“I’m going to touch here.”

“A, Aah……”

Keith spreads it open revealing a beautiful pink colour inside.

It doesn’t look like it’s seen much use Keith thought to himself while spreading her pussy.


“Eh? This is……”

A hymen was seen.

Aisha was a virgin.

“Aisha-sama, you have no experience with men?”

“Is, Is that bad?………”

“Do you have a preference for women?”

“No!…….I just have no experience………..”

Keith couldn’t believe his luck while watching Aisha turn her face away. He also had something else he wanted to confirm

“Aisha-sama, how old are you?”


“53!? You’re a virgin at 53? That’s a lie.”

Keith was laughing at her and making a fool out of her on purpose.

“I mean your labia and clitoris are way too large for a virgin. Have you played with it too much? Is Aisha-sama addicted to masturbation?”

“Shu, Shut up!! That’s wrong!! I!!”

“How often do you masturbate then?”


“You can’t defy me. Please say it.”

“…….before my period.”

“Your period? An elf’s menstrual cycle is just once a year. You only masturbate once a year? Please tell me the truth.”


“Oh? were all your words a while ago a lie?”

“……….once or twice a week………”

“A 53-year-old elf virgin who masturbates twice a week.”


“Since you specialised in clit masturbation your hymen is safe though your clit grew big as a result.”

“Stop it…..”

Aisha’s eyes begin to tear up. It’s a good feeling.

“I understand. It’s a special menu for Aisha-sama who maintained her purity.”

Keith carries Aisha to his bed in a princess carry.

“Stop it! I can walk by myself!”

“Stop resisting.”


“After putting her down Keith drags out a nagamochi and takes some leather handcuffs out. (TN – A nagamochi is a large oblong chest used for clothing or other personal effects. A trunk basically”

As Keith tries to put them on Aisha

“You don’t need to use those! I won’t resist!!”

“Noooo. I’ll do it. Absolutely.”

“I won’t let you, so give up!!”

“It’s use~~~lesss”

Keith makes her put her hands behind her head and puts the cuffs on. She can’t escape as the chain of the cuffs has been threaded through the bars of the headboard.

A naked Aisha who’s armpits are now exposed glares at Keith.

In order to embarrass her more Keith moves his face to her armpit and sniffs.

“Stop! Stop it!!”

“Aisha-sama’s body odour is somewhat strong. It’s splendid.”

In reality, compared to Naia, Aisha had a much thicker and sweeter smell.

It’s a strong scent but it doesn’t stink. It’s very similar to the fragrance of a flower. After sniffing it a bit more Keith licked her armpit.


Aisha let out a disgusted voice rather than a ticklish one. Goosebumps rise up on her skin. Still, she shut her eyes and endured desperately.

“Now then, it’s the announcement of the special menu.”

While clowning around Keith retrieves an item from the desk he tidied earlier.

Aisha didn’t know what it was.

The tip had a round shape and it was about the length of a forearm.

It gave off a bad impression.

“No way!! That thing in me!!”

“No. Wouldn’t a virgin like you die if this was put in? It’s different.”

Keith began to explain

“Did you know that when you incise a rune onto a specific metal it reacts with the darkness attribute? It shines. It shakes. Using that knowledge I made this. You put a demon spirit stone of darkness in this part here and when you press this button……..”

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………………………….. It made a small sound and the round tip began to vibrate.

“The rune carved metal is placed in the tip. How is it? Is the movement good? If you use on a stiff part of your body.”

Keith places it on his shoulder “Aaaah” and lets out a satisfied voice.

“That….is that what you are going to do?”

“Yes. Like this…..”

Keith moves the vibrating tool close to Aisha’s pussy.

“I’m going to use it to loosen Aisha-sama’s pussy that been protecting her virginity for 53 years.”

“!! Sto, stop it!! No way!! No wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!”

Aisha screamed as the tip vibrating faster than any living creature could reproduce was pressed against her.

“Hyaaaaaaaa!! Stop! Stooooooooooppp!!! Kuhieiii!!!!!”

“Woah! Amazing!”

“Aga!! Agaaaaaa!!”

In a panic, Keith hurriedly activates the sound muffling tool.

“As expected. The voice of a long time virgin is different.”

While talking Keith alters the angle of the tool.

“Uhii!! Ukyaaaa!! shtop!! Stop it!!! Agyuuu!!!!”

Dishevelled silver hair and twitching legs. However its impossible for her to escape with her hands tied up.

“Hey? are you resisting after all?”

Aisha responds to the happy looking Keith

“I beg you!! Please stop!! I’ll die!! I’m dying!!”

“It’s all right….Oh! Your clitoris has erected. It must be feeling good. Well then.”

“Uuu! Aaaaaaah!!! Don’t go there!! Nyot thyre!!! Ukyaaaaaaaa!!”

Aisha’s body warped as the massage tool was pressed against her clit.

Her body seemed to be rejecting the violent pleasure which was unlike the masturbation she had done till now.

Still, it doesn’t stop. It won’t stop.

“Aga! Agaa!! Hikii!! Don…Aaaah!!! Don’t!! Don!!! Uwaaaaaaaa!!!”

Yellow water surges out

Aisha has peed herself.

“Uwa. Are elves loose?”

Keith mutters his impression after remembering Naia.

“Uu..uuu, don’t look!! Looooookk!! I’ll kill you!! Uuuuuuuu…..”

Aisha was crying because she had peed herself and was unable to stop it due to being numb.

“Oh? I thought I could do what I wanted?”

“…..This is different!! This….this….just put it in quickly!!!”

“The magic tool that’s fused to me is like the heart of a young girl……It’s delicate like the glasswork made in the Asuro district…….To be told to just put it in.”

“Bullshit!! Then why is the front of your trousers stretched so much!!”

“Th, This…It isn’t even serious yet….It’s still in its second form.” (TN – So many DB references to make but I’ll resist)

“Are there even second and third forms for such a thing!!!!!”

“Guaa!! It’s rebellious!! It resists!! That’s good. Resist more elf!!”

To deceive her Keith switches the magic tool to [strong] and pushes it against her pussy.

“Uhiie!! Uhyaaaaa!!! Don’t!! I just did it!! Stop!! Stopppp!!”

“That would be serious if you scatter pee around anymore. Cleaning is going to be hard enough as it is…….Can you give me a hand?”

“Release me!! That’s!!! Ukyuuuu, Uha!! Uhaaaaa!! Wyait!! I’ll die!!”

“You’re not going to help me? That’s a problem.”

While talking Keith continuously presses the massager against her vagina hole. It was very pleasant watching the labia and soft meat tremble continuously.

“Awa! Awa! Aaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Inside!! Inside!! Hiiii!!”

“Aisha-sama, is your nose running?”

“Stop!! I beg you!! Please stop it!!! This…….this!! It’s comiiiiiing!! Aaaaaaaaa!!!”

Aisha’s waist struck the bed multiple times making noises on the pee soaked sheets.

“Uuuuuu!! Ah, Aaaa……..Ahhhhhhhhh!!!”

Aisha’s toes curled tightly as she met her second climax.

“Aisha-sama……..you cum too easily.”


Keith wanted to make Aisha perform messy fellatio now. He wanted to thrust his penis into that mouth that was currently drooling.

Because she was a Virgin it would be her first taste.

He wanted to make her confirm the taste, make her clean it and make her swallow his cloudiness.

However, in her current state, she was a mess and would probably bite it and tear it off. He shivered at the thought.

……………..He decided to give up today and decided to vent his dissatisfaction on Aisha.

“Aisha-sama since a while ago you keep resisting me and telling me to stop. How are you a fit substitute for the princess?”


“Indeed, you are a substitute for the princess.”

Aisha’s consciousness that was about to fade came back at the mention of Naia’s name.

That’s right. I won’t let Naia-sama do such a thing.

That purpose gives power to Aisha.

“I can do it……… I can replace Naia-sama!!!”

“Is that so? Can you really?”

“I can!!!”

“Well then, please give me an oath.”


“From today Aisha-sama, please say you will be a slave to my magic tool.”

Aisha wanted to throw herself at Keith’s grinning face


“Aah, I don’t know a person called I. Who is I? Please name yourself properly.”

Keith’s lips twist even more.

“The name of the magic tool is penis.”


Aisha understood what he wanted her to say.

Should I use such vulgar words?

Her embarrassment made her hesitate.

“No good I see. The let’s continueeee~~” Keith says and starts torturing Aisha again.

“Wait!! Wait!! Please wait!! Iu!! Iuka, hyaaaaaaa!!”

“Eh? What?”

“Hiu!! Hi!! Iu! Please!! Tired!! Akuaaaaa!! I beg you!! I feel strange!!! It’s painfuuuuuul!!”

“So what do you say?”

“Do it!! I’ll do it!! I’ll become your slave!! Hi, aaaaaaaaaaa!!”

“No. It’s not my slave, it’s the slave of my magical tool.”

“I undershtand!! I undershtannnnd!! Slave!! Stoooooooop!!”

“I’ll stop when you say it.”

“Agyuuu!! Agyuuuuuu!! Aisha!! Today!! From today!! will become penis slave!! Ukyuuuuuu!!”

Keith nodded his agreement at Aisha’s scream

“So you’ll send magical power into the penis anytime it demands it?”

“Yes!! I’ll do it!! I’ll do iiiiiiit!!”

“I see…….well then, in order to do that you must loosen your pussy Aisha-sama.”

“!!! No way!! Said it!! I said it!!! I said iiiiiiit!! Uwaaaaaa!! Aaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!”

Keith continued torturing Aisha for another 15 minutes before the tool turned off. He would have continued but the demon spirit stone ran out of energy.

“Ooh, I went too far.”

Aisha who had been forced to orgasm continuously was looking at the ceiling with empty eyes. Her entire body was limp, her tongue was out, she was covered in drool and her nose was running.

You can hardly compare her with the person who had come to kill Keith. However, her current figure was many time more beautiful in its obscenity and lewdness.

Keith who was satisfied with the torture he could not do with Naia discarded the messy magic tool covered in pussy juice and took off his trousers.

