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Cheat Magic Cover
Title: チート魔術で運命をねじ伏せる
Romanji : Cheat Majutsu De Unmei wo Nejifuseru
Translated Title: Forcing Down Fate Using Cheat Magic
Author: 月夜 涙(るい)[Tsukiyo Rui]
Translated By: GM_Rusaku
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Summoned from a different world, Souji was the strongest magician. This is because all the magic theory that he developed in-game became “real”. Furthermore Souji knew the “events” that was going to happen from now on.

This world is moving according to the history in the game. Souji rescues many beautiful heroines from their miserable fate one after another. As their beauty and abilities aren’t inferior, they became Souji’s “comrades”.

The strongest magic theory, and the strongest bishoujo party. Souji which has all the elements to become the strongest marches forward! This is the tale of him rising to the strongest transcendence!

Chapter 1
Prolouge (Revised)Episode 1 (Revised)Episode 2 (Revised)Episode 3 (Revised)Episode 4. (Revised)Episode 5 (Revised)Episode 6 (Revised)Episode 7 (Revised)Episode 8 (Revised)Episode 9 (Revised)Episode 10 (Revised)Episode 11 (Revised)Episode 12 (Revised)Episode 13Episode 14Episode 15Episode 16Episode 17 (Revised)Episode 18Episode 19Episode 20Episode 21Episode 22

Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Prologue: IRURANDE

Gasping out for breath, I was running towards a deserted farming village. Choosing a narrow path, I gave my pursuers the slip and hid inside a hut while holding my breath. My remaining mana is less than 10%, and my divine protection is reaching its limits. I’m really on a pinch here.

(???)「Dammit, that monster」

My mind and body was all worn-out from fighting that powerful enemy. Even though I have gathered many people, had an advantageous topography, and ridden it with traps, but it still resulted into a draw. I feel like crying. Even though I manage to inflict a mortal wound on him… It cost me my most important companion. My view was blurred with my tears.

No, there is no way that I’ll accept an ending such as this. There is no meaning to victory if Kuna isn’t with me. For the very first time in a long time I was laughing in such a place! So much for the so called strongest mage!

(???)「I’ll start over. Even if it takes me tens of years to come back here」

This world is just a game. Saving isn’t possible, but you can start a new game.
It’s been 28 days since I first entered this game. I have to return to reality once every several hours. Returning to reality also resets you back to the beginning so you can have the best ending next time.

What I’m playing right now is a single player VR-RPG, IRURANDE.
An action RPG with monsters appearing on a popular medieval fantasy setting.
But it has an overwhelming difference in comparison with several other games.

(???)「Magic Creation」

As I muttered while leaning on a wall, an overhead window pops into my mind. Countless character string was running through the window.

It’s the biggest feature of this game. Programming magic with the use of an original language. In order to break down this state of scare mana, what is needed is a powerful magic with a low mana consumption. I’ll just have to improvise as there’s no suitable magic at hand.

(???)「A good method is at hand. Well, it’s an improved version of the method I made three months ago」

The magic development was carried out by the cooperation of tens of thousands of people. It’s a single player game, but they’re actively sharing the information and development of magic. It is possible to chat, and anyone can share their magic if they upload the magic that they had developed in the database.

(???)「Yes, it’s much easier to use. I have a good sense at tampering things. A developers…… harl[TN#1]. I didn’t notice that there was such an approach」

I mutter while reading a magic equation of the method.I declared that the method is a component. For example there are magic that produces Magic Fire Arrows and Magic Fire Blade.When the respective processes are analyzed, this would be to break down each process.

Fire Arrow,
1). A flame is produced.
2). The shape of an arrow is formed.
3). I release it from my hand.

Fire Blade,
1). A flame is produced.
2). The shape of a sword is formed.
3). Lock the shape of the sword into a fixed form.

Fire Arrow and Fire Blade. Both has the same process in the first part, then components for the second part splits into different process. Having a common process makes it easier to make new magic in the future.

Most of the commonly used Methods are developed by players is registered in the database. According to the data, approximately 90% of the auto-aim magic uses the aiming system method.

(???)「Yes, this can be use as it is. This combination is right up my alley」

As the magic I registered in the database was shown in an open source (I published the magic process that I created) state, it’s a good thing that many different player improved it. The magic keeps being refined with the repetition of usage.

Even if it’s saying that this is going too far, I don’t write my own magic method from the start. I can make my original magic methods without limitations by combining different existing magic methods. But then in which case lacks real creativity.

(???)「It’s coding afterwards」

I played with the improvised original magic made of the combination of other method. The method that I want is the one with versatility. And by scraping all possible waste, I can trim it down to a new specialized magic. The dimension of the performance increases with this.

The magic produce with overwhelming destruction with a low mana consumption as planned has been completed.

(Random Knight)「So this is where you’ve been running to!! You traitor! Look at what you did to this world. Just for the sake of one woman… You bastard!!」

A crowd of enemies equiped with silver mail breaks into the hut. Their numbers count to twenty people. It is the Order of the Knights which came here to hunt the me who was weakened. Although there isn’t a top-tier in their numbers, all of them is at most all Rank 3. A smile floats out my face while I hold my hands out.

(???)「Kuna is all the world to me. 【Spatial Disruption】」

I carelessly used the just recently completed magic. The magic equation executes inside my head and starts the operation, to access the laws of this world.

The rule that dominated the physical phenomenon was temporarily approved by the world, and the magic was execute. I release a forced distortion in space itself. The outbreak of energy generated by the mending of the space-time occurs, everything was blown away on the aftermath. My view was immediately dyed snow-white.

(???)「Un, this can be used. The problem is that it can’t be controlled to the right moderation. Still the destructive power while consuming low mana is noteworthy. Without a doubt this will be a hit」

The enemies disappear without a trace, and it even left a deep crater on the ground. Far from it, what disappeared was worth two building size land. Then in my mind, an audible sound of an alarm could be heard. My time here is at its limit…. This is a warning of a forced log-out.

I silently closed my eyes and the menu screen popped out. There are only three selectable options here.

A). Log-out
B). Access Database
C). Communications

There was neither status, equip, nor a party option on the window screen. There are no traces of being game-like for this action RPG genre. Something like Level exists. However, it’s impossible to save. You bleed when injured and you can feel pain. The old age affects the body. And it’s the end if you die once. You can eat meals like in reality, and sexual intercourse is possible. The reality that magic is usable, if I have to say. Such a world it was. I pushed the log-out option and exit this world.

◇ ◇ ◇

I woke up. I got up from the VR-Machine that looks similar to a coffin. A VR-Machine is the machine which connects the five senses to the PC directly and enter into PC’s virtual reality. At present, one unit is installed in each and every home. I looked up to check the time.

(???)「11:59pm. Last-minute as usual? Though without the time regulation, I’ll be diving in much longer」

The VR-RPG, IRURANDE is a game that have accelerated time that differs with the real world’s time. One hour in the real world equals to spending a week in-game. However, a protection was installed onto the game itself, we can only play for four hours from 20:00~24:00.

(???)「I’ll go back earlier from the beginning next time, this time I’ll bring Kuna happiness, I’ll make her smile.」

Well I have already played IRURANDE every day for six years nonstop, spending a gameplay time of 168yrs on the other side. I already experienced death several times along the way, and starting again from square one.

(???)「I wish I have the same body in this world like on the other side」

Life in IRURANDE is easier to succeed unlike in reality. reality. Unlike when I was in the real world, I was born as a talented genius homunculus. In IRURANDE world standard, with only two of the player-made magic that have advanced for a couple of hundred years, people are already set for a successful life.

Thanks to that, players thinking that I seriously want to play throughout life in the world of IRURANDE does not decrease. When I was thinking of such things, a system sound came from the VR machine. A window screen popped in the air. As to what was displayed there……

(???)「IRURANDE, Notice of termination of service?」

My face grew pale while clenching my fist.
I want IRURANDE to continue. I…, I want to start again and help Kuna!

(???)「No way in hell, I can’t return to IRURANDE! I won’t accept such ending!!」

Don’t take my world and Kuna away from me. I cried desperately.
A system sound from the VR machines, and a window screen popped once more.

If you accept these two conditions, you’ll be invited in a new game state in IRURANDE. The conditions are……

I read it out loud word by word slowly.

1). The time restriction disappear, once you enter there is no going back home
2). Once you die you’ll be forcibly logged out……

My smile turned into a huge grin. Bring it on let’s do this. I turn toward it to seize my good fortune. Together with Kuna.

Select a choice.
1). Go to IRURANDE.
2). Stay in this world.

But I must warn you. From this point onward will be reality, It won’t be a game anymore.

Without any hesitation “1). Go to IRURANDE.” was chosen.

I see. This will not be a game anymore. I’m looking forward to the “real” IRURANDE, My Hero-kun. And my consciousness became distant.

Translator’s Notes:

1). I translated this as Hall back then, Harl is to plaster (a surface) with roughcast.

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Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

First Episode: Hero

My presence is gradually getting farther and farther away. My soul feels like it escaped out of me. Although I’m not using the VR machine, I’m feeling this usual sensation of using it. I slowly come to my senses and gently woke up. Seeing the snow-white room around me makes me feel quite unpleasant. This is the sixth time that I’ve been here. The starting point in IRURANDE. I was put on a huge transparent cylinder type container. A lukewarm liquid fills the container making my skin transmit a slimy sensation.

(Kami-sama)「How do you do, drifting soul. I am Kami-sama!」[TN#1]

A girl with the characteristics of having pink hair and a genderless face, a familiar face I’ve always saw within the game’s starting-point.

(Kami-sama)「Do you understand what I’m saying? Just in case, I’ll bestow you the language and common sense of this world. Come, let me hear your voice, your first cry in this world.」

The self-proclaimed God was looking very happy from deep within her heart. I began to speak. The liquid started to flow inside my mouth but strangely I was still able to breathe.


It was my unbreakable rule to always say this in the beginning. I waited for her reply with anticipation. As always Kami-sama will reply back to the new life that blessings will come.

(Kami-sama)「You’re always like that, right? sometimes it’s good to change and try something different」

However, outside from what he expected, Kami-sama replied with a totally different line unlike from the game.

(Kami-sama)「Fufufu, surprised? It was just a game up until now. But, from this point onward it’s different. Well it’s time for you to wake up and see reality. The new life that you yourself have chosen」

The container started to cracked then it broke, and I was thrown out together with the liquid filling it.

◇ ◇ ◇

(Kami-sama)「Etto, should I call you Souji? Or is calling you by your in-game name Cland that you usually use be better?」

Souji is my real name. And Cland was my in-game character name.

(Souji)「Souji is fine for me. But, I want to severe the uses of anything related from my former real life.」

(Kami-sama)「O〜K! I understand」

Kami-sama writes my name on the parchment with a quill pen while saying 「Memo~♪ Memo~♪」.

(Kami-sama)「Now, do you want to ask something from me?」

(Souji)「First of all, I want to know if it’s true that this is not a game anymore as you just said」

(Kami-sama)「Uun, it’s true. It’s not just a game anymore. If I’m gonna put it in you own words then it’s a different world perhaps?」

(Souji)「I see」

(Kami-sama)「You’re quick to understand ne」

(Souji)「After all, you’ve sent into this world without the use of any VR machine. Besides, I also want to believe that it’s true.」

Besides, I don’t have problems with it, cause in this way I was able to come to IRURANDE.

(Kami-sama)「Hmm… Is that so. Anything else? There is only four minutes and thirty seconds left, I’ll answer all of them within this time」

(Souji)「What? There’s a time limit?」

(Kami-sama)「There are limitations on how Gods can meddle on human lives and how much power we can use. I actually used a lot of my power just to bring you here. Four minutes and ten seconds left… And because I’ve used up all my power I have to be dormant for now」

As if that was nothing at all, Kami-sama was laughing cheerfully. We don’t have much time, so I’ll narrow down my questions.

(Souji)「First of all, Kami-sama said earlier that this was reality. Then if so, what was the IRURANDE that I was logging-in so far?」

(Kami-sama)「That was just a game. However, it was a simulation of this world that I created using my power. All of you personally experienced the future of this world in that game. Because I am the Goddess of Future and Fate. I’m quite good at this kind of things if I say so myself」

Strangely, I was quite convinced with that. IRURANDE was obviously overspec.

(Souji)「For what reasons, did you made that game?」

(Kami-sama)「Because a hero was necessary to save this world」

(Souji)「I don’t get what you meant by that」

(Kami-sama)「Maa, maa, calm yourself. Should I talk in order?」

Kami-sama was looking lukewarm eyes directed at me, as if to say that it can’t be helped.

(Kami-sama)「There is a rule which states that Gods cannot meddle with the world. Thus I cannot make a hero myself. That is why, first I made a body that has potential to be a hero. That was the soulless homunculus. Because it’s a breach on the rules to create a soul, I first made the flesh. I use all my power to its limit to make the best homunculus and incubated it for six good old years. It’s so nostalgic」

Kami-sama seems to like it very much that she patted the Homunculus=Me with a “Peta~♪Peta~♪Peta~♪”.

(Souji)「This is strange. I already know this because I already use this in the game, but this homunculus was never strong to begin with. If this doesn’t grow as planned I will be defeated by the hoodlums in here」

(Kami-sama)「Unn, that’s correct. Because originally I cannot make something that would deviate from being a human being. But if it’s only a human being that is a strong vessel, that I can make. But, there will be no meaning in doing that. That’s why, I disregard absolute strength and focused on the qualities to its limit. With that, the chance of becoming a hero rises」

(Souji)「Certainly, this homunculus is overflowing with talent」

(Kami-sama)「Right?~♪? But I didn’t expect the next problem to arise. Unless this child grows well, it can’t utilized the power within itself. Talents are just talents and no more than that. The soul that will be inserted into this child. I was troubled as what to do with it」

That I understand. When IRURANDE was still just a game there was almost 200,000 players playing, even using the homunculus to its limit there where no one who was able to succeed.

(Souji)「So that is why, the game is like that」

I have just a single hypotheses on this.

(Kami-sama)「Perhaps, it might be like what you think it is. I made all of you use it as a practice, thinking that the best soul can be found. In your world this might have been just a game, undertaking selective test of hundred of thousands of players without a sense of incongruity. I disguised this to be just like your fantasy game and let you experience a simulation of this world. And among those people, it was only you who could use the homunculus to it’s fullest. That’s why I called out to you」

Such a magnificent speech. After disguising itself as a game to create a homunculus with the best quality and to look for an appropriate soul, then letting you experience that’s world’s future and finally selecting the best soul from hundred of thousands of players and pulls it toward their world.

(Kami-sama)「That was an interesting by-product. The magic you created. It’s took three hundred years in order to rise up to the same rank as the standard on this world. It will surely be a help to you. When it was still a game, I listened to the advice of a great magician from this world and the information exchange created the structure of the magic development. My choice was spot on.」[TN#3]

(Souji)「Magic huh, but I can’t access the database anymore」

If it was the usual I’ll open the menu and access the database to download those magic but I can’t do that anymore. The Virtual Development Enviroment for the magic creation manifest inside my mind, but I can’t gather any data. At this rate the innumerable magic that was created and compiled by different players won’t be available.

(Kami-sama)「Don’t worry about that, all the exchanged information and registered magic in the database are all inside you」

Kami-sama was tapping my head with a “Ton~♪Ton~♪To~♪”.

(Kami-sama)「Try to recall them, you should know it」

(Souji)「Ah, Aaaah!」

One after another, information flooded into my head. The magic that all the players from the game developed and the Hints-and-Tips accumulated. And all the information from the real world and information registered in the game rushed to my head.

(Kami-sama)「Your body will organize the information for a while, then it will index it」

Kami-sama sipped her tea thoughtlessly while ignoring the me who was suffering with information intoxication. I forced down the information with all my power. And there are things I need her to listen to.

(Souji)「This is my experience in the game, am I right?」

(Kami-sama)「Well you can say that is correct, and at the same time it’s also wrong. This is the calculated result of taking all the information of this world expanding to its last bit. Naturally, things may be slightly off」

(Souji)「Lastly Why is a hero necessity? What actions should I take?」

(Kami-sama)「The end is coming, thus the need for a hero. I can’t say how the destruction it gonna happened. Interfering is off-limits to us Gods. In the game all of you had experienced, the destruction was not simulated. So I can’t say what you have or should do. This also limits a Gods meddling. I really want you to be stronger than anyone else. That’s the only way」

Kami-sama stood up when she was finished talking.

(Kami-sama)「It’s about time. I’m going to take a rest. I hope that you may find happiness in this world. It’s because you’re my son various ways. And also, the money is on the usual place. Good night」

And she kissed my cheek, and with a smile…. she disappeared.

(Souji)「Saying such selfish thing and in the end she just disappears」

I stroke my cheek. The sensation of her lips still remains. I became motivated. In the body with the best talent, crystallization of the wisdom of hundreds of thousands of people from the real world was inside. Surely, even when the destruction arrives, I’ll be able to survive.

Translator’s Notes:
1). She’s a Boku Girl

2). He said this in English; this is also a computer program that outputs or displays “Hello, World!” to a user. Being a very simple program in most programming languages, it is often used to illustrate the basic syntax of a programming language for a working program.

3). I wonder who is this great magician? Was he an elf? Does he have 3 wives and is an reicarnator?

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Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Second Episode: 【Magic Silver Refining】

I left the room after Kami-sama disappeared. I then entered the bedroom and look for some change of clothes on the shelf. It’s not suitable to be naked forever.

In the game period the homunculus was made by an alchemist who was a self-proclaimed God. As soon as I wake up, I was given the status of being the alchemist’s disciple and some money, then was told to go on a journey.

I lived without any sense of incongruity, under the alchemist’s reason that I was human. It was a great achievement to create a human being with man’s own hands not to mention that it was accomplished for the first time and was a huge success.

I know where the alchemist placed the gold because I’ve repeated this many times already.

(Souji)「Yoshi, there’s the safe」

I removed the armload huge safe from the shelf. Then I touched it and strike a wavelength of my mana. The lock on this safe is a mana perception type. An Alchemist will always unlock it by hit it with his/her own wavelength. I memorized the wavelength for this occasion. With a normal human body they cannot convert mana into a wavelength, but a homunculus can convert it within their body.A hard click sounds and unlocking was done.

(Souji)「Yoshi yoshi, as expected there’s a large sum of money similar to a bank, it will be enough with only this though」

There was bundles of banknotes in the safe. The paper currency system was introduced on this world several years ago. Although having gold coins is better for the ambiance, but the heavy weight will be unbearable. The amount of money that was inside was 300,000 Val. Because one bread cost 200 Val, there was not much difference in the monetary value compared to with Japanese Yen. About a month’s worth of money is enough to live. And, one more. I guess this will probably become a steady catalysts. Mithril…… Approximately 10 kg of magic silver was stored away.

(Souji)「How lucky. To keep such a thing like this」

I started searching for a method on how to process Mithril from my memory.

(Souji)「【Magic Silver Refining: Ring】」

The brain runs the Magic Equation, and the magic executes it. The Mithril turns into a liquid state from it’s solid state, and it coiled around both my upper arms to my hands and from my thigh to my legs. Furthermore it formed into rings before turning back into its solid state. When the specific wavelength is inserted, the magic silver can be changed into different forms while in its liquid state.

(Souji)「【Magic Silver Refining: First Mode・Lance Piercer】」

And again it executes the magic. The ring in both hands changed into a liquid state and gathered into my palm, it formed a 1m50cm length spear with a double-edged knife at its end. I did a light demonstration with the spear. Because for decades my main weapon was a spear, so I was versed in using it. But the reaction and movement is somewhat dull, and my present body has a sense of incongruity.

As I was satisfied on briefly moving my body, I returned the magic silver to it’s original ring form. It will not be much of a help if it’s always on its spear form, it will just be a hindrance. In addition, I can bring it to areas which has restrictions on carrying weapons, a secondary effect is comfortability as the load is equally distributed on both my hands and legs. My main armament usually possessed this form.

(Souji)「Now, what’s next.」

I have three options. There are several cities in this country called Colline[TN#1] that I am currently on. It’s important to set my destination. If I aim to be successful as a merchant, then I should head towards a port on south of the town blooming in economy.

If I want to have a secured and stable life, I should aim at the highly guarded place The Fort City of the Imperial Capital where the King resides.
And lastly……

(Souji)「If I want seek strength more that anyone else. Seal City of Erin. There won’t be any place better than that」

The City is full of vigor, more like a City of dreams compared to others, also it’s more chaotic and compared to the other Cities death overflows here. I decided my destination to be that place, I found a sturdy bag for traveling in the house. Then I left the house after packing extra change of clothes, and three days worth of food and water. If it’s still the same like in the game, there will be a convenient event waiting for me at the Seal City three days from now. …..Most of all Kuna should be there.

◇ ◇ ◇

I ran at full speed while boosting my physical ability with magic. The animal trail was unmaintained. That’s because the alchemist’s house was secluded in a remote place, naturally no one will be maintaining it. It’s quite difficult to run on it, but I coped by applying the Mithril thinly in hand to the sole of my shoes. By doing that, I can ignore the small pieces twigs and stones. My current speed had reached approximately 40km/ph. This is my current limit. I’ll arrive in approximately five hours if I run aiming for the Seal City.

It’s necessary to squeeze an hour break after two hours of running when considering the mana reduction. I’ve arrived eight hours later. Fortunately I don’t need to camp out as it was morning when I was summoned into this world.

(Souji)「This road didn’t changed a bit from my memory」

I aimed for the Seal City trice in my life. Thanks to that I remember the way pretty well. Even if I somewhat forgot the way, I got a map that was mapped by many players in my mind so no worries there. I put strength onto my legs.

◇ ◇ ◇

Once again I set off after having a break. Thanks to the city being close, the road condition was well maintained and my speed rose up as it was easier to run.

The bushes in the forest shook. I quickly halted my pace and hid behind the tree.
Approximately 2m from here, a huge deer came out of the bushes. However it stood with it’s two hind legs and its hands was holding a club.

(Souji)「I’m lucky that demonic beast are seen on outside the Seal City」

In IRURANDE demonic beast exists. But with the exception of the Seal City, it rarely appear. Simply put, it’s thanks to the Seal City that this happens.

I climbed up the tree. For now if I’m found out by that deer monster I’ll be instantly killed. That guy has abilities that was placed on top of a Rank 1 monster. In some of the game elements on IRURANDE there are things called Ranks. Ranks are largely divided into six tiers, difference in ranks will also mean difference in overall strength. If there’s a difference in ranks then I can’t win unless some miracle happens. Even if on the same rank, it depends on how things will go.

(Demonic Beast)「Nbou」[TN#2]

It raised a foolish voice, the dear monster who walks with it’s two hind legs where shaking it’s neck from site to side. It seems that it’s searching for a game.[TN#3]

There’s a difference between animals and demonic beast, this guys don’t need food to live. But preying on creatures containing mana will make them stronger. Possibly this guy caught a scent of my mana and came out of those bushes. Unfortunately for him I erased the presence of my mana, causing it to lose sight of me.

(Souji)「【Magic Silver Refining: Third Mode・Penetrator Bow】」

I executed the magic. I poured mana to the Mithril on hand, eliminating any leaks, an advance technique that executes the magic while erasing the presence of mana. The ring attached to my right arm changed into a bow, and the arrow was formed from the left arm. Following the etiquette of western-style archery, I ready the bow and posed myself.

(Souji)「【Auto Aim Shot】」

I executed a new magic. It was a magic that formed the body and it doesn’t leaks outside. Visual info and the bow info, and with this information I felt the wind from my skin. I operated them and estimated the trajectory of the shot. When automatic, it will move the body based on the estimation and when the bow is fired, it will make the accurate shot towards the threat. My gaze is concentrated on the eye of that guy. By doing so my targeted aim was decided. The distance with the deer monster was roughly 10m. It’s in my line of fire. I release the silver arrow.

The arrow penetrated through that guy’s eye. To any ordinary animal this should be an instant death. Despite that, this guy was howling with anger and rampaging around.

(Souji)「【Auto Aim Shot】」

The second arrow was released. Because my line of fire won’t reach the eyes, I aimed at the neck’s soft muscle this time. Hit confirmed. However, the arrow simply damaged the skin and it made a hard sound then fell right into the ground.

Aiming for the soft vital spot, but this happens…… With a neck muscle like this, other than the eyes, aiming at the other parts might result to the same outcome.
Moreover, the status of this guy is different.

(Demonic Beast)「NGOOOOOOOOO!!!」

It had found where I am at. The deer monster charged with full strength at the tree that I was in. It crashed on to the tree without decreasing it’s momentum, with a diameter of 1m the large tree snapped. I jumped off at the last minute right before the deer monster hit the tree. The broken tree flung against the ground, a thunderous roar sounds and clouds of dust rolls up. Meanwhile the deer monster plunged in.

(Souji)「You’re pretty persistent! 【Magic Silver Training: Forth Mode・Roaring Hammer】」

The mithril on my arms alone is not enough so the silver rings on my thigh was also used. I refined a huge hammer. Originally if the weapon was swung in a huge arc, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will hit the demon. But this guy with such fatal injury has a blunt movement and is slowed down by it’s rage. Well it is only thinking of smashing me with its club.

(Demonic Beast)「NGYAAAO!!」

I halted my movement. The enemy is coming from the other side. I don’t need to move. Then the deer monster and I intersect. With a side step I dodge the club that was swung down with a hairs breath, at the same time I raised the hammer using the force of diagonally twisting my body from the bottom, I hammered the arrowhead that was stuck on this guys eyes.

The arrow penetrated it’s brain, the monster collapsed and breaths it’s last. I didn’t go unscratched though. The club this guy swung down had crushed a rock and the small fragments pierced me. But no bleeding occurred. From the wounds a shining blue particles was leaking.

(Souji)「So it’s like this 」

I’m very satisfied to take down a monster equivalent to a Rank 1 at such an early stage. I started dismantling the deer monster after confirming that my wounds are all healed. In this world, there are two elements similar to the game.

One is Divine Protection. In gaming terms it’s similar to HP. When I suffered an injury the wound was wrapped by a blue light and the wound is cured as long as there are HP left. However Divine Protection will decrease every time a wound is healed, when it is completely decreased to zero it will lose it’s effect and when new injuries are sustained the wounds will now bleed.

Divine Protection will recover as time pass. As for items that restores Divine Protection when consumed, such convenient magic does not exist. The other are Ranks. In gaming terms it’s the level.

(Souji)「【Magic Silver Refining: Fifth Form・Avarice Dagger】」

The knife for dismantling was stabbed to the location of the deer monster’s heart. The blade sliced well onto the dead demonic beast. It’s not like this guy was physically hard, what made it hard was because of the miasma strengthening it’s body. It will lose all miasma when it dies.

I took out a blue fist-sized crystal in the heart. This is the core of this guy. A magic stone. It can make the power rank up by consuming it by force. By doing so, its rank increase. As the magic stone was eaten, it will become stronger, particularly there is the point where perspective of strength changes, that is called a Rank.

As for the highest confirmed rank in this world, the highest was Rank 6. There is only one that has this rank in the world. I was the second one who became Rank 6 in the game, but I haven’t heard any rumors of other players attaining Rank 6.

(Souji)「I want to eat this at once to get stronger, but if I eat this right now I’ll die.」

There was the biggest trap set up in this magic stone. As you consume the power, you’ll also consume the miasma. In other words, if a magic stone is not compatible to the capacity of the body who eats it, before becoming stronger, you will dies by the miasma of the magic stone.

With the strength of this magic stone, in my current state it will be an instant death. It will be more productive to eat this after I consume weak magic stones and improve my abilities.

….However, there’s a loophole here. Players have found a method to deal with it in this world in approximately two years of time. But for my current physical state, it’s impossible. After I recover my stamina, I’ll deplete it again.

(Souji)「Well, let get to it」

In the end I put the deer monster’s magic stone in my bag and decided to leave.
I’ll challenge the magic stone slowly after arriving to the Seal City.

Translator’s Notes:

1). “コリーネ” any other ideas?

2). That’s really what was on the raw “「んぼぅ」” and I resisted changing this to 「NEPU!」lol

3). Game as in a prey not a literal game

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Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Third Episode: Firefox 《Kuna》

I kept running since then, somehow I was able to arrived at the Seal City while the sun is still up high the sky. I’m always become speechless whenever I see the bizarre figure of the Seal City, even if I’ve seen it for how many time already.

The castle wall with height of 10m and thickness of 3m surrounds the the whole City. It was not prepared for any invading foreign enemies but prepared to contain something inside.

(Souji)「I’m tired as expected. As for the admission fee, 100,000 Val should be enough」

If a person doesn’t have neither a citizenship or an entry pass, they have to play 100,000 Val at the gate to pass. You can apply for an entry pass valid for a month by paying a price. I was able to get in the line when I had reached the gate.

This is the world’s most chaotic district. It’s dangerous and risky but both money and people gather up here. It’s to the extent that there is no exaggeration even if I say that there is nothing in this district that wouldn’t gather here.

For example, some holds slaves as a commodity here. There is a cage besides me that held slaves that’s hugging their knees while sitting with dead eyes. I would like to help them. But how would I do that? I can’t take the responsibilities for their life. It’s impossible for the current me, I can’t support them no matter what, they can only live their own lives.

(Souji)「It can’t be helped. Being practical is more important」

The other party is just doing it’s business. There is no need to be a hindrance to them. Like that I walked briskly with small steps, I reached the line for the entrance check in front of the gate. When I suddenly glance at the row of carriages, I saw the slave trader talking with a girl. I activate my magic cause it peeked my interest. So I used a wind magic that can pick up sounds.

「Ano, Excuse me. To enter this City what should I do desu ka?」

It was a very beautiful girl. She seems to be in her mid-teens, maybe the same age as me. Her long blond hair shines through the light, and her silky white skin moves attractively. Her features is a little on the gentle side, and this gave me the impression of being incredibly perfect girl. Although she has thin frame, it’s such an erotic sight. And her best characteristic is those fox ears that has the same color as her hair and that fox tail. It matches her very well.

I held my breath. When it was still a game, a partner of mine traveled along with me. It was the girl that I failed to save…. It was Kuna. I came here because of her. But I didn’t expect that I’ll meet her this early. It was around several years ago in the game IRURANDE when I first met her.

(Slave Trader)「Ah, Ojou-chan. Is this your first time here in the City?」

(Kuna)「Hai, Let alone this town, this is the first time that I went out of the village, I don’t know the method on how to enter big cities such as this desu」

She answered while giving a friendly smile. Is Kuna crazy? Why did you talk to that Slave Trader even when you asked a question?

(Slave Trader)「Are you not together with any other person?」

The slaver trader gives a signal to a carriage by hand, while having a greedy eye. A man was going around the girl’s blind spot, sneaking at her back.

(Kuna)「Yes, I am alone desu. I run away from the village! Because I heard that this city has a worker shortage and there’s a lot of work. And I heard that I could live alone here desu」

(Slave Trader)「Is that so, well, that’s great. A cute girl like Ojou-chan runs away from home all alone, how brave of you to travel to another city」

(Kuna)「Thank you very much. I’ll stand on my own in this city, I’ll triumph over Otou-sama, Anii-sama and the others desu」

She strongly clutch her fist, and Kuna’s eyes was sparkling. The smile of the slave trader intensify. That’s probably the reason. As for demi-humans who grows fox ears and tail, only the Firefox tribe has them.

The Firefox tribe is a extremely helpful tribe. They have the ability to heal and charm the heart of those who listens, as mana dwells in their songs. In relation to flame magic attribute, for them the magic equation can be build intuitively, it’s also innate for them to have the ability to control powerful flame with ease. And they age slower than humans.

Their life span doesn’t differ to a humans, but Firefox kept their beautiful and youthful figure until their death. They’re the best battle slave and sex slave, and when traded they are very expensive. Furthermore…… There is another of thing which raises their value.

(Slave Trader)「Then Oji-san will find you some work」

(Kuna)「Is that true desu ka!?」

While she was so absorbed in talking with the slave trader, the other person silently creep towards her back. A cloth was pressed to her mouth and she loses consciousness. The girl was then bound with ropes, they also put a magic interference talisman, then load her onto the carriage.

(Slave Trader)「Ojou-chan, I’ll give you the perfect work. Starting tomorrow, it’s an excellent work called slave」

The slave trader and the other person roars with laughter. Because they got a top quality slave in such a place they must be jumping with joy. Looking around, although many saw it, nobody stopped to help. In this world, law does not exist to anyone stepping out of the city. She was foolish, that’s why she was caught like that.

Usually, my mind will run with such thinking. But, I’ve known Kuna. The smiling face and a crying face of Kuna was carved in my mind. Therefore, I won’t abandon her. ….Even if, the Kuna that I saw and failed to save in the game and this Kuna that I just met are totally different persons. This time, I want to find happiness together with her.

I stood up and began to walk. I stand out in the line again but I didn’t care of such things. I arrive in front of the slave trader’s carriage and began to talk.

(Souji)「Merchant-san. That child is a daughter of my acquaintance. I was asked to watch out for her and came to this city. Will you please release her?」

(Slave Trader)「Hah? What are you talking about. Can’t you stop a false accusation? These child is one of my goods. I brought it here to sell it in this city」

(Souji)「I’ve saw every thing how that child was kidnapped」

(Slave Trader)「Then what of it. I’ll just say that this good was just supplied here」

(Souji)「Then you just admitted that you kidnapped her?」

(Slave Trader)「Hah? This is outside the city. The law doesn’t exist here」

(Souji)「Is that so? Ara, then there’s no problem then if I robbed you of your goods here? 【Magic Silver Refining: First Mode・Lance Piercer】」

I trusted the silver spear near his neck.

(Slave Trader)「Yo-you, what are, gu-guards, someone call the guards!!!」[TN#1]

The slave trader screams but no one moved to help. Everyone around had saw the slave trader carrying the girl away, I ignored the guy even if he kept calling for help.

(Souji)「This child is my benefactor. I can kill you for this child’s sake. And to the person hiding at the rear. If you move just another step forward, I’ll kill this guy.」

The tip of the spear lightly stabs onto the slave trader’s neck, blue particle bleeds instead of blood. It was evidence that the divine protection is working. But this merchant was a lower tiered Rank 1. If I stab the spear deeper it will use up all the protection and death will surely come.

He was secretly approaching before he received my warning. The slave trader’s companion stopped on his tracks. As for that guy, he is a higher tiered of Rank 1. I cannot win if I fight him head on. But after helping this child, escape is at least possible. Everyone’s movement stopped, the situation was at a standstill. It’s too quite to the extent of being a pain.

(Kuna)「So now what desu ka! My plan’s already ruined desu ka!!」

An out-of-place voice was heard. An angry voice, but surprisingly it was so lovely that it ruined the mood.

(Souji)「Eto, how did you got up?」

The slave trader jaw dropped with his dumbfounded face.

(Kuna)「That cloth that was was draped on me was applied with that medicine right? It won’t work on me, the poison’s effect is not enough desu yo. Tou-sama made me intake poison in small dosage and kept increasing the dosage in order for me to have resistance to it」

…..Long ago, I have heard such story. Kuna’s Otou-san seems to train his sons and daughters thoroughly that can be considered as Spartan training.

(Souji)「Then why where you caught just now!」

(Kuna)「Because I can’t pay for the entrance fee, I was thinking of being part of the goods in order to enter for free desu yo ne. Then after entering the city I’ll give them the slip then run away desu shi. That’s why I specially talked to that slave trader desu ka」

The slave trader’s and his companion’s mouth opened absent-mindedly. The hell, that’s too extreme.

(Slave Trader’s Companion)「Bu-but, how, despite being a Firefox we even put a magic interference talisman」

(Kuna)「This toy desu ka?」

The Firefox girl’s eye shined with redness. At the same time the talisman was burned all at once.

(Kuna)「So crude desu ne. This talisman type is the one that emits noise to interfere desu, but shutting it up is too easy because the pattern is too simple desu. Also the output is too weak. On the contrary putting too many interfered with each other thus turning everything pointless. The fact that escaping easily is possible, but It’s too lame to reverse the order right」

From the entire body, a red flame burst out flickeringly. The flame scatters frizzily, the trader’s skin was totally roasted particles of blue light was shed. Perhaps that child can even beat the other one with a higher tiered Rank 1.

(Slave Trader)「Hi-hiii. En-enough, get away, I was in the wrong」

While listening to the cries of the trader the of Firefox girl slowly got out of the carriage.

(Kuna)「Jaa, lets move on then. The Onii-san over there. Because you ruined my plan then I’ll have you take responsibility」

Was mockingly said by the girl. Strangely that behavior feels nostalgic.

(Souji)「Was it unnecessary?」

(Kuna)「It was a first for me being helped by a boy, being a girl myself I’m somewhat happy desu. That’s why it wasn’t unnecessary desu」

Kuna wore a smile on her face that wasn’t shown much on the game. As far as I know Kuna was more of a silent and emotionless type. She was a girl that wasn’t interested in anyone including me. Her smile is so irresistible that it made me glad.

(Souji)「…..That so, then it’s all good. Let’s continue our talk over there」

Then the two of us went away from the line.

Translator’s Notes:

1). Slave Trader here talked in broken line cause of panic

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Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Forth Episode: Kuna’s Song

(Kuna)「Now then, is it “nice to meet you” desu ka? I’m Kuna. As you can see I’m a sixteen years old Firefox. I ran away from home so I came to this City」

Said the girl with the blond fox ears and tail.

(Souji)「”Nice to meet you” wasn’t wrong. I’m Souji. Like you I’m also sixteen years old , I came to this city for money and power…… And to find a friend that can be beside me for the rest of my life」

In this world with the exception for nobles, no body uses a surname. That’s why neither I nor Kuna with the exception of a name to be called gave nothing else.

(Kuna)「Money!? Power!? To say such clear honesty of your desires!? Well I don’t hate that kind of people desu yo. ……I’m kind of curious, about what you said to Trader-san being ask by an acquaintance a while ago desu ne.

(Kuna)By any chance that you’re here to take me back desu ka!? Did Otou-sama asked you to do that!? If that’s the case, I’ll fight to resist. With all my might! I will absolutely not return home」

Kuna then posed into a lovely fighting pose. I’m surprised with the difference from the Kuna that I’ve known. As I remembered her, she was like some gloomy doll. ……That’s why, I liked the smile that she rarely shows.

(Souji)「I was lying back then. I made up that excuse in order to rescue you」

Hearing my answer, Kuna brings her face close to mine and gazed into my eyes.

(Kuna)「It seems like being ask by Otou-san is really a lie desu. But I wont be deceived masu」

Kuna doesn’t seem to be convinced while groaning with an “un un” sound.

(Kuna)「Because, when Souji-kun was looking at my face, your face had a look of a very nostalgic frown. You like me desu yo ne?」

Kuna’s behavior of tilting one’s head to the side with a puzzled look on her face was extremely cute to see.

(Souji)「I-it’s not that I like you or anything.」[TN#1]

Unintentionally, I talked in a suspicious way. Even if I repeated my life and understand it, my mental age is proportional to the bodies age. In a sense I’m interested. That’s why, even if I spend my life for a hundred years, the outcome of my reaction will still be the same.

(Kuna)「Ah, Gomennasai. The like I’m referring to is the like to a friend, not the like to a lover desu. Such courtesy, is not for me」

Kuna was shaking her hands weirdly with a redden face. It seem that she was embarrassed by the words she herself had said. When I saw her reacted like that, I myself had calmed down.

(Souji)「Un, I like you. How to say this, you resembled a friend who I’ve liked very much. I simply can’t help to not see you as a stranger」

And the sense of guilt that I let her die in the simulation was in fact real.

(Kuna)「As I look at your face, all that you have said is the truth desu ne. It would seem that the woman who look just like me was beautiful」

Kuna folds her arms and nods with a self-satisfied look while making a “un un” sound.

(Souji)「Un, a real beauty. Kuna is the same」

(Kuna)「Uuu, such a smooth talker. But I was serious to what I just said. This person….」

I liked teasing Kuna, but I’m weak when I’m at the receiving end. I immediately blushed.

(Kuna)「*Gohon* Souji-kun doesn’t seem to be a bad person desu ne. I have a favor to ask ari masu. In apology for ruining my plan to enter the city, will you help me earn money? My remaining money is only just 30,000 Val, I’m in a pinch desu」

(Souji)「Kuna can earn some by signing. A song from a Firefox will be profitable enough」

When Firefox sings mana flows within the song. It echoes through the soul, and sways one’s heart. Kuna’s voice itself is already attractive the song is also good. If it’s her, she’ll earn enough money even without relying to the Firefox’s mana. On the gaming days, she will sometimes sing when I beg her.

(Kuna)「I understand. Then I’ll just have earn money by signing de ki masu. ……kuh」

Kuna bites her lips. I just felt something troublesome is coming.

(Kuna)「For starters, let’s rehearse desu. Please let me hear your impression. …..Tou-sama, Kaa-sama, Please permit Kuna to show her shameless form in exchange for money」

After relaxing her body, Kuna suddenly opens her eyes wide. Then she wore a bright smile and stared singing.


(Kuna)「Yo kora fuokusu konkonkon ♪The fox goes konkonkon♪

With all her might, Kuna sings prettily with a light voice. Stretching out both hands below the waist, and violently shaking it up and down while swaying from right to left. [TN#2] Also those large breast of hers was incidentally shaking.

(Kuna)「Shippo wo furi furi konkonkon ♪My tail flutters konkonkon ♪

She lively turns to her back, hands on her hips, then shakes her hips while wagging her tail. Shaking those golden fluffy tail and her well-build ass, I felt like grabbing them.

(Kuna)「Mimi no saki dake kuroizo ♪The tip of my ears are black

She squat down, then she hold her fox ears from its edge while looking with her upturned eyes.

(Souji)「Shippo no saki wa shiroizo ♪The tip of my tail is white

She lift the end of her tail by hand that is as long as half her body to show it off.

(Kuna)「Yo kora fuokusu konkonkon ♪The fox goes konkonkon♪

It was the same steps like in the beginning of the song.

(Kuna)「Mofumofu fukafuka konkonkon♪Fluffy-fluff softy-soft konkonkon♪

She turns back and again swing those hips and tail.


Finally she jumps with all her might, she ended like she was shouting from the bottom of her heart. That… how can I express this.. That was so damn cute. That was so cute that my reason just flew out the window. After Kuna finished singing, she was so embarrassed that she began to talk while her face was bright red and her eyes were teary.

(Kuna)「How is that Souji-kun! Can I earn the money now?」

(Souji)「Un, you’ll earn much more wrapped offerings[TN#3]. Without a doubt. Because it’s erotic」

(Kuna)「De-desu yo ne. I want to shake my tail that way, isn’t it amazing desu mon ne. Ahhhh, You think that I’m such a shameless girl in the end masu」[TN#4]

(Souji)「No, that’s only for Firefox. Normally the breast and ass are the erotic part. And that was super cute」


She then sits down and hides her chest with a bitter face.

(Souji)「With that, Kuna. While surely you can earn money with that, can you sing that shameful song and dance in front of more than a hundred people?」

(Kuna)「I-impossible desu. Kuna… Will just return home…」
I teased her too much that she regress into a child.

(Souji)「I suggest that you return home」

(Kuna)「Uuuuu, You meanie! I absolutely won’t return home desu!」

As expected, she’s stubborn, she pulled herself up immediately and rejected it. From me who knows her future, I can rest assured while not being inside Seal City. Although Kami-sama said that it was just a result of the calculation and the fact that the future might change….. nevertheless, I believe so that I known her from the gaming days.

(Souji)「If the song from before is that embarrassing, isn’t there a song that wont embarrass you?」

(Kuna)「A lot de arimasu, but if I’m not accompanied by others then it’s no good desu. I’m not good at musical instrument desu shi」

(Souji)「Then I’ll play that part」

While it felt nostalgic, I have a magic that I only made just for her.

(Souji)「【Magic Silver Refining: Extra・Flute Play】」

Not assigning a number to it and making it just an extra is because it was only made for Kuna. The Mithril changed into a form similar to an ocarina. Kuna’s hometown. The traditional musical instrument that came from Elucie[TN#5], the country abundant of greenery where Elf and Firefox coexist and live.

(Kuna)「That instrument, isn’t it from Elucie?」

(Souji)「Un, I already been there once and learned how to play from that time. I can also play some music from Elucie. For example……..」

I remember the song Kuna told me once[TN#6]. Even without a music score, it’s the music that I’ve learned form Kuna when I hear her humming it. The music that I’ve learned, over and over she got angry when I make a mistake.

Hearing the melody, various emotions gushes out from my chest. The song title was, “Asahi no Kuu”Kuu of the Morning Sun[TN#7]. This is the song Kuna’s ChichioyaFather presented to her HahaoyaMother. It’s was a gentle tune. It conveyed the warmth feeling that was included in it.

(Kuna)「Are? This? Is Tou-sama’s music. How nostalgic」

Kuna shed tears over her eyes[TN#8]. This reminds me, when I preformed this perfectly for the first time, was she crying at that time? Before long the music ended. But seems like Kuna still want to hear the music so I looped it one more time, I played it until the performance is completed.

◇ ◇ ◇

(Kuna)「Seriously, just tell me what is it! Didn’t you want me to return home desu ka!」

(Souji)「Just go home, go home」

(Kuna)「I won’t go home!」
Kuna said so while wiping her eyes that was still reddish.

(Kuna)「……..Not yet, I still can’t return just yet」

(Souji)「That so, well I won’t force you then. Kuna, if it’s this music can you sing it?」

Kuna nods, I suddenly held my right hand out and put a thumbs up.

(Kuna)「I’m ready desu. I’ll make all the audience here water down!!」
And then I widely smile.

◇ ◇ ◇

There were several street stalls around the castle wall. In the left line for the entrance, there are people arranged to enjoy a meal in order to kill time. We line up into the section with two people. I did not attract customers. At any rate, everyone will be drawn when the song starts. We opened a satchel, I did it so that we can receive “wrapped offering”[TN#3]. There is the culture called the wrapped offering in this world.

I began playing the flute. Nobody paid any heed at this stage. There were many minstrel and street performer around. My flute is at a decent level. There is not even one person intending to stop and listen to it. Kuna’s song then starts there.
One by one people stopped on their tracks. People were gathering from far away.

Kuna’s song was overwhelming. When Kuna’s voice carried the sorrowful melody, with only that anyone will remember their hometowns. Happy memories and the gentleness which should have been lost. Just like that everything breaks out.

A Firefox’s song has ability to transmit one’s feelings around. As for this nostalgic feelings of tenderness came from Kuna. I was the happiest as I was the nearest listener of Kuna’s song. And I gain some sense of superiority.

Like in the gaming days, I should be able to spend time together with Kuna. While I was thinking of such things, I noticed the song had ended. Lots of applause came from the audience. Coins and wrapped offering were thrown into the satchel I’ve left open.

(Kuna)「Souji-kun! It’s a big success desu ne 」

This was the proof that the audience recognized the value of Kuna’s song. Kuna was being bashful. I then returned it with a smile.

(Souji)「Un, It was a good song Kuna」

I decided to squeeze out all the words from the heart. Always, I want to listen to this song.

Translator’s Notes:

1). Kitta!!! Tsundere MC wa kitta!!!!

2). If anyone can word this much better than mine then do tell me T^T “両手を前に伸ばし腰を落として上下に激しくシェイクしながら右に左に体を揺らす。”

3). Small gift of money enclosed in a piece of twisted paper.

4). In the prequel “Elf Tensei” story, Kuu told Cyril that a Firefox’s tail was their most erotic part, hence why Kuna said that that was shameless de arimasu.

5). I’ll follow HelloMojo’s translation of Erushie here.

6). Souji is referring to the Kuna of the game here.

7). Kuu is the name of one of Cyril’s childhood friend/wife who was a Firefox in Elf Tensei.

8). Rui-sensei made an typo here, but originally it’s Kuu’s name that was written here instead of Kuna so I had changed it.

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Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Fifth Episode: The Tavern

We earned enough money and entered the sealed city safely went into a tavern in order to have a meal.

(Kuna)「Now then, Let’s equally divide the money we earned a while ago. Amazing desu ne! As expected of the sealed city. There are plenty of rich people. We earned 250,000 Val with just the wrapped offerings desu yo♪」

Kuna was cheerfully dividing the rolled bills and coins into two. One is 25,000 Val, and the other one is 125,000 Val.

(Kuna)「This is Souji-kun’s part desu」

And 125,000 Val was handed to me. Perhaps, the 100,000 Val that was used in the entrance fee was deducted from Kuna’s share.

(Souji)「I refuse. I only helped a little bit, and in the first place all of these where earned by Kuna herself」

(Kuna)「That doesn’t matter. This is the money that two people earned so this should be equally divided desu」

(Souji)「Because I was listening to Kuna’s song on a special seat, with that alone was worth all this money. Right now, isn’t Kuna already dead broke? Therefore it’s important to have some spare changes」


(Souji)「I played the music just to hear Kuna’s song. And in addition, I was able to see the cute “Yo kora Fox” dance till the end. [TN#1] With that, I cannot accept that money」

(Kuna)「Are you sure about that desu ne?」

(Souji)「Un, Kuna’s song and dance was well worth it」

(Kuna)「Souji-kun is a really nice guy. Elucie…… I thought that all the people from outside the country where I was from were scary people, I’m glad that it was not so desu. Arigatou Souji-kun」

Kuna took my hand and conveyed her feeling of appreciation. She then suddenly separated her hand and distance herself more than necessary, did she became embarrassed that quickly?

(Kuna)「Apart from that, *hmph**hmph**hmph*, It’s been a while since I had a feast desu♪」

Her hand touches the dish that was piled like a mountain while humming. That quantity was like it used up all the money at hand just for today’s food.

(Souji)「Kuna that’s too luxurious」

(Kuna)「It is all right desu. Because this is a rare luxury. It’s been a month since I ran away from home, I’ve been eating only this kara ne」

Kuna brought out a seemingly hard dried meat from her bag.

(Souji)「I think that’s impossible, You’ve spend only the preserved food that you took from the house when you ran away from home?」

(Kuna)「No way it was as simple as that desu, I entered a mountain alone and hunted my own game, drained the blood out, I dried it by using fire magic and finished the process masu yo. After that, I ate it masu ne」

And it was being preserved with addition to the mountain greens. They are various mountain greens that can be eaten with no problem. It is raw and dried then mixed in various ways.

(Souji)「Even though Kuna is an Ojou-sama, your way of living is terrible」

(Kuna)「The Savaii Val system was though to us by Otou-sama. That person was so unreasonable desu yo! At the age of 9, I was carried to a snowy mountain while I was sleeping, When I woke up 『I’ll come to pick you up later. If what I taught you has been hammered to your body, then you should be able to survive』 he said!!! I was thrown out just like that desu yo! I was prepared to die a hundred times at that moment.」[TN#2]

(Souji)「…..No mercy at all. Kuna’s Otou-san」

She lean forward and shouts whenever Kuna gets angry at very thing at that time. But her voice somewhat sounded happy.

(Kuna)「Besides I have a much more terrible things to discuss desu yo. I was served poisoned meals everyday just to raise my resistance, cruelly trained on hand-to-hand combat, and my magic training was a total torture desu yo!」[TN#3]

She was only complaining, but strangely the feeling that her Otou-san’s loves was transmitted from Kuna and it was heartwarming. I heard stories of her Otou-san from Kuna while sometimes giving out responses.

(Kuna)「*haa*, *haa*, *haa*, isn’t that person terrible desu! Are? Souji-kun? A moment ago did you just called me an Ojou-sama yo ne. Did I said that I was in fact one?」[TN#4]

(Souji)「Yeah, before we came in the tavern」[TN#5]

Oh shit! I haven’t even heard the story from the current Kuna.

(Kuna)「Is that so? Then it’s ok desu. Even if I didn’t say it, my overflowing elegance will give it away」

(Souji)「Which ever is true, I think Kuna’s aura has a friendly atmosphere」

(Kuna)「Is that so? Then whichever is fine then desu」

While saying so, the elegant Ojou-sama did not take apart the skewered fish with a knife and fork but by bitting on both sides of the skewer.

(Souji)「Come to think of it, why are you hiding your ears?」

When Kuna parted from the merchant and before performing the song, she was wearing a hat to hide her ears and her tail was tucked inside her skirt.

(Kuna)「Because Firefox is profitable kara ne. I won’t survive for long if I don’t hide it when it’s not necessary to be show. Even in our death we are still profitable masu shi. Especially because in this city there are stories that there are extremely strong monsters that I think can’t win against, so I must be always careful」

(Souji)「Certainly, this is the city where the very best gathers.」

Seal City of Erin. It’s construction is quite abnormal. The castle wall was too solid. And it was made to be absolutely unopenable from the inside. The reason for it was to shut in demonic beast inside this city, that’s why.

Originally the purpose of this city is to gather the demonic beast that gush forth in this world and seal them in. It was made because of the underground labyrinth beneath the city, so when demonic beast leaks out of the labyrinth by chance, it will prevent them from going to the outside world.

(Souji)「I came here for the underground labyrinth. So what is Kuna’s purpose here?」

(Kuna)「It’s the same for me desu yo. My aim is the underground labyrinth too desu. It’s only at this place that you could make money peacefully by using your own might desu. I’m different from all my Anii-sama and Anee-sama. Aside from fighting I don’t have merits other than singing」

Kuna muttered absent-mindedly while she clenched her fist.

(Souji)「Does Kuna’s siblings spoiled you?」

(Kuna)「Yes, I am often mistaken for being the Nee-san but in fact that I’m the youngest child desu, even to us five siblings as well. Even though everyone was born at the same time, I’m the only one who was born a decade later, so I was terribly spoiled by my Anii’s and Anee’s desu」

(Souji)「You loved all your siblings?」

(Kuna)「Yes, I love my Anii-sama and my three Anee-sama desu. But, I hate Tou-sama」

(Souji)「If I was disciplined the same way then I will also dislike him」

(Kuna)「That’s ok desu. In my point-of-view, it was understandable that it was necessary, it is a path that all my siblings went through desu. But, what I can’t forgive was that a fiancé was selfishly selected without my permission desu. In addition to that its a person that was from another country. And they pushed through the marriage, so I said that I’m going to leave Elucie desu yo!」

(Souji)「As for Kuna’s Otou-san, he might be doing it for Kuna’s happiness I think?」

……Yes, Kuna’s Otou-san fully understands the crisis that was approaching to Kuna. However, it became a ridiculous thing because Kuna ran away from home. Only some questions of the tragedy which the former Kuna went through was cleared.

(Kuna)「It may be so desu. But I hated it desu. It seems like I was just considered as a tool. That’s why I really left when I wished to get out. I ran away from home and didn’t became Tou-sama’s tool. But just running away is not enough, even if Tou-sama begs me to come back, I decided to be an amazing person first desu」

(Souji)「That’s why you’re here. This is the only place in the world where you can have an opportunity to fight many demonic beast」

(Kuna)「Hai. I’m here to to defeat demonic beast and to acquire magic stones in order to get stronger desu!」

(Souji)「Generally speaking, it’s the same for me. But do you know the reason why only here in this city does the demonic beast spawn in the first place?」

(Kuna)「Of course I know masu. It’s thanks to the “Elna integrated device” that is placed in the underground labyrinth desu yo ne」

(Souji)「Right, it’s made by Grand Magnus Cyril that became the invention of the century.」[TN#6]

There is a reason why the existence of monsters was only at this place. There’s an underground labyrinth located in the center of this city. In the first place monster are being spawn in reaction to the magic of the Negative Energy …… known as Elna. It was given directivity by the human emotion “fear” and then materializes it.

If there is an Elna then there sure to be demonic beast. The fact is demonic beast spawns everywhere until 30 years ago. Back then it was possible for demonic beast to suddenly spawn inside houses. But 30 years ago the Elf, Grand Magnus Cyril made a certain invention. It’s a Magic Tool that can gather Elna in one place. By collecting the Elna that flooded all over the world, demons stopped spawning in other places other than the vicinity of the device.

……..But, there is also rare cases from which it couldn’t finish gathering all the Elma that transformed into demonic beasts in some place. There are eight location where the device are installed. The device in this city is the largest and the remaining seven are substitutes.

(Kuna)「Not really, Cyril isn’t that great of a person desu」

(Souji)「He is a great person. Isn’t that exact person the one who made the underground labyrinth?」[TN#7]

The device that’s gathering Elna, it continues to gather demonic beast in the outskirts with terrific force. And they’re powerful demonic beast to boot. That’s why the underground labyrinth was made in order to seal those in. It was also a living labyrinth. It’s a miraculous technique that allows the partial utilization of Elna that was said to be impossible. They consume Elna underground, and the underground floors increases while the labyrinth becomes complicated. The labyrinth will turn into something that demonic beast will live in, and with it’s complex structure, the demonic beast will find it hard to get out even if they try to.

(Kuna)「I know Cyril masu yo. Also the things about the Elna gathering device, and the things on the labyrinth. I know all of it as to the extent of getting tired of it」

(Souji)「Is that so. You’re well informed. Are you aware of it’s story? It seems like that the undermost floor of the underground labyrinth has reached to sixty floors」

And, as for the underground labyrinth that place is good, as you distance to the Elna gathering device shrinks the density of Elna increase, the demonic beast becomes stronger. Paradoxically speaking as the higher the floor the density of Elna decrease, and demonic beast tends to be weaker. The weak demonic beast becomes the most suitable game to acquire Magic Stones by adventurers, and the density of Elna decreases by hunting those fellows. The structure is like killing two birds with one stone.

(Kuna)「But there are the problematic points too arimasu yo. First, even if how long the people gathering in this seal city hunts the weak demonic beast on the upper floor with effort, the consumption is not catching up with increase in Elna at all, Elna will steadily accumulate if nobody defeats the strong demonic beast born on the lower floors desu ka」

(Souji)「You’re right. That’s why the country desperately gathers adventurers of capture of the underground labyrinth」

As Kuna said, it shows the saturation of the underground labyrinth now. The demonic beast who sneaks out the underground labyrinth and appears outside has increased too, and there is also an example where the strong demonic beast who should be on the lower floors appears in the upper floors. Instead of beating weak demonic beast on the upper floors, it’s necessary to beat the stronger demonic beast on the lower floors. So unless we do it, the underground labyrinth will get nearer to it’s limits.

(Kuna)「It is profitable desu. But even though I don’t feel like it, the world will be filled with demonic beast if we don’t defeat the demonic beast steadily ii masu kara. An excellent person like me must challenge the labyrinth. Therefore in this case the country is supporting it desu」

(Souji)「That’s right! But Kuna might not know, in order for you to enter into the underground labyrinth you need to have a license」

(Kuna)「NAN DESU TO!!」[TN#8]

Kuna surprised me by leaning her body forward. She’s really a regrettable child in various ways. She didn’t do enough preparation.

(Kuna)「How can I take the license desu ka?!」

(Souji)「If applying normally, because of the rush of applications now, if we’re lucky then by order we can take the test by waiting next year」

(Kuna)「No way. I can’t wait for a year desu」

Kuna dropped her shoulders disappointedly. I can’t see it with the hat on, but her fox ears must have fallen down with a *petan*.

(Souji)「It’s still too early to be depressed. I just said awhile ago that “if we did it normally”」

(Kuna)「Is there some other way desu ka!」

(Souji)「Of course, however three day later there is a chance for any 16 years old or younger at less than Rank 1 who is applicable to the condition to be given」

(Kuna)「I’m all OK desu. By all means, please teach me!」

(Souji)「Un, we came here for that reason. three days from now there will be an entrance examination for the school in this city, the Velgrande knight school. It is a school with the aim to raise a strong knight, students will get a qualification to enter the underground labyrinth. However until recently only nobles can apply, now the general framework is being prepared」

(Kuna)「That’s great desu! But, I don’t have enough money for school desu…..」

(Souji)「You don’t have to worry about that. This city in order to defeat the demonic beast supports any talented young people. The teaching materials are free of charge and are provided with entrance fee to the school, three meals for dormitory are charged on, the total amount of tuition is free by being a scholarship student among the three top rankers of the new students of the general course」

(Kuna)「What’s that desu, super VIP treatment!」

(Souji)「It’s still early to be surprised. Upon graduating anyone who reached Rank 3 will have the possibility to be bestowed with a title of honorary noble」

Yes, was my goal. The status of nobility is very convenient at all time. It’s not necessarily required to rule a territory and there are less responsibility cause it’s just a honorary noble. But graduating at Rank 3, the hurdle is too high. I heard that only one student was able to achieved this system in the past five years.