Keith’s underwear was wet with precum and Aisha’s pee and when taken off his fully erect penis sprang out like a spring-loaded toy.


Keith moves between her legs and moves his face close.

He takes her tongue that is already out and french kisses her. When he finishes and withdraws Aisha is watching him with eyes that some will have returned to.

“By any chance…..was that your first kiss too?”

No answer came back.

Raising his body Keith grabbed his penis. Using one hand Keith lifts Aisha’s leg and a dripping wet, bright red pussy that had been played with too much was waiting for him.

The smell of pussy juice reached his nose.

She was ready.

“Here I go.”

“………Do as you like.”

Keith raises his waist a little and invades Aisha’s insides.

“Uoo!! ……….It’s stickyyyy”

“Uuku!! Ah!”

An intruder was accepted for the first time.

“Wh……..at?…….It doesn’t hurt……..”

It’s natural to feel no pain if it’s relaxed that much but Aisha was convinced it would hurt and is confused.

Keith saw this.

“It doesn’t hurt because Aisha-sama is a truly lewd woman.” He said while smiling.

“You’re wrong!”

“Eh? You said it doesn’t hurt. The princess complained of pain. Ask other people and most will tell you it hurt.”


“If it’s not painful it means you are naturally lewd.”


“You are different!!!”

Keith says while starting to move his hips.

“Aaaah!! Aaaaaaaaah!!”

While Aisha was inferior to Naia in tightness her softness was first-class. Every one of her folds was soft and undulated around his penis. It felt like she was trying to pull him in.

However when he entered now a sense of resistance was felt.

“Oho! It’s a tsundere pussy.”

He fully rubs Aisha’s chest while enjoying her soft pussy. The ero of watching her breasts change shape increased his visual excitement.

Aisha is puzzled while receiving his attack.

Why doesn’t it hurt?

Why does it feel so good even though it’s my first time?

Why does it feel so good with this man?

When I decided to replace Naia I thought I wouldn’t feel anything. If I don’t feel it, it would be no better than Keith using my body for masturbation.

It isn’t sex.


“Aaah! Aah! What!! Why!! Naaaaaa!!”

There is satisfied.

Whenever his penis enters, sweet stimulation is transmitted to my brain. I can only call it pleasure.

A different angle, deeper inside, my body was greedy for more stimulation and my waist moved in search of it.

“Oh? Is your waist moving? Is here good?”

“No! It’s different! It isn’t good!! I isn’t pleasant at all!! Nhii!! Aaaaaaaah!!!”

“Aah? Is it deep inside? Are the depths good?”

When Keith strongly thrust deep inside Aisha wrapped her legs around his waist.

“Being held in on your first experience.”

“Aaaah!! There!!! Ukuhaaaaaa!!”

“As I thought. You were a perverted lewd elf after all.”

“Wrong!! Nhaaa!!! Wrong!! Wrooooong!!!”

I shake my head and close my eyes in denial of the pleasure I’m feeling.

“Well then. Won’t you feel this as well?”

Keith raised her legs high and bent her body, covering her.


Aisha raised a cry as she received a mating press. Keith pierced her so deeply that his penis touched her cervical opening.


Keith starts pistoning using his whole weight.

Aisha’s brain is fried from too much stimulation on her first time.

“Aga!! Aguaa!! Stomachs collapsing!! It’s breaking!!”

“Uoo!! Your insides are undulating. It’s amazing!! It’s too good!!”

“Why? Why is it like this!! Why am I like this!!!”

“Aisha-sama! You are holding on too strong!!”

“Why!! Why!! This feeling!!! Kuaaaaaaaaa!!!!”

Power went into Aisha’s legs as if she was trying to break Keith’s back.

Keith loses to Aisha’s pussy meat that was convulsing and poured his semen deep into her womb. His penis continued ejaculating as her soft meat kept milking him.

Eventually, it was over and Keith breathed out. Moving close to her ear he says.

“It came out….my cock juice.”


He then delivers the words he cant say to Naia.

“If you don’t let it out even an elf can become pregnant.”

“Pre…gna….nt?……Uuuuuuuuu ueeeee.”

Aisha quickly lets go of Keith and continued crying as the fear of his words set in.

Authors note: I’ll do a kind and gentle H later.

Chapter 017 – Female knight toilet (first part)
Dawn had arrived and the sky was just beginning to brighten.

Aisha was walking unsteadily down a passage towards her own room. Keith had demanded Aisha’s body all night long. It was like he was marking her as his. He had cum inside her twice and once on her stomach. He had embraced and kissed her many times and when she had asked for water he had given it to her via mouth-to-mouth.

When it was finally over Keith had healed the bruises from the handcuffs with a combination of medicine and magic. With a tired but laughing face, Keith had dismissed her saying “You can go to bed as I’ve got to fix my bed first”

Aisha changed her clothes ignoring Keith’s offer to help and left the room.

She wanted to forget the nightmare as soon as possible however Keith’s smell was drifting from her entire body. Every time she takes a step his semen seeps out from her vagina. It all combines to make sure she cannot forget.

She wanted to return and take a bath as soon as possible. She wanted to wash everything away.

She returned to her room while being careful about the guard’s patrol routes. The [Marishi Heavenly Cloak] had been taken by Keith so she had to be careful returning to her room.

As soon as she entered her room she went straight to the bathroom and after stripping off her clothes threw them in the rubbish bin.

Using hot water demon spirit stones that soldiers were allowed to buy cheaply she doused herself with the hot water and scrubbed her whole body with soap.

Aisha inserted fingers into her vagina and scraped out the cloudy stickiness. She started to cry while washing it away.

She wasn’t crying in regret but in shame. While Keith held her she had felt pleasure. Her body had demanded Keith whilst obscenely moving her hips and raising her voice.

While her mind screamed [stop it] her body indulged in the pleasure.

She felt sick just remembering it.

She hadn’t held out for 53 years for that guy to have it. Men had tried to court her but she had declined. She was waiting for someone she liked from the bottom of her heart and wanted to give her first to that person.

When she thought about Keith she felt nothing. If she thought that way it wasn’t sex but a masturbation act on Keith’s part.

She made an excuse for herself.

However, at that time, Aisha body felt pleasure. Even if it was forcibly drawn out.

“I….with that fellow……had sex.” Aisha muttered in the bathtub.


Still, Aisha did her duty. She changed into her military uniform, strapped her sword on and went to guard Naia.

No. She saw it in a new light. She was now defending Naia from him.

Everything was for Naia-sama.

Her heart became a little lighter by doing so. It was easy to dismiss unnecessary things while doing her duty.

After being robbed of her virginity by Keith two days ago Naia and Keith had no classes scheduled so she hadn’t seen him since that day.

She had wondered if he would do a midnight call but there had been nothing.

She hadn’t slept properly in two days fearing when he might come.

On the third day, a feeling sprang up that he might not come at all. Aisha understood it was wishful thinking but she hoped for it nonetheless.

If it was true that he was fused with a magical tool shouldn’t he be running low on magic power? Or had he found another way to replenish it? She wanted to believe such a stupid story

On that day Aisha got up at 5 am and began dressing.

Aisha’s schedule is such. She gets up at 5 am, brushes her teeth, washes her face and trains for an hour. Aisha trains in her room as being an escort the likelihood of fighting in tight quarters such as a room is high. By training in her room, she can handle a sword efficiently in a small space.

When she first started her furniture received frequent wounds but these days they remained unscathed.

After that, she washes her body and changes her clothes. She finishes breakfast and is in front of Naia’s door at 7:30 am. Because Naia’s wake up time is fixed at 8 am she waits till then.

By the way, her going to bed time is 11 pm and four guards are on duty at any given time around Naia’s room.

After Naia gets up Aisha moves according to her schedule and is by Naia’s side until her day is over.

So on that day like usual, she finishes dressing and goes for breakfast at 6.30am. There is a dining room for workers, staff and soldiers in the palace.

Aisha’s heart stopped when she saw who was standing in the corridor outside the dining room.

It was Keith.

Aisha looked down and was unable to see Keith’s face that was sporting a frivolous smile. She quickly fired herself up and stopped in front of Keith before looking up and glaring at him.

“……State your business.”

“…Business?……Isn’t it obvious?”

Keith brings his face closer to Aisha’s pointed ear.

“I want to get some magical power from Aisha-sama.”


It was exactly as she expected and she clenched her fist.

Keith was staring at Aisha joyfully.

“Shall we go then?”

“To where!?”

“Do you want to do it here?”


Aisha gives up and obeys Keith’s words. She follows Keith as he begins to walk down the corridor.

Walking together Aisha looks around to see if anyone is in the vicinity. Keith smiled happily when he saw Aisha’s state.

“It’s here. Please enter.”

It had taken them 5 minutes to arrive here.


Aisha looked at the location and frowned.

“It’s a toilet!! The men’s toilet at that!!”

“I’m well aware.”

“Don’t screw around!! Who would enter such a place!!”

“Ehhhh~~~ But Aisha-sama, you said you’d supply me with magic power so I picked a place you’d like.”

“I did say that but who said I liked this place!!”

Aisha refuted Keith’s words that strongly it ruffled his hair.

“Now is………right I get it.”


“I’m fine~ no problem. However, today is a class with Naia-sama……….what if the tool goes out of control?”

Aisha bites her lip while looking at Keith who was playing dumb.

“……..I get it…….However, it’s a promise!! I’ll replace Naia-sama.”

“I get it, I get it. Now inside.”

Aisha was prompted and entered the men’s restroom.

There are 5 kinds of restroom in the palace. Royal use only, nobles and politicians only, restrooms for guests only, restrooms for soldiers only and restrooms for servants and other staff.

The first three were extravagant and wouldn’t look out of place in a top hotel. The last two were very utilitarian and plain.

Keith had taken Aisha to the soldiers one.

Private cubicles lined the one side.

Because they were frequently cleaned they were not dirty however it’s still a restroom.

Keith took Aisha into a private cubicle and suddenly kissed her.