(Kuna)「Amazing! I’ll get it masu. I’ll get it by all means masu!」

(Souji)「It’s good to take it, but there’s the lecture part other than a practical skill, is it all right?」


(Souji)「Plenty of enthusiastic problem will be given. Kuna doesn’t understand the national standard of education here so if we don’t do a self-study then it’s impossible to pass」

Yet again Kuna crumbles down. But stood up after several seconds. I poked my hand inside my wallet and grabbed all the money my hands could grasp.

(Souji)「Kuna, my share from the performance, I refuse to received it」

(Kuna)「No, this is yours desu. With my own money, for three days, I’ll hire you as my private tutor onegai shi masu」

(Souji)「What can you do in just three days?」

(Kuna)「For me three days is sufficient desu」
Kuna immediately responded. This girl will surely do it. If she’s who I’ve know very well, then three days will be enough.

(Souji)「I understand, I accept it. I’ll accept this money」

(Kuna)「Hai! Onegai shi masu!」[TN#9]
I shook hands with Kuna.

(Souji)「By the way, Kuna」

(Kuna)「Hai, Nan deshou?」[TN#10]

(Souji)「When we entered the tavern, you said to split the bill right. But if Kuna paid for her share, you’ll be broke in an instant」

(Kuna)「Eto… Sono…. If you could lend me some money, that would be nice…. just joking」

(Souji)「It’s my treat. This one I’ll lend it to Kuna. Be prepared, because I’ll have you return it with interest」[TN#11]
At that moment Kuna’s face reddens with her mouth open, hugs her own body, and drew some distance.

(Kuna)「Co-could it possibly be that you want me to pay with my body desu ka!? Anii-sama, Haha-sama, the outside world is scary after all. Please permit Kuna to be violated by such brute……」

(Souji)「Who the hell said that I’m gonna do that!」

(Kuna)「Eh? You won’t desu ka?」

(Souji)「I wont’! Can a possible future classmate do such things! I get lodging in an inn first. Because we will have an all-nighter until taking the exam, single room for two is fine」

(Kuna)「I hope for a different room for the young maiden shi masu」

(Souji)「Kuna. You’re broke… Because we’re out of time for the remaining three days, there is no extra time to earn money. I’ll handle you’re booking fee, Do you wish for another agreement for an expensive room?」

(Kuna)「……Gomennasai. I would like to have a single room for two onegai shi masu. But let me say this once. Even if you take my body, you couldn’t take my heart.」

(Souji)「If you tease me too much, I might seriously take it」

I smile wryly. Kuna noticed that I wasn’t really serious and was just kidding. And with this, I can behave with Kuna for a while. With this we can advance without a problem. After entering into the school, I can probably build our relationship of the extent that we can challenge to the labyrinth together.

Translator’s Notes:

1). This was the embarrassing dance Kuna did at Eps.4

2). Cyril WTF is wrong with you?! I know your intention was good but still WTF?!

3). Cyril you shithead! You made little Kuna cry!!!

4). Lol Souji made a fatal mistake

5). Souji guilty of lying!

6). WTF Grand Magnus Cyril?! Raising The Dead Translation, I’ll be waiting for your revival of the translation for Elf Tensei with more anticipation! I wanna know what the hell Cyril did.

7). Cyril again WTF?! You never cease to amaze me

8). Literally “WHAT!”

9). Literally “Yes, please”

10). Literally “Yes, What is it?”

11). Souji you sounded like a villain

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Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Sixth Episode: Cramming for Examination

(Souji)「Well then, shall we start studying? Because I’m receiving payment as a tutor then well do this seriously. If it’s a test on mathematics, Kuna cam make the cut by using your intuition and fundamental knowledge. It can’t be help, well study history of magic」

To the referral from the tavern, I’m giving lessons to Kuna in the inn we rented. She was sitting on a chair and her hand on the desk. Because the two of us was alone she was freely and carelessly exposing her fox ears and tail. Because Kuna already received a rather high-leveled education, we’ll focus on her weak-points in order to manage by.

(Kuna)「My magic good desu yo!」

(Souji)「I know that. I already saw it first hand when you blew the slave trader’s talisman in the carriage. When comparing other Firefox to Kuna who can use magic beautifully, I don’t know anyone who can do the same. There’s no waste in the magic equation, Because of your understanding on the formula’s technique, you can use magic to a degree of perfection」

(Kuna)「Fufun, I’m great, right desu」

She put up a self-satisfied look with her fox ears standing up. Surely, the strict father have hammered it in her thoroughly.

(Souji)「But what is in demand here in this city, magic is probably the correct answer. I’ll be frank, the magic in this city is unpolished is obsolete…… It’s really a mistake. But to this city that’s the correct thing. Kuna I’ll make you memorize all things that are wrong here. Anyway the instructor won’t know the correct answer, even if they try to correct it they won’t have an idea who can understand it. Be sure to practice the lecture and surely you’ll get all the answers in “X”」[TN#1]

(Kuna)「…….How unreasonable. If we can become nobles upon graduating we can have everything from clothes, a duty and a house, then we have to be patient desu」

Kuna expressed her dissatisfaction with her pouting face. I know how it feels. Even for a magician like me it’s annoying to be matched with a low level companion.

(Souji)「It’s natural to get it, graduating at Rank 3. I tell you an interesting story. There are approximately 10,000 labyrinth explorers in this town. But when we break them down, 9,000 people are Rank 1, 700 people are Rank 2, and Rank 3 has only around 300 people. It is this result, including the people who have done it for dozens of years. We must become Rank 3 in three years until graduation. Attaining Rank 3 in three years, less than 0.5 can take those spot」

The inside where the Rank 1 occupies ninety percent of whole and the one that are Rank 3 are fearful and unreachable. Blessed with talent, blessed with an excellent companion and luck will usually take a decade. Because I can do it with one-third of the usual time, it may be said that it is impossible to achieved with a straight-forward method. The point breaks on counting for Rank 4. As for the apex of Rank 6 only one person was able to obtain it.

(Kuna)「What? There’s only 0.5 desu ka Too easy desu yo. If there are 200 people, you should only overtake the other 199 people desu」

(Souji)「Confidence is Kuna’s strong point」

Actually, she is a genius, and there are the accumulated training from her home. But we still cannot reach Rank 3 in one year. Rank 3 is a high hurdle. But then, the story will be different because of the fact that I’m here. There is a special trick.

(Souji)「Therefore shall we start studying. Because we only have 3 days, I’ll prepare the past exams. That will probably reaches the point where you can solve it with ease」

(Kuna)「Past exams?」

(Souji)「Un, this is the problems that was given on the exam last year」

(Kuna)「Wow amazing!!」

(Souji)「It’s so. You will solve all of this and also explain it. After solving all of them we’ll narrow it down to the things that you’ve made mistakes on, and those you didn’t understand and those I will teach you」

Kuna’s great, she’s amazingly in high spirit. In fact, the past exams was a lie. Actually it is the test for this year from the database that various players took.[TN#1] Many players uploaded it as all of them has the same content.

If Kami-sama’s estimation is not a lie then this will probably be right on the money. We can actually do the test’s margin, but there might be something after the admission. To make Kuna take this seriously I didn’t say the truth.

(Souji)「To do this perfectly first is do not fall behind my lectures. In the examination system, the test for the lecture with a score 60% and below is considered disqualified. If you passed that then next is the practical test. With the overall result of the lecture and practical test they will select a candidate. As for the evaluation, the practical skill is regarded as important. But don’t be hasty because the result from your lecture test affects the selection of the scholarship students」

(Kuna)「I understand. Ano, Souji-kun. I beseech you please teach me. What if, I passed the test, but I wasn’t to reach the slot for the scholarship student?」

(Souji)「Then their only choice is to pay the money from their own pocket. The entrance fee is only just 500,000 Val. As for the tuition for a half year is 300,000 Val. Then there is 240,000 Val for dormitory charge and the food expenses for a half year to teaching materials that costs 100,000 Val. All in all the total amount is 1,140,000 Val」

Even this is a considerably an upright pricing in the school. Because there was the support from the country, that’s why the price is like that..

(Kuna)「1,140,000 Val!? Such money, absolutely impossible desu. I must absolutely become a scholarship student!」
Kuna clenched her fist tightly.

(Souji)「Well, I think Kuna will somehow manage it. If you borrow money」

(Kuna)「Will you lend it to a young girl like me desu ka?」

(Souji)「Un, I can afford up to two million Val. If the payment is delayed, you’ll become my slave….. In other words, the debt will make you as collateral, so generously serve me.」

The beautiful Firefox trembled in fear. 50 million Val is trivial if they send it to the slave market by an legal route even if they just estimate it. Even if the debt has low interest, the margin is 2 million, if the high interest rate debt is enough, she may borrow as much as 10 times the value.

(Kuna)「Me as collateral for the debt….. But I won’t have any problem if I can return it, if I were to not pass it, it may be better than than waiting for a year to get my license…… I’m troubled masu」

Kuna is considering the debt seriously. The knight school has reasonably large benefits. If she can enter the underground labyrinth, it’s enough to possibly pay for it on monthly basis.

(Souji)「If then, Kuna will likely delay paying the debt, then I’ll pay for it in advance. Therefore even if you failed to pass the scholarship, just get a loan without worries and enroll in it」

(Kuna)「……The gentleness is adversely scary. Tou-sama said, Because Kuna is cute, all men that approaches seem to be the bad wolves that will try to eat Kuna」

(Souji)「Alright, alright. Because I’m a gentleman, should I reach out to your hand to become my lover, then I’ll take over the debt and liabilities in accordance to ownership rights」

(Kuna)「That is not alright at all!! Absolutely… I’ll absolutely pass the scholarship test! Quickly give me the past exams kudasai!!」

(Souji)「Understood. I understand it. I got a large amount of money, too. So work properly」

I close my eyes and concentrate on it I looked into my mind. I choose something in line with a purpose from the magic that hundreds of thousands of players developed. Furthermore, I took out the wooden board from the bag which I bought on the way to the inn.

(Souji)「【Print Creation】」

I shouted the magic name which is the trigger and executed the magic. Innumerable magic equation streams down my mind, then operated it to override the physical phenomenon and interfere with the world. The supersonic wave that I brought about is flung against the cortex, and digs the character string of the past exam to appear like a video in the mind. A minute passed while proceeding with that work. A spectacular print of the questionnaire of the last exam was made possible and was spread. Ink is applied there, stamping it on with a *petan* on the paper, the past test questionnaire is completed instantly.

(Souji)「Here, Kuna. Once you’re done just tell me. Because you’ll have another five tests to deal with」

I took out the next wooden board, I immediately prepared the second one.

(Kuna)「Amazing, how complex, a magic with multiple process, just that makes that magic amazing, it’s also looks simple. Such terrible waste. But I don’t know any other magician other than Tou-sama who can do such great things」

Kuna was astonished when she saw my magic. It is no wonder, my magic was developed by tens of thousands of players who shared it on open source that made the method to several hundred of years more advance. In the first place the body of homunculus is very advantageous when using magic. Without making a mistake, the character string of the magic language memorized word by word pops into my as the magic made it’s completion. It’s easy to utter with my mouth but the hurdle is strangely high. For a Japanese, the lyrics of the Swahili language’s tune on my mind was a state not to know the meaning and how to read the word.

(Souji)「Hey, you don’t have the time to mind me. We only have three days left」

Kuna faced the desk and begins to solve the past test questionnaire as soon as I told her to.

◇ ◇ ◇

(Kuna)「Tou-sama… Kuna will do her best….. I will do my very best…. that’s why…..」

I overheard some of Kuna’s sleep talking while she sleeps on the side. Having the fatigue from her long journey and pile it more with her fatigue with studying, She was lying down next to me in a deep sleep. While watching her mouth I became cautious… Because this child was brought up in such a gentle environment… She should learn that a good-natured person is sometimes the most dangerous one.

When I first meet her in the game period, she was a unauthorized illegal labyrinth explorer. With eyes which have gone wild that seemed to hate everything in the world. A good-natured girl that keeps getting deceived, and have many distorted wounds. We’ve meet in various ways trying to befriend Kuna. It took me over a year after becoming friends with Kuna to show me her genuine girly side similar to the present Kuna that is right next to me. Hopefully, the current Kuna……. I want the Kuna that was not just Kami-sama’s simulation to find happiness. Yes, I’ll make you happy.

(Souji)「Now then, let’s do our best tomorrow. At least, If we pass the knight school, I’ll push Kuna towards the Happy route」

It seems painful even now. I patted the head of Kuna who murmured “Tou-sama”, and then I also fell asleep.

Translator’s Notes:

1). In Japan all correct answers are marked as “X” while mistakes are marked with “O”.

2). LoL he’s also a cheat to the exams.

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Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Seventh Episode: Fallen Noble

(Kuna)「Breakfast ♪ Breakfast ♪」

Kuna and I, two people stroll around the market in the morning. The plan is that after buying breakfast at a food stall, we’ll apply for the examination that will be held two day from now and we plan to return to our room after. There are few open stores in the morning, but a street food stall is inexpensive and has a complete set of good food.

(Souji)「Still, that was a terrible result. Though most of the mathematics is perfect, the history and magic result are terrible」

(Kuna)「Boo, because I don’t know the history of other countries, and the magic problem is the one in the wrong desu. The problem with the example was their useless method. It’s construction is weird, who made that problem in the first place? They wrote a magic equation without understanding it’s meaning masu yo!」

(Souji)「Un, Actually that was right. Basically, the magic research here doesn’t completely understand the order of basic order of the equation. Though the researcher understood their field of research, they do it in secret without sharing it to the world. That’s why the current magic isn’t understood that well. When the construction is like this, then they can only do it on such levels」

Still, the common recognition of the effect will have similarities to some degree. There is also the negative effects of the first which is again useless without being shared.

(Kuna)「Aah, I want to rewrite those. Because it irritates me desu yo. When I see a useless method」

(Souji)「Seriously who in the world is Kuna’s Otou-san to be able to teach a magic equation?」[TN#1]

(Kuna)「Just my ordinary stubborn Oyaji desu yo. One that is a great flirter」

(Souji)「A great flirter?」

(Kuna)「Yes! He has three wives masu[TN#2] I have five siblings, of the previous mention two of them are my half-sisters from a different mother desu mon」

(Souji)「That’s troublesome. Then, is Kuna’s Kaa-san unhappy with that?」

(Kuna)「……They look extremely happy desu. They flirt and sweet talk each other unbecoming for one’s age masu. However, there are times when I can’t meet Tou-sama that makes me lonely, when he is with the other women I have a regrettable face desu. Though they’re happy, there are times when I think that the bride is Kaa-sama alone」

If you look at Kuna, Kuna’s mother must have been an extremely beautiful person. That man is the worst if he took two more wives, while having such wife.

(Kuna)「Therefore I’ve decide desu. If I’ll get married in the future, I’ll marry someone who will only love me」[TN#3]

(Souji)「Un, that’s good. Kuna should be together with a person who loves you the most」[TN#4]

I think so from the bottom of my heart. However I also understand the feeling of Kuna’s dad. A man would like to make a lot of cute girl service him.[TN#5] ……It’ll depend on one’s own feeling after all.

(Kuna)「Quickly Wall[TN#6]…..*gohon*[TN#7] Souji-kun that food stall’s soup over there looks delicious desu yo.[TN#8] There soup contains meat and the vegetables looks also nice」

(Souji)「Kuna…. Just now…. Did you just called me Wallet?」[TN#9]

(Kuna)「Fu au, The-there’s no way I’ll do that desu yo! Quick now, hurry hurry!」

Kuna pulled me by my hand, I was taken to a soup stall.

◇ ◇ ◇

In the end, I bought two large serving of the soup and one was handed to Kuna. In the soup was left over vegetables and sliced meat, there was chunks of wheat on the soup like a springy wanton. The soup is a salt base. The soup stock is out of the meat and vegetables are quite delicious.

(Kuna)「Good desu yo ne. Because those which normally thrown away are gathered in, it’s very cheap and delicious food」

(Souji)「But actually the street stall around here normally opens shop at noon. Therefore those food ingredients that was to be thrown where provide in this way. The stall side can use their spare time and the throw away ingredients costs a lot cheaper. The adventurers explore the underground labyrinth early in the morning, they can take nourishment with inexpensive yet good food, and it’s the acceptable size」

I presented a trivia while drinking the soup. I know it very well because I lived in this world longer than in Japan.

(Kuna)「Good desu ne. If we passed in the Knight school, we’ll depart first thing in the morning and eat soup here then go to underground labyrinth desu. As for this, does it feels like a genuine adventurer desu ka?」

(Souji)「Un, Shall we go together if we pass it? After this」

I hand over to Kuna 10,000 Val.[TN#10]

(Kuna)「What’s this desu ka?」

(Souji)「As expected, it’s inconvenient if you don’t have money right? The it’s better for you to have these」

(Kuna)「I can’t, It’s to much masen yo!」

(Souji)「Who told you to?」


(Souji)「I only lending it to you. For every interval of ten days, 10% interest is added to the loan, do be careful」

(Kuna)「You terrible rif-off! That, that’s not a great thing at first but in two months the loan will double the price desu ka!」

(Souji)「If you don’t like it, then pass to be a scholarship student, quickly explore the underground labyrinth so you can pay for it」

(Kuna)「I will absolutely pass it. ……if the debt stays as it is, I’ll shake my tail to you」

(Souji)「It’s extremely healthy」[TN#11]

(Kuna)「Where are you looking at!? It’s the tail desu yo! FOXTAIL-CHAN DESU YO!?」

While we did such silly talks, we arrived in front of a knight school. Up to now they seem to be still receiving applications for the entrance examination.

(Kuna)「Uwaa, What an amazing number of person desu ne Souji-kun」

In the application area, an exclusive seat is prepared in the courtyard, 50 people was already lined up.

(Souji)「Every year they received about five hundred people」

(Kuna)「It’s only limited to 16 years old and below desu ka? That’s surprising desu. In my hometown there are only thirty children that’s the same age」

(Souji)「They came from various countries in order for their dreams to come true. Something like that」

(Kuna)「By the way there are only three slots for the student scholarship desu, but how many slots are there for the normal enrollees desu ka?」

(Souji)「If I am not mistaken, the slots for nobles are in the hundred, and fifty for the general enrollees」

(Kuna)「There’s more slots for nobles desu ne. Although are much less on the general enrollees」

(Souji)「In the case of the nobles they already received some degree of training when they were still little, they do buy magic stones with their money so they can easily raise their power. There are many talented people among the nobles, and they’re also well disciplined and educated. It’s normal for the general public to gets a license and explore without entering the knight school. Most of the time they can’t use magic because they don’t know the basics. To make money in this shallow hierarchy they often over-strain themselves, went to deep and died a dog’s death」

(Kuna)「This is social inequality…..」

It is good enough that the lecture class expect the effects to drop-off. The history, magic and arithmetic of this country. If they’re not born from a wealthy home then they are incapable of receiving the culture’s prosperity. In addition intelligence and knowledge are required to an explorer. If a muscle brain became a explorer then the number of corpses will just increases. If only the current practical skill have about three times the applicant. While we begun preparation, the two people ahead already finished with the receptionist and already returned, then whispering voice was heard.

(Random Applicant A)「Hey look at that!」

(Random Applicant B)「Aah, the one from the fallen house?」

(Random Applicant A)「There are rumors here that I’ve heard, so she really came」

(Random Applicant C)「Despite that she’s originally noble, isn’t she embarrassed to apply for the general examination?」

During such talks, the alone girl walks. It’s origin is probably an enormously good clothes, but it’s the appearance have become dirty with mud, and was frayed here and there, and it looks disgraceful. The suppose-to-be beautiful silver hair lost it’s brilliance when no nourishment was taken. Just a single long sword that hangs on her waist shines.

However phosphorus and haggard the girl looks, that girl elegantly walks. Such a beautiful girl. This, I thought so. Kuna was also a beauty, while she lean on the side of having an aura of being cute, that child has the expression of being beautiful. The exam applicants who was waiting in line naturally make way.

(Annelotte)「I am going to apply for the general examination itadaku wa. My name is Annelotte Auclaire」

The receptionist’s hand trembles. Auclaire……. I know that name. Called the Kingdom’s right-hand, the grand noble who gain fame as the sword instructor for the royal families. …..However, it was in the past. A certain incident happened, now it was the greatest stain in the Kingdom’s history, their house was dissolved and the family head was executed. But, I know it well. The truth was that it was a false accusation, why was it necessary to entrap Auclaire house?

(Annelotte)「Arigatou. Do your best on your work」


When Annelotte, the girl who gave her name thank the receptionist, she then began gallantly returned back into the road. The face of the receptionist was red. The dignity and charisma of the girl made the receptionist do that. Annelotte which came next to us suddenly stopped. And she stare at Kuna’s face.

(Anne)「Princess of Elucie. Why are you in such a place?」

(Kuna)「Yoーyou got the wrong person desu yo. A princess? Me? No way, I’m just a commoner It’s normal for a Firefox to be beautiful desu. Which I think you have been mistaken with my overflowing dignity masu」

(Anne)「No, I’m can’t be mistaken. I clearly remember the encounter in the royal palace party aru mono」

(Kuna)「You got the wrong person desu yo. I don’t know any Anne desu」

(Anne)「There are only few allowed to call me Anne」

(Kuna)「…..I correct myself masu. Please ignore my situation here. I am here as just Kuna masu. Please understand my reason」
Kuna with a rare serious face said it with a voice which has dreadfulness.

(Anne)「You also have your own circumstances aru no ne」

(Kuna)「For such as Anne, why is Anne a grand noble in the general application? It’s easier to apply on the slots for noble desu yo」

(Anne)「……I am not a noble anymore. Our house was dissolved because of a false accusation. We tried to appeal for our innocence but those people don’t lend an ears to hear the story of a fallen noble. So I’m here to acquire the title of an Honorary Noble to regain the honor of the Auclaire House」

In short, it’s to revive their fallen house. If she can’t get a noble status in some way then any talks will not start. Upon graduation a title of Honorary Noble will be received if one has reached Rank 3. This girl came here for that purpose.

(Kuna)「Anne. I’m giving you an advise as your friend masu. It’s absurd to be bound by your house desu yo. Forget about your house, think only of one’s own happiness is worthwhile.」

Kuna told something like a self-mockery.[TN#12]

(Anne)「Certainly, what you had said is correct. But I won’t give up. Because Auclaire is me itself」

She was exhausted, still she shown a smile that was full of pride. I honestly thought that was beautiful.

(Kuna)「So Anne too aims for the scholarship student slot desu ka?」

(Anne)「That is correct. At present I am broke, which is only that. But even if I lose both money and status, I still have this sword with me!」

The long sword that was hanging on her lower back was suddenly unsheathed. The blade of the long sword was dyed with a snow-white color. Mana also slightly leaks from it, I can tell that the long sword was a Demon Sword ………It felt nostalgic. There was a time when I carried a sword I cherished with me. It was a wonderful sword. But that sword wasn’t just wonderful. She pulled the sword and entered a stance. I could perceive her ability with just those movements. Her manner of speaking doesn’t hint her ability with the sword. Many years of training piles up to be able to manage such skills. For her who lost everything, this is the only support that she have left.

(Souji)「I’m aiming for the student scholarship too masu. This is a match desu. Anne」

(Anne)「I will not be defeated. But both of us can enter because the slot for the student scholarship is limited for three persons」


Leaving me out alone, the two started a sport competition. Anne turned her back at us while waving her hands. That kind of gesture every single time looks appropriate. We looked at her back as she pass us by. And as if the strings holding her together snapped she suddenly collapsed.


Kuna’s voice that was worried for her friend resounded through the field.

Translator’s Notes:

1). A reincarnator with 30+ past reincarnation that he can utelized to fight lol.

2). WTF?! THREE WIVES?! There is Lucie, Kuu, and… who is the other one!!!!!! Some one hasten the translation of Elf Tensei!!!!

3). Lol Kuna looking at the future… Goodluck…


5). His true color appeared.

6). She was saying wallet but she cut it off.

7). Coughing sound.

8). Did Kuna just now mistakenly called Souji a Wallet?

9). Yes she just did.

10). Originally the Rui-sensei typed Kune instead of Kuna, they made a typo there.

11). I agree her ass is wholesome.

12). Again the Rui-sensei made a typo and type Kune instead of Kuna so I’ve changed it.

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Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Eighth Episode: Nursing


Kuna runs toward her.

(Kuna)「What should I… Souji-kun! Anne is!」

(Souji)「Calm down! I’ll examine her first」

(Kuna)「Can you do such a thing desu ka?」

(Souji)「I can. I’m more skilled than any doctor around here」

I squat besides Anne who collapsed, I check her wrist for pulse, opened her eyelid to check for eye movements, opened her mouth to confirm the state of her throat and tongue, and I placed my ears on her chest to confirm her heartbeat. The result soon came out.

(Souji)「She is suffering for malnutrition and over exhaustion. She’ll wake up after half a day’s rest, her recovery will improve overnight with proper rest and healthy food」

(Kuna)「Really! I’m so glad desu」

To hear that her friend who collapsed was not sick, Kuna breaths a sigh of relief.

(Souji)「This situation is not good at all. Well then, what should we do with this girl?」

Frankly speaking, the public order inside the seal city is poorly enforced. The city is basically like “what you do is you own responsibility”.

(Kuna)「Souji-kun, What happens if we leaved her here alone?」[TN#1]

(Souji)「If her luck is good, the long sword and necklace that seems to be expensive will be stolen and will leave her here unattended. If her luck is bad, all of that plus herself going straight to the slave market」

(Kuna)「Won’t she be protected by the school?」

(Souji)「Impossible. Because this school runs off the city’s tax, they will receive harsh criticism if the people’s money is used to things other than the students. She will be refused of their protection」

Basically the world is ruthless and an indifferent place for other people. Excessive reliance from the kindness of others will lead to one’s fall. Kuna with a serious expression looked straight into my eyes.

(Kuna)「Souji-kun please ari masu. Can you please pay for one more person’s accommodation in the inn. And also provide a nutritious meal. All of those, please put all charges in my debt. Because Souji-kun has medical knowledge you may also add a medical fee if you nursed her. I’ll return my debt twice the price shi masu. If I cannot return it, you can then do anything you like with me desu. Therefore please. Please help Anne」[TN#2]

Kuna bows down her head.[TN#3] Her fox ears which was covered with her hat pops out. It shook with a “piku piku”[TN#4] whether she was uneasy.

(Souji)「Why would Kuna go this far for that person? I think this girl may become a strong rival.[TN#5] Her ability with the sword is good and her mana flow is smooth. She is talented and there are some proof of her own effort. Isn’t letting her be more convenient for you?」

(Kuna)「It surely is as you just said desu. But Anne is my friend desu. I do not want to be a scholarship student if I have to be astray from being the person that I am. Probably I’ll regret it all my life if I forsaken her here shi masu」

…..Even if Kuna didn’t actually begged me, I intended to help Annelotte. It’s just my selfishness. I understood from her movement a while ago, her ability in the sword. I incidentally confirmed the magic quality when I examined her for symptoms, her magic circuit cycle, its performance is top notch. It’s worth getting her in-debt to me.[TN#6]

After being admitted in the school and exploring the underground labyrinth, it’s more efficient to party with students who are always available and has similar abilities. For that reason, it’s necessary to scout talented examinees from here on.

(Souji)「Understood. I accept your proposal. But as for the increase of rivals, I’m in the same boat. The seーveーreー increase of rival is because of Kuna」

(Kuna)「Uu, Bu-but somehow desu, doesn’t Souji-kun have a huge gap of margin desu ka? It’s different for me and Anne who are the remaining ones competing desu」

Certainly that’s true. I have the accumulated knowledge and innumerable polished magic in my brain, I may even pass the student scholarship in first place.

(Souji)「Kuna, this is your second debt. Now then, What shall I ask for you to do?」

(Kuna)「Uu~, Scary… Scary desu… Those eye resembles a hungry wild beast desu」

Kuna suppresses her trembling fox ears. After generally teasing Kuna, I carried the collapsed Anne on my shoulders and left the place.

…..But I was thinking while laughing. Something seems wrong here. In the game era there wasn’t any fateful encounters as convenient like this. An encounter like with Kuna and Anne was too much. The timing was too good. It was somewhat irritating because there’s a sense of incongruity on IRURANDE’s game quality. As if I’m being guided to these forced events. I suddenly felt a gaze and turned my attention toward that direction.

(Kuna)「Souji-kun, something the matter desu ka?」

(Souji)「No, nothing to be concern off」

While saying so with my own mouth, I heighten my wariness. When we left, I felt a presence from the shadow of the building. I picked up some traces of mana and searched for someone with similar mana but there was nothing. ……This is the sole reason that something very wrong here. Even if I said from the shadows of the building, there where too many pedestrian in the area. But there are some traces that absolutely remained. To say that somebody purposely erased their presence, the probability isn’t zero.

(Souji)『Why are we currently being watched?』
The gaze that I felt and ability to erase its presence are top notch. But erasing it perfectly just made it more convincing that someone was watching. The conclusion I derived therefore, they are capable but lack experience. We have to be careful coming in contact with them in the future.

◇ ◇ ◇

(Anne)「Where am I?」

Anne woke up in the inn’s bed.

(Souji)「It’s in the inn we’re staying. We carried you here because you suddenly collapsed」

(Anne)「Is that so, you have my gratitude. That was helpful. I became careless because I’ve met a friend for the first time after so long」

Annelotte mutters in a low voice. At the next moment, after looking at me her eyes widen, she suddenly hugged her body while blushing. We did change her clothes without her permission. She was wearing a type of body tight typed clothes and we concluded that it might be hard to sleep with those on. And she imagined that i had seen her naked body.