“Fuu!!…….Uuuu, nchu, rero, chu, pechu……”

Keith’s tongue crawled around in Aisha’s mouth who had closed her eyes unintentionally.

Keith pulls back and a saliva thread follows.

“I was waiting for you to come to me every night but since you didn’t I came to you.” Keith grinned at her at point-blank range.

“Why do I have to come to you………”

“Because you want to feel good don’t you?”

“Who was feeling good!!…..After such a thing was done to me.”

“Ehhh~~ Though you were moving your waist so much and panting you weren’t feeling good? Even though Aisha-sama said it felt so good?”

“Shut up!! Shut up shut up!! Anyway if you need magical power then you come over!! I won’t come to you!! You will come to me!!”

While she’s being assertive Keith just nods “Hai hai” and sighs.

“Well then lets start. There’s less than an hour left.”

Aisha glared at Keith who had grasped her schedule.

“What am I supposed to do in such a small place?”

As Aisha said the space was small and was very stifling with two people in it.

“You can certainly say in this place more than anywhere.” Keith was shaking his index finger [chii chii chii] while talking “Seeing Aisha-sama in her uniform in the men’s toilet is the highest.”

“….Pervert…….Please die….”

“Death during sex is it?”

Keith kisses Aisha again.

“First of all please sit here.”

Aisha sits down on the toilet seat like told.

“Aah, no that’s wrong. Not like that. Turn your ass towards the door. Squat on the toilet seat like you’re trying to take a shit.”


“Huh? Wasn’t I clear?”

“I know what you mean, but why!!”

“Because I said so.”


While grimacing Aisha takes off her boots and squats on the seat.

“Ah, please take off your panties.”

Keith was speaking like it was the most natural thing in the world. Aisha wanted to yell at him but gave up since she was running out of time.

Keith held out his hand when she took them off. After she handed them over he sniffed them.

“Stop it!!”

“Please squat down quickly.”

Using the wall for balance Aisha squatted down again. Her ass was now thrusting out.

Due to her bandy-legged position, her military skirt had rolled up revealing her private parts.

Aisha firm and round ass was opened out showing off her tightly shut anal gate and soft vagina meat.

Aisha’s pubic hair had made its way all the way down to her anal gate.

Her ass hair had the appearance of a beautiful girl in her late teens. It isn’t that thick or dark but it had an impact. Keith’s cock began to grow steadily.

“What are you doing! Hurry up if you’re going to do it.”

As soon as she shouted Aisha felt a touch on her anus, blushed and let out a voice

“Uhiii!! What are you doing!? What are you doing!!”

Keith had knelt on the floor and was licking Aisha’s anus.

“Stop it!! Stop it, you idiot!! Don’t lick such a place!!”

“Eh? Doesn’t it feel good?”

“Is there a good reason? Why are you licking my asshole!?”

“But when I lick it is twitches and looks like it’s asking for more.”

“Lie!! It’s a lie, you’re lying!!”

“I’m not lying, look…..rero, jiroa, reorerorero….”


Keith licked each wrinkle of her anus one by one. When he’s finished he stabs the hole in the middle with his tongue.

Each time it twitches he kisses it and keeps on repeating it.

“Ahi! Kyawa!!! Uii……….Hiii!!”

Aisha trembles at the unfamiliar feeling travelling up her spine from her anus. Her mind rebels at this feeling you must not know.

“No good…stop it……there…….no……strange….!!”

“What’s this? You are feeling good after all. A lot of juice is dripping down.”

Keith moved his mouth down and licked up her pussy juice.


Aisha body shook at the sudden touch.

“Aisha-sama is so sensitive.”

“Wrong!! You’re wrong!!”

Aisha’s pussy had indeed become sensitive after having sex with Keith. Even though it was sore the next day from having being tormented so badly it had still ached for more.

Aisha desperately denies that’s she’s a lewd woman, however, her body that’s learnt this pleasure for the first time since birth was pleased with Keith’s caress. It was if it was getting rid of 53 years of pent-up stress.

“Aakuu!! Stop!! Don’t lick it!!! Hiii!!”

Keith spread her labia and persistently licked all around especially her hole.

“Aisha-sama’s pussy……rero, pecho, njyuuu…….. is great. This shape is the best. This grotesque pussy….berorero, is unbearably ero.”

His tongue moves all around her pussy. The fire of pleasure is burning deep in her body.

Aisha hates herself as she feels such pleasure.

“Aahhh!! Aahnnn!! Why!! My body……..like this!! No!! Nooo!!!”

Her legs trembled continuously and her ass meat shook.

Keith stops licking and inserts two fingers in her pussy.


Aisha screams as Keith thrusts his fingers deep inside suddenly. Without minding, he begins to finger her hard at first but soon becomes gentle.

“Ah, Ahe….na! Hyaa….”

Keith gradually begins to increase his speed.

“Hi! Hia!! Ahyu! Ahyaaaaa!!!”

Aisha shuts her mouth hard to try and keep her voice in however a sweet scream escapes her mouth punctuated by a wet and squishy sound in the small cubicle.

Keith’s fingers are wet with pussy juice and Aisha’s pubic hair is coated in a white viscous froth.

“Hauu!! Hawaa!!! Ofu!!!”

Before long Keith bent his finger and began to scratch and blame a sensitive part deep inside.

“Aaaaa!! Yaa!! Yaaaa!!! There!! Don’t!! Stop it!! Please stop!! Stoooooop!!!”

Aisha’s sight begins to go white and


With a cry, she cums magnificently and [Pushaa!!] squirts at the same time.


Keith quickly supports her body which begins to collapse.

“Aisha-sama squirted I see.”

“Ah…..? Squirt?…….”

“Aisha-sama is truly an ero elite to squirt after only her second time.”

Aisha doesn’t understand what Keith is talking about however it seems to prove that she was a lewd woman. Tears of vexation came to her eyes.

I don’t want to hear what my body is saying. I must not feel it. I must not become comfortable Aisha thinks.

When touched by Keith her body shows the reaction of a woman.

It was unbearable and frustrating.



Aisha breaks free of Keith’s arms and turns to glare at him.

“Why this humiliation!! Do you hate me!? Then……Ku………you should just kill me!!!”

“Hate you?…………Why would you think that?”

“What’s fun about doing this to me!! If you say its for magical power you should just push it in quickly!! Finish inside me or on my belly!!……………any more humiliation than this……..already……”

Keith scratches his head.

“Aisha-sama, my penis cannot receive magic power from an unresponsive woman. It can’t be satisfied by that at all.”

I add it to my heart.

“Unless Aisha-sama is feeling it and raising her voice like a beast I can’t get any good magic power.”

“Don’t lie!! It’s all the same no matter what you do!!”

“It isn’t the same”

Keith moves his mouth close to Aisha’s ear.

“If I stick it in here while watching Aisha-sama’s beautiful enraptured face that’s melted from pleasure, I don’t want anything more than that.”

With those words, he plays with her soft ear with his mouth.

“Naa!? Hii!…….”

I’ve got goosebumps. Is it because he’s licked my ear? Or is it because he said I’m beautiful?

There’s no way I’m pleased being told I’m beautiful by such a man. Therefore this must be the result of my ear being played with.

Deciding so Aisha firmly closes her eyes.

“Then this time it’s my turn.”

Keith takes off his trousers and exposes his rock hard penis to Aisha who’s opened her eyes at his voice.

Chapter 018 – Female knight toilet (2nd part)

I didn’t see Keith’s penis directly last time he did me but here in this small space watching it I’m astonished at how grotesque it is. It’s completely different in form to my fathers that I saw as a child.

No. I understand it’s in battle ready status but it’s still grotesque.

Its reddish-brown foreskin has rolled back revealing its round fat head from which dirty liquid is seeping out. Also, a thick blood vessel like an earthworm is wrapped around it. Liquid is still hanging from the tip.

It’s certainly a magic tool.

The story he told me about fusing with a magic tool may not be a lie.

“Time to change positions.” Keith told Aisha helping her down from the seat.

Keith sat on the toilet the correct way around while Aisha was staggering trying to stand up.

Keith moves his waist a bit with his penis pointing straight up.

“Please get on.”

Knowing what he wanted Aisha took her skirt off and hung it on the hook on the back of the door but when she tried to take her garter belt off

“Wait! Leave it on……..”

Keith is a man with a certain taste.

Aisha moves over Keith’s legs and stops.

“What’s wrong?”

“I……don’t understand…….what to do.” Aisha says while looking down.

“Put your hand on my shoulder like so.” Keith says while positioning his penis “and lower your waist while matching up your hole….like that.”

Aisha understood the tip was touching her. His penis sinks in as she lowers her waist.

“Nnn…….ooh. It’s as soft and sticky as ever…….moreover it’s unbelievably warm.”

“Nfuu!! Nhaaa!! Aah, it’s…….in”

Two people were connected while facing each other.

While looking at Keith’s grinning face Aisha said

“Fin….finish quickly!”

Aisha lashes out as she desperately tries to endure the pleasure surging up from her vagina.

“No. Aisha-sama must move.”


“That’s how this position works.”

It’s possible to move from the bottom but Keith doesn’t tell her that.

“Isn’t it time for your duty to start soon? You’d better hurry up”

“Da…….Damn it!!”

She starts to move at Keith’s words but she has no idea what to do.

I’m not feeling any pleasure…….wait! I don’t need to feel good! Aisha denies her thought in a hurry.

“Do you want to put your arms around my neck and cling to me?”

“Neck?…….I have to embrace you!! Don’t screw with me.”

“Your running out of time~~~”

Aisha puts her arms around Keith’s neck and embraces him.

It was Keith’s smell.


I don’t know why but my vagina trembled for some reason.

“And sway your hips.”

Sweet feelings overflowed from her vagina when she moved her waist.


Aisha bit her lip at the voice she unintentionally gave out.

On Keith’s side, he had started to feel good from Aisha undulating pussy as well.


“Aisha-sama……wont you let out your voice like last time? There’s no need to hold it in.”

“Voice……nnnnnn!! I can’t let my voice out!! I can’t!!! In such a place!!!”

“Let out…….ah, someone entered.”

As Keith was talking someone entered the restroom.


Aisha bit her arm in a hurry so her voice doesn’t come out.

It seemed to be guards who guarded the private rooms.

In terms of position, they were Aisha subordinates who guarded Naia’s room full time.

“What will you do? Someones entered.” Keith whispered into Aisha’s ear.

Had they been noticed? Aisha glared at Keith.

Three soldiers had entered and were chatting away.

“What will you do if were noticed? A strange rumour will spread. Aisha-sama and a man had sex in the male toilets.”


“Soldiers are such a vulgar lot. They might even say Aisha-sama is a [meat toilet] and gang rape you.”


Aisha can’t dismiss those words and turns pale at the thought.

“Surely those soldiers are angry at how you normally speak to them….Uwa the things they’d do to Aisha-sama.”

“Please…….be quiet……”

“They will cum inside you and make you pregnant. Nobody will know who the father is as they continue to violate you while you get pregnant.”

Every time Keith speaks Aisha’s vagina firmly tightens on his penis.

“A hundred times they’ll cum inside and semen will leak out continuously. Free to use will be tattooed on your stom…….ach……….”


Keith stopped speaking as Aisha started to really cry.

(I went too far)

Keith desperately starts to think while patting the crying Aisha on the head.

“It’s a lie though. I’m lying. Do you honestly think I’d hand over my Important Aisha-sama to another man?”


“Aisha-sama is only for me. I will absolutely never let another man touch you. I promise. Aisha-sama is only for me.”

Aisha didn’t understand why but when she heard his words her fear faded away.


At this moment in time, Ruu was taking a morning walk when suddenly a light ran down the middle of its forehead [Teikiiiiiiin!] and at the same time a sound was heard.

“What was Nyat!?”


Back in the toilet the soldiers finished up and left while Keith was still patting Aisha’s head.

Aisha raises her body up from Keith.

“You!! Scum!! Die!!! You!!! You!!!”

“Ouch!! It hurts!! Wait!!”

“I thought it was over!!! I thought my life was taking a different course!!! Youuuuuuuuuu!!!”

It was a strange sensation for Keith being pummelled while still being inside Aisha

“It’s safe!! look!!”

Keith took the muffling tool out of his pocket.

It was a new model that narrowed its effective range for the restroom.

“Whats that!!”

Keith explained its effects.

“Then why were you whispering!!!”

“Well, Aisha-sama was scared so……..”

“Th…..This Moron!!! I’ll kill you!!! I’ll kill you till you die!!!

“Wa…wait! I’m sorry!! I was bad!!!”

“I won’t forgive you!! It was scary!!! I was scared to death!!!”

Keith tightly hugs Aisha’s body

“I told you didn’t I? There’s no way I’ll let that happen. I was being mean because I wanted to see a cute Aisha-sama.”

“Think I’ll accept such a phoney excuse!!!”

“It’s true though.”

Keith stole Aisha’s lips and a sweet sigh escaped.

“Nhaa…..will you continue?”

“….hurry up…….finish it!”

“Then I’ll be depending on Aisha-sama.”

Having said that Aisha begins to move her waist again. As she thought how good it felt something in her heart broke and feelings rose up.

“Fua!! Fuaaa!!! Nnnn!! Nnnnnnnnnn!!!!”

Sounds were made as Aisha’s buttocks slapped on Keith’s thighs every time she dropped her waist.

Every time the sound is heard pleasure pierces her head as the tip of his penis touches her deeply inside. When she raises her hips the thick part of his penis scratches at her vaginal walls making her waist go numb.

“Aisha-sama! Amazing!! Feels so good!! Aah……Aaaah!! Pussy meats undulating!!!”

At Keith’s sweet voice and face, Aisha bites back the words [Me too] she almost said.

“Hmph!! I dyont fyeel good at allllll!!! Nnnn!!”

“Nooh!! Nooooooo!! This high-grade pussy!! Pussy for exclusive ejaculation use!! Pussy for my exclusive use!!!”

“Who, who is!! Who’s yours!! Hiaaa!! Aaaaah!!! Doesn’t feel good!!! This!! Not at alllllllll!!!”

Keith grabs Aisha’s ass meat and violently begins moving up and down.

“Hiiiiiii!!! Ukyaaaaa!! Na! Naa!! It’s scratching!! Penis!!”

Ignoring Aisha’s words Keith moves steadily.

“Naaaaa!!! No good!! Stop!!

Aisha embraced Keith by herself this time otherwise she wouldn’t be able to endure it.

Keith was giving his all to hold back his ejaculation.

“Aisha-sama!! It’s coming!! It’s coming!!”

Hoe!? You coming?? Is it the end!! are you finished??”

“Yes! Is it okay? Letting it out inside? What if it drips out while working?”

Aisha just know remembered she had work coming up

“No! No!! Naaa, not inside!! Hikuuuu!!! Please stop, right now!!!

“Where then??”

“Na, hya! Nhii!! Anywhere but inside!! Nhiaaaaa!!”

“Will you swallow it then?”


“Put it in your mouth and swallow it please!!!”

“Mo….mouth!! Hiiii!! Aaaaaaaah, It’s dirtyyyy!!”

“Then it’s inside.”

“…..Fua!! Fuaaaa!! I understand!! I’ll drink!! I’ll drink it, just don’t come inside.”

Keith laughs after getting Aisha’s consent and concentrates on enjoying her vagina to its limits.

“Nnaaaa!! Crap!!”

Keith quickly made Aisha sit on the floor and shoved his penis into her half open mouth.

“Oboo!!! Fuebuu!! Ngu!! Ngooo!!”

Aisha almost bit Keith in pain from having her mouth violated but grabbed his jacket and desperately endured.

Almost at once

“Ohooo!….aah, ahhhhhhh…..I came…….feels good…….”

Keith was drooling from the pleasure of pumping his dirty seed into Aisha’s mouth. Whenever his penis rhythmically throbbed numbness spread to his waist.

Meanwhile, Aisha had tears in her eyes from the smell and bitter taste. She shut her eyes and desperately endured.

“Suck it. Aisha-sama. Please suck it.”

“Fugoo……njyu….jyujyu, jyozooooooo……..goheeee!!

Sucking Keith’s penis eventually the last of the alien substance came out. Aisha tried to spit the smelly mess into the toilet but Keith stopped her.

“Aisha-sama, the promise was to swallow it.”

Keith laughed when Aisha looked up.

Aisha eventually swallowed it while glaring at Keith.

“N, nguu!! Gohp!! Ugo……..”

Aisha had to hold back the urge to vomit and when she exhaled the smell made her want to vomit again.

Meanwhile, Keith wipes his pussy juice, saliva and semen coated penis on toilet paper.

“That was good. See you again.”

Keith left the restroom with a curt attitude.


After finishing Aisha quickly left the restroom and hurried back to her own room avoiding being seen by anyone.

She drank some water and fished around in her mouth with a finger removing some more semen. She also changed her panties which had gotten stained with her pussy juice and hurried to Naia’s room still without any breakfast.

Aisha would have been late if she’d had some food. Even so, she was still 5 minutes late to Naia’s door. [It’s unusual] the guards had said.

I smell of sweat standing here. It’s Keith’s smell.

There was no time to change clothes.

Will I be found out?

Being held by Keith.

There’s another smell. It’s a woman’s smell.

I wonder if I’ll be found out?

My heart throbs and feels like it will explode.

I enter the room at 8:00 and the maids are up in Naia’s room making preparations.

“Good morning.”

Everyone greets me

“Good morning.”

Lively voices returned.

When I go near the smiling Naia

“Good morning Aisha.”

“Good morning”

Same as usual.

It wasn’t noticed.

I’m relieved.

I’m glad it wasn’t found out that Naia was an indecent woman.

While serving as Naia’s replacement my body has learnt pleasure.

I move onto Naia’s first thing of the day.

It’s past noon and Keith comes to the room. I thought I wouldn’t need to leave because of the promise, however.

“Aisha, the class doesn’t start if you don’t leave.”

Naia told me while sulking with puffed out cheeks.

“B, but from today I……..”

I started to object

“Hurry up~~~!!”

I have been driven out.

I walk past Keith on the way out.

“It’s a promise.”

He nodded and murmured something. I have no choice but to believe him.

Making a fist Aisha left for the antechamber.


In Naia’s room at that time.

“Keith-sama what are you doing?” Naia asks while cocking her head to one side at Keith’s behaviour.

Keith was waving his manticore magic wand around.

“Aah, It’s a barrier……”

“A barrier?”

“No, It’s nothing!! So let’s begin.”


Keith puts his hand around Naia’s waist.

Authors note: This man is the worst.

Chapter 019 – Finger the Princesses ass
The class today was different from usual. I’m studying normally by sitting at a desk and using a book.

I haven’t changed my clothes nor has the medicine been taken out.

My body hasn’t been touched either.

“Is your penis all right?”

He smiled and said he was okay at the moment.

That’s good news…………..or it should be but my heart in lonely for some reason.

I was looking forward to it. To lots of kissing……sorry breathing method and amassing magical power in my body before finally accepting his penis.

To take is Keith’s hard penis is my greatest happiness. My head and stomach become fluffy and light.

There is none of that today.

I’m lonely and feeling dejected.

“Princess, are you listening?”

“Ye, Yes!”

Naia quickly raised her head and saw Keith watching her.

“You don’t seem to be able to concentrate on your studies.”

“That’s………I’m listening.”

“Well then, maybe you can tell me what I just explained?”

“……….I’m sorry.”

Keith sighs.

While watching Keith, Naia scolds herself in her heart.

What are you doing? This is a magic class Keith is going through the trouble to give. You should concentrate on it. He will give up on me if I continue like this.

No, even now he might hate me.

“Keith-sama, I’m sorry………..I’m sorry………”

I won’t cry. If I cry Keith might feel bad and forgive me. So I apologised.

“I’m not mad but I’d be happy if you listen properly.”

Keith patted Naia’s head while smiling.