(Souji)「Be at ease, Kuna was the one who changed your clothes and wiped your body. Because I was sent out of the room, therefore I’ve seen nothing」

(Anne)「……Do you speak of the truth?」

(Kuna)「It’s the truth desu yo. I’m the one who did it. You don’t need to worry because I kicked Souji-kun out desu」

Without turning toward us, Kuna voiced it out while studying on her desk. She was desperately regaining her lost studying time from nursing Annelotte. She must master the lecture from square one in a span of three days.

Kuna was wearing a house-dress so her fox ears and tail were exposed. Because Kuna tends to wag her tail when she is concentrating, I kept watching her with a pleasant feeling.

(Anne)「Is that so, I seemed to gave you some troublesome work. I give you my undying gratitude. Kuna, and….」

Annelotte is at loss for words when she was going to say my name. Well that’s reasonable. I haven’t told her my name yet. The timing was good to introduce myself.

(Souji)「First of all, nice to meet you. I am Souji. Like you, I’m also an examinee for the knight school and a tutor for Kuna」

(Anne)「The way you speak is very polite. My name is Annelotte Auclaire. My pleasure to meet you. ……You’re a strange person, to work as a tutor to Kuna, even though she is one of your rival competitors」

(Souji)「I think there is some merits for me for the time being. And here, take this」

(Anne)「And this is?」

(Souji)「It’s rice porridge. Eat this first because your stomach is still weak, getting your nourishment is our priority one for now」

Rice, milk, liver, and the aroma is from the mix of sage herbs that were bought from the market. The liver contains lots of vitamins and is good for the body. After draining all blood from the liver, soak it on milk to remove the smell. Then I fried it, and then drained all excess oil to make it gentle for the stomach, then pound it into bits. I mixed it with the sage herbs and made dumplings out of them.[TN#7] While the sage herb has a good aroma, it also has an effect to help in digestion. I put the liver dumplings in the porridge which has rice and milk and balanced the taste with salt for the completion.[TN#8]

(Anne)「Delicious! It’s been a while since I ate something delicious, it’s such a gentle taste. Not only my body, it also permeates through my heart. I give my utmost gratitude」

Annelotte’s tears dropped like a rain.

(Souji)「Eat it slowly or your stomach might be surprised, you’ll vomit all the food if you eat it all at once because your stomach is still weak. At least chew it twenty times before swallowing」

(Anne)「I understand. You are a strange person after all, being like a nanny」
The way the young lady Annelotte indicated, I was more of a nanny instead of being stereotyped as a mother. Twenty minutes has passed until Annelotte finished eating.

(Anne)「Un, my stomach seems to be fine now. May I have another serving?」


Annelotte shyly held out her plate. If she eat two servings of rice milk porridge with full of nourishment, she’ll improved the next morning.

Translator’s Notes:

1). Kuna what kind of a friend are you to think of leaving her here all alone with a pack of wolves.

2). My bad, Kuna is a true friend indeed.

3). Again Author mistype Kuna’s name (クーナ) as Kune (クーネ).

4). twitching sfx.

5). Yeah a strong love rival lol.

6). Did I already said that you sound like a villain.

7). Did this novel just turned into Death March?!.

8). Go away Satou! This is not your novel! Go back to Desumachi where Aze-chan is waiting.

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Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Ninth Episode: Friend

(Kuna)「Uuーn. I think this is a good place to stop. Time for a break desu」

Kuna walked toward me and Anne. She was studying the reference book that I made until now, in order to solve the questions she made mistakes from yesterday. It’s easy to understand when looking at her face. Annelotte has finished just eating the second serving.

(Anne)「It was truly delicious. For nursing me to health, for giving me accommodations in this inn, and for every single thing you have done for me, I thank you with all my heart」

Annelotte lowered her head. I though she would be difficult to handle because she was a former noble, but it seems that she has an extremely gentle nature.

(Souji)「There’s no need to thank me. I’m getting paid by Kuna to examine you as a doctor. Also the money used for your loggings, for the porridge you ate, and for the clothes that you changed are all charged to Kuna. Your gratitude should be toward Kuna instead」

(Anne)「Is that true Kuna?」

(Kuna)「It’s true desu yo. This much generosity is nothing because it’s for the sake of a friend desu」

(Souji)「I’m paying for everything in advance by her debt. If she can’t return the money to me, she promised to wag her tail for me」

When I jokingly said that, Kuna’s cheek puffed out and Anne’s jaw dropped.

(Kuna)「Souji-kun, I’ll absolutely return it as soon as possible! Because I won’t let you do as you like with my tail! ……But, for helping Anne you have my gratitude masu. Thank you」

For some reason, Annelotte face was colored deep blue and was at loss for words.
Anne who was pale and trembling slowly began to talk.

(Anne)「A Firefox’s tail…. The fact that your condition is to shake it for you…. What a brute」[TN#1]

(Souji)「Eh? It’s just a tail」

I was surprised toward the Annelotte’s exaggerated reaction.

(Anne)「Souji. May you perhaps have no knowledge of it? To the significance of a Firefox’s tail to them?」
I shake my head sideways.[TN#2]

(Anne)「To a Firefox, their tail is the most important thing being just second to their life. The only one that can touch their tails are their family and their spouse. To shake their tail to its partner means that they are vowing absolute obedience to them」

(Kuna)「That’s right desu yoー. Our tail is life itself desu.[TN#3] At some point, Until my destined partner can touch my fluffy tail, I won’t let anyone lay their hands on it」[TN#4]

Kuna turns her ass toward my direction showing it off while waving her tail buzzingly.[TN#5] I was kind of annoyed a little bit, so I slowly stretched my hand, giving a shriek Kuna quickly jumps back while hugging her tail and she glared at me with teary eyes. I see, so the fact about their tail is life itself is not a lie.

(Anne)「Kuna, what you currently did was not a good idea. If you show it like that in front of any man’s eyes, anyone will grab it without hesitation」

(Kuna)「Is that so desu ne. I was careless there」

(Souji)「As if!」

I unintentionally tsukkomi’ed[TN#6] I just want to touch that tail like when touching a cute pet animal, don’t let it be mistaken as my lustful desire.

(Souji)「My bad, Kuna. Toward my action up until now, I didn’t mean it like that. What I really want to do was like a pat in the head, I wouldn’t have known if you didn’t say so」

I became fearful of my past actions. Certainly, if Kuna cannot return the debt I told her to shake her tail for me, it literally meant to make her my sex slave if she can’ return the debt. I guess it sounded like its true meaning.

(Kuna)「Eh, is that so desu ka. I was sure that if I wasn’t able to return the debt then you’ll turn me into your bride. I thought that it was a marriage proposal. In order to obtain the cute Kuna-chan, this person was saying such mean things」

(Souji)「That again!」

Certainly, it’s their rule that only their family or spouse can touch their tail.

However, it’s more dangerous to be referred to as sex slaves. This reminds me the time when I met Kuna in the game. That Kuna wag her tail to me. She often said….

(IRURANDE’s Kuna)『To I who am dirtied is enough, then you should do as you like. There is nothing anymore to protect. Because there is nothing left, nothing else, everything is gone[TN#7]
When I think of it now, it has a tremendous meaning. I want to perform a dogeza[TN#8] in front of Kuna.

(Anne)「Is that so, so it was a misunderstanding. I was already set on taking his life for Kuna’s sake in order to rescue you from the devil’s temptation」

(Kuna)「He is pretty much my benefactor desu shi, Anne please stop thinking of killing Souji-kun as he is also your benefactor for the time being」

This pair’s train of thought is so bizarre that it’s scary.

(Anne)「You are called Souji am I correct. Kuna’s debt, I wonder if this is enough to cover it? I think this values to a 100,000 Val, judging from my past experience when I took it out from the mansion」

Anne took a ring out from her washed clothes beside her bed and handed it to me.

(Souji)「Past experience?」

(Anne)「Yes, up until the present, I have sold the jewels which I have taken from the mansion to be allotted for my travel expenses This is the only one that remains. Because this was a keepsake from my mother, I didn’t sell at any cost. Then I didn’t had anything to eat, and eventually collapsed. If I have not collapsed in your presence, then at that time I….. I’m such a huge fool that I’m getting tired of my own self. That’s why, I’ve decided to use it here. As my own punishment」

I took a look at the ring that was given to me. The ring was made of platinum and a blue sapphire was embedded into it. Also the craftsmanship is superb.[TN#9] It has a feel of being impressive while it never emphasize on a sapphire’s charm.

(Souji)「From Annelotte’s experience until now, you’re saying this values up to 100,000 Val correct. Was the other jewels you took elsewhere inferior to this?」

(Anne)「No, it has the same quality as this one」

I almost unintentionally uttered an ‘Uwa[TN#10]‘. This girl…. There a limit on being ignorant.

(Kuna)[I cannot accept this. It does not reflect worth of its real value」

(Anne)「Is that so, the appraisers said that these things values up to 100,000 Val」

Anne breathes with a deep sigh. This ring has her mother’s memories on it, I know it’s real worth that’s why I turned it down.

(Souji)「On the contrary, it’s quite the opposite」


(Souji)「For a reasonable price, its real value ranges from 8,000,000 Val. And for the inn and medical expenses, it just cost only 50,000 Val. So I can’t prepare the remaining 7,950,000 Val even if I take out the charges」

(Anne)「Eh? Can’t be? Then the person whom bought these until now?」

(Souji)「Un, you’ve been ripped-off pretty bad. If an ignorant ojou-sama that’s in a desperate situation come to me trying to sell this I’ll also take full advantage of that weakness」

(Anne)「…..Ahaha, How foolish did I become. The remaining property my father which he left for me, to waste it just like that…. I want to kill myself…」

She doesn’t blame the merchant that deceived her but she herself is the one she blames.

(Anne)「But you are such a nice person. A good-natured person I wonder? If you have kept quiet then you might have gain yourself 8,000,000 Val」

(Souji)「Because you’re a friend of a friend」

Kuna was pointing at herself with a puzzled look.

(Souji)「Kuna…… Your reaction in its own way, really hurts my feeling. It was enjoyable being together with you」

We were only together for about two days, nevertheless those two days are meaningful.

(Kuna)「Please wait a minute. I’m thinking. The debt for when you saved me, the grudge from obstructing me when I was entering the city, the debt for teaching me in my studies, the grudge from the rip-off properties, the grudge from when I can’t pay my debt I have to marry you, the debt for helping Anne……. The enjoyment when we’re together. And also the delicious dishes」

To grumble all your complaint until now.

(Kuna)「A friend desu ne. Souji-kun is my friend desu. See it as you like for now on」

Kuna presented her hand demanding a hand shake, I held her hands in return.[TN#11]

(Anne)「How envious. If I say so」

(Souji)「……Then shall we also become friends? I kind of fancy Annelotte’s personality. In addition you’re also Kuna’s friend. I also want to be friends with you」

(Anne)「Thank you. You are the first friend I’ve made since the time I lost the Auclaire name. From now on please call me Anne, just like what the people closest to me calls me」
Anne said so with a smile similar to of a child.

Translator’s Notes:

1). If you have forgotten, Firefox treat their tails as equally erotic as the breast and the ass, only family memb….. Oh wait…. Only those who read Elf Tensei, this novel’s prequel will know of it…. moving on!

2). Souji-kun, ignorance is a bliss.

3). So, Touch fluffy tail! oh wait… No Tail No Life!!!.

4). Err… Kuna-chan, he’s already in front of you….

5). Kuna…. Just stop raising more flags!

6). In Japanese comedy, the tsukkomi is the straight man who responds to the antics of the boke the funny man.

7). The Kuna of that game looks really miserable… Now I somewhat know how Souji feels when he remises of her

8). 土下座 “sitting right on the ground” is an element of Japanese manners by kneeling directly on the ground and bowing to prostrate oneself as touching one’s head to the floor.

9). It must have been made by Yuncchi, NU’s resident trap craftsman


11). Kuna route Getto!

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Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Tenth Episode: Demon Sword Tail


「Now then, Now that we’re friends, about the deal before? Not only Anne but this will also be of concern to Kuna」

I talked to Kuna and Anne while smiling.

(Kuna)「A deal desu ka?」

(Anne)「It depends of the deal’s contents. Though it is somewhat a little scary to be discussing about this the moment when I just made a friend」

Seems like Anne has a little wariness because of the case with the jewel being rip-off from her.

(Souji)「I’m going to say this clearly. I am a genius. If I do it normally, there is no doubt the first place of scholarship will be mine」

I make an expression that seems to be proud and had finish saying it with full confidence.[TN#1]

(Anne)「Such great confidence」

(Kuna)「Ignoring this Kuna-chan in the first place, gununununu[TN#2]
Both of them is in a state such as half doubt.

(Souji)「The I’ll show my first ability, 【Magic Silver Refining: First Mode・Lance Piercer】」

I start with the usual magic. The mithril ring attached to my upper arm melts and I changed it into a spear and return to it’s solid state. With the spear, I showed some proud stances.

(Anne)「Indeed, I can say that it’s worthwhile. Although to the extent of the Magic Equation’s workload, with nothing wasted even though it’s this many to the point that it’s unbelievable. The wasted mana is almost zero. Frankly speaking, the processing speed too is abnormal. I can’t think of any other person who can manage magic like this」

When consuming a Magic Stone to raise ones abilities, the mana will also becomes stronger. When ones mana becomes stronger, ones potential also rises that magic with huge mana consumption becomes usable. Furthermore the processing speed after activating the Magic Equation rises. But the use of magic itself will not improve it you don’t improve ones own skill Similar to 【Magic Silver Refining】, the magic is complicated but the mana consumption is little, only an elite magician can use it.

(Kuna)「It’s an unbelievable magic skill desu. In addition, there are no wasted movement in the spear stances desu. Your magic and taijutsu is still inferior to Otou-sama by two steps, Still I can tell that you had some considerable training masu」

(Souji)「So what kind of person is Kuna’s father?」

With a straight face Kuna was scared, it’s been said with her honest feelings. I have trained in this world for 168 years.[TN#3] Yet I was inferior by two steps. Is it such an unimaginable monster.[TN#4] If there is such a guy, then it might be the only Rank 6 in this world. It can only be the legendary Grand Magnus Cyril who had made the underground labyrinth.

Grand Magnus Cyril was abnormal.[TN#5] He reached Rank 6 in his prime. Using all player made magic against him, we can only brought it to a draw that was outside the genuine standard.[TN#6]

……Ending in a draw might not the right word. As the war of attrition competition began, the appearance of a ominous huge silver dragon that wasn’t seen before suddenly release it’s breaths that the surrounding topography changed. I suffered some fatal wounds and before I notice it, Cyril disappeared. After that no one have ever reached Rank 6. That is what I think it is. If at that time it was only me and the Rank 6, even before that silver dragon appeared, will I be able to win? That’s why rather than only me being the strongest, I want to make the strongest party.

(Souji)「As you can be seen, nobody can defeat me if it’s a practical skill. And there is the past questionnaire that I handed to Kuna」

(Kuna)「Hai, arimasu ne」[TN#7]

(Souji)「In fact, this is this year’s questionnaire. Perhaps 95% of these just might appear. In my honest opinion memorizing this will give a leeway in the lecture part. How I came to get my hands on this is a secret」

(Kuna)「Ca-can’t be! Not only that I just learned my mistake from that day, then what did I study for with all my effort desu ka!」

(Souji)「Not all was in vain. It will be absolutely useful, somewhere」

There’s no doubt. It’ll be also a preparation when the Knight School starts.

(Anne)「…..In other words, we know the lecture questions beforehand and in the practical we are second no none. With certainty we’ll get the first place. Then what is the deal?」

Anne puts her hand on the chin and mutters. With such gestures she looks more like a good girl.

(Souji)「I’ll let Kuna and Anne take the remaining two slots. As I said while ago in the lecture, this is the current year’s questionnaire, and as for the practical skill, I know what to do so I can possibly instruct you. With both of your talent, then it’s an easy win」

Frankly speaking, this is a cunning trick. But I want this two to succeed. As a friend…. And for the sake of the future.

(Anne)「What compensation would you ask the for?」

(Kuna)「Absolutely it will be an ecchi thing desu yo」

(Anne)「Kuna please cease your jokes at a time like this. Maybe this person will not speak of such thing」

(Kuna)「Gomenasai. Souji-kun doesn’t have the courage to do so desu yo ne」

Kuna’s evaluation of me is that low. I’ll put a stop to that evaluation someday.

(Souji)「*Gohon* So this will be the content of the deal. When all of us enters the scholarship, I want us three to form a party and challenge the underground labyrinth. Only death awaits if I challenged it solo. When on the Knight School it’s better to party with fellow students. But I don’t like being treated lightly by our seniors. And it will be just plain suicide if I challenge it with a classmate without any talent. I want two people with talent, who wants to aim at the top with a three-man party」

Securing talented members, this is the first requirement to success.
After listening to my words, Kuna and Anne look at each other. Then they started laughing.

(Kuna)「Hearing such an obvious thing, what do you think desu ka?」

(Anne)「Well we all are friends. Isn’t it natural for friends to cooperate」

My chest somehow felt warm. I longed for such exchanges for a long time. Perhaps I remained playing in IRURANDE of the game era, in order to just experience this kind of feeling.

(Kuna)「Better yet, why don’t we form our party here right now. Souji-kun, Anne」

(Anne)「I think that’s a wonderful idea. Let us help each other for here on out」

(Kuna)「But isn’t it important to have a party name? What shall we do?」

(Souji)「I’m good with it. Sort of」

(Kuna)「That’s no good desu yo! Because it’s the first party that I’ve joined in my whole life desu kara」

(Anne)「That’s true, first is our own symbol….. This is the utmost important thing. How about putting up a something we respectively proud of? How about a name that derived from something?」

(Kuna)「Ah, Anne-chan it good a idea desu. It will become our name desu」

(Souji)「I second this. Well then, each of us will tell what they like」
I ask myself. What would be my symbol.

(Kuna)「Then, I’ll go ahead masu yo. How to say this, The first thing that I’m proud of is my tail desu. It’s fusafusa[TN#8] desu yo, and mofumofu[TN#9] desu yoー. My symbol is my tail that is similar to my Kaa-sama’s tail that was the most beautiful tail in all Elucie desu」

Bringing her tail before her body with a self-satisfied look on her face, like she was saying “how’s that!” while Kuna was emphasizing her tail.

(Anne)「Then for myself is this sword. This sword was entrusted to me by my father, it is a symbol inherited by the people from Auclaire house. And it is the soul of my prided swordsmanship that was carved into my body. Therefore, this very sword is my symbol」

Anne raises her sword toward the sky. In her eyes reflects hope.

(Souji)「Then mine is my magic skills. 【Magic Silver Refining: Improvised・Symbol of the Oath 】」

I activated my magic, I created an object that looks like a sword with a foxtail entwining around it. Because it was improvised, there where some place where it was distorted.

(Souji)「I will become the best magician in the world. Therefore magic itself is my symbol」

Not to be defeated by anyone. It was the part of my pride which furnished the original magic form my past. The pride which was chosen by this world. Therefore I’ve decide that my magic itself as my symbol.

(Souji)「Tail, Sword, and Magic. When simply put together, TailSwordMagic?」

(Kuna)「Lets paraphrase it a little to sound more cooler mashou yo」

(Anne)「That’s right. Then, how about saying it like this? Demon Sword Tail」

(Kuna)「Anne, wait, that’s so uncool….. but」

I began to talk while giving a bitter smile. However, Kuna cuts in before I can finish speaking,

(Kuna)「It’s cute desu ne. And it sounds good. I think that it’s good masu」

(Souji)「I plan to say the same thoughts」

(Anne)「Then this is the birth of the Demon Sword Tail party」

The three of us then laugh.

(Souji)「First of all, this party’s first mission is for all members to become scholarship students, let’s aim toward it」

(Kuna)「Desu ne, it’s no laughing matter if have we brake-up our party after the examination」

(Anne)「Only because we have the advantage, we’ll surpass it without fail」

(Souji)「Un, we can do this」

In practical skill, if Kuna and Anne overall succeed, it will be quite scary for me. We will be called the golden generation[TN#10]

(Kuna)「Ah, please wait a minute. I came up with something good mashita」

Kuna draws something lightly on the paper. What she drawn was the object while correcting the plain surface, it were improved with her sense. Honestly I thought it was cool. With similar dimension of the sword and tail motif but different from the thing I made.

(Kuna)「Let’s make it this, our emblem mashou That is, if possible desu, but….」

(Souji)「Un, We understand」

I activate 【Magic Silver Refining】 once again. A portion of Mithril is extracted from the ring, I reproduce the picture that Kuna designed from the paper. I made it into a necklace through Mithril that I molded into a chain.

(Souji)「This is the proof of our party」

The emblem was put on Kuna and Anne’s neck. Both of them stroked the emblem with love.

(Souji)「Well then, playing stops here. Do the lecture thoroughly by the end of the day, I’ll measure your practical skills tomorrow」

(Anne)「Yes, please take good care of me」

(Kuna)「Ah!, If I think of it calmly, I paid money of a private teacher charge, Anne that’s unfair desu」

(Souji)「Of course it’s a debt. I’ll also charge Anne. I have you return the payment properly little by little. The first will be at 10,000 Val」

(Anne)「Ano, Souji, What is this I wonder?」

(Souji)「I passed it over to Kuna but if there is no money then I’d be troubled. Until we passes in test, I’ll note Anne’s share of the inn accommodation and meals. That’s why carefully treasure that ring. Because that’s a keepsake from your mother, am I right?」


(Souji)「Anne said this a while ago. The one who is too obsess about a mother’s keepsake while being close to death is foolish. But, I think there is some things which can’t be replaced by a life either. Therefore, if you are in need of money then you should just borrow from me」

(Anne)「……I seem to have misunderstood you. You really are a good person」

(Souji)「Un, but you better not forget it. The medical expenses and the food expenses, with the inn charges is 50,000 Val. The examination questionnaire and my teaching expense is 150,000 Val. With current cash is 10,000 Val. Total that I’ve lent is 210,000 Val and will increase by 10% by every 10th day. With compound interest」

(Anne)「I will withdraw my words on calling you a good person. You are a cheapskate…… No, not really. If comparing with the things provided, it’s in a conscience price. This is my conclusion. Whichever things I say, you are still a good person」

Anne smiles wryly. And she shook hands with me in the same way as Kuna did.

(Kuna)「Anne, please be prepared for the evening. Because there is only this bed desu kara. Only this double room is the only thing available in this inn desu」

Because the inn is already fully booked, so they no choice but to sleep together here with three people. Because of that it was less expensive than getting a triple room and it’s easier for the wallet.

(Anne)「The same bed, with a man….. That’s shameful. But, there’s no money to get another accommodation, so there is no other choice」

(Kuna)「Anne, If he do something strange with the two of us, let’s beat him up shi mashou」

(Anne)「Yeah, shall I cut it off so that strange things could never happens?」

(Souji)「What will you cut off!?」

As expected, if there’s two women and a single man, then my standpoint will weaken.

(Anne)「More or less, is there a meaning for three people to sleep on a bed for two?」

Just in case, I’ll recover my evaluation.

(Souji)「Exploring the underground labyrinth basically doesn’t end by a day trip. A tent is brought in, in order to decrease the baggage it is normal to bring only one even when it’s for three people」
The tent is bulky and heavy. It is foolish for a guy to brings two separate tents for a man and woman.

(Souji)「Frankly speaking, it will be small. Therefore refusing to sleep together leads to death to the opposite sex without any sleep and had accumulated fatigue. So it’s necessary to be accustomed among ourselves now before it’s too late」

I watch both Kuna and Anne with bored eyes when I emphasized it.

(Kuna)「What seem to be reasonable at a glance, is rather disgusting masu ne. Anne」

(Anne)「It is so Kuna. If you lay your hands on us while sleeping in the underground labyrinth, I wonder if you can try to sleep outside?」

(Souji)「You’re so cruel!」

It’s hard to say, but the eye and the tone of the two of them ware laughing. Then while studying through out the evening, night time just kept advancing through. But I couldn’t help being happy when the three of us were studying.

Translator’s Notes:

1). Now he’s just boasting all over…


3). Just to remind you, Souji is referring to his play time

4). Not literally a monster, they are referring to it as a powerful being

5). Of course he is, can you say that Elf is normal if he can use all his past reincarnation’s power and abilities?

6). WTF?! Cyril fought all players who used all player made magic and it just ended in a draw!? Cyril is so OP!!!

7). Literally, 「Yes, it’s here」

8). Bushy

9). Fluffy

10). Golden generation = elite player with the same ages

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Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Eleventh Episode: Lecture Test

(Souji)「Finally, the examination day has arrived」

All of us arrived at the knight school. Since then, they where able to solve a 100% of the lecture problems. And just in case, I gave them a piling mountain of similar problems. From a short time, Anne and Kuna got used to the thing called studying. Because they have a good memory, they immediately learned the lessons. As for the practical, It will be all right as they also practiced. With it’s nutrition restores, Anne’s hair has regained it’s beautiful luster and her previous haggard state was nowhere to be seen. It was worth cooking dishes with considers it’s nutritional value. She can now face the practical exam perfectly.

(Kuna)「I’m nervous desu. If I fail here then and became a general passer, I have to borrow money for my school expenses. And I’ll make myself as the collateral if I can’t return the crazy rate to Souji-kun」

(Anne)「Yeah, I have to pawn my demon sword just so I could return the money to Souji-kin’yuu-san[TN#1]. I won’t be able to pay it on the first month of the year if left unattended」

(Souji)「Those are such a cruel comments」

(Kuna & Anne)「「It’s because of Souji(-kun)’s crazy interest rates (desu)!」」[TN#2]

As expected of those two friends, their breath are totally in sync.

(Souji)「I’m not an Oni! Your debt doesn’t increase like a snowball. I only receive the interest to make sure not to jump up the capital’s decrease. So instead of the interest, you can substitute it for some shameful things. Hey, by just doing some shameful things once every ten days, the debt will not increase right? There is no money lender as kind as this elsewhere.」

(Kuna)「That’s being an Oni enough desu!」

(Anne)「You, I wonder what were you doing before arriving to this city」

Though I was only joking about it, it’s troubling that they taken it seriously.
Even with the crazy interest rates that came from me, I know they can surely return it.

Even if the worst thing happens, aside for the scholarship student, going to the general entrance to the school is also possible. In that case, if I make a lump sum and enroll with it and and be able to dive into the underground labyrinth, with that thinking the three of us can get the money back.

But The 【Demon Sword Tail】’s first mission is for all of us to have the scholarship student entrance. I want to accomplish it somehow or other.

(Examinee A)「Hey, look at that. A Great Noble-sama came for the general examination」

(Examinee B)「You mean a former right. But if that was me, I’m be ashamed to even come here」

(Examinee C)「Because she’s the daughter of a criminal, that’s why she has a very thick face[TN#3]

The examinees who passed by us was talking at our back loud enough to be heard. Anne’s shoulder was trembling.

(Souji)「It will be alright」
While saying so, I grasped her hands.[TN#4] It was surprisingly cold.

(Souji)「It will be alright」

I repeat the same words and put some strength to it. Then Anne had a surprised expression and looked up to my face.

(Souji)「Anne should pop out her chest with pride. Don’t mind the small fries. Go and aim to the top with us」

Anne’s cold hands was filled with warmth.

(Souji)「Those past remarks, whichever was the truth I know you are a kind-hearted person. After all you really are a kind-hearted person」

She gave me a smile. With this we now have a peace of mind. We then headed out steps toward the meeting place.

◇ ◇ ◇

The examination began. First was the lecture exam.

(Kuna)「Ah! I’ve already done this problems in the past desu!」

Kuna raised a surprised voice, because the problems I made appeared in the exam. The proctor rushed toward Kuna and dropped a fist onto her head, was scolded and was warned that the next time she speak she will be sent out off the room. What is this fellow seriously doing. It’s to ridiculous to be disqualified like this.

I scan the problems from the beginning to the end. Only the last part of the exam was a little different but it was within the range of error. The three of us will certainly get a perfect score. We have the advantage in the lecture part. I took a glance at Kuna and Anne, both their hands moves without any hesitation. Well then, I’ll also do my best.

◇ ◇ ◇

The lecture exam ended in the morning, We all moved to the prepared waiting room. Because there are many examinees, we were split into eight rooms.

There’s a one hour break, we took our lunch and prepare for the afternoon. They will announce the lecture result first thing in the afternoon, those who got a result of less than 60% was made to leave on the spot. Those who remained will do the practical exam. After combining the results of the lecture and practical exam, the scholarship student will be picked from those who successfully passed.

As usual, Anne attracts hateful attention, She behaved and didn’t mind it at all as she was getting used to it. There was no time to go out so each of us brought our lunchbox. I took responsibility of making lunch so I made a Katsusando[TN#5]. Because Anne’s physical condition was restored, eating heavy things will be fine.

(Kuna)「This, what is it desu ka? It’s very crunchy and juicy, and the sweet and sour sauce may become a habit masu」

(Souji)「I had a hard time making those. I drained the oil thoroughly and made them crispy so even when they cooled down they’ll still be delicious」

Iron was produced in this world, but iron-made products was expensive. They don’t have the culture of selling cooking utensils made of iron and frying oil. Therefore deep-fried food should be an unknown taste for these two. In order for it not to become a bad memory for them, I created a katsu[TN#6] with extreme caution. ….Using a Mithril pot.[TN#7]

I did something with the varied breads so it wouldn’t absorb any moisture, so I’m not ashamed to take it out anywhere. I made a delicious Katsusando even if it cools down.

(Kuna)「It is really delicious. But warm food is much more tasty desu yo ne」

Kuna summons a small flame, charred the bread and warms the meat.

(Kuna)「Un, this does make it more delicious. *hauhau*[TN#8] H-hot!」

*hauhau*, Kuna stuffs her mouth with a Katsusando with great relish while talking.

(Anne)「Kuna’s so sly. Warm up mine too」

(Kuna)「OK desu yo. Anne-chan」

Without any mercy, Anne’s Katsusando became a Yakikatsusando[TN#9] too.