Keith is always generous even though I’m a bad girl.

Naia felt that excluding her father there was no man more gentle than Keith.

“I’ll listen! I’ll listen properly!!”

Naia puts all her effort into her pointed ears and stares directly at Keith’s face so she doesn’t miss anything.

Keith watched as Naia’s face filled with fighting spirit.

“Understood. I’ll go through that last bit again.”


“Regarding the refining of magic power flowing through the internal pathways, I believe the eastern magic path is superior for an individual. I believe their peculiar bodies are able to harness the pathways…….Ahh, this is probably a bit too specialised at the moment. Also, their amplification method of internal magic is also excellent. The magical power amplification technique is generally used for medicine and using the holy demon crystal stone.”

“That…….is what Keith-sama does to me.”

“Yes. Touching the chest and the crotch is another application of the eastern magic path. It’s called the art of lovemaking.”

“Really?!……..That’s amazing!”

Because Naia doesn’t know the truth Keith mixes in some lies while making it sound like the truth.

“Because the princess has just established her magical pathway, your magic refining is not very good so I will grant you a secret art from the eastern magic path to help you.”

“Really!! I get a secret art!!?”

“Yes. During my wanderings, I met a monk while on a ship and he let me read a book on secret teachings he had.”


Naia was stunned. Was it okay for a beginner in magic to have such an art? Surely it must be something any mage would want badly.

I can have it?

Naia’s nose began to run from excessive joy

“Are you okay? You can’t tell anyone about this secret art.”

“Of course!!”

Keith smiles as he watches Naia keep nodding her head.

“Then let’s begin preparations. First of all princess please change your clothes and remove your underwear.”


Without questioning, Naia began changing.

To think today I’d learn such a great thing. Amazing!!

There’s never a mistake in anything Keith does. I must listen to his words.

Naia finishes changing her clothes and is now wearing a lace baby doll.

Her thin body was naked under the thin fabric. A faint pink on her chest and a faint redness on her groin could be seen through the fabric.

Keith watches Naia’s body through the cloth that hides nothing.

[….I can see her loli body through the see-through fabric…….it was a good buy……..]

Keith was impressed.

Keith quickly wipes his mouth that had begun to drool and calls Naia over to the waterproof sheet.

“Please get on all fours.”

“Ye, yes.”

Naia gets on all fours while being tense about what Keith was going to teach her.

Keith places a large pillow near Naia’s head.

“You can place your head here if it gets painful but please keep your ass raised.”


“Well then.”

Keith rolls up the hem of the baby doll. Though it’s approaching an adults shape her childish pussy is seen.

I want to lick it like always but today is different. My patience is at its limit after doing a normal lesson like an idiot.

“Ahya!? Kei, Keith-sama!? That’s my ass…….”

Indeed I’m playing with her anus!!

“That’s right! In the eastern magic path, you accumulate magic in the abdomen under the navel and circulate it to the whole body while amplifying it. You send the magic to a place called the perineum which is just under the butt hole. However, since the princess is a beginner I didn’t think you would understand it too well so I went for the butt which is easy to understand. ”

While giving a ridiculous explanation Naia’s red anus puffed up like a large toad [big frog]. (TN – I don’t get the big frog bit. The author used the kanji for large toad then in brackets next to it put ビッグ・フロッグ which is big frog (bigu frogu). Perhaps the kanji is obscure, I don’t know)

I apply the refined lubricating oil to Nais anus who is trembling in embarrassment.

“Don! Don’t! That place is dirty!!”

“Didn’t I say before? The princess doesn’t have a dirty place on her body.”

“That place is absolutely dirty!! Because…..because…….”

“Because?” Keith says while grinning and applying the oil.

Naia can’t see his face from her position.

“Because……p……..poo comes from that place……….therefore…….”

Why do I get so excited when a beautiful girl says such vulgar language?

Keith isn’t interested in scatology at all but his chest throbbed at Naia’s words.

He’s a pervert who should have died.

“Th, therefore, stophyaaa!!?……..Aah? Keith-sama?”

Keith had thrust his little finger into her anus which was twitching and began to move it.

“Are you okay princess? The path of magic is long and steep. At times dirty and at times beautiful. At times you love it and at times you hate it. There was a time when I had to collect the faeces of a behemoth while in the mage association and I wondered can I become a top class mage by doing this?”

Keith continues moving his little finger while talking to Naia.

Incidentally, the story about the behemoth was completely true. At the time Keith had given serious consideration to killing his teacher.

Anyway, Keith turned his attention back to the feeling of Naia’s rectum.

“Awa!! Ahiu!! Keith-sama!! St…….opppp!! Please stop!! Pull out!! Please take your finger out!!”

Keith confirmed that her ass was familiar enough with his finger and pulled it out. His finger was sticky with oil and intestinal juice.

“Nhaa!! Haahaa….”

Naia was relieved his finger was out.

“Shall we move on?”

“Hie? Next??”

Keith applies oil to his index finger and inserts it.

Naia’s back arched at the thicker feeling than before.

“Ahyawa!! Naa!! Keith-sama….!! It’s thick!! Thick!! My stomach hurts!!”

“Patience!! Concentrate!! Focus on your butt hole!!”

“Fuu! Fuiiiiii!!!”

She focuses on her ass like told

“Oooh……amazing tightening. My finger feels like it’s going to be torn off!”

Keith wiggles his finger while being impressed.

“Hohyaa!! Keith-sama’s finger! Please stop moving it!!”

“Concentrate princess!!”

“Nnn!! Nnnnn!!”

While enjoying the power of her sphincter tightening on his finger Keith decided to move onto the next stage and pulls his finger out very slowly.

“Fua, aaa”

Just before his finger is fully out and just the tip is in he thrusts it back in, in one go.


He repeatedly does this while hearing Naia’s screams over and over again.

Then soon Naia’s voice


becomes sweeter.

“How is it, princess?”

“Aah……ann!! Aah, umm….hyaa…..”

“Are you studying? Please remark properly!”

“Hia, hahii!! Umm……poo…….it feels like I’m doing it many times….umm…”

“Does it feel good?”


Naia answers Keith in a voice that seems like it’s about to vanish.

“That’s good. It’s good. It’s evidence you are collection magic power in your ass.”


“Indeed. Haven’t your buttocks become warm as a result?”

“Ye, yess…..”

Keith puts oil on the fingers of his other hand and begins to play with Naia’s clitoris so she gets into the habit of cumming when her ass is played with.

“Unnn!! Uhaaaa!! Keith-sama? Why with my crotchhyaaa!!!

“It lets your body remember the flow of magic power!”

The finger was continuous in her buttocks and her clitoris was being played with. Naia’s brain was confused by the two signals.

“Nuaa!! Why? I don’t understand!! I don’t understand!! Buttocks?? Feels good?? Ahyaa!! Please stop!! Please stop!!”

When her clitoris is blamed her anus tightens moderately. Pussy juice overflowed from her vagina.

“If you can cum with your ass, the princess will advance to a higher level as a magician, so do your best!”

“Asshs? Asshs hiaaa!! Cum with my ass?? Uhyauuuu !!”

“Yes. It’s impossible with just your ass at the moment but with your crotch, you can do it!! I believe in you!!”

“Auu auuuu!!! Dyo my byest!! Hyaa!! I will do my best!!”

Keith carried on with her clitoris while changing the movement of his finger in her ass.

The speed is the same but he rotates it as he enters and when fully in he picks at her intestinal wall lightly.

Naia’s face fell into the pillow at the stimulation. While desperately chewing the pillow she sheds tears at the mixed information of pain and pleasure coming from her buttocks and clitoris.

What “feels good” and what is “painful” I don’t know.

Her body already well used to clitoral stimulation was reacting sensitively and her waist began to shake.


“Princess that’s good!! Cum!! Cum!!”

“Uua, Unnnn!! Fugyuuuuuuuuuu!!”

With her ass still in the air, Naia came while biting the pillow and clenching it in her hands.

It wasn’t a pure anal orgasm but it was a good start.

Keith was satisfied and he was glad he’d let one out with Aisha this morning or he’d have violated her butt hole which hadn’t become a delicious ass pussy yet.

Pulling his finger out he washes his hands in a nearby washbowl and wipes Naia’s ass clean.

Though I had played with it so much her anus was still closed tightly. I must give a reward for this.

Keith lays Naia on her back.

“Princess, you worked hard today.”

When Keith praised Naia who was still breathless and having trouble talking she smiled happily.

“Therefore it’s a reward.”

Keith lifted Naia’s buttocks into a piledriver position and began to gently lick her anus.

“Peropero……chu, chu….peropichya…..rucho.”

“Ah? Awa…….Ki………dont………”

“Nchyo, it’s a reward. Because the princess did her best I’ll love you a lot, ruchyoruchyo…..”


It isn’t a feeling that has become pleasant yet however, Keith said he’d love her a lot and was licking the place Naia felt was the dirtiest. Naia’s there felt “love”.

Naia was very happy.


“*Gargle gargle* *Ptui*”

Keith spat mouthwash out into the basin.

“Is this alright?” Keith asked Naia behind him


Naia who was bright red and indignant filled the glass with more mouthwash.

As soon as I was satisfied and had finished licking her anus I was brought to the sink.

“Please rinse your mouth out!!!”

Keith told her it was alright but

“If you lick such a place you’ll get a bad stomach!! No good!!!”

For once Keith was overwhelmed by the terrible anger of Naia and complied.

When he had finished gargling Keith said to Naia who had changed out of the baby doll.

“Once a day from today please play with your crotch and ass together……just once a day, understand?”

Keith handed her lube, ointment and antibacterial hand wash and left the room. (TN – this guys a walking pharmacy)

Keith didn’t have another class with Naia for four days so she would have time to get her ass used to it.

While thinking how to play with Aisha he was suddenly pulled into the shadow of a pillar.


It was Aisha who had caught Keith’s lapel and pulled him in.

“What’s wrong?”

Aisha was glaring at Keith.

“Did you keep your promise!?” she asked in a threatening voice.


“You!! Don’t play dumb!!”