(Anne)「It’s true. This one is much more delicious. For the remaining ones, won’t you warm them too?」

(Kuna)「Roger desu. I’ll steadily warm them masu yo!」

It’s certainly is good, however this is more delicious.[TN#10]

(Kuna)「How is it Souji-kun? Ah, perhaps Souji-kun is sulking because only yours wasn’t warmed masu? Don’t worry. I’ll warm it properly masu yo. There’s no way we’ll exclude you desu ka, we’re a party desu」

Kuna said it with a very big smile.

I can’t tell them. As the coldness made its deliciousness become waste therefore I yielded.

◇ ◇ ◇

We finished our lunch a few minutes ago. And because of Kuna’s influence, the two of them seems enjoyed their first experience for deep-fried food.

(Souji)「Kuna. Just don’t 『Ah! I’ve already done this problems in the past desu!』me! I was really nervous! Depending on the proctor you may have been sent out in one shot」

(Kuna)「Because I was so surprised desu yo! Isn’t all problems the same except for the last desu ka?」

(Anne)「Souji. Did you got us into an illegal route?」

(Souji)「It’s a legal route. I have an acquaintance who is a fortuneteller to prepare it」
I’m not telling any lies here. This is Kami-sama’s calculation result after all.

(Anne)「This fortuneteller, it’s worthy to be called a monster 」

(Kuna)「Eeh, Tou-sama is much more talented desu」

(Anne)「Well with that person it’s possible」

(Souji)「Therefore, what the hell is Kuna’s Otou-san[TN#11]?」

(Kuna)「He’s an obstinate, adultery prone, and useless Oyaji[TN#12] desu」
Because Kuna as well as Anne says so, he must be a genuine monster.[TN#13] Next time, I’ll ask Kuna to introduce him to me. How should I greet him?[TN#14] Should I say that I’m always taken care off by his daughter? ….For some reason an unpleasant feeling crossed my mind.

◇ ◇ ◇

(Proctor)「We’ll announce the test result. When your name is called then step forward, Rinna Folkbach[TN#15], John Shupring[TN#16], ……] The proctor appeared and the scoring was over, and one by one the examinees name was called. The proctor is a huge and tall man with a height of 190cm lengthwise aside, It was a trained through body. He gave a overpowering impression, combined with a stern look.

There are only around 60 people in this room because the examinee is divided into eight rooms. Everyone was impatiently waiting for their names to be called. Each time a name was called they hold up their fists in triumph, the examinees step forward while running.

(Kuna)「Souji-kun. I want to be called already desu ne」

(Anne)「Even though we did out best, I’m still nervous. I cannot feel at rest until our name is called」

(Souji)「It’ll be useless, our names won’t be called」

(Kuna & Anne)「「Eh?」」
Kuna and Anne absent-mindedly opens their mouth. Well, it’s very easy to be misunderstood…….

(Proctor)「The above forty-five people!」

It came to an end without our names being called. The examinees who was called stepped forward with a delightful expression. While the examinees who remained sitting down with me has a sad expression…… Well, because I know the trick that’s why I have a calm expression. Kuna and Anne has a look that is impossible to describe. I should have told them from the start[TN#17].

(Proctor)「You may all return! You’re all disqualified」

Those who were called are the ones that didn’t get the passing mark. Angry rants were screamed. It was the total opposite a while ago, those who thought they passed broke down and the ones who where sitting before were raising a cheer. Sometimes I think. That this was done on purpose….

(Staff)「Now then, those who successfully passed come and follow me. We will now conduct the practical exam」

Then the proctor began to walk. In the room with 60 people, 45 did not made the cut and was disqualified, only 15 person passed. Probably around 100~150 people advanced toward the practical exam.

(Arrogant Examinee)「Wait, wait a moment!」

An examinee who didn’t made the cut clings on the legs of the proctor.

(Arrogant Examinee)「My failure is a mistake. Please. I can pay you at any amount without limit, just let me on the practical exam, that’s why if its in there I can show you my true capabilities」

Look’s like a bocchan[TN#18] from a wealthy family. When seeing those luxurious clothes and ornament, it’s easy to understand. Desperation can be seen. This school will receives those who is younger than 16 years, but if you failed, a retake isn’t possible.

(Proctor)「Kisama[TN#19]! Are you bribing me? A knight has the authority to judge lawbreakers like you. I’ll arrest you for bribery if you continue any further」

The proctor told it with a cold voice. All teachers in this school without any exception have the qualification of a knight. Basically in this city there is no one who suppresses the crimes actively. Only a knight has the authority to suppress the criminal in this mysterious city. Naturally, if they were bribed openly like the boy presently, they can arrest you.

(Arrogant Examinee)「Hi-hiiii」

The examinee backs away from the proctor’s legs.

(Arrogant Examinee)「But, isn’t it strange, a criminal’s child passes, why did I failed?!」

(Proctor)「I don’t see anything wrong」

(Arrogant Examinee)「After all, that’s the child of a criminal. I’m superior to it!」

If viewed from the outside. They have a higher social standing, that scion of the large merchant Recklerate[TN#20].

(Arrogant Examinee)「Then!!」

(Proctor)「We only evaluate the ability here! Any more than this will be an insult to our school, I’ll personally behead you boy!」

The examinee was running away to escape for his life.

(Proctor)「Daughter of Auclaire. I’m sorry for making you feel unpleasant」

The proctor apologized. When a tall man takes such an attitude, there is sense of incongruity.

(Anne)「I-it’s ok」

Anne seems to become timid, too.

(Proctor)「And as an apology, I’ll give you one advice. You are excellent. Until last year there wasn’t any one who got a perfect score on the test here」

The surrounding was buzzing with words. The problem of here is very difficult. Getting a perfect scores are like a dreams within a dream.

(Proctor)「I welcome talented persons. I don’t have any intention to bring any of my personal feeling into this exam and education…. But」

He stops in between his words.

(Proctor)「I personally don’t have a good feeling toward you. The fact that what your father did was totally inexcusable. That I cannot forgive. Do expect that majority of the instructor here also thinks the same. Instructors are just humans. Not all of them can be rational as to ignore their feelings, remember this. Not to mention that you’ll be spending time with immature student, so you can’t request for discretion」

(Anne)「I understand. I came here with that in mind. And…. There are people who I can call my friends. That alone is enough」

(Proctor)「If you have such resolution then it’s fine. I want you to tell me just one thing. Is your mother, Lyneklan[TN#21] Auclaire in good health?」

The moment Anne received the question, she kept silence for a moment and answered with a squeezing voice.

(Anne)「She’s dead. She committed suicide the day after father was executed」

(Proctor)「Is that so. I appreciate you telling me. …..So Lyne is dead」

For an instant, the instructor covered his eyes with his hands. If what we’re seeing is not a mistake, some tears where shone.

(Staff)「Ladies and gentlemen of the candidates, To trouble you at this time I apologize. We will be heading soon to the practical exam venue」

The proctor doesn’t show any traces of tears, having the same stern face when he came, we began to walk. Somehow from my on eyes, his back appearance moved mournfully.

Translator’s Notes:

1). Literally mean Souji Finance-san

2). Both were spoken by Kuna and Anne at the same time, Kuna’s version just adds the word’s in the parenthesis

3). Meaning that she was shameless

4). Souji showing the moves how to woo a girl lol

5). Pork-cutlet sandwich

6). Cutlet

7). LOL Mithril was used to make a cooking pot, It reminds me of a certain OP Mithril knife weld by a certain perfect bride-like girl from a certain cooking… err.. I mean tourist novel

8). SFX of gobbling a food

9). Fried cutlet sandwich

10). The former being the warmed katsusando and the latter being the cold katsusando

11). Father

12). Lit. old man, but sometimes used by children to refer to their fathers

13). Of course Cyril is, he practically fought almost all players on IRURANDE alone and only ended it to a draw

14). Tell Cyril this, 「Hello I’m Souji, and I want to mofumofu your daughter’s’s tail」 lol

15). リンア・フォークルバッハ

16). ヨハン・シュープリング

17). Souji being an S again

18). Young Master

19). KISAMA!!! means You!!! in a very rude way

20). レックルラーテ

21). リーネクラン

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Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Twelfth Episode: Practical Test

We arrived at the meeting place for the practical skill while being accompanied by the proctor. The facilities are enhanced, there’s a coliseum for exchanging sword strike with, and various things including a target mark for archery training is prepared.

(Proctor)「Alright, attention everyone. We will now measure you all for your 【status】. The school is seeking talented individuals. One’s strength is not required. Your 【status】 increase will be subtracted on your test result, good luck」

The new proctor was a pretty person who totally looked like a girl unlike the tall man of a while ago. Anyone will completely believe it if I told them that person was a student. As she was saying, to reserve the balance nature they will deduct the consumed magic stone from the test result. When the rank differs, the difference between the being will be completely varied , even if they are of the same rank the strength changes depending on their 【status】 .

(Proctor)「Well then go line up, line up」

The examinees line up according to the instructions. All in all, a total of ninety-eight people. There are fewer applicants who passed. 80% of the total examinee was disqualified within the lecture test. When I lined up, my turn suddenly came.

(Proctor)「Now then, say your name」

(Souji)「Souji. I don’t have a family name」

(Proctor)「Souji. Then we’ll go with the 【Status Measurement】」

The proctor closes her eyes and then concentrates. A magic equation then floats on my head A magician can execute a magic without mistaking any words by having the magic language in their heads.

By the way, others can see the appearing equation of the the skill and information to some extent. There’s about fifty process in a intermediate magic. In my case, with the same magic I can shorten it into twenty process. The proctor completed her magic after thirty seconds of me standing.

(Proctor)「Souji is, in the same condition when you were born, isn’t it. You also haven’t eaten any magic stones」

(Souji)「Yeah, tat sort of practice I haven’t experienced doing it」

(Proctor)「On the contrary it’s quite unusual. In your present case, you can acquire a low rank magic stone」

(Souji)「Maa, I want to be self sufficient. I don’t have any intention to eat a magic stone that was collected by others」

Magic stones is this City’s major exports. A particular effect is clearly shown if anyone consumes a low rank magic stone. As for stronger magic stone, when consumed while the 【status】 is low there is a risk of death, but if it’s a low rank one then it’s safe to consume.

Some parents often buys low ranking magic stones to make their child slightly stronger. Furthermore when it comes to nobles, they hire an exclusive appraiser then buys all kinds of magic stones and gradually strengthens their child while the appraiser apprised the child’s capacity.

As a result they can attain the superior power of a Rank 1 without fighting against any demons. Although reaching Rank 2 is impossible. No one can exceed Rank 1 with just using magic stones.

(Proctor)「What an unusual child. Well, whatever. Without any correction to be deducted….oh, please wait a moment. In your pouch, there is a magic stone, isn’t there? I’ll keep it until examinations are over. Sometimes there are children who cheats with a magic stone after their appraisal was over」

I handed over the magic stone I got from the deer-like monster.

(Proctor)「Wow, such an amazing magic stone, isn’t this a high grade Rank 1 magic stone? Where did you obtain such a thing?」

(Souji)「When I encountered a demon by chance, I defeated it and obtained it」

(Proctor)「Ahaha, you’re such a joker.[TN#1]This one is practically from a rank 2, it will be impossible for you to beat it. Then it may not be necessary to keep this. You might die if you used it」

(Souji)「Then can you return it to me?」

(Proctor)「Un, sure. There are no child nor examinee who can use this here anyway. But what a strange magic stone, it doesn’t have an impurities, and it’s so clear, it’s the first time that I have seen one. It looks very delicious」

Of course it is. Because it’s a special magic stone that I’ve cooked. If you ask me, to eat the magic stone just as it is, is like virtually eating poison.

(Souji)「The next one behind me is getting impatient」

(Proctor)「Ah crap, well then you can go now, proceed」
And then I went away from the line.

◇ ◇ ◇

The various measurement was over. Running, jumping strength, flexibility, stamina, reflexes. Every one was measured with various means. The examination had 12 items, and all the examinees accomplished it.

On a bulletin board are the measurements of all the examinees, moreover the number of the negative revision for it, together with it was the result of the lecture part earlier morning.

And I generally perceived them. Even the total points was posted. The result, I’m in first place. Kuna is in the second place. And with her appearance Anne is in the third place.

They were surprised with us three who had no upgrade to increase in status and with zero revision. And most of all, one of those three people was first.

The three people embraced each other with joy.

(Souji)「Both of you didn’t upgrade your status」[TN#2]

(Kuna)「Tou-sama said that I’ll become weak if I us a magic stone without hunting a demon with my own power desu」

(Anne)「At Kuna’s place too? It’s also the same as mine」

(Souji)「Anyhow, from here on congratulations at reaching the top」

When using a magic stone without hunting the demon yourself, half of it is the correct decision but also half of it is a mistake. Between it was buying a magic stone to raise one’s 【status】, or by raising one’s 【status】 by accumulating experience by fighting, the latter will make you much stronger.

The surrounding gazes were painful. Envy was directed at us who attained the top scores, and more envy reached me as I’m embracing two beautiful girl.

(Lyle)「Hey instructor! Without any addition on their 【status】 at all, their numerical value is suspicious. They might have been cheating」

A student who was on fourth place uttered a cry of a protest. Among who was here, this boy has the most raised 【status】.[TN#3] While being measured, we were under surveillance, no bribe was used, it was just stacking experience and pure training. The one who complained was tall with his long hair tied together and had a well-organized features.

(Senpai)「I myself, agrees on Lyle’s opinion. I would like to re-measure their 【status】 immediately」


One of the senior students that assisted in the examination raised a voice. If I am not mistaken, we receive an introduction from them before the examination begun. He’s one of the two second-year student here that is at Rank 2. He’s a student who was currently expected to reach Rank 3, It’s a boy who was regarded as a model student. His height was taller than that Lyle who was in the forth place, I can perceive the self-confidence as a strong Rank 2 fighter.

(Proctor)「I disagreee. These children is good at using their mana. Their physical ability has been strengthened steadily with mana. The difference of their precision is vividly reflected on this result. Souji-kun in particular. His technique is like an art. I’m looking forward to the future. Considering Kuna-chan, there are some tendencies, but she have a good sense. Anne-chan had such a genuine effort.[TN#4] The figures of the study quantity are different. Being an instructor you should have understand it」


(Proctor)「So persistent. Then you should see it for yourself. We can use it right. Hey you」

(Senpai)「I understand. Then without hesitation」

Expressing a broad grin as he smile, the Rank 2 senior was walking toward us.

(Souji)「Senpai, doing it is just a waste of time」

(Senpai)「Shut up!, I’ll be the one to decide if it’s wasteful. 【Status Measurement】」

Twice longer than with the instructor….. The measurement magic was use for a minute. It was the same as what the instructor used but the execution was slower, I got an impression that the construction of magic equation in mind was clumsy.

(Senpai)「Upgrade is zero, it’s really true, nothing was strengthened」

(Souji)「Senpai, didn’t I already told you」

(Senpai)「Kuh, next!」

And then comes Kuna and Anne but it resulted with zero upgrade in status.

(Senpai)「No way, impossible!」


The fourth place examinee run up.

(Proctor)「Hora, didn’t I already told you. In this industry a genius will come out like a rain. You should just accept it obediently. ……It is surprising that three appeared at the same time though. Well if you ask me, you too are a genius」

Yare yare *breaths a sigh*

(Proctor)「You in the fourth place!」


The boy in the fourth place had a guilty conscience from his exaggerated response to his false accusation.

(Proctor)「There’s no problem because I too understand how you feel. But, I want you to stop because like this it will be a waste of time」


(Proctor)「Also, the last examination is an actual practical skill by the true meaning. As for this, those who had superior 【status】 have an advantage. Therefore you should appeal with all you got」

(Lyle)「With all our effort!」

(Proctor)「Then, everyone, is been 30min already so we’ll take a 15min break. It will be a test of performance from here on. An actual battle will be preformed in a tournament style. Do prepare your minds. And also, with the intention that this country’s king will be watching the fight」

Everyone who was here gasp. It was famous that the king comes here to watch the test yearly. But, hearing that just makes you to actually prepare. I clenched my fist while hiding my own incompetence. And then, If I handle every match safely in this battle tournament, then the three of us will be the scholarship student.
(Anne)「That’s not the reason」

I called out to her because Anne was making stiff expression next to me. So that’s it, she is not uneasy for the actual battle. But was tensed at the king’s arrival. Because the King has a big relation to the fall of the Auclaire house.

Translator’s Notes:

1). But he is telling the truth…..

2). Means none of the two used a magic stone

3). Raised via magic stone

4). Author made a typo here, instead of “Anne” he wrote “Aine”

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Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Thirteenth Episode: Magic Stone

(Sempai)「Hey you」

The Rank 2 sempai suddenly talked to me when the break begin.

(Souji)「What is it sempai?」

While feeling doubtful, I replied with a smile.

(Sempai)「I doubt you badly a while ago. My apology」

(Souji)「Thanks for that」

(Sempai)「Therefor. If, you pass as a scholarship student, I can enter you into my party. Naturally, it’s absurd to accept a first year who is wet behind the ears, but if it’s you then it’s possible. If you follow me, we will surely be the winning party」

It will probably be like that. This sempai is the only Rank 2 in the second years. There is no further condition if I make a Party in this school.

(Souji)「I decline」

(Sempai)「What did you say!? This I[TN#1] is inviting you!?」

(Souji)「I’ll still decline even if it’s another person. Because I already have a Party」

(Sempai)「……Very well, You seems to be close to the women who got the second and third place」

(Souji)「Yeah, they are my Party Members, the best comrades I can trust」

From the beginning I aim at the top with us three people. I didn’t think of receiving any protection from someone.[TN#2]

(Sempai)「Is that so, don’t regret your choice…… OK then, I was being obstructive because my younger brother was also aiming to be a scholarship student」

The sempai left after looking towards Anne meanfully.

◇ ◇ ◇

(Proctor)「The King has arrived. Salute」

All the examinees were line up before the King came in. And, they all simultaneously salutes on signal. The female instructor who got restless until a while ago tightens her expression neatly. Looking at the saluting examinees, the King nods and raised his voice.

(King)「I’ve came at a good time. To the knights-to-be. I like to watch the state of the young people who have the aptitude exerting themselves. It’s expected today that you’ll be able to shine and have us show the glitter of your abilities. Convey your charm with all your effort」

The person seem to be good-natured, a voice with tolerance nevertheless mysterious.[TN#3] It was said that compared to the several generation before, the King was the most charismatic of all. The portion of that could be seen.

(King)「All hands, at ease」

We release our salutation.

(King)「Well then, everyone disperse. I will watch your entire match from a special seat」

The King left and went to a expensive looking seat reserve for the distinguished guests. The King saw Anne while passing then left. With eyes of guilty conscience that somewhat having a feeling of pity.[TN#4] It’s just natural…… The King know her father’s false accusations. He knew and kept his eyes closed for his country’s sake. The daughter of the retainer who he was personally on good terms with.

…..As for me and the King, both knows the truth behind the crime of Anne’s father. When IRURANDE was still a game there was an event which shook the country, when topping the status on a certain degree the shadow will flicker from the body.[TN#5] But that knowledge became Anne. Because when I played IRURANDE, I’ve never met her. But there was a time when I regarded her sword as the Sword of Affection[TN#6]. ……If I wasn’t able to meet her with good timing this time, there was a probably that she lived somewhere, had fallen, then died or was turned into a slave and would come to the point of her parting with the sword.

I won’t accept such thing! If that sword is by her side then that’s the time that sword shines the most.

◇ ◇ ◇

I look at the Tournament list. The name of the top 64 people is in the tournament. I don’t understand the appeal of fighting to eliminate candidates who have failed to score a certain number of points.[TN#7] It was said that the rank doesn’t matter because what was shown in the match will be evaluated. But that’s just a deception. The more you win, the more times you’ll be evaluated. That’s why, they generally use the results to decide who to seed, the high ranking students is planned to be evaluated till in last rounds. The spectator who came to watch gets excited.

Despite that….. On the tourney list, me and Anne was the first one to face each other.

Isn’t it an unwritten rule to seed the one with the good result? Well no one really did say that. But it’s unlikely. Surely this is a plan to lower the evaluation of Anne that was a criminal’s daughter. I recalled in my mind the words of the proctor who announced the lecture’s test result.

(Proctor)『Don’t think that everyone here won’t move due to their emotions』

Surely, it’s like that. My sight suddenly gazed the tall man, the Rank 2 sempai was pleasantly chatting with a proctor different from the young lady before, I smiled when he looked at me with a grin.[TN#8] Aah, so that’s it. Did that sempai made use of Anne’s crime as a pretext and incite that proctor?

(Anne)「I’ll do it」

There is also the method of throwing match on purpose. Unlike her, I can do anything to raise money easily. But, That girl want to face each other sincerely with her sword. And awkward negligence will be easily exposed. After all I’m in the situation where I’ve swore that us three will become the scholarship students. I can’t have the 【Demon Sword Tail】’s first mission a failure. In that case, no matter how difficult the way is, all three of us will be selected as the scholarship students.

(Souji)「Instructor, I have a suggestion!」

I raised my voice. So the King can hear it too..

(Proctor)「What is it? I’ll list so let me hear it」

The female instructor’s face slightly twitched. I’d have a bothersome hunch.[TN#9]

(Souji)「Frankly speaking, my abilities exceeds this place. It’s just like playing a game so it is a waste of my time. Such a pointless match, do I have to honestly do it six times until the tournament ends, what a drag」

(Proctor)「Y-you! What did you say!」

The instructor was enraged by the too haughty remark.
As for the other examinees wasn’t a match, I was looked with such killing intent.

(Proctor)「Are you saying you don’t intend to fight?」

(Souji)「It’s not that, I’m just saying that It’s not necessary for me to fight six times. I’ll demonstrate my abilities with just one match. By defeating the only Rank 2 of the second years!」

I pointed at the sempai who was the only Rank 2 in the second years that was expected to reach Rank 3 upon graduation, It’s been a long time since I fearlessly smiled.
For trying to crush us. It’s unforgivable. I’ll smash you and make you our steppingstone.

(King)「Interesting! Interesting isn’t it! Such a reckless youth, I like that」

The King in the special seat stood up while intensely clapping. Now that I think about it, this unreasonable suggestion might not have been accepted. But, I’ve know the King from the game era. I have absolute confidence that the festive loving king will ride on with it.

(King)「Yeah, I would like to watch that. Good then. Let’s do just that. Un, the genius of the active students, and the genius of the examinees battle it on. This is becoming exciting」

All the instructor was flustered. They like to turn it down but the king was enthusiastic about it. It’s impossible to just ignore it.

(Sempai)「I would like to request it as well! I will not be satisfied if I don’t break this impertinent boy’s nose! For someone with a Rank 1 【status】 who haven’t acquired any experience can’t be left as it is」

The Rank 2 sempai who was in rage trusted a challenge to me as it was natural.
As for the sounding examinees, they want to see me have a painful experience. Yare yare! I stand up with haste. Meanwhile, Kuna and Anne watched uneasily with teary eyes and was holding each other’s hand.

Specially for Anne who seems to have guess that my action is for her sake, why do you have such expression?

I signaled thumb up to the two while smiling somewhat saying to them that 『I’ll win』.

(Proctor)「Your Majesty, you can’t. That child is just a Rank 1 moreover he haven’t gain any 【status】 at all. Even if there is a divine protection, If the opponent is a Rank 2 then he’ll instantly die! I do not want to witness a talented youth be crushed」

(Souji)「Instructor it’s all right, I’m full prepared. Permit it by all means. Everyone also wishes for it」

The surroundings agreed with me.

(Proctor)「Bu-but I still can’t permit it. If you receives an attack from a Rank 2, The divine protection would catch up and you’ll die」

(Souji)「Is that so…… Well then, Sempai. The instructor is telling my 【status】 is not up to par, and saying that I shouldn’t fight you. Then in hat case, may I consume one magic stone?」

(Sempai)「I don’t care ze, because nothing will change even if you consume one. Until now, I consumed several hundred magic stone just to get to Rank 2」

(Souji)「Well then I accept the offer」

I took out the high tiered huge Rank 1 magic stone.
Originally I can only eat this huge magic stone after I reached the phase where my body can endure it.
Everyone in the surrounding suddenly turned pale.
However you look at it, this was just plain suicide.
At any rate, to consume this magic stone with such power, I have to consume magic stones for 15 times that is stronger than the last one consumed. Butt I’ve skipped all that.[TN#10]

(Proctor)「Stop that! You’ll die!」

The instructor who turned pale was running in order to stop me.
But I was a tad faster.
I put the magic stone on my forehead, I then silently prayed while consuming it.
Green light unwraps from the magic stone and was absorbed into my body.
The wind blew with us as it’s center.

(Souji)「Well then, sempai, my preparations are completed. Let’s do this」

A stir is heard from the surrounding
It’s strange.
What exactly is that guy.

(Souji)「With this I’m a mid tier Rank 1. Because of that I won’t instantly die」

Originally it’s the first territory that I’ve arrived and it took several months, from zero the rush of overlapping surprises the instant that I’ve arrived.[TN#11]

From the surrounding, voice starts leaking with topics about the miracle Rank up. The audience who was expecting my execution begun to look forward with a true significance.

(Sempai)「You! I don’t have any idea what method you just used, but it still doesn’t change the fact that you’re just a Rank 1. I’ll kill you with one swift attack!」

Sempai said while his hand slightly trembled.
While we were being watched, the king opens his mouth.

(King)「Ahahahaha, interesting, it’s getting more interesting. I have never seen such a reckless youth. Do it, no, Do it as the King’s direct order. I desire the match between the Rank 2 and Rank 1」

The surrounding eyes were focused on the instructor.
The instructor was conflicted ,in the dept of his heart has an unwilling state then opened his mouth.

(Proctor)「I permit it. I’ll change the first match to Second Year Reyle Vs. Examinee Souji. As for Anne who was supposed to be Souji’s opponent, will have a default win for two matches. The match will commence in ten minutes later」

A cry rose from from the audience seat and a match here was just established.

Translator’s Notes:
1.) Rank 2 sempai was using “Kono ore ga” to address himself

2.) RAW TEXT: 誰かの庇護を受けようだなんて思わない。

3.) RAW TEXT: 人の良さそうな、それでいて不思議な包容力のある声。

4.) RAW TEXT: そして、ひどく憐れむような、後ろめたさを感じるような視線だ。

5.) RAW TEXT: それは国を揺るがすような事件で、ゲームだったIRURANDEでは、ある程度の地位まで上り詰めれば、その影がちらつくからだ。

6.) Seriously it was written as “愛剣” which literally translate as Love Sword

7.) RAW TEXT: それ以外は足切りで実戦のアピ―ルの場をもらえない。

8.) RAW TEXT: ふと、視線を感じると大男とも、若い女性とも違う教官の一人と談笑していたRank2の先輩が、にやりとした笑みでこっちを見ていた。

9.) RAW TEXT: 面倒ごとの予感がしたのだろう。

10.) Like a Boss!

11.) RAW TEXT: 0から一瞬でたどり着いた驚愕があたりを駆け巡る

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Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Fourteenth Episode: Forcing Down Fate Using My Magic

The match will start after ten minutes. I was in the waiting room. Kuna and Anne came in.

(Anne)「Why did you do such a reckless thing!?」

Anne pressed me with that question. Her usual calmness cannot be seen.

(Souji)「It is as what I just said at that time. I can get off by being evaluated only once if I have a match with a Rank 2 and knock him down」

(Anne)「Liar, it was for my sake right? 」

(Souji)「If I’m not mistaken, you’re saying that I’m doing it for the sake of the evaluation is a lie. I’ll admit it. But it does not mean that it’s for Anne’s sake. It’s for all of us. 【Demon Sword Tail】’s first mission is for all members to grab the scholarship student slots. So I did it for that reason」


(Souji)「This is just my pride. Don’t get in my way」

I said it forcefully.

(Kuna)「Anne, Souji-kun has already resolved himself desu. It’s not good to get in the way of a man’s pride desu. A good woman should just see them off quietly at such time desu[TN#1]

(Anne)「……I understand. I won’t stop him」

Anne said so while looking down.

(Kuna)「But Souji-kun. Please promise me. You must win and absolutely come back to us[TN#2] That’s not it, in my whole life, I regret at that I’ve hit you that time even though I should have stopped」

(Souji)「I promise. I will absolutely be victorious」

Because Kuna demanded a pinky swear, I respond to it.

(Kuna)「You promised it. ……When I’m with Souji-kun, life it’s always full of surprises desu. Suddenly consuming such huge magic stone mon. I was really shocked. The fact that you survived was a miracle desu」

(Souji)「That isn’t so. In the first place, do you know why a person can die when consuming a magic stone?」

I asked the most fundamental question.

(Kuna)「I don’t know desu. It’s just kind of like that」

(Souji)「To tell you the truth, magic stones contains miasma with the ability to make us stronger in large quantities. A miasma is a poison which violates the soul. So unless the body can endure it, they will instantly die」

Yes, that’s the drawback of a magic stone. As for the players of IRURANDE of the game era, they seriously make an order of magic stones to consume and what demons to obtain it from. But, it’s difficult to do a step-by-step stage and get a magic stone with the right strength, although it’s safe, I had no choice but to choose the way to take a lot of inefficient magic stone with a bad Rank. Anyways, the magic stone’s strength differs with the same type of demon, so you can’t normally get it.

The present residents of sealed city doesn’t change either, that is. The residents here took low tier magic stones in large quantities and little by little choose one that is slightly stronger than the other. That’s why a Rank 3 isn’t easily produced.

(Kuna)「But there’s no point even when I know that」

(Souji)「Is that so, if the problem is known then it’s easy to settle it. Just remove the miasma」

(Kuna)「That’s impossible. They’re perfectly mixed」

(Souji)「I can do it. That’s why, I was able to consume that magic stone」

Naturally, many payers disliked the bad efficiency. To fundamentally settle it, tens of thousand of players each begun analyzing the magic stones. They discovered the existence of the miasma and tried to remove it by various approaches. Several hundred of hypotheses are shared by the magic development team, in order to demonstrate, magic which corresponds to the respective hypotheses of hundreds of people is developed.