Aisha reached for her rapier.

“I know!! I was kidding!!”

“Don’t joke in this situation!”

“I said I’d honour it……and I did. I shoved my penis into Aisha-sama’s pussy and made her swallow my cum.”

Aisha quickly looked around at his sudden words.

“Be careful what you say you idiot!!!”

Of course, she didn’t mention the buttocks.

“….Truly? You didn’t do it?”

“I swear by my ancestors and the ether.”

“…I don’t believe you but I don’t have any choice but to trust you……”

Aisha let go of his lapel and began to walk

“Wait a minute. Is that it? I desperately fought against the request of my penis for magic. It was painful.”

“So what?”

“Can I have a reward?”

“Gohou!? You had it this morning!!”

“I didn’t say today……….Yes, please come to my room tomorrow night. How’s that?”

Aisha glared at Keith’s grinning face.

“Will you give up if I say it’s disgusting?”

“In that case, the only suitable one for my penis is the princess. Do you understand? It’s only the two of us during class.”

“You scum!!……..Fine tomorrow night…….”

“I look forward to it.”

While clenching her fist Aisha goes to Naia’s room.

“I’m really looking forward to it.” Keith mutters.

Authors note: It’s the beginning of Naia’s ass training. I’ll be back to Naia’s ass after some Aisha time.

Chapter 020 – Female knight is pleasured
Aisha had forgotten how many times she had checked the time.

Yesterday Keith had told her to come at midnight but what time was midnight? Was it already midnight? Is it not yet midnight?

If I get there early “I was expecting you.” I’d hate that however if I got there late “Were you scared?” I’d hate that as well.

Therefore I look at the clock a lot.

I felt sick with tension. Also tonight Keith will have sex with me. I’ll become that obscene female again. It’s unbearable and I hate it, however, I cannot run away as Princess Naia is too important.

Aisha took a deep breath and left her room. She’d taken a bath, brushed her teeth and changed her underwear.

Aisha had decided to wear a one-piece dress that was easy to take off in case she was stripped violently.

Aisha hadn’t noticed her behaviour was like someone preparing for a date.

It takes 10 minutes to get to Keith’s room from Aisha’s, both of whom had rooms in the palace.

As Naia’s knight, Aisha had a room in the palace but ordinary soldiers slept at barracks built outside the palace.

Of course, Aisha could have a house in town and travelled in but she wanted to be as close to Naia as possible in case of an emergency.

On the way to Keith room, Aisha pays attention to the patrolling soldiers and avoids them.

“It seems like I’m doing a yobai.” Aisha griped in a low voice as she got to Keith door which opened as soon as she knocked. (TN – Sure I covered this before but yobai is a sneaking night visit for sex)

“Welcome.” A smiling Keith greeted me. “Please come in. I can hear people coming.”

Aisha quickly checked around and stepped into the room where her virginity had been taken.

“Please sit on the bed. I’ll get some wine.” Keith says while preparing some glasses.

“It’s fine! just get on with it! I have duty tomorrow unlike you!”

“You want to be done quickly is it?”

Aisha’s face became deep red at his words.

“Why’s it like that!! That’s not it!!”

“Aisha-sama your voice is loud.”

“What happened to your sound muffling tool!?”

“I haven’t activated it yet.”

“Activate it quickly!”

Keith activates the muffling tool under Aisha’s angry look.

“You okay now? Let’s drink some wine first.”

Realising it was no use arguing with the flippant Keith, Aisha sat down on the bed where her virginity was taken. She tried to block the unpleasant memories that surfaced from seeing it.


After passing her a glass with a wine giving out a nice mellow fragrance Keith sat down and watched her while grinning.

“What……….” Aisha asked while drinking the wine.

“That one-piece suits you”


“It’s cute. You should wear it more often.”


Aisha was puzzled when he mentioned her clothes. She’d chosen something she wasn’t bothered about getting damaged if Keith got violent undressing her.

“Did you wear it for me by any chance?”

“Conceited idiot!! This….this was the first thing I saw in my wardrobe!!”

“Really? However, it suits you very well. It’s pretty.”

“Don’t keep saying cute over and over!!

To hide her shyness Aisha drained the glass which Keith filled up again.

“But Aisha-sama really is pretty.”

“Sto……stop it.”

“You are too cute. It makes me want to be mean.”


“No. I think I will.”

Keith suddenly leant in and stole Aisha’s lips.

“Fuu!?……….n, nnnn………nchu……..a.”

Aisha almost spilt her wine but caught it quickly. Keith’s tongue invaded her mouth and licked her tongue.

Should I bite it off? Aisha thought, however, her tongue received him kindly and her body began to betray her


Separating their mouths Keith laughed in satisfaction that Aisha’s tongue had joined with his. Keith took Aisha glass, drained it and placed it on the side table.

[It begins] was the vague feeling Aisha had inside.

I’ve become a disgusting woman Aisha thought. Even though her heart desperately rejected it her body had begun to expect it and began to ache.

Without paying attention to the conflicted Aisha, Keith kissed her over and over again. Sometimes a light peck and sometimes intensely including his tongue.

Aisha mood began to rise and before long her face flushed and her breathing became rough.

“Please touch it.”

Keith placed Aisha’s hand on his crotch that had become very enthusiastic.


Touching it Aisha found it strange that she didn’t find it as disgusting as before.

Not knowing what to do Aisha began to rub it and Keith started kissing the scruff of her neck.


A ticklish voice came out.

“Aisha-sama smells good. You took a bath.”

“…..Sweat……….I smelled……….”

“But I like the smell of Aisha-sama’s sweat.”

While talking Keith begins to massage Aisha breasts gently and slowly.


Aisha was confused that she didn’t hate his touch so she decided to concentrate on rubbing his crotch in order not to think about it.

“Aisha-sama is being proactive………”

Aisha pulled herself together at Keith’s words and removed her hand.

“You can continue.”

“It, It’s fine already isn’t it! As long as it’s hard…..!!”

Aisha turns her face away from Keith and lies on the bed.

“Do….Do whatever you want! Because……..This is all I’m going to do!!”

She quickly covered her face with both arms. A brown elf in a white one-piece covering her face bright red face due to shyness. Keith almost laughed at her excessively pure heart but resisted.

“Then I’ll help myself.”

Keith gets on the bed and unbuttons Aisha’s one-piece. It’s a front button type which he carefully undoes one by one. Her voluptuous body is slowly revealed with the important parts covered by her bra and panties.

“Ooh…..black underwear,” Keith muttered.

Aisha underwear was black lace and hearing Keith mutter Aisha let out an “Ah” voice.

“Did you purposely wear such an ero thing?”

“No!….this………you*………” (TN – Aisha uses kisama a lot with Keith which is a rude version of you/your but can also mean you bastard or son of a bitch. Actually pretty much anytime she says you/your its Kisama with Keith.)

“Me? Did I order such underwear?”

“It’s not like that.”

Aisha turns on her side.

“You……because it will get stained……..white……..will stand out too much…….”

“Aah…….in other words I can cum inside you today without any worry?”

“Why’d it become that!! I can’t keep throwing underwear away every time!!”

Keith closed in on Aisha’s lips.

“Then it’s fine for Aisha-sama to feel it lots today and get wet.”

Keith moves his lips from Aisha’s scruff and down to her chest. He unhooks Aisha’s bra which is a front hook and her boobs burst out with enough force it was a wonder her bra hadn’t broken. If you attached an onomatopoeia to it it would be a [Purun!] feeling.

Keith began playing with both her breasts.


A voice leaked out that was enduring a pleasant feeling. Keith gently rubs both her breasts while rubbing her areola with his fingers.


Keith never touched her nipples just her areola but her nipples still got hard.

“Though its big Aisha-sama’s chest is sensitive. It’s splendid.”

Keith dribbles saliva on her aroused nipples and firmly kneads them between his thumbs and forefingers.

“Ya! Aah!!…….nnn, hiu!”

Aisha had closed her eyes and was enduring the stimulation. Admiring her anguished face and thinking it was lovely Keith put her right nipple in his mouth and sucked on it causing Aisha to go “Kuuu!!” Keith traces her areola with the tip of his tongue before sucking on the nipple again.

Of course, breast milk didn’t appear but it still tasted sweet. Actually, the sweet taste was sweat due to elven sweat being sweet.

Keith placed his right hand on Aisha’s crotch. When he got to the crotch part of her panties it was moist. It wasn’t wet but it was still pleasantly damp.

Keith moves his body down and places his head between Aisha’s legs. Holding her legs open with both hands he sniffs her wet panties.

“Why are you smelling it! You are always the same!!” Aisha protests lifting her head up.

“Why?……..Because it smells good.”

“No way that place smells good.”

“It’s a good smell. It’s Aisha-sama’s sweet fragrance.”

Keith pushes his nose against her clitoris over her panties and smells it *sunsun*

“Stop it!! Stop it pervert!!”

Aisha is embarrassed at her own reaction but is also embarrassed at being smelled.

“I’ll unclothe you.”

After enjoying her smell a bit more Keith lowers Aisha panties quickly.

Aisha felt like a cheap woman having her panties taken down so quick and felt a bit sad.

Keith brings his face close to Aisha’s crotch again. Her slightly wet pussy gave off a honey-like fragrance and seemed to be waiting for Keith’s caress. Keith begins to lick around the edge of her pussy.


Keith doesn’t spread her with his hands. He licks around her labia and kisses it with a *chyuchyu* sound.

“What!! What are you doing!!”

“I’m kissing Aisha-sama’s pussy,” Keith says honestly.

“Moron!! Idiot!!”

Aisha tries to kick Keith so he holds her legs down with his arms and continues using his tongue while peeling her slightly large clitoris with his thumb.


Aisha grasps the sheet while biting her lip as Keith sucks on her revealed clitoris. After getting her clit wet Keith spreads her pussy with his right hand and starts licking her revealed hole. Pussy juice stimulates his tongue as he uses his left hand to play with Aisha’s clit.

Pretty soon Keith starts jabbing his tongue in as far as it can go.

“Fuhaa!! Yaa!! Aaaaaah!! Nnnnnnnnn!!”

Aisha’s body was pleased with the pleasant feeling. Her body wanted to entrust itself to it completely but her heart resisted. “Feels good” she would never say it. “I want more” she would rather die than say it. She would never give her heart to Keith. She held onto this feeling and endured.

Of course, Keith noticed this.

“Aisha-sama…..is wonderfully wet.”

Keith deliberately wiped his mouth that was wet from pussy juice so Aisha could see it.

“You…that’s your saliva!!……..I…….I know it is!!”

“Heeee. I hadn’t realised my saliva was so sweet.”


“Is saliva flowing from my finger?”

Keith rummaged around in Aisha’s soft and wet vagina wiggling his two middle fingers.

“Aisha-sama’s insides seem to be wishing for a penis to quickly thrust in.”

“Wrong!! Nauuu!! Wrooooong!! It’s not wet!! It’s not twitching!! It doesn’t want it!! Ukyuuuuuuu!!”

Aisha’s vagina tightens on his fingers as he plays with her clit.

“Na!? Don’t touch them both!! Don’t touch there!!”

“There? Wheres that?”

“There!! I know you understand!! Nuaaaaa!!!”

“Eeeeeeeeh? I don’t understand though.”

Keith continued thrusting his fingers in and out and pinched her clit harder.

“Fugyuuuu!! Naaaaa!! Don’t!! Stop it!! Strong!!”

“I still don’t know where you mean.”

“Cli……clitoris!! Clitoris!! Clitoris is no good!! Strong!! Nhaa!!”

“Clitoris? Aah you mean this?”

Keith played with it harder

“Uuuuu! Ua……..AAAAAAAH!!”

Aisha’s pussy meat repeatedly tightened and became thick and gooey.

“Did you cum?”

Aisha panted as she covered her face with her arm again while her shoulders trembled.

“U…..uuu……why…….I don’t want it……….I don’t want to feel good……….why………..is my body……..so strange…..”

As Aisha starts crying Keith puts on an evil smile

“Was it pleasant?”

“Uuuh…*sniff*……Shut up shut up!! Sex maniac!! Pervert!! You’ve made my body strange!! You’ve probably given me some strange medicine!!”

“Oh? You’ve figured it out?”


While laughing Keith licks his fingers wet from Aisha’s pussy juice.

“That wine a while ago. I put a specially made aphrodisiac in it.”

“…. no way……then”

“It’s specially made to only work on elves. Did you like it?”

Aisha’s thoughts couldn’t catch up quick enough.

Medicine? Medicine to feel good? In the wine? That’s why I feel good? I’m not bad? my body isn’t strange?

A smile came to Aisha’s face and she didn’t even know it.

“Really…….Is that the truth?”

“I worked hard to make sure Aisha-sama felt good.”

Aisha’s chest throbbed. I’m not bad. This is all that lowlife’s plan.

I’m not strange. I’m not a lewd elf!!

That’s right. He used that magic tool fused to him on me. He forced me and my bodies condition is poor due to lack of sleep and stress!

All these thoughts rushed through Aisha’s head.

“Therefore please feel it a lot tonight.”

Aisha’s thoughts are interrupted by Keith’s voice.

Keith had already stripped when Aisha looked up. He finished undressing her and raised her legs exposing her vagina. Moving in Keith quickly penetrates her while kissing her.

“Nfuu!! Nnnn!! Fuwaaaaaa……..”

A voice escaped from Aisha’s throat. It felt good. But it couldn’t be helped due to the aphrodisiac.

“N……..ah! Ooh, Aisha-sama……..your pussy is amazing. It’s twitching.”

“Aah, fuaaa, nn!”

“It’s moving.”


Keith used his whole body to move as Aisha hugged him and kissed him. It feels good. It’s the first time it’s felt so good. Her face loosened and she hugged Keith as if it was natural.

“Pervert……chu! rerochu!! Can’t make women feel good if you don’t drug them!! Nchuu!! You really are!! Fuwaaaa!!”

“Indeed. Im a perverted lowlife!! Nnku!! However, doesn’t it feel good?”

“Fuwa! Fuwaaa!! It’s because of the drug!! The drug!! Naa!!”

“That’s right!! It’s because of the medicine!! So feel good!! Feel good!!”

Aisha had goosebumps as Keith spoke directly by her ear. I can accept this pleasure. I can accept it because it’s not my fault.

Just thinking it made her vagina shake in joy. Her womb ached. The warmth from her crotch carried through her whole body and right up to her head.

“Fua! Nnnnn!! There! There! Thereeeeee!!”

“Eh? Where? Please say properly!!”


I want to say it.

I want to order him.

I want to ask him.

Can I?

I can.

Because of the medicine.

“Oh, in….side!! Deeper inside!! Nha!! Inside more!! Inside feels good!!”

“Inside? You mean here!?”

There was a touch deep inside and pleasure surged up her back.

“Ohoou!! Nhaa!! Theyr!! Theyr feels good!! Feels good!! It feels good!! Nnnnnnn!!!”

“Uwa!! Your pussy’s clamping too tight!! It’s too much!! I’m cumming!!”

“Not yet! Not yet!! More!! More!! It feels good!! Penis feels good!! Thrusting feels good!!”

Aisha’s become vulgar. As Keith strongly attacks her vagina as if to damage it Aisha hugs him more and moves her waist by herself.

“Penis!! It’s hard!! It’s scraping!! Uaaa!! It’s good!! Fuaaa!!!”

“Aisha-sama is vulgar!!”

Aisha sucks on Keith’s lips

“It’s your fault!! Youuuuu!! Nchu! Rechuu!! It’s the medicine!! Uhaaaaa!!!”

Whenever Keith’s penis pokes Aisha’s deepest vital part her thoughts are scattered. All she can think about is feeling good.

To feel even better she locks her legs around Keith and attack’s his tongue.

“Hyuu, aaaaaah!!! Cumming!! biribiri is coming!! Amazing!! It’s great!!” (TN – biribiri is an onomatopoeia for a shock like an electric shock)

Keith’s penis released its cloudiness in wave after wave from the mad, obscene twisting of Aisha’s meat folds. He came that much it began to feel painful.

“Aish! Asiah-sama!! I’m…..uuku!! more!!”

“Fua! Have you started it? Good!! let it out inside!! Semen!! Send it deep inside!!”


Aisha tightened her legs even more as if to bury Keith in her. Semen surged out greater than before. Keith could do nothing but endure.

“Uoh! Uoooo…….feels……uaa…….”

Her vagina keeps milking his semen and sending it to her depths.

“Fua……It’s great…….inside……took it……feels good…….”

Aisha shed tears from the pleasure coming from the warmth inside.

When she let go Keith pulled his pussy juice and semen covered penis out and put it by her face.

“It’s become dirty……..”

Breathing roughly Aisha looked at his hard, dirty, ugly, horrifying penis that brought her pleasure.

“If you clean it it will become hard and we can go again….”

Aisha understood his words and looked at his grinning face.


It’s different from when he made her do it unwillingly. He waited for Aisha to do it herself.

Usually, she’d absolutely refuse and would never do it but this isn’t the usual Aisha.

Not usual at all……………..

Aisha turned her body and took his penis in her mouth.


“Hurry up and finish nya”

In a tree, a cat grumbled with no one but the moon listening.

Authors note: A hint. The keyword [aphrodisiac]. There never was any (lol)

Chapter 021 – Female knights promise

Aisha was cleaning her own pussy juice and semen that hung from the tip.

The bitter taste spread throughout her mouth but she didn’t care. She wanted his penis to get hard again and violate her.

Keith was the lowest of the low to drug a woman and rape her however because of Naia-sama I must resign myself to my fate.

It’s hard and my heart is disturbed but it can’t be helped. I am Naia-sama’s knight. It is my duty. Therefore………it’s my mission. I should be raped by Keith until my head goes pure white and I can’t think of anything.

“Nchu! Chupochupo!! Rerorero.”

“It’s good Aisha-sama……..Have you done fellatio before?”

“Ncho…….pechochuru……there isn’t…..bastard!………nchu!”

“Uho! then…..then why….uuku!! are you so good?”

“Hmph! Churuchuru, your rechorecho….penis, juzozozo!! Like I should know!! Jyoopojyoopo!!

Compared to Naia, Aisha has a much better oral technique but she is still a beginner.

Good grief. Why do all elf women act like ladies and hate ero?

Keith grinned while gently rubbing Aisha’s pointed ears.

“Nfuu! Fuaa……..”

Aisha stops her fellatio and draws her body back from the ticklish feeling but starts again after staring at Keith a little.

I don’t understand the obscene women I am now.

Like a baby with a bottle, she continues sucking on Keith’s penis till it hardens in her mouth.

As for Keith he stretches out his hand and begins rubbing her chest.

“Kufuu…….u! Oi! Stop fooling around……na…….fuhaa…….”

Her body which had greeted climax was like smoking embers and when her chest was played with it flared up again.

“Fua, Fuaaaa…….n, chu chuuchuu………”

Aisha was no longer doing fellatio and was kissing the tip of Keith’s penis.

“Aisha-sama……..I’m ready to go…….what do you want to do?”


Aisha separates her hand from Keith’s penis. Keith then proceeds to shake his penis back and forth in front of Aisha who eyes start to follow it.

“Because I’ve already released it once it’s more motivated than before. With this, Aisha-sama’s soaking wet pussy can enjoy being scraped hard for a long time.”

Gooseflesh stood all over Aisha’s body at Keith’s words. Drool began to collect in her mouth and it wasn’t due to the fellatio she had done.

I want you to do it.

I want to do it.

Aisha’s breathing became rough.

“Do you want it? Don’t you want it?”

The penis I had cleaned was erected in front of my eyes.

I know what Keith wants me to say.

I must not say it. Absolutely not.

That’s what I always say.

The me of today……..has gone mad due to the medicine.


“Aisha-sama……….that’s no good. I don’t want to do it with just that.” Keith whispers into Aisha’s ear.