The result was, a magic equation that removes the miasma from the magic stone was completed in two years in game time. The improved magic equation is what I’ve now used.

(Souji)「Furthermore after removing the miasma isn’t only safe, there is also an effect that double the strength compared to that when the miasma was present. The magic stone’s power and the miasma’s power repelled each other that’s why the the strength obtained was reduced by half」

(Kuna)「Isn’t it too wonderful desu ka? Felling at ease when consuming a magic stone, and furthermore the efficiency is doubled! It’s revolutional desu yo. Please teach me this now」

(Souji)「Err, that maybe tough, because it’s a magic with 762 processes」

You at most must be high tier, just to use 100 processes. It’s to the extent that it’s too much for the norm.

(Kuna)「That, isn’t it an impossible magic for a person desu ka!」

(Souji)「「It depends on the effort」

More or less, there’s a trick here. When a normal person imagines the magic equation, a character string is imagined. But for a homunculus, because the magic equation is originally engraved in the brain, certain magic can be execute. For what can be engraved at a time is until up to 2420 processes, I can stock that many magic in it’s limit. When I feel like it, I can delete a magic equation and I can put another magic equation.

That application is also possible to engrave magic equations on others’ brain. In that case, Even as a normal person, under any circumstances, It’s possible to use complicated magic at high speed. However, once the magic equation is engraved, it can never be deleted. There are individual differences, because it’s until 1000 process at most, It’s necessary to carefully examine it before engraving the magic. Anyhow, if Kuna and Anne allow me to, I want to present the highest magic to them.

(Souji)「There’s no problem if Kuna can’t use it. Because I’ll purify the miasma, you’ll just have to consume the purified magic stone」

(Kuna)「A way to reach Rank 3 with ease, it has the strange feeling of unfairness desu」

(Anne)「It’s certainly so. It’s speed is several dozens times faster than other people」

(Souji)「Sorry for being so unfair. How many blood and tear do you think was shed in order to create this magic」

Tens of thousand of people in two years. On the BBS[TN#3], innumerable hypothesis plans appeared and shared like a round robin just to develop this magic. This is a development drama at the same level as project X. I even beleived that the development had ceased.[TN#4] I almost gave up midway several times, but I struggled until the very end, for the purification magic.

(Anne)「A magic to purify a magic stone. Did Souji created that? So that’s why i never heard any rumors about that」

(Kuna)「Right desu. If there was one, then the rumor will instantly spread right?」

They raised their voice as the two agreed.

(Souji)「Though I didn’t make this alone, I was part of a development team」

(Kuna)「Nothing but amazing people desu ne. I want to meet them someday」

(Souji)「That might be somewhat hard, Because everyone is busy, maybe someday」

I deceived them with a forced smile. it’s almost time.

(Souji)「Kuna, Anne. Thanks. Because of you two, my nervousness disappear. I’ll win. For our party, for the sake of 【Demon Sword Tail】」

(Anne)「Souji-kun I believe in you」

(Kuna)「Souji. Don’t die even if you lose」

(Souji)「I won’t die, and I absolutely won’t lose. To this emblem, I promise I’ll win」

I put up the emblem hanging on my neck. Well then, let’s go. Toward victory. Even if I raised my 【status】 to mid tier Rank 1, I won’t hold a candle to the Rank 2 sempai. The difference of the fighting power between me and the opponent is tremendous. If we compare them, it’s like a fight between a elementary school kind versus a professional wrestler.

There’s a difference in power. But, there’s nothing to fear. I’ve already experience this same situation with a degree of hopelessness hundreds of times already.

◇ ◇ ◇

(Reyle)「Rank 1, you didn’t run away and came」

I rise toward the platform in the colosseum. It’s an authentic enclosed stone system.

(Souji)「I came, Sempai」

(Reyle)「Without any weapon at hand, are you making fun of me?」

Sempai has a plain lightweight plate mail and a one-handed sword it an easy to handle length.

(Souji)「I do have a weapon at hand. 【Magic Silver Refining: First Mode・Lance Piercer】」

I executed the magic and transformed the ring coiled around my arm into a spear.

(Reyle)「……Using such bizarre skill」[TN#5]

Some senior and spectators have noticed the abnormality of this magic.In addition to the capacity of my magic.

(King)「Ah, isn’t that amazing? A weapon just popped out. Isn’t it mysterious? That conjuring trick, What’s that?」

The king was delighted, he ask the commenter on the neighboring seat the question. The commenter role was under the class lecturers.

(Souji)「Sempai, I just want to know before the match starts. Is it because you were irritated when I refused your party invitation or is it because sempai want sempai’s otouto[TN#6] to get the scholarship student slot that’s why you involved Anne? You were going to stomp on her dream. I wonder if that perception was a safe bet?」

I was angry. To clear the false charge to her father and take the pride of the Auclaire house back, she aims to be an honorable noble. I will never forgive any guy to trample her wish for such good-for-nothing reasons.

(Reyle)「What’s that all of a sudden?」

(Souji)「Please answer it」

(Reyle)「……That’s right. It’s just like you have said. But even if I didn’t do it, someone will crush that woman eventually, such is her fate. That woman’s fate was sealed the moment her house became a great criminal. It will be destroyed. Before she gets some unfit dreams, I’ll immediately finish it. I want you to appreciate that」

Sempai expressed a sarcastic smile. Certainly, it’s like as he said. The crime Anne’s father will torment her throughout her life. As far as I know it, Anne yields to despair to the extend that her spirit will will relinquish the demon sword by all means.[TN#7]

(Souji)「I see, it’s fate」

(Reyle)「That is so. It’s fate. Because you’re related to it, You too will be destroyed. You should have followed me that time, I’ll make you regret throughout your life」

(Souji)「If such is ones fate, as you say……」

I won’t accept that. If I don’t accept it then there’s only one thing to do. Then I……


(Souji)「I’ll force down fate with my magic」

I declared it as I thrust my spear. I only have that power. Even if we overcome this place, fate will hit her next time. The I’ll screw it down every time that happens. Sempai became nervous and stepped back. The female instructor stands at the center between me and sempai.

(Proctor)「I’ll explain the rules. If the divine protection runs out, you faint, or you give up then it’s means your defeat. In addition, whatever happens in this match is your own self-responsibility. Is there no problem for both parties?」

(Reyle)「I don’t mind ze」

(Souji)「I too, don’t have any problem with it.」

Divine Protection, in this world, when one is wounded blue particles will emerge. There is individual difference, it raise to the extent of ones 【status】, the quantity one will possessed becomes big. The moment it runs out, any wounds would not heal.

That’s why, the problem above all is no matter how much you raise your 【status】, if you run out of divine protection it will loss it’s effect. It will become the same as a commoner’s defense and physical ability. Only death awaits to those who will take an attack from the opponent in that state. Even if a scratch can be cured by magic, you have no choice but to wait for the divine protection’s natural recovery.

(Proctor)「Well then, both parties ready……」

The instructor prepares. Me and sempai hold our weapon. Kuna and Anne’s hands are both linked in front while praying. I have to quickly win to let the two have a peace of mind.


And the match has started.

Translator’s Notes:
1.) The coming of a best waifu alert!

2.) Kuna! Stop raising such death flags!!

3.) Bulletin Board System

4.) RAW TEXT: あれは死ぬかと思った。

5.) Sempai-san, Are you scared of a single unknown skill? hehehe

6.) Younger brother

7.) RAW TEXT: 俺の知る限り、Anneは必ず自ら魂と言ったDemon_Swordを手放すほどの絶望に屈するのだ

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Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Fifteenth Episode: Divine Spear

Rank 1 and Rank 2. The obstacle was heavy. As the same time as the match starts Sempai started to run. Are you underestimating me that much, brandishing your huge sword like that while charging. The movement was simple but it was fast. I won’t even reach half of that speed even if I let go of my weapon and sprint at full power.

I relaxed my whole body. It’s still to early. Distance is 2m. I reduced the steps without any unnecessary movements, I placed the spear to Sempai’s expected route.
Sempai wasn’t able to react to a completely natural movement. Even if the 【status】 raises your ability, your reflex for kinetic vision does not change.

It’s a counter from outside the consciousness, Even with the difference on speed a quick reaction is impossible.


Sempai had a surprised expression but it was already too late. Without stopping his movement, it became a figure plunging into the spear. Adjusting the spear in my right hand, I aimed at the throat part. He completely sucked-up the spear as it hits the throat. While plunging into the soft throat with force, it lightly pierce a fatal wound. But, a hard scratching sound was heard. With only the tip of the spearhead, as if a needle was used, just a small wound was made.[TN#1] There was little damage to Sempai. Despite this, there’s a dull pain on my wrist, a blue particle flashes and recovery begins. My divine protection is decreasing.

(Reyle)「Wah, that was regretful Rank 1」

Sempai advances while the spear is being trusted in his throat. No good. If this continues my wrist will be broken, and my divine protection will be greatly consumed. I relaxed my wrist. At that instant the upper body has taken a tremendous force. Sempai swung down his sword to the me that has lost his balance.

Without trying to recover form my forceful lost balance, I utilized the thrown momentum. Using the left foot as a focal point for a high-speed rotation, he sneaked toward the rear. The spear acquires a centrifugal force that wasn’t used to pierced but to mow instead, he aimed the strike toward the medulla oblongata.[TN#2] To avoid a downward swing of something long with a centrifugal force was useless, I succeeded into hitting his medulla oblongata. This single blow can kill a person normally. But in my hands comes a blunt feeling, Sempai didn’t moved an inch. I backed away by two steps. To me who was on full guard, Sempai slowly looked back at me and expressed a smile.

(Reyle)「Quite regrettable. If you were just in the same rank as me, you could have killed me twice. Iya, that was surprising. To be able to do that here. Your spearmanship is frightening. The confidence was just a trap[TN#3]

(Souji)「My pleasure」

(Reyle)「But with this you should have understood. You can’t kill me. There’s no way to kill me」

(Souji)「I’ve done some damage on your skin. If repeated over ten thousand times, won’t Sempai’s divine protection run out?」

Countering the opponent using their own speed. In addition to aim at the throat part with the power concentrated on the spearhead damages a piece of the skin. It cause me to sob.
This is the difference between Rank 2 and Rank 1.

(Souji)「It can be done if I try. But, I already know. You don’t have any experience.[TN#4] I will corner you bit by bit」

Sempai took a sword stance which aims at the eye. Furthermore, his body was covered with magical light. Using magic, he reinforced his physical ability.

(Reyle)「Here I go, Rank 1 《smallfry》」

I thrust into him the same way just like a while ago. But, without breaking the stance he quickly slide without running in big steps.[TN#5] There’s no opening. It’s now impossible to put a counter like before. I made up my mind.

(Souji)「【Body Reinforcement・Extreme Limit】」

Just simply, my body reinforcement doesn’t drain any mana, in the game era this was called the most superior body reinforcement magic. The phosphorescence of the magic overflows, my whole is strengthened. Further, when injured a blue phosphorescence of divine protection will gush out. It’s because this is beyond the limit, it is a body reinforcement magic when the body receives damage. Divine protection is shaved off every second. But to that extent if is not done, I’ll be instantly killed.[TN#6]


I used the the spear’s long range to let out a trust. A single blow without any spare movements, It hit without letting the opponent react. Compared from earlier Sempai’s speed fell, this is thanks to 【Body Reinforcement・Limit】[TN#7] However it only shaved a layer of skin. When repelled, an opening was made. Sempai was about to slash with the sword. Doing a small backswing, there was no openings. There’s a minimum movement similar to a Kendo’s Men[TN#8]. Our speed are too different. At any rate, if it’s a large swing I can’t evade it. I slant my spear and let it slide. My hand goes numb, I should have eluded it’s power. Even the physical strength is too different.

(Reyle)「Ora, what’s the matter?」

He swings continuously. His continues swings leaves little opening. With the difference of our skills, a counterattack is possible. But it’s useless even if it’s done here. I took a small step, I evaded as much as possible and accomplished the impossible. Let alone a direct hit, my defeat is settled if I didn’t evade and parried it instead.

(Reyle)「Ora! Are you even defending!」

I continued my defense silently. I have no room to reply. The slight impact cracked a bone when I evaded this way. The recoil of 【Body Reinforcement・Limit】affects my body. Each time recovery activates, my divine protection gets drained out. This is beginning to be a one-sided match. But Sempai’s expression has lost it’s composure and doubts starts to surface.

(Reyle)「You!! How can you receive such injuries? You’re just a Rank 1 and yet to use body reinforcement that much, why isn’t your mana getting depleted!?」

Sempai has an astonished expression. Even if just merely but impatience begun to surface. Even if I devote myself in defending, it’s not possible for a Rank 1 to continuously receive a Rank 2’s attack. It’s thanks to 【Body Reinforcement・Limit】 This isn’t called a reinforcement limit release for nothing. For high-speed calculations mana is concentrated, it’s essential for necessary occasions. Normal reinforcement strengthens the whole body, but this magic is on a whole different dimension. Problem is, doing it to that extent, it’s status quo still falls behind yet the physical ability is still overwhelming.[TN#9]

And why my mana is not running out, this is my most secret of my secret arts. Because mana is stored in the Mithril that wasn’t changed into a weapon beforehand, it acts as an extra mana furnace. If it was my own mana then I already be drained out long ago. 【Body Reinforcement・Limit】 is not a fuel-efficient magic at all. Sempai was getting impatient and changed his aim, starting with destroying the spear he aims his attack toward the spear. Certainly if I received that attack with my spear it will break and there’s a chance that my hands will go numb. But Sempai forgot something. I’m not a warrior but a magician.

(Reyle)「What the!?」

The spear melted at impact and the sword passed without stopping.

(Souji)「【Magic Silver Refining: Sixth Mode・Twin Sword Series】」

The spear was spitted into two, it separated into two short swords and fits into both my hands. The distance has been shorten and isn’t the suitable distance for a spear, but a distance for Sempai’s sword. That being the case, I’ll be checkmated in a step distance, and at this distance it’s more suitable for these short swords. At my right and left hand was a short sword, I slashed at the neck and wrist’s artery respectively. …..The audience was getting excited by the series of offence and defense. But just a scratch in the skin as expected. In order for Sempai to return the debt of disgrace, he increased his rotation. However it became a monotonous and was easy to read, moreover now is the appropriate time. For some time now it was easier to deal with it.

(Reyle)「Stop being so annoyiiiiiinnnngggggg!!」

Being disgusted toward me a large swing follows. It didn’t hit me. With that blow, I distance myself away. I gave up stepping an extra movement, I back away from the sword’s distance.[TN#10]

(Souji)「【Magic Silver Refining: First Mode・Lance Piercer】」

Once again I turned it into a spear, while following Sempai’s sword swing with my eyes it immediately passes, I scooped up the spear from below going upward in full power similar to swinging a golf club. The aim is Sempai’s balls.[TN#11]

The aimed spear strongly hit’s Sempai’s balls all according to KEIKAKU[TN#12]. I muster all the strength of my heart and soul and scooped it up. He wasn’t able to hold out the attack that came from below ground going upward. The physical strength of a Rank 1 isn’t just for show, Sempai’s body was blown in a flashy way. He flown 5m to the sky, Sempai was completely able to do it like a stone would[TN#13]. He was thrown against the colosseum.

(Souji)「Even the balls might be tough. Rank 2 Sempai’s that is」

I’ve thrown a joke while fixing my breath. By back was wet with cold sweat and my heart screams from the long movement when resting. I checkmated it when continued being attacked for another five seconds. Although I hit him with the power to send you flying 5m, his balls wasn’t crushed. Certainly he already stopped being human.

(Examinee A)「Way to go! Rank 1!」

(Examinee B)「He can do it, he really can do it. That was totally unexpected」

(Examinee C)「Damn, I thought it was profitable so I bet on An-chan. Although it was a long shot.」[TN#14]

Cheers splashed from the audience seat. They where charmed by my fighting. There was almost no damage at that one blow. Rather from the start until now all my hits are not effective as expected.

On the contrary, as for me, I fractured a bone each time I evade Sempai’s swings, so I kept getting a backlash from【Body Reinforcement・Limit】, at best only 45% of my divine protection remains. When 30% remains, the divine power becomes extremely weak, both the defensive power and physical ability drops. If that happens then it’s already hopeless.
The mana from my mana furnace is also running out, almost half of the mana remains. Surely this is a desperate situation.

(Reyle)「Ma-making a fool out of me. I’ll kill you. I’ll absolutely kill you!」

(Souji)「Sempai, that’s a sound treat, I’ll leave you all beaten up, I can say such lines well don’t you think so? At lease say that after landing a single hit on me. ……Iya, you don’t have to hit me. If I receive it with the spear, you can snap it in one stroke. Even that wasn’t possible although with this much exchanging blows, right」

I purposely tell that to let the audience hear it. The laughter suddenly resounds. It is I who was really cornered, but judging from the audience, it doesn’t look like so at all.
Sempai can attack one-sidedly and the attack is evaded, so it looks like he has been made a fool off. That is important.

(Reyle)「I’ll kill you!」

(Souji)「Is that the only thing you can say? You have a limited vocabulary it seems. Because it’s like this, Sempai’s sword trajectory is quite simple. It’s easily evadable, when you pursuing too mush without any talent in using a sword, and getting close the heart of my spear」[TN#15]

Audience’s laughter becomes terrible. I added fuel to Sempai’s anger one after another. I secretly shorten the distance. 2m 30cm. I ready my body at any moment. An opportunity for my certain kill.

(Reyle)「Be prepared, I’ll show you how serious I am」

The strength of Sempai’s body reinforcement increases. However, it was distorted when his strength was increased. It wasn’t able to handle the mana which made it stronger. Mou, I completely lost sight of it. ……This is plenty enough. I’ll finished this with my trump card.

(Souji)「Sempai, there!」

I pointed at a pebble rolling behind Sempai, at the same time a small explosion was made by a fire magic. There’s not much power, but it made some noise for distraction. Normally you won’t fall for it. But because Sempai had lost his composure he was startled by it, he was lured to look at the pebble that I pointed at and made it explode. In a fight, when your sight and consciousness has been taken away, it will prove to be fatal.

(Souji)「【Divine Spear】」

My trump card for this match. I executed the fastest and the strongest magic that this spear is used for. This magic is theoretically a fast trust using the whole power of the body. This single blow will surely decide the match. I have put this tactics together for that purpose only. This is the only effective attack I can do at this moment, I’ll gamble everything with this one strike.

I avoided any waste to it’s limit, this spear technique is the strongest magic I made with the only purpose of delivering the fastest spear trust within a short distance. This is the partner I’ve relied off the most. Advancing a step forward, I trust the spear. However, from my foot to my waist, waist to my arm, my arm to my hands, my hands to the spear, an interlocking movement of artistic power draws a spiral, furthermore 【Divine_Spear】 goes ahead in addition to 【Body Reinforcement・Limit】.

【Body Reinforcement・Limit】 is an essential point, it only concentrates the mana but 【Divine Spear】 pours the whole mana in accordance to the weight movement.[TN#16] Being aware of the muscle fibers linked one by one by body movement, I concentrate all my mana only on the muscle operation by timing the movement. It ruins the body and change the magic reaction beyond that of reasonable degree. But before it breaks the body, 【Divine Spear】’s god-like speed will make the spear reach.

I was prepared losing 10% of my divine protection to fire this off. While I was emitting mana phosphorescence and divine protection phosphorescence from the body I wield the【Divine_Spear】, with god-like speed I returned Sempai’s gaze and it pierced his eyes.


Assuming that there were a difference between Rank 1 and Rank 2, using the 【Divine_Spear】 which concentrated all of my existence on one point, if aimed at the soft eyes the it will pierced through. That place is the weak point. A theory when a lower rank aims for victory. The spear that pierced the eyes was deeply stuck. From Sempai’s body tremendous blue phosphorescence flickers around the area. The spear can’t be pulled out. It was efficiently embedded. As long as the spear remains embedded, Sempai will continue to receive the fatal wound. Thus when enormous divine protection is lost all at once, you will be filled with the sense of lost and won’t be able to move.
Sempai can’t pull out the spear by himself anymore.

(Souji)「【Magic Silver Refining: First Mode・Lance Piercer】」

I made another spear from the Mithril on my thigh. Mou, I’m already exhausted the mana and it’s already useless as an extra mana battery.


I aim at his flank and thrust with my full strength. Sempai’s divine protection was cut down to under 30% thus making his toughness decrease sharply. I can pierce through him now even with my current power. The sensation of penetrating through the meat. The second spear had pierced through his body. His left eye and flank, from both parts phosphorescence leaks out like fireworks.

(Proctor)「That’s far enough!! The winner is Souji. Immediately pull out those spear!!! The divine protection is already under 20%! He’ll immediately die if his divine protection wears off!!」

The female instructor was shouting while running. I intended to pull the spear out within 3 seconds even if they didn’t said it. The place where the injury is exactly is will be healed in line of using up ones divine protection.

(Souji)「【Magic Silver Refining: Ring】」

Executing the magic equation, I dissolved the spears and wound it around my upper arm and thigh as always. The blue phosphorescence from Sempai’s body came to a stop.

(Proctor)「Oi, boy are you ok!」[TN#17]

The instructor was desperately shaking Sempai’s body.

(Reyle)「I, my eye, have, my eye, have, I’m… alive?」

He call it repeatedly whether his eyes have been broken.

(Proctor)「Boy you’re alive, and your eye are ok」

(Reyle)「I-I’m g-glad」

(Souji)「Sempai, that was a good match」

I hold out my hand to help now awaken Sempai who is sitting down.

(Reyle)「Hiii, no, noooOOOOOO!, no speaaaarrrrrRRRR!」

However, my good will was fruitless.[TN#18] While rolling up and almost fell down, Sempai desperately runs away. As I expected, he will suffer a trauma from being pierced on the eyes with a spear while still alive. I’ll be worried whether I destroyed the promising Sempai’s future. When did I had such a worry?

(Examinee D)「Uoooooooooo, he really won!」

(Examinee E)「The Rank 1 vs Rank 2 match was amazinggggg!」

(Examinee F)「Oh crap! That last spear wasn’t visible to the audience」

(Examinee G)「Really, that parry was amazing!」

(Examinee E)「Iya iya, the first counter to the throat is the most wonderful!」

(Examinee G)「What are you saying! The first scoop send a Rank 2 flying off!」

The audience seat was greatly excited. Meanwhile, the instructor begins to talk.

(Proctor)「Boy, this are just my personal impressions. I am not fond of that sort of victory. You have no consideration for your opponent at all」

(Souji)「I was able to win only by using that method」

(Proctor)「……That I understand. But, someday that will trip someone out boy. This is an advice from your sempai in life」

With eyes that seemed to totally feel nostalgic for, the instructor watched me.

(Proctor)「As for that a while ago, the winner declaration was an emergency so therefore I’m here to do it once again.」

While saying so, the instructor takes my hand and raises it highly.

(Proctor)「Winner! Rank 1 examinee, Souji. In addition I’ll announce the scholarship student decision here as a special exception」

Cheers resounds all over. Especially the King was intensely making a racket the most. Kuna the Firefox was not worrying about her hat flying off and her fox ears being bare, while saying ‘amazing’ she shed tears while embracing Anne. But Anne was watching me with an absentminded face as like having been delirious with fever.[TN#19]

◇ ◇ ◇

~Anne’s Point of View~

I have confidence on using a sword. When I was a child I called for sword experts to gain experience. I feel certain awe for the skills of an expert.

However, as for me, my soul has not been shaken until today. The heart and soul of the spear that Souji fired. The single blow with a god-like speed that was over in a moment.

I won’t ever forget it throughout my life. The limit where all uselessness has been taken out. The mad passion that was only poured from the fast trust was being transmitted. With the precise coldness that was inhuman, contradicts with the single blow that burns the flame of life passionately.

How much training did he piled up to acquired such a state? To what extent of passion can create such god-like skills.

For the first time I noticed. Whatever it is, if it taken to the extreme then it will be beautiful. Whatever kind of artwork, flower, or jewel, it can’t rival that beauty. I even though that I wanted to be penetrated by that spear.[TN#20] Before I noticed it, the inside of my body became hot. To my intense excitement, I want to take my clothes of, throw them away and scream.

Aa, so that’s it, for the first time… I fell in love.

Translator’s Notes:
1.) RAW TEXT: 槍の先端はほんの先端だけ、まるで針でちょんとついたように、ほんの小さな傷をつけただけだ。

2.) These fighting scenes are a real killer to translate… RAW TEXT: 左足を軸に高速で回転しつつ、背後に回り込んで、遠心力をつけた槍を突きではなく薙ぎで、延髄を狙って叩きつける。

3.) RAW TEXT: 自信も出るわな

4.) In battle of course

5.) RAW TEXT: だが、大股で走るなんてことはせずに、すり足ですばやく構えを崩さないままだ。

6.) RAW TEXT: だが、そこまでしないと瞬殺される。

7.) Dunno if the Author forgot to include “きわめ” in 【身体能力強化・極】 or Souji cast a de-buff to sempai without us knowing….

8.) Men, written with the kanji (面) means “face” or “helmet”. Men is one of the five strikes in kendo. It is a long slashing stroke that falls on the centre-line of the head.

9.) RAW TEXT: 問題は、そこまでしておいて、それでも圧倒的に身体能力が劣っている現状だ。

10.) RAW TEXT: 予備動作の段階で見切り、剣の間合いから一歩外まで下がる


12.) Keikaku means Plan

13.) RAW TEXT:先輩は頭から石で出来た

14.) RAW TEXT:「くっそぅ、兄ちゃんに賭けときゃよかった。大穴だったのに」

15.) RAW TEXT: 槍の懐に入っておいて切れないなんて剣の才能ないですよ」

16.) RAW TEXT:【Body_Reinforcement・Limit】は必要なところに、Manaを集中するだけだが、【Divine_Spear】は体重移動に合わせて全Manaを注ぎ込む。

17.) His left eyes and flank was pierced with a spear and you ask him if he’s aright?! He might be completely healed but that will leave a trauma

18.) See, I told you that was traumatizing

19.) Fallen Human Noble Getto!

20.) If you know what I mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Sixteenth Episode: Phantom from the Past

I drag my body that was wounded all over back to the waiting room. With a Rank 1’s body 【Body Reinforcement・Limit】’s and 【Divine Spear】’s excessiveness had passed. The backlash of 【Divine Spear】 was taken hold of my body. My remaining divine protection was under 30%.

When divine protection had reached under 30%, there is a drop on defensive power and physical abilities, also the amount of divine protection recovered decrease. If I’m physically in perfect condition, normally within three day’s limit the divine protection will recover with its maximum amount of reserve, but when it is fewer than 30% until it recovers its recovery speed is 1/3 of the original until it reaches 30%. If I completely lost my divine protection, it will take more than a week until my divine protection can be restored.

To think about it, there are also such circumstances where an adventurer returns to the surface when it’s fewer than 50%. It doesn’t particularly mean I over-strain easily.[TN#1]

(Souji)「I’m tired of this body」

The calculative ability decreases, and I can hardly use destructive power type magic. Spatial Disruption is an atomic decomposition. A mass breakdown by kinetic energy of the zero fixations. If I can use these magic, I can pierce through regardless of the defense by the divine protection.

Under the present conditions, firepower beyond its enchantment can’t take out a body that is reinforced by divine protection. Although, the story is different if I can secure enough runtime. I may not have that chance during battle. I have to increase my rank quickly…..

I sat down the chair while swaying as if falling down. Being cornered to here after a long time I mentally gave up.[TN#2] Same with my divine protection, my brain and body which was pushed to its limit was screaming. I can’t maintain conscious. Let’s rest for a while.

◇ ◇ ◇


While I was half asleep, I heard a nostalgic voice. Are, that’s strange, she should have died already. I wasn’t able to save her.

(Kuna)「Souji-kun! Please wake up!」

Her tone is different from the usual. The Kuna that I know has a colder tone. Without any emotions, and just says the minimum things.

(Kuna)「Mou, the next person is coming yo. If Ojii-chan want’s to sleep, go sleep in the house」

Don’t ever say such jokes.

(Kuna)「I’ll carry you yo. If you touch at any strange place then I’ll get angry! Aa, let’s quickly get out, Anne-chan’s match at the second ground will begin masu」

Kuna carries me piggyback style. I clung to her reflectively. With a sweet smell and soft body, the body temperature that was transmitted was slightly comfortable. I buried my face in her rich blond hair.


Kuna trembled with a twitch. It’s a nice smell. I want to do it more.

(Kuna)「What are suddenly doing!? Your breath is tickling my scruff…… You must absolutely get up masu yone, I’ll lower you down now」

(Souji)「It’s a nice smell」

(Kuna)「If you’re awake then stand on your own legs yo」

(Souji)「I’m tired. Let’s stay like this for a while」

(Kuna)「Are you really that tired masu?」

(Souji)「Presently, I also don’t want to take another step」

I can already walk but I want to verify Kuna’s existence. I was able to meet you again after a long time. Even if it’s a dream, I want to do it this way. I love her.

This reminds me, it was like this in the past, I was badly injured and was carried this way. At that time, I also said that it was a nice smell. What did she said at that time?…… must recall it. 『I don’t like my smell. The dirt can’t be removed and it doesn’t disappear』

(Souji)「Kuna, you smell nice」

(Kuna)「I heard that a while ago. Because it’s embarrassing so stop it」

Kuna’s voice was mixed with bashfulness. She seems to not hate it but wasn’t heard. I was glad. I wanted to see this girl, I wanted to try various things and make her laugh more.

(Kuna)「Souji-kun is such a spoiled child desune. I’ll let it slide for today as you did your best. Mou, I’ll be gentle just for today desu kara ne」

Kuna wirily smiled and has begun to walk. I’m certain; she was always saying 『I want to return』. It’s was just a monologue, but even while having a nightmare at night, 『I want to return』 was repeated.

(Souji)「Kuna, Kuna’s hometown, do you want to return to Elucie?」

(Kuna)「I don’t want to return ever!」

(Souji)「That so」

(Kuna)「What is it desu ka? That joyful tone」

(Souji)「It’s nothing. Really, it’s nothing at all」

My long regret was over. At last, I’m glad that she is finally facing ahead. If this is a dream, then I don’t ever want to wake up.