Aisha can’t believe the words she’s just heard.

“Say you want it. Say please.”

“…I can’t do it…..I won’t do it.”

Keith’s face suddenly becomes serious.

“Is that so? I understand…………You can go home today.” Keith says and starts to stand up.


Aisha stopped him in a hurry.

What am I doing?

He said I can go back. I should just return obediently.

Go back………….With my body aching like this.

With my body throbbing from the medicine.

……..That’s right. I must stay here until the medicine’s effect wears off.

I’ll have to do it. This is all the fault of that lowlife.

Aisha gets on all fours on the bed and turns her ass to the waiting Keith.

Reaching under she spreads her red and congested pussy wide open with both hands.

“A……..Aisha’s soaking wet lewd bitch pus………pussy…….thrust your erect cock in!!” Aisha begs with tears in her eyes as cloudy semen flowed out of her vagina due to Keith cumming inside.

Keith didn’t miss that face and smiled faintly.

Stepping up to Aisha, Keith puts his left hand on her waist while opening her vagina with his right hand and puts the tip of his penis in.

“That’s better……….ta!!”

Keith thrusts all the way in, in one go

“Nhiiiii!!” Aisha screamed as Keith begins to move his waist rapidly.

Aisha’s first doggy style. Keith’s penis rubs places that have never been hit before sending a *biribiri* feeling through Aisha.

“Ohyaa!! Kufuuuuuu!! Inside!! Cock feels good!! Insideeeeee!!!!”

“Nnn! Nnn! Nnn!! How is it Asiha-sama!!”

“Oaaah!! More!! Break my pussy more!!! Ahiiiiiiii!!!Unyuuuu!!!”

Keith’s rapid in an out had dragged out most of his old semen leaving just enough to act as a lubricant. Both Keith and Aisha were enraptured by pleasant feelings.

“Aah!! Aaaaaah!!! Amazing! There is great!! Nhaaaaaa!! Cock is good!!”

“How vulgar! Talking about penises……!! Are you still a knight?”

“Fuiiiiii!! Kn, I am a knight!! Knight…..knight, however, I like cocks!! I love!! Looooove cocks!!”

“Hahaha, shall we change your name to pussy knight then?”

Aisha shakes her head at Keith’s words.

“Don’t!! Something like that don’t!!”

Her voice sounds totally like a child

“You’re really selfish. Wouldn’t the current Aisha enjoy it?”

Keith slows his thrusting down.

“Don’t! Don’t stop!!”

Aisha starts moving her own body back and forth. There’s no knight there. No protector of Naia. Just a woman remains.

“Naaaaa!! So good!! Feels so good!!”

Keith noticed Aisha was peeing herself a bit.

“She’s like a dog” Keith mutters to himself happily.

Keith kneels on the bed and covers Aisha’s back with his body. Reaching under he attacks her breasts with his left hand and clitoris with his right.

“Nuaaaaaah!! We’ve come together!! Here is great!! Together is great!! *Zubozubo* together!! Nhaa!!” (TN – not sure on zubozubo but I think it’s an onomatopoeia for jammed together)

Nipple, clitoris and a piston

To make Aisha cum I use her entire body.

A *panpan* sound of meat coming together echoed through the room. The tip of Keith’s penis had gone numb from the stimulation of the soft meat.

“Kuu!! Cum!! Cum!! Aisha-sama!!”

“Fuwa! Fuwaaaa!! Inteeense!! Nnnnnn!!! Na!! Fuhaaa!! Aaaaah!!”

Aisha bends her head back, grits her teeth and grimaces.

Her brain overheats from the stimulation and goes pure white.

If I accept it I can cum. But I want this feeling to continue forever.

In that hesitation


At that moment Keith thrust hard all the way to her depths.

“Nguuu!! C, cu, cum……….iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!!”

Aisha came with her back warping and her pussy meat clamping down hard.

Keith pulled out and Aisha collapsed over onto her back. Keith stroked his penis over Aisha’s chest releasing a vast torrent of cum which you wouldn’t think was his second shot all over Aisha chest and face.

“Brown……elf………semen stew………after all its very ero”

Keith laughed as he stroked the last bit onto Aisha’s skin.

Aisha scooped his semen off her chest with her fingers

“It’s so…….semen…….ufufu ahahahaha………smelly semen……hahaha”

Aisha laughed happily as she lay there with her legs spread open and her vagina gaping wide open from Keith violent piercing.


“Aisha-sama…….please wait a moment…….”

While sitting on the edge of the bathtub Keith looked at Aisha who had an embarrassed face.

Aisha was immersed in the hot water while licking Keith’s penis.

After two rounds Keith had prepared a bath and entered with Aisha.

After washing his body and entering the bath Aisha had suddenly kissed him and started touching his tired penis that had cum twice.

After an intense time of excessive debauchery, Keith was surprised at this direct Aisha but he found it not too bad………no actually he loved it.

Meanwhile, Aisha’s tongue is crawling all over his penis.

“Last time…….nrero, was 3 times! berorero……..today as well.”

“No. My strength was different then……today is……….”

“Miserable fellow! Nchu……..rechocho……….”

“Stop! Please stop!! Uha……..” (TN – you reap what you sow Keith)

“What? It hasn’t got big? You can do it.”

Aisha is joyfully rubbing and licking his penis.

“At, at any rate…..You are very uhaah!! Nnku!! Assertive. Very different from last time.”

“Hmph! You made me like this you lowlife. Your sleazy manner of doing things like giving me that medicine.”

“Aah. That. Yeah, I lied.”

I felt like time stopped. The whole room became so silent my ears rang from it even though Aisha continued using her tongue.

“………A lie………what?”

“The medicine. With the exception of magic pathway formation and some external differences, the anatomy of humans and elves is the same. There’s no way to make a medicine that affects only elves.”

Keith’s expression throughout is blank.

“Li……lii…………a lieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!?”

Keith’s penis was crushed (TN – The end. Thanks for reading folks)


Keith emits a voice that doesn’t form a coherent sound as he writhes in agony in the bath

“Li, li, a lie?? What was a lie??? That was a lie??? That?? Eh??Which is a lie???”

My treasure was crushed like a dust cloth. “Fuuuuu………fuuuuuuuu……..” While frantically breathing I try to heal it.

“No…….the medicine………..I didn’t give you any.”

“Don’t liiiiiiiiiiiie!!! Naa? Why are you lying? You didn’t give me any?? Please say you did!!”

“Like I said………..I didn’t give you any.”

Aisha heard a noise as something inside her broke. I remember myself from a little while ago. [Penis] and [pussy] and [zubozubo]. I said all these things in various ways.


I looked happy while being naked and holding a penis.

The shock of knowing something I never needed to know for my whole life.

Just remembering it made me writhe.

“Uwaaaaaaa!!! This bastard!!! Why did you lie!!! Why did you say such a lie!!!”

I press Keith while having tears in my eyes.

“Why?……………….I said it for the good of Aisha-sama.”

“That’s your excuuuuuuuse!!!”


*Supaaan!* A sound was heard from Keith’s cheek as he was slapped.

“Na……..a, I…………..I…….ue, ueeeeeeeeeeeee!! I’m a bitchhhhhh!! Aaaaah, uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!”

Keith rubs his cheek as Aisha begins to bawl her head off.

“No. Women feel good doing such a thing. It’s simply that.”

“Don’t lie! Fueeeeeeee………uwaaaaaaaaaaa!!!”

“No, well, Aisha-sama is quite good at it though.”

“I knew it!!! I am lewd after all!!! Fugieeeeeeeeeeee!!!”

Keith stroked Aisha’s head who was bawling like a child. He used the hand he’d been rubbing his cock with though.

“You’re not different. You just like feeling good and being lewd. It’s completely normal.”

“Let go!! Let go let go!! You deceived me!!! Why did you trick me? Kill!! I’ll kill you, you bastard!!! Fuwaaaaaaaaaaan!!”

“If I didn’t do that you wouldn’t have been honest and felt pleasure.”

“Why do I need to feel good!! Just feel good yourself!! I don’t matter!!!”

“You say that but an aggressive Aisha-sama feels really good. It’s pretty.”

“Shut up idiot!! What does it have to do with you!! Why do I need to know my true nature!! I didn’t want to know!!”

“You promised me, didn’t you? You said you would feel good and send me magical power in place of the princess.”

“I made a promise to substitute for Naia-sama and send you magical power but I don’t remember ever saying a word that I would feel good!!”

“Then add to the promise!! I won’t do things to the princess but to Aisha-sama instead!! Instead, Aisha-sama will send me magical power and I’ll make you feel good!!!”

“Can you make such a promise!! What’s special about me!!! I feel like dying from self-hate!!!”

“Fine then!! If you become honest…………….”

“What are doing!!

“I’ll give you the crystal I took of the princess!!”


Aisha’s tears stopped and her mouth fell open as she stared at Keith.

“Are you serious?”

“Yes. I’m serious.”

You’re not lying again?”

“I’m not lying.”



If I feel pleasure honestly.

With that alone, Naia-sama’s future grief will disappear and I can kill him with no worries!

A smile Keith had never seen before came onto Aisha’s face.

“Uwa, a beautiful smile!”

“I understand!! I’ll behave!! Hand it over properly!!”

“Yes. Please become obedient and honest properly!”

“Hmph! I will!!”

Aisha got out of the bathtub with a smile on her face and got dressed.

“Where are you going?”

“I going back to my room! The game is next!!”


“Keep your promise!!”

Aisha returned to her room triumphantly with a face that was almost shining.

“Did she understand?” Keith complained to the door.

Aisha returned to her room while laughing, washed her face, brushed her teeth and went to bed for a few hours sleep.

Her face still had a smirk.

“I’ll become honest! With that alone!!……honest…………?”

Embracing Keith while naked, having his penis in my mouth happily and spreading my own pussy. [I love it!!] and [nhooo!!] and [penis] I have to say things like that.

Things I’ve said

“………………Can I do thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!!!” Aisha screams and gets up.

She doesn’t seem to have understood it very well at all.