(Souji)「Kuna, If, if you like to smile, please show me a smiling face.」

(Kuna)「….Were you hit at a bad place? Souji-kun[TN#3], you’re acting really weird desu yo」

I’m looking at Kuna who became worried while gently putting me down.

(Souji)「It’s not weird. I wanted to see the smiling face of Kuna the whole time. I grew tired of seeing both the crying face and grimace of Kuna already. Surely the way where Kuna smiles is pretty cute, I always think of that」

(Kuna)「Wha-, really, what is is desu ka, mou」

Kuna’s face was red-hot and was confused.

(Souji)「It’s a request. Please smile」

(Kuna)「Why do you have such a face which seems to cry desu ka!? Understand. I understand it. I’ll smile masu yo, Souji-kun is acting really weird」

And Kuna was giggling with a tiny smile. ……I’m glad. Even if it’s a dream, this girl had smiled. I then fell as if my strings were cut off.

◇ ◇ ◇

(Souji)「Are, where am I?」

When I woke up, I seemed to be in the Colosseum’s audience seat. And next to me was Kuna.


(Souji)「What is it Kuna?」

(Kuna)「Fuu, It’s the usual Souji-kun sune. I’m glad」


(Kuna)「Don’t you remember? In the waiting room, Souji-kun was really weird desu yo」

(Souji)「I can’t remember anything after I collapsed on the chair」

*Jiiーto*[TN#4] Kuna was looking at my face. I was doubt frankly.

(Souji)「Even if you have such face, I can’t remember what I don’t remember」

「When I lend my back to you with good intention you suddenly embraced me, with an indecent movement using those filthy hands」

(Souji)「Don’t remember it」

「Fuun[TN#5], is that so desu ka. You suddenly buried your face in my nape then did some sniff-sniff, and you said that it’s a nice smell repeatedly don’t you remember desu ka?」

(Souji)「Aa, don’t remember it」

Kuna looks at me with a face of disbelieve.

(Kuna)「Telling me to smile, because you said that my smiling face was the cutest」

(Souji)「I already said, I don’t remember」

When I said so, I sighed deeply.

(Kuna)「Please return my pure maiden’s heart! ……maa, fine desu. Souji-kun」

Kuna expressed a well-defined expression.

(Kuna)「Souji-kun had been sleeping too long. I and Anne-chan have been alternating to watch over you. As for the tournament, next is the semifinal’s second match desu. In the first match, Anne-chan won and moved to the finals…… By the way, it’s my turn next desu」

That’s wonderful. I wanted to see Kuna’s fight by all means. I even think that her flames are like an art.

(Souji)「Best of luck. And your opponent is?」

(Kuna)「It’s the person who was at fourth place who nitpicking at us. From that person some time ago often said that he’ll avenge his Rank 2 brother who was defeated nanoka, I persistently said with sarcasm “I’m off” desu yone.[TN#6] Especially when he is speaking badly of Anne-chan desu」

(Souji)「That’s very irritating」

(Kuna)「Hai, I almost beat him up. Souji-kun has shown it to me; I will go all out on this」

Kuna smiled with a broad grin.

(Kuna)「And Souji-kun. What kinds of girlish expression do you like the most desu ka? 」

(Souji)「A smiling face naturally」

(Kuna)「I see. The, I’m off」

Kuna with a smiling expression turned her back on me. Her majestic figure, I’ll certainly carve it into my eyes.

◇ ◇ ◇

The assembly hall was filled with excitement. Everyone’s gaze was concentrated on Kuna.

(Souji)「Kuna’s amazing」

(Anne)「That’s right. Her existence is like a flower. Whenever the match piles up, it becomes popular」

Anne who just returned to her seat was saying it proudly as if it’s herself.[TN#7]

(Souji)「Until now, what kind of fight was shown?」

(Anne)「She enhanced her physical ability, and then afterwards her opponent resembled an octopus after the beating」

(Souji)「Neither weapon nor flame was used?」

(Anne)「I think that it’s inevitable. There are few weapons that can put up with a Firefox’s strength, and if she used her flame at that moment they will find out that she’s a Firefox」

With Kuna’s fox ears inside a hat and her tail within a skirt; she is hiding the fact that she’s a Firefox. In that situation, there will only be nothing but strategies.

(Anne)「But I think that the next match will be serious」

The colosseum became Kuna’s arena, and her clothes were thrown off. Enthusiastic cheers were shouted from the audience. Kuna had already exposed her fox ears and fox tail. With only a sleeveless body fit clothes and hot pants. The sleeveless clothes and hot pants clings onto her body, Kuna’s attractive limbs was produced glamorously. And her fox ears and tail that was a Firefox’s feature made her stand out with distinguished harmony.

Everyone in the venue was breathless with Kuna’s charm. I see now and understand it. This time, Kuna will be truly serious. The seriousness of a Firefox in the battlefield is impossible for humans to handle under any condition.

Translator’s Note:
1.) RAW TEXT: 無理をしてもろくなことにはならないのだ。

2.) RAW TEXT: ここまで追い詰められたのは久しぶりで精神的にもまいっている。

3.) Here instead of the usual “-kun”(くん), Kuna used “-kun”(君) instead.

4.) *stare*, *silence*, *frozen* The sound of staring, silence, or of remaining frozen/motionless.

5.) *humph*, *hmph* or *heehh*

6.) RAW TEXT: ネチネチ嫌味をいってくるんですよね

7.) RAW TEXT: 観客席に戻ってきたAnneが、まるで自分のことのように誇らしそうに言う。
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Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Seventeenth Episode: Dance of the Firefox

~Kuna’s POV~

(Lyle)「What happened, You begun to take your clothes off? Are you planning to seduce me!」

The man in front of me had a red face, he was stuttering while shouting.

(Kuna)「Seducing you? Why would I do that desu ka?」

(Lyle)「I am a high-tier Rank 1. But you didn’t even used a magic stone at all. So we would know how this match will turn out」

That man continues to stare at my chest for a while now.

(Kuna)「You’re saying such ridiculous things ne. With such a small gap of difference between us, however you will be buried by my true ability」

Before reaching the semi-finals, I already quite understood this man’s ability. The extreme degree of training he received in some level. At least, no one in my hometown is weaker than him.

(Lyle)「Wh-what did you say!?」

(Kuna)「Will we just be chitchatting here? Hora[TN#1], the referee is being troubled masu shi, and the audience will soon run out of patience masu yo」

Why? The referee is being careful right? Is this person’s house special or something I wonder? But he doesn’t seems to be a noble, since he’s taking the general examination.

(Lyle)「Hey you, If I fell like it, I might go easy on you. Thus not hurting you, in exchange……」

He was lustfully glaring with his eyes. People who sometimes comes to my hometown Elucie, looks us Firefoxes and Elves with such eyes. Disgusting. They make me sick. Besides, in the first place……

(Kuna)「Because they might misunderstand it, do tell us masu. I’m strong desu. By “You” to be hurt[TN#2], I chose not to. ……And you who disrespected my friend.」

I showed a fearless smile, small quantities of mana was discharged. Raising the Rank, the mana was increased if the amount of divine protection was increased. However, it only extremely increases the abilities’ foundation. It didn’t produced any overwhelming difference in physical ability. I’m a Golden (highest tier) Firefox, It’s impossible to be inferior to a normal high tier Rank 1 at most.

(Kuna)「Do you think I will let that pass masu ka?」

(Lyle)「Hii, what the, hell is this?」

(Kuna)「Saa, shall we start? Referee, on your signal」

(Referee)「Eh, Ah, Yes」

(Kuna)「One more advice desu. Once the match begins, please get outside the ring immediately. Because you might be reduced to ashes desu kara」

The high tiered Rank 1 was forced by Kuna’s strangeness……. The fourth placer that should be overwhelmingly superior retreated.

(Referee)「We-well then, the second semi-final match…… Start!」

Simultaneously when the match started, I refined my magic. It’s been a while since I seriously released my power.

◇ ◇ ◇

~Souji and Anne’s POV~[TN#3]


(Anne)「Seeing Kuna being so serious, it is also the first for me too. 」

Just when the match started, the whole ring turned into a sea of flames. A red pillar of fire rises, the top of the growing flame breaks, it fell on the ground swirling, and then again ascended up to the heavens. The ring itself became the boundary of the looping flame. The flame was rotating not letting them escape, she can maintain the heat boundary to that extent.

(Souji)「Is that spirit magic?」

A Firefox’s mana capacity was larger compared to a normal person but to be able to simply continue such magic was too severe. What made it possible was by using Spirit magic.

Among the atmosphere, holds the attribute of Earth, Fire, Wind and Water, it was overflowing with mana. That mana was used by the Spirit magic. Her own magical energy was luring the gathering mana, She borrowed their power to unleashed this magic. By doing that magic that is beyond the users limit can be unleashed.

(Souji)「No matter how a human struggled, it will be impossible in this area」


But humans can’t conveniently use Spirit magic easily. Mana has a taste for magical energy as a lure. Mana likes the magical energy humans made in some degree. That’s why I can use all the property of the attribute magic. I can use 1 magical energy, where 1.2 of mana is returned, furthermore when the outer magical energy was used when casting magic, a loss occurs. If it was a common magician, the conversion efficiency is approximately 70, using 1 magical energy originally, only 80% of the Spirit magic can be used.

In addition, the part around the process that gathers mana, activation of the magic slows down and becomes unstable. There are no merits for humans on using Spirit magic. When I’m at my best, almost all conversion lost is brought closed to zero, after all it does not correspond to one’s effort.[TN#4]

(Souji)「The Golden Firefox are regarded as monsters[TN#5] when using flames right?」

(Anne)「Perhaps, there isn’t a race in this world that was loved by the flames to a extend similar to them.」

There are few suitable territories for a Firefox, wind and water have bad compatibility that destroys mana. On the other hand, territories with fire are by far the best. Normally when 1 magical energy is used, 8 mana is gathered. But in Kuna’s case, among the Firefoxes the Golden Firefox is the most prominent, when regarding 1 magical energy, 12 mana gathers. Furthermore her skill is amazing, when constructing a magic there almost zero lost in conversion.[TN#6] To be honest, I fell jealous. Using a magic that is twelve times the magical energy that was used is cheating.

(Souji)「Kuna’s technique to control it, how did she learned it?」

It isn’t a domain a girl like Kuna can normally reached at lease.[TN#7] Even for players with a homunculus bodies, it takes ten years with the best of their abilities to reach that domain. And Kuna’s flame magic equation is so refined that it’s unusual.[TN#8] There’s no difference compared to a Player-made magic. Kuna said that her otou-san taught her, then does that mean that her otou-san was the one who made that magic equation? I like to meat him once for a chat.[TN#9]

(Anne)「I think that it’s unusual. Including the process to gather magical energy, moreover taking a battle conduct. She’s a genius」

If an normal person played around with mana they will destroy themselves. But she finished completely controlling it.

(Souji)「The real battle has just started」

At the arena ring that was painted over with red, I think that for a moment Kuna’s tail just shined with a golden color. I blocked off my visual information, I followed the movements of figures inside the ring with magical energy. Kuna dashed toward the fourth placer. On the stomach, jaw and temple, three consecutive blows were released from the blind spot. She quickly retreated after delivering the combo attack. The fourth placer swung his sword in a place without anyone there.

(Lyle)「You dirty-」

His honest expression leaked out. Judging from the fourth placer, that field is like hell. There’s nowhere to escape because the whole ring was surrounded by flames. While being roasted whole, the divine protection’s blue phosphorescence consistently leaks out.

Our view was smashed by a red shroud, I can’t see Kuna’s figure anywhere. Even if one’s body is healed with divine protection, the heat and lack of air will continue to reduce the physical and spiritual strength.

(Lyle)「Damn it, damn it!」

My enhanced hearing picked-up the fourth placer’s voice. The voice started to break into frustration, despair, and resignation. The forth placer mana started to circulate. He’s probably aiming to break the boundary of flames. But……


Kuna’s fist that crept from the blind-spot for the second time breaks the fourth placer’s solar plexus, and the magic was interrupted. Normally simply moving with the heat and lack of air is difficult, And because Kuna mercilessly hit him, he can’t prepare for the magic that will break the boundary of flames. Even if he was a high-tier Rank 1, they were still both Rank 1. In a place where the flame continuously reduce the defense, if a fist that is enhanced by magical energy hits an unprotected vital spot then pain will run through. ……While his entire body is being roasted, at the time when he was almost finished his vitals received a blow and felt pain, it was a big advantage.[TN#10]

(Souji)「Kuna’s so beautiful」

Kuna didn’t made a sound at all. It’s the proof that there’s no wasted movement. With such flexible movement, just like swimming in the flames and I think that it’s beautiful. Being her opponent she knows the difference between their physical ability and defensive strength, in this battle other than the attacks from the blind-spots, she didn’t place her body in the opponent’s sword range. Despite that, she drive her fist to the opponents vital spot the moment he lost concentration, certainly the damage accumulated.

This is the cool-headed beast’s hunt. The interval between the sound and the fist launched becomes shorter. The fourth placer is weakened. As he weakens, his openings increases and also the chances for Kuna to hit him also increases. Since a while ago, a sound similar to a meat being slapped against the chopping board can be intermittently heard. The venue was dead silent. Only the sound of a meat being beaten down on the ring plaited red by the flames can be heard.

Even when in the same Rank, he lost consciousness long ago and was taken easily.[TN#11] Five minutes later the boundary of flames have frayed. Kuna remotely controlled the flames to rose up in the heavens like a dragon.

(Kuna)「Now then, did you all enjoyed my flame dance?」

Kuna without even sweating at all, smiled with the same clothes when the match started. On the other hand, the fourth placer was in a terrible state. The lightweight leather armor was burned until it was burned to dregs and sticks to the body. Blue particles rises to his whole body to cure the burns, on the cheeks, temple, solar plexus, and the crotch, the blue particles has rose from the vital parts more intensely. ……Kuna was preponderant with her hits. As far as I can see, the remaining divine protection is already under 30%, the body ability and the defensive powers are catastrophic.

(Kuna)「Have you heard before the match started, what kind of intention I had when I took off my clothes?」

Kuna was smiling while stepping, she moved forward by one step.

(Kuna)「This is the only clothes that can endure my flames yone. It was weaved with Kaa-sama’s hair. I only have these clothes. The other gets burns and is wasted so I took them off desu」

(Lyle)「Hi…hiiiii, I won’t forgive you!」

(Kuna)「That’s disappointing. Forgive me… no that’s not it… If you had just surrendered then it would have ended」

Kuna disappointedly said so and her figure vanished. No, It’s a speed dash to the extent that it made illusions. And then, her foot was lightly swung……


With a cute voice, she hit the guy in his crotch.

(Lyle)「Ou, ohou… Oufu」

The fourth placer was down. In an instant blue particles appeared, the divine protection immediately became zero and the particles disappear, the pain wasn’t eased and the damages was also aren’t healed. He fainted in agony that’s resembles a twitching caterpillar. Perhaps she was going easy from the beginning. If Kuna was really serious then that guy’s balls will be completely crushed.

Kuna then looked at where me and Anne are, she expressed a smile on her face and made a V sign. When Anne waves her hand with me, she sticks her chest out and snorts roughly.


(Referee)「Wi-winner is Kuna!」

It was a totally unexpected result. This is today’s today’s second “Giant Killing”[TN#12] The venue breaks into excitement more than at my match, Kuna goes down the arena while being cheered.

……But, at that time we didn’t even noticed. The trance expression of the fourth placer while looking at Kuna, and having his propensity being twisted by this match.[TN#13]


There was no one who was there to care for the voice that was full of heat in mind.

Translator’s note:
1.) look!; look out!; hey!

2.) Raw text is (“anata ga” kega wo suru) meaning that Kuna repeated what the 4th placer said to her.

3.) Wasn’t really written, but the next lines are spoken by Souji and Anne so the POV might have switched here.

4.) RAW TEXT: 超一流ともなると、変換ロスをほとんどゼロに近づけることができるが、やはり労力に見合わない。

5.) Monster here means being absurdly strong.

6.) RAW TEXT: だが、Kunaの場合、Firefoxの中でも最高位の金のFirefoxであり、1のMagical energy対して12のManaが集まり、さらに、彼女の技術はすさまじく、魔術を発生する際の変換ロスがほぼ0となっている。

7.) RAW TEXT: 少なくとも、まだ少女のKunaがたどり着ける領域ではない。

8.) Of course it’s unusual, Cyril taught her that.

9.) Don’t worry, you’ll meet Cyril… and be surprised.

10.) RAW TEXT: ……もっとも、全身を焼かれながら、あんな急所打ちを喰らって痛いで済む時点で大きなアドバンテージだが。

11.) RAW TEXT: 同じRankだったらとっくに意識を失って楽になれたのに。

12.) It means the defeat of a team by a much weaker opponent. But in this case the supposedly weak team was just underestimated as they are the real monsters of the match.

13.) RAW TEXT: Kunaを見る四位の恍惚とした表情に、そしてこの勝負で彼の性癖をおおいに歪めてしまったことに。

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Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Eighteenth Episode: Cheers

(Kuna)「Kuh, so frustrating desu」

Kuna was crying as she bangs the wooden steinBeer-mug against the desk. The following day after the entrance exam, after the three of us finished the procedure of enrollment and entering a dormitory we came to the tavern. All members ask for a honey winemead. Ale was less expensive but they said that it’s a celebration so we ordered mead instead.

(Kuna)「Onee-san, seconds desu!」

(Souji)「Ah, Onee-san, it’s Ale for the second helping」

(Kuna)「Souji-kun, Kuna likes her sweet wine」

Her cheeks were flushing while her eyes were watery, Kuna leaned on to me acting flirtatiously. Even her tone is different. I opened my mouth to catch some breath.


(Souji)「Onee-san, two additional Ale. And also a butter roasted mushrooms and sake steamed calms. Large serving for both」


I ignored Kuna and ordered some Ale, Onee-san understands that I was the one that holds the wallet, she took my order and quickly moved inside and disappeared.

(Kuna)「Ah, Souji-kun so stingy!」

(Souji)「Just who is the stingy person. It’s my treat today, so if there are complains then we’ll split the bill」

Kuna’s face then became pale. It’s my money so please be more considerate, because we’re ordering expensive dishes one after another so if we split the bills then she’ll go bankrupt.

(Anne)「Souji fuss over about the strangest things」

Little by little Anne was having her first cup of mead while she said that. The commemorative medal for becoming the first place in the examinee’s tournament hangs on her neck.

(Kuna)「Uuuu, isn’t it ok, please spoil us more. Because it’s a total shock that Anne-chan was able to defeat me desu kara」

(Anne)「But if we’re looking at the ability then you’ll be on top. The match up this time was just excellent」

(Souji)「Kuna, in the first place, you used too much power on the semi-finals. If you hold down on the consumption then you might have won. You’re wasteful when you used the boundary for personal reasons」

Originally if it’s many vs. one, then it will be the skill that will be assumed.

(Kuna)「A Firefox’s duel must have some entertainment desu」

(Souji)「What is this Entertainment?」

(Kuna)「Who knows, even I don’t understand it. Otou-san said that however desu, I sometimes uses it as it sounded good desu yone」

(Souji)「Don’t use words which you don’t understand well」

Anne won the match between Kuna and Anne in the finals. Kuna used up most of her mana during the semifinals but it resulted of her beating the crap out of the Rank 1 with her bare hands, she smashed her fist several times, but because it was treated by the divine protection each time, she lost most of her divine protection. In the early stage Kuna was overwhelming even with just using taijutsu, midway she’s receiving the sword with her blows, then her divine protection was under 30% and her movement became slower, afterwards she was cut one-sidedly and it ended. After all to challenge a first-class swordsman with just your bare hands in itself was nonsense. Further speaking, there was a sense of incongruity seen in Kuna’s movement. Kuna’s movement is not a movement of a hand to hand fighting technique. It was a movement of a swordsman. ……There might be some circumstances for the original style to be changed.

(Kuna)「Therefore please cheer me up. I’m depressed on being defeated by a girl of the same age. Please comfort this kawaii Kuna-chan[TN#1]. I’m gonna waste myself with liquor!!」

(Souji)「I’ll beat the hell out of the girl who’s drinking out of depression, don’t you think that it’s dangerous to see such person right!?」

(Kuna)「Hora, Kuna-chan is crying masu yo. Even if Souji-kun doesn’t say it, he is tired of seeing my crying face desu ka. That’s why, hora make her smile using a honey winemead

They seem to like honey wine very much. If you say it this much then I might order more. Just now, it’s because I want to see Kuna’s reaction when rejected. I was satisfied plenty enough. Every time she request something, she will sticks too closely. I received the compensation.

(Souji)「I understand. But is there a liquor that you don’t drink at all? Ah, there’s some Elucie wine. It is a rare thing which is rarely sold. Let’s buy it」

They seem to have Elucie wine in the tavern’s menu. That’s bittersweet simple liquor with cranberries and maple syrup. As the name suggest it’s an excellent liquor that was made from Elucie, Kuna’s home. Just a very small quantity was made and it’s quite popular so it is quickly sold out. It’s fortunate that we can drink it at this tavern. 30,000Val per bottle, it’s a fair price. This will be an excellent celebration.

(Anne)「Isn’t it good. When I was still a noble, my father really liked this and we often drank it together. I want to drink this after such a long time」

Unexpectedly Anne was the one who took it.

(Kuna)「The two of you please drink Elucie wine. The Ale is enough for me desu」

However Kuna seems to be not interested.

(Souji)「Elucie wine is even a sweet wine you know?」

(Kuna)「I know. Because I grew up drinking it. But it is unpleasant to run away then drink Yuki-ane’s liquor desu」

Yuki-ane’s liquor…… Is Kuna a daughter of the Elucie wine owner? A liquor brand of noble purveyor, if she is the owner’s daughter then I can see why Anne called her a princess. I heard that Elucie wine uses magic to perform temperature management. Therefore from child hood they might have been thoroughly taught magic, they probably also trained their bodies because in making liquor physical strength is needed. Now I understand it all.

……No wait, something’s not right. That’s ridiculous. There is no reason call a daughter of the liquor owner is a princess. Using common sense, if you mention the princess of Elucie…… right, I’m understand it now. That’s it, Kuna is the daughter of a sake brewery.

(Kuna)「Souji-kun, Souji-kun」

(Souji)「Ah, wh-what is it Kuna?」

(Kuna)「Suddenly your eyes lost focus, and became absent minded, do you have some strange sickness desu ka?」

(Souji)「No, it’s nothing. Seems I drunk a little too much」

(Kuna)「That’s unexpected. Although Souji seems to be able to hold its liquor」

(Souji)「I can usually hold it however. Hora, the dishes came」

The liquor steamed shellfish that was baked with buttery mushrooms that I asked to add and ale came.

(Souji)「Onee-san additional Elucie wine. And I’ll let Onee-san decide the compatible appetizer」

(Waitress)「Certainlyー It’s Elucie wine, and an assortment of Bell branded cheese as my recommendation」

(Souji)「Please do」

(Kuna)「Additional Ale for my share desu」

In a casual manner, Kuna ordered additional Ale. I have heard it in some rumors. Mostly of Firefoxes loves to drink liquor. The Ale came out right away, the Elucie wine seems takes a bit of time.

(Kuna)「Well, I’ll finish the food that just came. Souji-kun’s choices are good desu ne. All of them are my favorite」

(Souji)「That’s good then」

Baked buttered mushroom and the scent of liquor steamed shellfish also smells appetizing, I unintentionally becoming absorbed to it and reached with my chopstick. Washing it down with Ale, seems like all of today’s fatigue was blown away. Kuna who kept persisting that the honey sake was good also purrs with great relish.

(Souji)「Puwaー[TN#2] Delicious!」

(Anne)「……That kind of inappropriate drinking seems to be fun」

Because Kuna is drinking with great relish, Anne which was tasting the first serving of mead elegantly, throws the liquor steamed shellfish into her mouth and washed it down with mead.

(Anne)「Not bad. I also like this. *gepu*[TN#3]

Doing things that she is not accustomed to, Anne who burped seems to have gotten embarrassed and her cheeks gave off a shining blush.

(Kuna)「Souji-kun, a maiden, there’s a maiden in a place such as this rundown tavern masu yo」

(Souji)「Kuna, stop putting salt on Anne’s wound. Also don’t call it rundown. The surrounding gazes hurts」

(Kuna)「Everyone gomennasai. I meant the rundown in a good way desu yoー. I meant to say that rundown, in a common meaning」

Kuna who’s bowing her head down while talking something which even I don’t understand. The other customers also do not know why is she apology, but they somehow let it slide because it’s cute. The present Kuna has an aura of making people have unconditional love.

(Souji)「Hora, the Elucie wine is here」

I pour the wine into the glass that came with the bottle. The transparent glass was filled with Elucie wine, one for Anne, one for myself and I hold out one to Kuna.

(Kuna「Didn’t I tell you that I didn’t want it desu」

(Souji)「Do you hate how it taste?」

(Kuna)「I love it, but…」

(Souji)「Kuna, When I played a song from Elucie, didn’t Kuna cried because you missed it? I think that you have the feeling that really liked your hometown. I think there’s a good reason for Kuna to leave her hometown, but it not that you hate everything related to your hometown right? Then this liquor had not sin」

(Kuna)「Uuu, however desu」

(Souji)「Well if you’re not going to drink it then I’ll be drinking it. If you miss this chance the you may not be able to get any Elucie wine for several years」

(Kuna)「Souji. You’re so unfair. I’ll have Kuna’s share too」

Me and Anne signaled each other with our eyes to teases Kuna. Kuna growled after a while.

(Kuna)「I’ll also drink it after all masu. The liquor had not sinned」

(Souji)「Ok then, I’ll distribute the liquor. Now then, cheers!」

I raise my glass. Kuna and Anne followed as well.

(Souji)「Our 【Demon Sword Tail】’s first mission. We achieved all members becoming a scholarship student」

I made an interval. Kuna and Anne read the timing. And the three of us.

(All three of them)「「「Cheers!!!」」」

We made a toast with our voice aloud. From now on, we will enter the academy and dive into the dungeon. I finally arrived at the entrance, with us three I felt like I could go anywhere.

Translator’s note:
1.) Kuna’s narcissist mode activated.

2.) *phew* *sigh* *relief* ; A gasp of relief, satisfaction.

3.) *belched* *burp* *bloated* *full*

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Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Nineteen Episode: New Life

My body is heavy. It’s not that I’m physically sick or physically heavy. When I woke up there was a bishoujo in both my arms. One is a bishoujo with slender silver hair. And the other was a blond with a fox ears and tail on her body. Both of them are arousing in their underwear.[TN#1] For starters let’s try to rub both of their breast. Kuna’s chest sinks but then pushes back, Anne’s chest is slightly stiff but it makes you feel like caressing rather than massaging, the tenderness is properly felt.



Both has a wrapped facial expression. It is almost getting dangerous so I rise up, and got out of the bed. Little by little, my memory slowly comes back. Well, yesterday after having a grand racket at the tavern, we came back to the dorm, we three slept on a single bed in the same sense as in the inn.[TN#2] I thought about changing my clothes and I realized that the floor was drenched when I got up.

(Souji)「Aah, so that’s what it is, I ‘m the one who did this yesterday」

Before going to bed, while complaining that it was hot Kuna grandly took off her clothes, and being tempted by that Anne also took off her clothes, I also took mine off. After that Kuna was making a racket about the sweaty scent, a liquor’s scent, for some reason such a thing was amusing, everyone smelled of sweat, smiling with a smell of liquor and making a racket…… I suggested having a bath, after drawing water from the well and heating it up with Kuna’s magic, all of us without any hesitation pour the hot water over us. After that, Kuna skillfully dried her hair and underwear.

(Souji)「……Liquors are scary」

The celebration for the scholarship students had passed. Thus mind was completely relaxed. If we made just one mistake, I may have made passes at them by the influence of liquor. It feel glad to be out, I would like to avoid the Party’s trust to collapse in an instant. The bell rang twice. If I remember it correctly, from the explanation received yesterday, twice is the signal to get up and trice is the signal for breakfast. There is about an hour between the bells. But considering such as changing my clothes, It would be bad if I don’t wake them up soon.[TN#3]

(Souji)「Kuna, Anne, time to wake up」

I shook the two girls that was sleeping on my bed. I want them to get up soon. Even if I poke their cheeks, they won’t wake up.

(Souji)「Yoshi, I’ll kiss the both of you if you don’t wake up」

(Kuna)「Uーn, I slept well. Ah, Ohayou gozai masu. Souji-kun」

Kuna[TN#4] rise up and greeted me refreshingly. As she woke up her fox ears is standing up, and her tail was waving. Coincidentally, the tail tip tickled Anne’s nose.

(Anne)「Eh, *Achoo* Are? Ohayou. Kuna. Souji」

Anne also got up.

(Anne)「My head hurts」

She hold her head.[TN#5] It seems that the hangover came with a headache.

(Souji)「Kuna are you doing that on purpose??」

(Kuna)「Hai, is that unusual?」

Kuna who tilts her head on one side with a vague face. ……That’s right. Kuna can’t be such a sophisticated person.[TN#6] She is a natural girl who naturally teases people from birth.

(Souji)「No, thanks」

(Anne)「Nevertheless, why are both Souji and Kuna are so composed. As I remember yesterday, both of you were also quite drunk」

(Souji)「Aa, that is… When I’m conscious of alcoholic effects are a poison then my divine protection make it’s move」

(Kuna)「That’s a common sense for drinkers desu ne. With that you can enjoy drinking alcoholic drinks with ease」

Divine protection unconsciously treats the likes of scars, those of the likes of drugs and alcohol that acts as poison will only be treated only after recognizing them as poison.

(Anne)「I will try it also」

It seems that Anne is experimenting with various things. And after three minutes she got the knack of it, blue particles started to appear from her body.

(Anne)「Fuu, it has became much more comfortable. To enjoyable liquor like that, I didn’t know because it’s my first time to drink so I received a hangover」

As expected of an Ojou-sama[TN#7]. I would like to let another person drink a decoct of nail dirt.[TN#8]

(Kuna)「Naーnan desu ka! A first person view on such a poor person!」

(Souji)「No, it’s nothing. Better go back to your rooms and change quickly」

Our room is prepared in a separate building from the general dormitory. It is a special dorm only for the scholarship students. Our rooms are lined up in three rows, my room is in the middle of Kuna and Anne’s room. It seems that it’s a scholarship student privilege to be given their own room. All other dormitory residents has a three-person room. Moreover, the extent treatment does not change.

(Kuna)「Ah, I’ve slept with Souji-kun out of habit」

(Anne)「……I too was careless. If the dormitory found out that we shared a bed, then we might have been kick out」

Both are at their wits end. However, that was an unnecessary worry.

(Souji)「You don’t have to worry. Apart from this dormitory, they do not mind things like that」

(Kuna)「Eh? Why desu ka?」

(Souji)「Because this is a knight school, they only care about our achievements on the underground labyrinth」

(Anne)「What are you trying to say here?」

(Souji)「I talked about this before, but when it is the underground labyrinth they don’t divide the tent for male and female to reduce the luggage, so it will be just a pain to have an opposition to each and every one saying about male and female being together. And because it will be a long-term expedition, so dealing with gender problems will be a big problem」

(Kuna)「Souji-kun’s being indirect desu」

Kuna puffs her cheek and complains.

(Souji)「In this school, love affair is recommended. In addition to entertainment, if you dive in the underground labyrinth for a long period of time, the heart usually suffers from tension. Diving with a lover and having sex often displayed a healthy mentally. That’s why they don’t have separate dormitories for male and female. Just do it in the dormitories, no body cares」[TN#9]

Both of them made the deep red face to my excessive straight expression.

(Kuna)「SoーSouji-kun, filthy!」

(Anne)「Such a thing is prohibited before getting married!」

They seem to be unconvinced of my words.

(Souji)「In my case, I would be happy if I could have such a lover, even if we’re alone, well I will somehow manage. Both of you should consider thinking about it. Because really, the long-term stay in the underground labyrinth is terrible」

Only experienced people know the mental burden of exploring the labyrinths. It is more frightening than being devastated by a dimonic beast.

(Souji)「Most parties are like the present Kuna and will say they are different, but in the end they wouldn’t be able to bare with their stress. [TN#10] In that case they would have prepared any contraceptives and that will be seriously a problem, maybe even worse. And if you notice there are daily occurrence of homosexual when males dive in with each others」[TN#11]

This is the negative aspect of the underground labyrinth. The more extreme it’s state is, the more human beings will be faithful to their desires.

(Kuna)「Souji-kun, I understand it now」

(Souji)「Do you understand it now Kuna?」

(Kuna)「When we dive into the underground labyrinth we should be on full guard against Souji-kun」

Kuna takes a distance with a smiling face that sticks. Now that they are in their underwear, they are embarrassingly hiding their breast with both their hands.

(Souji)「It’s terrible to accuse a man that is harmless such as myself. Two drunken bishoujo in their underwear sleeping in the same bed with a man and noting happened right!?」

(Anne)「Souji. I did evaluate it without saying, however」

(Kuna)「You ruined all of them ne」

With those final words, the two of them had gone back to their own rooms. While sighing, I opened the closet installed in my room and wrapped myself in the uniform I had prepared. As for those of the scholarship student, a small embroidered design has been attached to the collar. I felt slightly proud of it.

◇ ◇ ◇

After the breakfast, we went to the huge hall. Today the entrance ceremony will be held there.

(Anne)「The breakfast was delicious isn’t it ne」

(Souji)「Yeah, it was so tasty that I ate too much」

(Kuna)「It’s like a buffet desu yo. Taking whatever you like as much as you want. It’s such an amazing luxury desu. I’m glad I became a scholarship student desu」

After changing to our uniform, we joined in the dormitory’s dining room. Including us, there were only eight people. In scholarship student dormitory there were only nine people, three for each grade, one of the second year student, the Rank 2 sempai that I defeated seem to be not here. Thanks to that, my greetings were ignored and the gaze of hostility was painful. However, only a single cute second year loli sempai who have a brown Bobcat waved her hands smiling. To be honest, I feel somewhat uncomfortable. From that person mana’s flow without stagnation, the movement of the center of gravity were all above the rank of Rank 2, I could not believe she was a Rank 1. ……Even if you’re strong, if you didn’t earn any magic stones it is understood that one can not raise its Rank……

(Souji)「I have prepared your lunch」

In our hands, there is a bento wrapped in a wrapping cloth. This wraps the buffet left-over in this way. This was more than enough, there’s a school cafeteria but you have to pay for it so this service was very helpful in a way. Especially since Kuna and Anne are in debt to me, I will save a little as possible to survive.

(Souji)「Both of you, your uniform suits you very well」

Seems in the knight school although the uniform has a skirt, under it has something similar to spats was worn. The material used for it’s fiber is strong against slash attacks and also has mana resistance. I’m disappointed with the spats under the skirt, but it will be strange if it’s not there.[TN#12] Run and jump. Although that is just natural, it will be worrisome if the skirt flips over while in battle.

(Kuna)「Souji-kun, Your praise is from an ulterior motives isn’t it desu? Being praised and getting carried away then before we notice I’m already impregnated desu ne」[TN#13]

(Souji)「No, isn’t that kind of quick!」

(Kuna)「I’m just kidding desu. Fufufu, hora, you should admire more the kawaii Kuna-chan desu」

Kuna quickly spins on the spot. Mou, her fox ears and tail are on full-throttle. Because you exposed them on the semi-finals there’s no need to hide them now.


And there is also the self-interest of her appearance too. This knight school is managed by the government. It will pick quarrels to other countries that puts their hand on its members for profit. That’s why she can safely behave as a Firefox.

(Kuna)「Hora, let’s do it together Anne」

(Anne)「It’s embarrassing. You’re attracting everyone’s attention」

Kuna and Anne are different types of girls, but both are extraordinarily beautiful girls. And also Kuna herself is a Firefox, while Anne has her father’s ill repute. ……Besides, I’m also famous as the Rank 1 who defeated the second year’s hope, of course it will attract attention if this three people gather together.

(Kuna)「Uuu, it’s unexpected to attract all attention here」[TN#14]

Kuna’s fox ears collapsed with a *petan*[TN#15].

(Souji)「It’s all right. What is Kuna who exposed her figure wearing something that looks like underwear, and fought is embarrassed for?」

(Kuna)「Hii, that’s the thing people are trying to forget!」

Kuna trembled with a *purupuru*[TN#16] while having a blushing face.

(???)「My princess. Kuna-you[TN#17]. You loyal retainer has arrived」

While I was enjoying the skit with Kuna, the forth placer that Kuna had fought with on the entrance examination came over.

(Kuna)「Ah, the fourth place person. Did you came back for revenge desu ka?」

At the moment Kuna said that to the fourth placer, the fourth placer’s face stiffens. Kuna do remember what his name is. Because he was the opponent you have fought on the semi-finals. If I’m not mistaken his name should be Lyner[TN#18].

(Lyner?)「That’s wrong, my princess. I have come to pledge my loyalty. That beautiful red rose flames, those golden hair and tail flickering in the flames. The cute fox ears that adds accent to your beauty. I was mesmerized by you. Please let me be your manservant.[TN#19] I’ll be always be close to you, I am your sword and I am your shield」

For some reason his teeth was sparkling. That was unexpected. Usually it is likely that Kuna will become a trauma for him. Kuna begins to talk after nodding with a *uh-huh*.

(Kuna)「Is that so desu ka, then I’ll bear your faithfulness in mind. Please do not talk to me. Please don’t be concerned to me. If possible please don’t enter my field of vision. I dislike you desu」[TN#20]

Those are words of a clear rejection. In response to it, the fourth placer was panting roughly while for some reason suppressing his crotch in between his thighs. [TN#21]

(Lyner?)「Ku-Kuna-you, I-if I break your order, what will become of me?」

(Kuna)「I’ll kick you masu」

(Lyle)「……Kuna-you, please forgive this one. I-if you say such thing, this Lyle with patience, will endure it with patience!!」

The fourth placer then jumps toward Kuna. So his name was Lyle…… I was off by one character.[TN#22] I was almost but not quite. Kuna silently high kicked him. At pinpoint the toe penetrated the chin. As merciless as ever. The forth placer who has not yet recovered his lost divine protection, took Kuna’s kick with his body, that moment he lost consciousness he fainted out. He looked awfully happy for some reason. I forget his existence in itself when I glanced at Kuna, I had a smile at my face without saying anything.

(Kuna)「By the way, Souji-kun is the representative for the freshman’s greeting desu yone」

(Souji)「Yeah, I have to go」

(Anne)「Souji looks cool in the spot, I will keep looking at you from the student seat」

(Kuna)「I am also looking forward to it masu」

The two puts him under pressure. The scholarship student of the noble slot and the general slot will carry out the freshmen greetings alternately every year. Last year was the noble slot student, and this year seems to be the general slot student’s turn.

(Anne)「I wonder what will you say?」

(Souji)「Un, I think I’ll say what my goal is」

And with that I left two and headed to the designated place in advance.

Translator’s note:

2.) RAW TEXT: そうか、昨日はTavernで盛大に騒いだ後、寮に戻ってきて、宿屋と一緒の感覚で一つのベッドで三人で眠った。

3.) RAW TEXT: だが、着替えなどを考えると、そろそろ起きないとまずいだろ。

4.) Again Author mistyped Kuna as Kune, so I fixed it.

5.) RAW TEXT: そして頭を抱える。

6.) RAW TEXT: Kunaにそんな高度なおちょくり方はできない。

7.) Daughter of a High-Class Family or Nobel.

8.) RAW TEXT: もう一人にも爪の垢でも煎じて飲ませたい。

9.) Translation might extremely slows down for now on as I’m going to enroll in this Knight School, Any cute girls want to be my party members?

10.) RAW TEXT: だいたい今のKunaたちみたいな連中が、僕たちは違うんですって言って、結局ストレスで我慢できずにやるんだ。

11.) The fujoushi over there, please restrain yourselves.

12.) RAW TEXT: スカートの下のスパッツは残念だが、ないほうがおかしいものだろう。

13.) RAW TEXT: 褒められて舞いあがっているうちに気が付いたら妊娠させられているわけですね

14.) RAW TEXT: 「ううう、ここまで注目を集めるのは予想外ですぅ」

15.) (1) *smooth* *flat*; *flop*; *slump* *slide*(2) Flop down on the floor;(3) Motion of falling to the floor, i.e. in shock or disbelief.

16.) (1) *shake shake* *quiver*; (2) SFX for trembling from fear, embarrassment, anger, or some other emotion;

17.) Mr.; Mrs.; Miss; Ms.; Honorific or respectful (sonkeigo), after a person’s name (or position, etc.)

18.) In Eps.12th, this guy was called Lyle (ライル) and it will be explained in the note below.

19.) I wanted to put Servant here, but…. That will degrade all the Servant in name to his level (specially those Servants from fate series)

20.) Ouch, Kuna’s a harsh one

21.) Attention! We got an M here!

22.) Souji here is saying that in ライル(RAIRU) he mistaken ル(RU) to ナ(NA) so it became ライナ(Lyner) in the previous text

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Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Twentieth Episode: Oath

(Female instructor)「Almost at the very last-minute. You VIP sure are different」

The young female instructor greeted me. It was the person who had taken care of me during the examination.

(Souji)「That’s not it, it’s because my stomach hurts when waiting for a long time, And I was distracted by talking with my friends until the very last minute」

(Female instructor)「Is that so, you then, between the fox eared kid and the silver haired kid, which of the two does your heart desire?」

The female instructor was listening with relish.

(Souji)「It’s a secret. But, even if they can’t become my lovers they can still be my friends, I want to make two of them happy 」

(Female instructor)「KYYYAAAAAAAA! It’s so nice to be young. That unfounded confidence, the misunderstanding that you can do anything. Sensei love such kids. Un, I though you were a bad kid when you fought with unnecessary cruelty but you look okay」

(Souji)「Well, thank you」

She seems like a good person. I think it’s fascinating if such person is the teacher in charge.

(???)「Instructor Nakita [TN#1], Stop that and release Souji. His first task is to listen and to understand the philosophy from the top of this organization. He is not your plaything」

The tall man who was the proctor for the lecture exam spoke with a solemn voice which corresponds with his appearance.

(Instructor Nakita)「Hai Hai, I understand. Instructor Sugouto [TN#2]. Seriously, such a strange feeling It’s no good to make her wait forever」 [TN#3]

(Instructor Sugouto)「Instructor Nakita. I don’t have any intention to have a deep relation with anyone」

Instructor Sugouto seems to be not upset on Instructor Nakita’s words at all and remains quiet.

(Instructor Nakita)「Nee nee, you shouldn’t become an adult like that. When he was still a student here there was a sempai that he seriously had a crush on, he has given his full devotion to that person for a while but that person already got married. tte, ouchouchouchouchouch, waiー, time out, it hurts! it hurts!」

Instructor Sugouto grasps Instructor Nakita’s head only by grip strength and lifts her up.

(Instructor Sugouto)「Instructor Nakita, are you making me angry in front of him?」

(Instructor Nakita)「Gomenasai. It’s a joke, it’s just a joke desu yo. *Wahaahaa* [TN#4] I thought I was going to die.」

Instructor Nakita was freed from those iron claw, she then raises her head and moans.


(Instructor Sugouto)「You mustn’t become such an adult. People who don’t understand human pain are the lowest. She, on the other hand, is excellent as a teacher, so observe her well and work hard at school life」


I can only return pleasant reply. Thereupon, Instructor Nakita closed our gap by point-blank with slim motion then she whispers to my ears.

(Instructor Nakita)「Although he says that I don’t know a person’s pain, he is hurting himself because he can’t confront the feeling of the girl he likes who is bound by a deceased man」

Saying that was a secret while putting her index finger on her lips, Instructor Nakita left.

(Souji)「……What, this personal relationship are a burden for the school」

I complained unintentionally.

◇ ◇ ◇

(Head Master)「Ladies and gentlemen of the students, let me say this first. Although this school has been called by the name of knight school, we are not seeking something of elegant quality」

The man who is a little less than 180cm with a moderate muscles on the first half of 40 units makes an impassioned speech moderately. [TN#5] He was the school’s headmaster, and at the same time he is an active explorer of the underground labyrinth.

(Head Master)「Of course, I will teach you the general way of etiquette. However it will be at a minimum to the level that is open to public. I will not teach any more than that」

Non of the noble displayed any unrest in their face. Everyone understand such a thing before knocking at the gates of this school.

(Head Master)「Ladies and gentlemen, I ask for your strength. It’s that strength that will make you survive in the underground labyrinth and on the battlefield. I don’t need it’s beauty. You can be unfair but also have strength, you can be a coward everything is fine. But I strongly demand it! Be accustomed in living dirtily, have a deep attachment in life. If you cannot do that then you’ll lose your life just like an insect」

He vigorously hit the desk from above.

(Head Master)「I repeat. Be strong, prepare all that you need for that sake. it is up to your perseverance afterwards」

The very straightforward speech has ended. To sum it all up, you can use any means to get stronger. It’s such a easy-to-understand ideology isn’t it? From there, the introduction of each instructor begins. A hundred nobles and fifty commoners. Three classes was made that contained fifty students for each class. The noble student and the common students doesn’t seems to be mixed in the same class. Our instructor was decided to be the childish female instructor, Instructor Nakita. And finally my turn comes up…… The greeting of the freshman representative begins. In one step I fired myself up and proceed to step forward.

◇ ◇ ◇

When I go up to the stage noise starts to leak out.

(Student A)「That guy…… The Rank 1 that defeated a Rank 2」

(Student B)「An instructor seems to have said that. He also seems to be skillful with spearmanship too」

(Student C)「He summoned his weapon out of nowhere」

(Student D)「Isn’t it dangerous, I heard you cannot use summoning magic unless you’re Rank 4」

(Student E)「There’s also a rumors that he can eat any kind of magic stones」

(Student D)「Crap, isn’t that like cheating?」

There were some favorable voices, negative voices, and various things mixed in it, but there is no doubt that they are interested in me. Originally there should only be freshmen in this place, but this time I have come to peep into the second and third graders who are interested in me. I looked over the faces of the student from one end to the other. Then, I slowly opened my mouth.

(Souji)「To more than half the people here, nice to meet you. I am Souji, greeting you as the freshman’s representative」

I wait for my voice to reverberate.

(Souji)「Upon entering this school, most of the people attained Rank 3 before their graduation. And should be aiming to become a honorary noble」

As most of the noble students who entered are the second or third child who can’t succeed their houses.It was their minimum goal to be proficient here. At best, they want the status to be an honorary noble and thus they knocked at the school’s gate.

(Souji)「Of course that is also my aim. No, it’s not that I’m aiming for it. I’ll surely obtain it. It’s not only me, also my party members will be a Rank 3. That’s the minimum task」

I’m amazed with my boastful speech, I need something the various students to remember and yearn for. However, I daringly continue.

(Souji)「Aside from our minimum task, our aim is to reach Rank 6. As of now, there is only one person who attained Rank 6, in these following three years that will be our designated goal」

After the creation of the underground labyrinth, for decades there is only one person who attained Rank 6. That would be just a pipe dream. As expected, it makes them feel uneasy. No, there were only two people who are watching me with hopeful eyes. It was Kuna and Anne.

(Souji)「If there’s someone who wants to follow me, speak. Let’s both aim toward Rank 6 together. Hopefully, we can have a variety of companion and rivals」

Completely glancing from the top, they think of me as somebody. [TN#6] Still, I wanted to say that.

(Souji)「That will be all, with this I end my greetings」

I get off the stage. There were no applause heard. No, when Kuna and Anne started clapping, several people began to clap their hands as well. And a big applause echoes, it’s the school headmaster. I have the smile that can only be describe as a grin. Beside him was Instructor Sugouto and Instructor Nakita giving a small applause. This alone is sufficient enough, I don’t think that they wish everyone will understand.

◇ ◇ ◇

After the speech we received an overall explanation in each classroom. First of all, at this school, there are only classes on the first three days out of seven. However, if you cannot clear the mountain of coursework that’s been issued, then you’ll be held back for a year. And when held back for the third time, you’ll be forced to withdraw from school. If you were held even once then getting the honorary noble title is out of the question.

The other four days will be either to dive into the underground labyrinth or clean up the coursework that were issued. You can depend onto your instructor at any time if you have any questions about the subject. That’s the rule. As today is just the first day, we received only the whole explanation and class ended.

◇ ◇ ◇

I was walking on the road to the dormitory by myself. Since the size of Kuna and Anne’s ready-made uniform and practical clothes didn’t fit them, they were measured for their size and seem to have prepared semi-custom-made clothes. It was said that the general students should just endure it, but the treatment for the special students was different. Besides, free supply includes two reserved spares. It seems that the school’s basic policy is to say that the reward is only good for those who are strong.

(Souji)「With that, sempai. You’ve been following me for a while, what kind of important matter is it?」

After leaving the school, I was followed by several people. Because they were unskillful at tailing someone, I immediately understood it.

(Reyle)「Hou, as expected from you to become aware of us to this extent」

Many sempai appeared one after another. Looking at their strength. There were two Rank 2 and three Rank 1. A total of five people had surrounded me.

(Souji)「Aa, is this a revenge for your first defeat?」

One of the Rank 2 was the opponent that I defeated on the exam. His divine protection may not be fully recovered so he called for some reinforcements.

(Reyle)「That’s right! It’s because of you that I am shamed for life as the Rank 2 that was defeated by a mere Rank 1! That’s why I have to give my full gratitude toward you!」

(Souji)「Are you going to kill me?」

(Reyle)「I won’t do such a thing, for now we’ll just reduce your divine protection down to zero. With that in mind, I’ll break off both your hands and legs. Then I will send you to the hospital. And while you can’t return for a while, we will gang rape your women in the meantime. If you like, I’ll do them in front of you」

(Souji)「Is that so? So sempai is saying that you’ll lay your filthy hands on them. Understood」

I threw away the option of being gentle to them at this moment. [TN#7]

(Reyle)「Don’t think that it will end with just that! You bastard will surely become a weak No-Rank when you return. And when you leave the hospital, I’ll do the same thing again」

Indeed, if the divine protection has been used up, it takes at least a week to recover the divine protection again. Although from there, you’ll only recover 30% of the divine protection in a week. For two weeks until to be able to move the body properly, if you’re in a caterpillar state, the muscular strength will drop and your sensation will become dull.

(Souji)「I now understood what I want to do. But to sempai who was defeated by me and is now accompanied by small fries, do you seriously think that you can do something about me?」

I laugh as I can afford to.

(Reyle)「Heーhere」 [TN#8]

(Souji)「I understand. With sempai are two Rank 2, and three high tier Rank 1」

They are an opponent who you can not win against if you fight them directly. Sempai seemed to have felt fear from my attitude that did not break my composure, he held down his left eye that was pierced by my spear and glare at me.

(Reyle)「Yoーyour just bluffing!」

Then let’s take advantage of that fear.

(Souji)「Senpai, you haven’t noticed that after all. Even if that match, I was going easy on you」

(Reyle)「Nah, After that stupid fight, I heard you collapsed」

Yoshi, he took the bait. I’ll stall for time for a while. I’m compiling a magic equation in my head while hiding it so sempai and the other wouldn’t notice it. It’s a magic that takes too much time in calculation processing so I can not use it right away. I did not have the time to spare in the match, but if you are going to talk that way, I can earn some time.

(Souji)「That’s was all staged. Didn’t the audience gotten more excited like that? Not to mention it’s before the king himself? It’s a waste just to win. With vigorous efforts, a weak person overthrew the strong one. You can enjoy it and it leaves a big impression」

(Reyle)「No way! There is no such foolish thing like that! I am going to peel off that mask of yours! Let’s go Frenz [TN#9]!! You’re surrounded with an army of skilled swordsmen, it’s the end for you!」

(Souji)「Certainly, it will surely be hard if surrounded by many swordsmen」

Thanks to the conversation, I was able to stall as much as eight hundred seconds. It’s enough time. It is no longer necessary to conceal the magic processing. Cancelling concealment. All that remains is to unleash my magic.

(Reyle)「Whaーwhat the! that enormous magic equation, nーno way, is that a magic a human can handle!? Kisama, are you even a swordsman!?」

(Souji)「Sempai. I’m not a swordsman, I’m a 【magician】. Let me show you my power who returned to my main job class」

Sempai opens his eyes wide in surprise. Just besides that, while in between another Rank 2, processing arithmetically in parallel with the conversation then activating the magic. To me who is currently a Rank 1, magic that requires computation time is useless in actual battles. As for that ……

(Souji)「【Spatial Disruption】」

A magic that distorts space and delivers overwhelming destruction caused by its stable power. White light filled the area.

Translator’s Note
1.) Nakita is read as NaKiーTa(ナキータ)

2.) Sugouto is read as SuGoーTo(スゴート)

3.) Ok, Im super not sure what I translated here… RAW TEXT: まったく、そんながっちがちだからいつまでたっても彼女できないんだよ」

4.) panting sfx

5.) RAW TEXT: 適度に筋肉が付いた四十台前半の180cm近い男が熱弁をふるっている。

6.) RAW TEXT: 完全に上から目線、何様だと自分でも思う。

7.) Shit will happen I tell you, shit will happen!!

8.) RAW TEXT: 「こっ、こっちには」

9.) フレンツ (Furentsu); If anyone can give a more sounding one do tell me.
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Translated by: “GM_Rusaku” of “Nepustation”

Twenty First Episode: Weakness

The white light then cease. Coming into the view was a trace of destruction that gouged the ground that is a deep as 5m. The big tree behind those guys who surrounded me got burned down from the root and collapsed while making a roaring sound. Behind my field of vision are two Rank 2, including sempai who had his right shoulder burned. Blue light flows out with frightening momentum. The two Rank who lost their divine protection falls down to their knees. I’m glad. I was able to skillfully control it. It can be said that it was lucky that they weren’t killed. Although I can kill them. With that resolve I unleashed this magic.

「What will you say now sempai? I was going easy at that time. It will be boring for the gallery if I was able to easily won. Watching that is no fun at all」

A grinning smile floated from my face. Indeed, I seem to have quite a bad personality.

「Hora, The sempai over there, are you still doing ok? Actually this magic is still in testing, so I can’t use it skillfully yet. Did you know? If more than 50% of the body disappears all at once, divine protection will not kick in? Now, what do you think will happened if my magic accidentally hits you directly?」

I gently point my hands towards the remaining three high tiered Rank 1. I’m implying that I can activate my magic at any time.

「Hih hiiiiii」

「ThaーThat’s not a magic a Rank 1 can use!」

「Ruーrun for your lives!」

Three uninjured people disappeared leaving behind the wounded Rank 2.


I’m looking forward to see if sempai who fought with me at the entrance examinations had finally recovered as much as we could talk. The other Rank 2 was recovering faster than sempai, but they already run away. It seems that they’re strong enough to figure out how dangerous today’s magic is and how big is the gap between us.

「I thought sempai was lenient」

I kick him up on his chin. Sempai was down on his knees because I kicked up his chin, his head was beaten to the ground with a frustrating and stupid posture.[TN#2] When being treated by the divine protection, the affected part will have the most consumption. Just losing his right shoulders brings his divine protection down by 20%. In the entrance exam, Sempai who’s divine protection was reduced to almost all of it should have recovered only around 30% at most. Sempai who’s divine protection should have a little of 10% remaining cannot properly move. I grabbed Senpai ‘s collar, I bring his face closer and threaten him.

「In the case of ambushing me, you shouldn’t done it today.[TN#3] You should have aimed at it immediately after our match while my mana and divine protection are not recovering. But I’m not as stupid as to just wait for myself to recover」

I grasp his hair and forcibly turn the front, and then I trust a manufactured knife purchased in the city instead of the mithril one. Anyway, a single 【Spatial Disruption】tooked all my mana. So there’s no mana left to use 【Magic Silver Refining】.

「Therefore let’s gouge out your eyes this way」

Put the knife on the retina’s surface. It is a sufficient threat to sempai who is currently has his abilities fallen to that of an ordinary people.

「Ah, hii, sto-, stop!」

Sempai made some stains on his pants[TN#4] while raising a miserable voice when the trauma of being penetrated by a spear is being recalled.

「It’s just a joke. But let me just warn you. There will be no next time. I’ll really gouge them out next time. Did you know? The wounds received with divine protection in a certain state will be cured if the divine protection recovers, but if it in a state where the divine protection runs out, it won’t ever be healed again even if the divine protection recovers」

It is because it makes your brain think that the state where some body parts is missing was a normal thing. That is why adventurers will never dive in with their divine protection exhausted.

「Hii, no, no!」

「Don’t get involve with us anymore. Is that clear!」

「Wah, yes! I got it, no, I understand it so please forgive me!」

I nodded without loosing my expression, I let go of the hand holding the collar and thrust sempai away.

「Hora, you can run away now. Sempai」


As I said that, sempai ran away as they seemed to fall over and over, kept crawling on all four. I motivated myself to walk in order not to stagger while acting like it was nothing. Somehow, after reaching the building’s shadow.


Unable to stand, I sat down while leaning to the wall.

「Ha ha, in my current body this is the limit of my magic, I can’t just laugh about it」

【Spatial Disruption】 was the last magic I made in the original world. Crushing space itself, overwhelming destruction due to its stability. The mana consumption in regards to its attack power is outstanding. However, there’s a lot of processes for its magic equation, and it’s difficult to control. Decreasing the area of effective. Reduction of processing by fixation of coordinate specification, simplification of control by reducing the aggregation rate of mana. I made it lighter with a variety of endeavor, but it was still tough.

「My head is like being crack open」

It’s impossible for mid-tiered Rank 1 to have this computing capacity. Actually, it took seventy-eight seconds to activate the magic equation from computation toward execution. Without a time-stalling conversation, it would have been suspended until the invocation ended.

Naturally, in the entrance examination match, I could never have made any leeway to use it. Today I was just fortunate that the five people were careless.

「It’s cold」

My mana is completely drained. Even efficient magic is far beyond the current me. It was necessary to release 90% of all my mana at once. I removed the limiter on my brain to be able to temporarily release the maximum amount of mana, but the backlash really hurts.

Since a little while ago, blue particles are rising from my body. …… It’s the proof of the divine protection treating me. I abandoned the process of lightening the backlash of the magic calculation even a little bit. During the entrance exam, on my match with sempai my divine protection has not fully recovered from the damage that was enough to corner me.

「……Seriously, I want to get stronger quickly. I’m too weak as of now. I won’t be able to protect anything」

This body has the best aptitude. And my knowledge also has a lot of sophisticated magic archived which is 300 years advance at this world standard.

Even then, I’m still simply just a Rank 1. As for the various magic, It is impossible to use it because my mana capacity and computation ability cannot match it.

At least, if I reach Rank 2 then more magic that can be use will increase. Thanks to that, I need to bluff on that opponent just to use it. If I was going to fight seriously, I would have killed one of the Rank 2 with 【Spatial Disruption】, then the other four people will be killed by being beaten up.

「I need to hurry and dive into the underground labyrinth for the magic stones」

The number of enemies will keep increasing. I need the power to remove them. Otherwise, there is no point for me on coming here. Especially if I’m seriously saving them, I have to quickly get stronger even if by one second. Weakness is a sin in this world.

「The sky is far ahead」

I look up at the far sky. My overused brain was screaming and would not let me rest. I gave myself to fatigue and closed my eyes. With this degree of damage, I’ll be all healed up if I take a nap for about 15 minutes. At the moment I closed my eyes, a figure of a girl overlooking me comes to my view. A girl who had an appearance of a brown Bobcat, and the distinctive eyes of gleaming jade color.[TN#5]

Translator’s Note
1.) Literally meaning “You” similar to how Kisama is used.

2.) RAW TEXT: 先輩が膝をついたままで、顎を蹴り上げたので、おそろしく間抜けな姿勢で頭を地面に叩き付けられる。

3.) THIS DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE!!!!! RAW TEXT: 「俺をやるなら、今じゃない。]

4.) He finally pissed himself! LOL!

5.) Incoming heroine kitta!
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